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War-time pportunity

secure a Rare urgain. Grasp it today.

he Britannica will stimulate you to improve your edu-
n whether or not you've had a college education. It will
ish you with a teacher of any subject you wish to study-a
her who is master of his subject and tells what he knows in
simple language-a teacher who is always at your command.

will give you the answer to the thousand-and-one questions that the ning paper, lectures, sermons and books prompt in every active mind. It make everything you see, read and hear more interesting.

will put you in touch with all the interesting people in the world, with work and their ideas. It will give you hundreds of live topics to talk about. will help you form an intelligent opinion on all the questions of the day follow the course of current events both at home and abroad.

will enable you to lay out a plan of education for your children and abreast with their studies. Don't "put it off till tomorrow. " Send coupon right now for full information on any of the following works-all printed on genuine India paper and all extremely limited in supply. Mark coupon for book describing the work you are most interested in. IE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, Cambridge issue, in 29 volumes, 1 inch thick, large

large type, 30,000 pages, 41,000 authoritative articles, 44,000,000 words, 1,500 noted conrs, 15,000 illustrations, full-page plates and maps-sent for a first payment of $5.00 and a I number of monthly payments of the same amount. (Out of 75,000 sets printed, less than ts are left.) e popular edition known as THE “HANDY VOLUME” ISSUE is precisely the same as the idge issue in every detail except size, and sells at nearly 60% less. Each volume measures hes wide by 87 inches high by i inch thick. It will be sent for a first payment of only $1.00 and month for a limited period.

also have on hand a small of the famous CENTURY IONARY (revised), the

(Put an X in the square for book or books wanted and mail at once.) bmplete dictionary of the THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA h language. 325,000 words

120 W. 32nd Street, New York efined by 600,000 concise

Please send me, free, your book describing The ations, 10,000 illustrations,

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Cambridge issue. (This is than 8,000 pages—which,

the large-type, large-page, high-priced issue. Out of ew invention, have been

75,000 sets printed, less than 1500 sets are left.) into a single volume for

The “Book of a Hundred Wonders,” describing the and easy reference. Sent

Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Handy Volume" Issue. st payment of $1.00, to be d by a few monthly pay

(This is the popular low-priced issue, of which 75,000

sets were sold in six months.) bf $3.00. s of the above can be seen

The Century Dictionary, 10 volumes, 8250 pages, bound ollowing offices of the En

in one volume. hedia Britannica:

Also quote me prices and terms on which these works ORK, 120 West 32nd Street

may be purchased.
SO, 920 Manhattan Building
ELPHIA, N. E. Cor. 15th & Walnut

AND, Society for Savings Building
ANCISCO, 783 Monadnock Building



Recent Important Books


The Pleasures of an Absentee Landlord

“In his latest volume Dr. Crothers offers us another welcome miscellany, in which his reflections range from minor poets to war, and from Thomas Hobbes and Thomas Fuller to modern problems of education. ... Common sense is the essence of all of Dr. Crothers' doctrines, a common sense enlivened with the spice of a humorously sound outlook upon life. Pleasure and profit may be derived from this as well as from all his other books." Boston Transcript. $1.25 net. Letters of Richard Watson Gilder

Edited by ROSAMOND GILDER “A notable contrib to American literary biography. . . . For those ho knew Mr. Gilder his daughter's book will refresh and preserve a cherished memory, and for those who did not know him it will be the best possible substitute for personal contact with so wise, so genial, so useful a man.” – New York Sun. Fully illustrated. $3.50 net.



A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf

An account of the great naturalist's walk to Florida in 1867, his trip to Cuba, and finally to California, skillfully edited from Muir's Journals by Prof. William F. Badè, who did a like service for Muir's “ Travels in Alaska.” Profusely illustrated. $2.50 net.


Portraits of Women

Brilliant sketches of Madame du Deffand, Madame de Choiseul, Eugénie de Guérin, Fanny Burney, Miss Austen, and Mrs. Pepys. “Remarkable for ease of diction and a touch which is both firm and delicate.” — Congregationalist. Illustrated. $2.50 net.


Aspects of the Infinite Mystery

“The timeliness of this book cannot be overestimated. ... The volume is unquestionably the best ever issued by Dr. Gordon, for it is more personal and intimate.”Boston Transcript. $1.50 net.


The Syrian Christ

"In its insight into Syrian life the book is delightful; in its interpretation of the teachings of Jesus it is inspiring.” — N. Y. llerald. “Not merely a volume for the minister's study; it is for the library of every student of the Bible.” — N. Y. Evening Post. $1.50 net.


French Perspectives

“A collection of sketches about various French people before the war. ... They flash and ripple like a clear stream in the sunlight ... delightful reading."— N. Y. Times. $1.25 net.

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How to Read “The reader may be assured of finding a sound intellectual repast in Mr. Kerfoot's essays distinctive flavor as well as substantial diet.” Boston Transcript. $1.25 net.


