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Académie des Sciences, 233

Anthropology, 235
Astronomy, 351
Library, 239, 358
Ornithology, 753

Palæontology, 495


Names of contributors are set in small capitals

Boyle, Howarth, 10

Brewster, William, 356: In Memoriam, 738-39
BRIDGMAN, HERBERT L., Four Years in the White
North, review, 73-83
Bridgman, Herbert L., 228
BRIGHAM, EDWARD M., The Hoactzin-Only Sur-
vivor of an Ancient Order of Four-footed
Birds, 162-69

ADAMS, CHARLES C., The New York State Wild
Life Memorial to Theodore Roosevelt, 726-29
Adams, Edward D., 113, 261, 264, 351
Adventures in Beaver Stream Camp, 115

Ailuropus melanoleucus, 753

AKELEY, CARL E., Theodore Roosevelt and Africa,

[blocks in formation]

Belgium, royal family of, visited Museum, 747
Bequaert, J., 342

Beutenmüller, William, 341

Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, 125

Billy the Boy Naturalist, 115
Biological Surveys of States, 735-36

Bird Photographs of Unusual Distinction, 583-
97; Sanctuaries, The New Gaspé, 372-81;
Protection, 123

Birds, and a Wilderness, 723-25; collection from
northwestern Peru, 753; hoactzin, 162-69;
of the Hawaiian Reservation, 382-95; of
Louisiana, 44-56; Royal Society for the Pro-
tection of, 228; whale, 359

Bison, The Coming Back of the, 552-65
Blaschke, Frederick, 697

Block, Otto, 360

Boas, Franz. 733

Boerker, R. H. D., 334

Boulenger, the Man and His Work, 566-67

British Columbia, 614-20

British Guiana, 714-22

British Museum, A New Director for the, 347-48
Britton, N. L., 352, 502

Brooklyn Museum, Desert Life Group in the, 122
BROOKS, ALLAN, Birds and a Wilderness, 723-25
Brown, Barnum, 733

Brussels, Museum of Natural History of, 117
Bureau of the Associated Mountaineering Clubs,

BURROUGHS, JOHN, Theodore Roosevelt, 4-7; A
Letter from, 491

Burroughs, John, 227; Fie'd and Study, review,
571-82; series of bird photographs in honor
of, 583-97, 755

BUTLER, ALBERT E., Notes by a Collector in the
Colorado Rockies, 170-81

Butler, Albert E., 237

BUTLER, HOWARD RUSSELL, Painting the Solar
Corona, 264-71

Butler, Howard Russell, 262, 351

[blocks in formation]

Cockerell, T. D. A., 342

Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory, 496
Coleman, Laurence V., 756

College of Fisheries in the Northwest, New, 367-

Colorado Rockies, Notes by a Collector in, 170-81
Coming Back of the Bison, The, 552-65
CONKLIN, EDWIN GRANT, Has Progressive Evolu-
tion Come to an End? 35-39
Conserving Our Natural Resources of Sugar, 416-


COOK, JAMES H., Wild Horses of the Plains, 104-

Creating a National Art, 622-30

CURTIS, WINTERTON C., The Method and Knowl-
edge of Science, 155-61

[blocks in formation]


El Dorado, A Real, 714-22

Elephants, destruction of, in South Africa, 749
Elk, Destruction of, Yellowstone Park, 743
Elliot Medal, 753

English Naturalists, Recollections of, 325-29
Entomological Society of America, 125
Entomology, Bureau of, at Washington, 352
Evolution of the Human Face, The, 421-25
Expeditions, Abyssinia, 752; Africa, 752; British
Imperial Antarctic, 752; Rasmussen's Second
Thule, 496; Second Asiatic, 229

Far Away and Long Ago, 500
Farrand, Livingston, 352

Felt, E. P., 342

Fertility of devastated territory in France, 124
Field and Study, 571

FISHER, G. CLYDE, The Honorable Position of
Naturalist, 568-69

Fisher, G. Clyde, 227, 504

Fisheries, New College of, 367-69; United States
Bureau of, 753

Fisheries of the North Sea, The, 496
Fishes. Color patterns of, 497; The Senses of,

