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I have been inspired by this book and now exercise with my husband who has been doing weight training for 7 years. He started this with me at 166 lbs. and has dropped 11 lbs. and now has much better abs. I have dropped a little over 20 lbs. in 11 weeks and see improvement all over. It isn't like before when I would lose in my face first; this routine is making a difference in my complete health. I am 60 years old and have eliminated many aches and pains and my husband even says my snoring has ceased. I have dropped 4 sizes and am planning to reach my first goal by February 1, 2013. My goals are based on the BMI chart. I was obese when I started, now am overweight, soon to be normal per the chart. My husband and I use common sense and consider this a lifestyle change and not a diet. The bad reviews I have read are, in my opinion, misconceptions that not counting calories means a "field day" on consumption of foods. I do not have the magic bullet on what may inspire someone to make a change but I would encourage an effort on the part of any individual to give themselves the gift of satisfaction from a little hard work. If a doctor asks you if you want the diet plan or the pill, please try the plan and give yourself the gift of better health (not through chemistry). I give this book high marks for inspiration and give my husband and I high marks for the hard work.  

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This book is easy to understand, especially the simple language and the easy procedures are not strenuous to follow. It is extremely helpful for those who are keen on following things and not just reading. It is also helpful for those with a busy schedule because the tips don't take too much time to incorporate into a stressful and demanding lifestyle. 

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This book makes great sense and is essentially most the foods I began to eat when I lost weight. Now I want to maintain my weight, so seeing the total plan gives me better grounds to plan my continuing program.

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Wow....great insight into what human beings should be already doing and that is, not over eat, eat until you're full, drink plenty of water and avoid processed foods. I am going into my 4th week now. I weighed 139.9 lbs on the 28th Feb and now weigh 131.2. This has been done by both watching what I eat and exercising everyday on the elliptical trainer and weight training every other day including abs workouts every night. My body is toned and my weight is gradually changing. You won't see dramatic changes unless you weigh a lot more than I do but the concept works. I have to force myself to eat my 2 snacks a day along with the high fiber, high protein diet. I love it and want to do this for life. Well done on an amazing book. The workouts are fantastic and challenging enough not to hurt me further. (I suffer from shin splints) and I serve in the US Army. Top book and regime! I have recommended it to other people and they have started on it too. 

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Wonderfully motivating book. The Abs Diet had me up to the fittest I had been in years in just 6 short weeks. I was lean and strong. David Zinczenko provides very motivational information from the start that will get you fired up.
I found two tiny things I would change:
1. Throw in a scenarios geared towards dads, not just single dudes. There were mentions of dads, but they were brief!
2. Clear up the burning question on my head, cooked or dry oatmeal? :-)
Great book!

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