Houghton Mifflin Company New York


Has been an
Important Year in Literature
The Publishers' output for 1917 will not begin to appear

before February
In the Meantime You Will Read!

Are You acquainted with all the good books of 1916 ?
Here is a brief list of PUTNAM PUBLICATIONS. A full list sent on request

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In Canada's
W. Tees Curran and
H. A. Calkins
80. 56 Illustrations. 5 Maps. $2.50.

The account of a remarkable expedition up the almost unknown east coasts of James and Hudson Bays.

Assistant Secretary of State

War, Peace and
Lincoln, Johnson, the Future
and Hayes

Ellen Key
80. 500 pages. $3.50 net. Author of " Love and Marriage,"

"The Century of the Child," etc.
“So completely filled with matter

Crown 80. $1.50.
of the most intense interest to every A consideration of Nationalism
live American, that the reviewer has and internationalism and of the re-
the utmost difficulty in deciding what lation of women to war.
to refer to." - Brooklyn Eagle.

The War and
On the Art of

Writing Sir Arthur

James M. Beck
Quiller-Couch 12o. $1.50.
80. $1.50.

A further discussion of the ethics
“If the author had written noth- of the World War and the attitude
ing but the one chapter on Jargon,' of the United States by the famous
the book would be well worth read- author of “The Evidence in the
ing." -- Phila. Telegraph.

The Seven

When the
Wonders of the Prussians Came
Ancient World to Poland
Edgar J. Banks

Laura de Turczynowicz,
Author of “Bismya," etc.

Marquise de Gozdawa
12o. 33 Illustrations. $1.50.

12o. 10 Illustrations. $1.25.
The author skillfully, describes An account of the horrors of war
the “Seven Wonders," placing during the invasion of the Russian
them in their proper historical set- province Von Hindenburg made
ting and sketching the times and the author's house his headquarters
conditions which produced them. for days.

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Portraits of the

C. A. Sainte-Beuve

2 Vols. 32 Illus. $3.50.
A new and cheaper edition of
Sainte-Beuve's always fascinating
sketches, edited and translated by
Katharine Wormeley.
The National
History of France
Edited by
Fr. Funck-Brentano
With an Introduction by J. E. C.
Bodley. To be completed in 6 vols.
go Each, $2.50 net.

Each rolume is complete in itself for the period covered.

The Century of the

Louis Batiffol
The Eighteenth

Casimir Stryienski
The Revolution

Louis Madelin


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All Prices are Net at all Booksellers
G. P. Putnam's Sons


LONDON 24 Bedford St.


New Books on Educational Problems

Problems of Secondary Education By David Snedder Through the medium of a series of letters, Dr. Snedden offers a

far-reaching discussion of the most important problems confronting the secondary school, thus giving the basis for a constructive program that will adapt the high school to the life of the community. Riverside Textbooks in Education.

$1.50, postpaid.

The Teacher as Artist By Herman Harrell Horne. A remarkably interesting and inspiring exposition of the

æsthetic theory of teaching, a plea for the realization of the ideal of teaching as a fine art. The elements which enter such teaching and which relate it to creative art are clearly set forth. Riverside Educational Monographs.

(Ready in January.)

English Composition as a Social Problem By Sterling Andrus Leonard. This book shows how the teaching of composition be

comes most effective only when the pupil is made to think of it as a means for conveying his ideas to other persons. Numerous suggestions are given for enriching and motivating the English work. Riverside Educational Monographs.

$.70 postpaid.


Boston, New York, Chicago




by William H. Walling, A.M., M.D.
imparts in a clear wholesome way, in one volume:

Knowledge a Young Man Should Have.
Knowledge a Young Husband Should Have.
Knowledge a Father Should Have.
Knowledge a Father Should Impart to His Son.

Medical Knowledge a Husband Should Have.
Knowledge a Young Woman Should Have.

Knowledge a Young Wife Should Have.
All in one volume, Knowledge a Mother Should Have.

Illustrated. Knowledge a Mother Should Impart to Her Daughter. $2.00 postpaid. Medical Knowledge a Wife Should Have.

Write for "Other People's Opinions" and Table of Contents, PURITAN PUB. CO., 774 Perry Building, PHILA., PA.


$3.50, postpaid

Arbitrations and incidents illustrative of international law as practised by

independent states


Volume I. PEACE. $2.50, postpaid

Furnishes news and comment from the current press of the entire world on any subject,-commercial, scientific, social, political, or technical. We read twice the number of different publications read by our nearest competitor in the clipping business. Write for booklet.

“In these days when international law is so needia'. when it is so vaguely understood; when even its exist ence is extravagantly doubted by a prescient few, it is well that there should come a book from which the layman can gather generously – a book showing international law in action.” – The Independent.

ook Rer

ws and Literary Clippings a Specialty


New York


68 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass.

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