Fish, Salmon, 370; Climbing, 349-51
Fishskins, tanning and preparation of, 753
Five Land Features of Porto Rico: A Story of
Cause and Effect, 522-40

Flexner, Simon, 121
Florida, descriptive works on the flora of, 238;
snails, 657-64

Florida Keys, An "Old Tramp" among the, 657-


Food for a Family of Five, 336-39

Forest Conservation in New York State, 84-103;


Four Years in the White North, review, 73-83
Fowler, A., 750

Fox, William Henry, 750
Fresh-water farming, 478-88
Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, 331
Fustic wood, 238

Garman, Samuel, of the Agassiz Museum, 730
Geographer at the Front and at the Peace Con-

ference, A, 511-521

Geography, importance of teaching, 233
Glacier, Llewellyn, 614-20
Gleason, Henry Allan, 352
Goddard, Pliny E., 120, 756
Granger, Walter, 733, 756
Graves, Henry S., 119

GREELY, A. W., Russian Explorations of the Si-

berian Ocean in 1918, 182
Greenland, Plant Life of Northwest. 272-91
GREGORY, WILLIAM K., The Evolution of the Hu-
man Face, 421-25

Gregory, William K., 348, 731, 755

GREIG, MARY, Food for a Family of Five, 336-39
GRISCOM, LUDLOW, War Impressions of French
Bird Life, 411-15

Group, blue shark, 353

Guatemala, reconstruction of. 238

GUDGER, E. W., The Myth of the Monkey Chain,
Gudger, E. W., 125, 239

HAGEDORN, HERMANN, Theodore Roosevelt's Let-
ters to His Children, 541-42
Hale, George Ellery, 749
Handbook of Travel, 236
Harmer, Sidney Frederick, 347

Features of the Southeastern United States,
Some Vanishing Scenic

Harper, R. M., 236
Harriman, William Averell, 239

Has Progressive Evolution Come to an End? 35-


Hawkins, Eugene D., 501
Heligoland, 749

Heller, Edmund, 752

HERM, CHARLES F., Cinema-microscopy an Essen-
tial to Modern Science and Education, 441-

Hermann, Adam, 741-42

HERRICK, C. JUDSON, The Senses of Fishes, 322-

HEWITT, C. GORDON, The Coming Back of the
Bison, 552-65
Hewitt, C. Gordon, 228

[blocks in formation]

Jacobi, Abraham, 745
Jardin des Plantes, a new, 352
Jefferson, Thomas, 405-410

Front and at the Peace Conference, 511-21
A Geographer at the
JOHNSON, R. D. O., The Climbing Fish, 349-51
Jonas, Coloman, 237

Personal Glimpses of

Theodore Roosevelt, 15-16; The Red Salmon,
Juilliard, Augustus D., 493

Keen, W. W., 495

Kelly, Richard B., 239

Kentucky Warbler, The, 396
Klamath Lake Reservation, 734

KNIGHT, CHARLES R., Wild Life in Art, 460-69
Knight, Charles R., 755

Kouznetsov, A. K., 495

Kroeber, A. L., 133

Lafayette National Park, Mount Desert Island,
Maine, 121

Lambe, Lawrence M., 351

LANG, HERBERT, Nomad Dwarfs and Civilization,

LANGFORD, GEORGE, The Dawn of Art, 621
Lankester, Sir E. Ray, 750

LAVARRE, WILLIAM J., A Real El Dorado, 714-


LeConte Memorial Lectures, 500

Lectures at the American Museum, 504

Leng, Chas. W., 341

Letter from John Burroughs, A, 491

Lewis and Clark, Expedition, 113; bronze me
morial to. 754
Liguus, 657-64

Lincoln Highway, Delaware, 502

Llewellyn Glacier, British Columbia, 614-20
LOBECK, A. K., Five Land Features of Porto Rico:
A Story of Cause and Effect, 522-40
Lobeck, A. K., 357

Longley, William H., 497

Louvain, library of the University of, 493
LOWIE, ROBERT H., Primitive Ideas on Numbers
and Systems of Measurements, 110-12

LUCAS, F. A., The Remaking of a Museum Collec-
tion, 222-26

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Moore, Barrington, 239

Moore, Clarence B., 120

Mona Island Declared a Forest Reserve, 743
Monograph of the Pheasants, 755
"Monographs on Experimental Biology," 495
Montana, University of, 500

