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That all may be enabled,

By slow, though sure degrees,
To answer in rotation,

With honour and with ease.
Chor. Such are thy sons, whose pleasure,
At every lodge, will be,
T'improve themselves by lectures
In glorious masonry.

Hail! glorious masonry!



[TUNE" When the hollow drum doth beat to bed."]

WHEN the Senior Warden, Standing in the West,
Calls us from our labours to partake of rest,
We unite, while he recites.
The duties of a mason.
On the level we meet,
On the square we part,

Repeats each worthy brother.
This rule in view,
We thus renew

Our friendship for each other.
Chorus. When the Senior, &c.

When our work is over, implements secure,
Each returning homeward, with intentions pure,
Our wives we kiss, give sweethearts bliss,
Which makes them both love masons;
And thus we may
Enjoy each day,

At home, and at our meetings:
Our sweethearts eas'd,
Our wives well pleas'd,

Saluted with such greetings.
Chorus. When the Senior, &c.



[TUNE-"Faint and wearily, &c."}

WHEN the Junior Warden calls us from our labours,
When the sun is at meridian height,
Let us merrily unite most cheerily,
With social harmony new joys invite.
One and all, at his call,

To the feast repairing,
All around joys resound,

Each the pleasure sharing.
Chorus. When the Junior Warden, &c.

Mirth and jolity, without frivolity,
Pervade our meetings at the festive board;
Justice, temperance and prudence govern us,
There's nought but harmony among us heard:
One and all, at the call,

To the feast repairing,
All around joys resound,

Each the pleasure sharing.
Chorus. Mirth and jolity, &c.

Thus we ever may enjoy the pleasant moments.
Given unto us from the master's chair,
Till the sun an hour has past meridian,
And then each brother to his work repair.
One and all hear the call,

From the feast repairing,
All around gavels sound,

Each the labour sharing.
Chorus. Thus we ever may, &c.


Attend the call;

"Tis by command
You are all warn'd

To fill up a bumper and keep it at hand,
To drink to "The mother of masons.”
Let each give the work to his brother,
To prove that we love one another;
Let's fill to the dame

From whom we all came;

And call her "Of masons the mother.”
Chor. The stewards have laid foundations,
To prove that we love our relations,
By toasting the dame
From whom we all came;

We'll call her " The mother of masons."

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In days of yore
Freemasons bore
A flask of wine,
Of mirth the sign,

And often they fill'd with the liquor divine,
To drink to "The mother of masons”
"Twas on these joyful occasions,

All charged stood firm to their stations,
And toasted the dame

From whom we all came,

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Repeating "The mother of masons." Chor. The stewards have laid, &c.

Be all prepar'd,
Each motion squar'd,
And at the nod,
With one accord,

In strictest rotation we'll pass round the word,
Drink, Drink, to "The mother of masons."
Have a care, right and left, and make ready,
Be all in your exercise steady,

And fill to the dame

From whom we all came, "The mother of masons," the lady. Chor. The stewards have laid, &e.


TUNE-" Rule Britannia."]

WHEN earth's foundation first was laid,
By the Almighty Artist's hand,
"Twas then our perfect, our perfect laws were made,
Established by his strict command.

Chor. Hail, mysterious-hail, glorious Masonry!
That makes us ever great and free.

In vain mankind for shelter sought,
In vain from place to place did roam,
Until from heaven, from heaven he was taught
To plan, to build, to fix his home.

Illustrious hence we date our

And now in beauteous piles appear,
Which shall to endless, to endless time impart,
How worthy and how great we are.

Nor we less fam'd for every tie,

By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth, and friendship, and friendship socially,
Join all our hearts and hands around.

Our actions still by virtue blest,
And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring, admiring shall request
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.


"Let there be light!" the Almighty spoke;
Refulgent streams from chaos broke,
To illume the rising earth!
Well pleas'd the Great Jehovah stood;
The Power Supreme pronoune'd it good,
And gave the planets birth!

In choral numbers join,
To bless and praise this light divine.

Parent of light! accept our praise!
Who shedd'st on us thy brightest rays,
The light that fills the mind:
By choice selected, lo! we stand,
By friendship join'd a social band!
That love, that aid mankind!
In choral numbers, &e.

The widow's tear, the orphan's ery,
All wants out ready hands supply,

As far as power is given;
The naked clothe, the pris'ner free;
These are thy works, sweet eharity!
Reveal'd to us from heaven.

In choral numbers masons join,
To bless and praise this light divine.


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