MOORE, BARRINGTON, Our National Forests, re-
view, 334-35

Morgan, Lewis Henry, 120

MOSCRIP, FRANCES E., Sight Conservation Classes

in New York Schools, 116

Murals in hall of the Age of Man, 755

Murphy, Robert Cushman, 122, 359, 340, 345
Murrill, William Alphonso, 115
Museo Nacional de Chile, 121

Museum Collection, The Remaking of a, 222-26
Mutchler, Andrew J., 341
Myth of the Monkey Chain, The, 216-21

[blocks in formation]

Lang Syne of Trees, 598-613; Theodore
Roosevelt, Naturalist, 8-10
Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 119, 348, 351, 352, 502,
504, 731, 733, 751, 755, 756
Osborn, Mrs. Henry Fairfield, 358
Osler, Sir William, 745
Ottawa Naturalist, 361

Our Centrifugal Society, 292-300
Our National Forests, review, 334-35
Oxystyla, 657, 660-61


Pacific Coast, Latest Conservation News from,

Painting the Solar Corona, 264-71

Palos Forest Preserve, 754

Panama, Unknown, 308-21

Panda, giant, 753

PAPE, F. A. G., Yachting in the Seven Seas, 211-

Paris, University of, 747

PATRICK, G. T. W., Our Centrifugal Society, 292-


PATTON, JOHN S., Thomas Jefferson's Contribu-
tions to Natural History, 404-10
Patton, John S., 494

PAYNE, FRANK OWEN, Sculptures of the Late
Theodore Roosevelt, 543-51

Peace Conditions, 152-54

Pearson, Sir Arthur, 233

PEARSON, T. GILBERT, Wild Life Conservation
along the Gulf Coast, 40-43
PEARY, ROBERT E., Roosevelt-The Friend of
Man, 11

Personal Glimpses of Theodore Roosevelt, 15-16
Peru, Recollections of Travel in, 183-91
Peters, W. B., 237

Pheasant Farms in China, 354

PHILLIPS, E. F., Conserving Our Natural Re-
sources of Sugar, 416-20
Pickering, Edward Charles, 236
PINCHOT, GIFFORD, Roosevelt, the Man of Abun-
dant Life, 17-18

Plant Life of Northwest Greenland, The, 272-91
Plant Materials of Decorative Gardening, 503
Plautus impennis, 753

Porto Rico, Five Land Features of: A Story of
Cause and Effect, 522-40

Potocki, Count, game preserve, 749

Potter, Frederick, 239

PRATT, GEORGE D., Forest Conservation in New

York, 84-103

Primates, hall of, in American Museum. 235
Primitive Ideas
on Numbers and Systems of
Measurement, 110-12

Prion, 359

Pygmy Races of Man, The, 686-95
Pygmies of Central Africa, 697-713

Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Sciences, 750
Quest of the Ancestry of Man, 489-90

Rafinesque, C. S., 749

Rasmussen's Second Thule Expedition, 496
READ, L. C., Photographs of Llewellyn Glacier.
British Columbia, with Field Notes, 614-20
Recollections of English Naturalists, 325-29
Recollections of Travel in Peru, 183-91
Red Cross societies, league of, 745, 746
Region too Alkaline for Crops, 734-35
Reply to Mr. Burroughs by Dr. W. D. Matthew,

Ridgway, Robert, 228

Ridsdale, Percival S., 235

Rockefeller Foundation, 745, 746

Roosevelt, Kermit, 9

Roosevelt, Memorial Bird Fountain, 496; Memo-

rial Day at American Museum, 756; Memo-
rial Exposition at Columbia University, 352;
Permanent National Committee, 234; -The
Friend of Man. 11; The Man of Abundant
Life, 17-18; Theodore, 4-7, 352; Theodore,
and Africa, 12-14; National Park, 118;
Sculptures of the Late Theodore, 543-51;
Theodore, "Letters to His Children,'
Theodore, Naturalist, 8-10; Neandross' bust
of, 756; New York State Wild Life Memorial
to Theodore, 726-29; Tree planted by John
Burroughs, 756
Russian Explorations of the Siberian Ocean in
1918. 182

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