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Abstract of the Minutes of the eighty-first Annual Meeting.

The eighty-first Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of New Jersey, was held at New Brunswick, May 11, 1847.

The President, Dr. C. Hannah, in the Chair.
The following members appeared, viz:

Dr. C. Hannah, President ; J. T. B. Skillman, 1st Vice President; Samuel H. Pennington, 2d Vice President; A. F. Taylor, 3d Vice President; A. B. Dayton, Corresponding Secretary; W. Pierson, Recording Secretary; J. S. English, Treasurer. E. J. Marsh, and John Mager, Delegates of Passaic, W. Nichols, J. Q. Stearns,

Alex. N. Dougherty, Fred. N. Bennett,
J. B. Munn, L. Condict,
Francis Moran, Harvey Hallock,
P. F. Brakely, William Cole,
A. F. Taylor,
E. B. Freeman, J. Van Duersen,

} « Middlesex, A. D. Newell, J. T. Woodhull, C. C. Blauvelt,

« Monmouth, Isaac S. Haines, Jos. Parrish,

Burlington, Jas. Risley, Chas. D. Hendry,


" Camden, Oth. H. Taylor, Richard M. Cooper,

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- Essex, “ Morris, “ Sussex, 1 Warren, " Somerset,

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Jno. R. Sickler, Thos. J. Saunders, Delegates of Gloucester, Jno. Lilly, Samuel Lilly,


} Jno. Blane, H. Southard,

Hunterdon, C. Hannah,

Salem, Fellows present,--Drs. L. Condict, J. B. Munn, A. Skillman, F. S. Schenck, G. R. Chetwood, P. S. Smith, F. R. Smith, and J. W. Craig

All medical gentleman, regularly licensed, other than members, were invited to take seats.

The minutes of the two preceding meetings were read and accepted; also the following register of licentiates for the year, viz: Isaac S. Mulford, John Miller, James Lawrence Day, Wm. J. Roe, Horace Norton, George Willy, Albert S. Clarke, Cornelius Perry, Isaiah W. Condict, Dewitt Barclay, Adam J. Hoffman, Henry A. Hopper, Richard T. Stoutenburgh, John H. Phillips, Franklin Gauntt, Job Haines, Samuel Lilly, Thomas Edgar Hunt.

The President now addressed the Society upon “ The different effects arising from the operation of the same or similar causes." Upon which the thanks of the Society were voted.

The Standing Committee, by Dr. Pennington, made a report upon the general health of the State ; also respecting some informalities in the organization of the District Societies of Camden and Gloucester.

On motion, Resolved, That the said Societies be instructed to make the amendments suggested by the Standing Committee, and that they be received as duly organized.

The delegates from Hunterdon presented their certificates, which were read and accepted.

A communication from the Treasurer was received, respecting a surplus dividend in the State Bank, New Brunswick, belonging to the Society.

On motion, Resolved, That the Treasurer be instructed to invest the above amount in stock at par, and draw any balance in cash.

On motion of Dr. Parrish, it was



Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed, to whom the whole subject of licensing candidates be referred, with instructions to report at the next annual meeting. The following were appointed, viz. J. Parrish, J. T. B. Skillman, and L. Condict.

The following resolution was received from the District Society of Burlington, through Dr. Parrish, viz:

Resolved, That we most ardently recommend to the members of the profession generally, the great advantage of publishing a Medical Journal for the State of New Jersey, in which shall be published the transactions of the State Medical Society, and of the District Societies, including addresses and essays read at the meetings of said Societies, with such facts and recollections of the history of medical organization in this State as may be of interest to the profession; and also suitable original communications.

Whereupon, the following resolution was submitted and adopted.

That this Society cordially approve of such publication as is conteroplated by the District Society of Burlington ; and that this Society recommend to its members to give it their support; and that the editor be authorized to receive from the archives of the Society such papers as it may be deemed expedient to publish by the Standing Committee ; provided that the same be returned.

The report of Committee on Treasurer's Accounts was accepted; and on motion

Resolved, That $10 be distributed to each District Society represented.

Resolved, That this Society appoint two delegates to the National Association; and that the several District Societies be au

1 thorized to send delegates to the same, at their option.

Drs. Saml. H. Pennington and Joseph Fithian were appointed Delegates.

The resolutions offered by Dr. Forman at a previous meeting, relative to a premium for the best essay upon the subject named, was referred to the next annual meeting.


The subjects of inquiry suggested in the Standing Committee, were referred to the next meeting.

The amendment of the by-laws, proposed at a previous meeting by Dr. Munn, was referred to the Standing Committee.

Essay on Hydrophobia was read by W. Pierson.

Specimen of Morbid Anatomy of Intestine was exhibited by Dr. A. B. Dayton.

Resolved, That the semi-annual meeting be held at the City Hotel, Burlington, on the second Tuesday in November next.

The following were elected officers, viz; President, J. T. B. Skillman, of New Brunswick. 1st Vice President,—S. H. Pennington. 2d Vice President,-A. F. Taylor. 3d Vice President, Joseph Fithian. Corresponding Secretary,—A. B. Dayton, (Middletown Point.) Recording Secretary,-W. Pierson, (Orange.) Treasurer,--J. S. English, (Manalapan.) Standing Committee,--John Lilly, L. A. Smith, E. J. Marsh. Reporter for Eastern District,-Alexander N. Dougherty.

Middle District, -Samuel Lilly.

" Western District,—Richard M. Cooper. Censors for Eastern District,-Drs. G. R. Chetwood, W. Pierson, S. H. Pennington, and Whitehead, Essex County ; Drs. A. Woodruff, J. W. Canfield, N. W. Condict, H. P. Green, and Elmer, of Mendham, Morris Co.; Drs. F. Moran, J. R. Stuart, A. Linn, H. Hallock, Sussex Co.; Drs. W. P. Clark, P. F. Brakeley, J. C. Fitch, R. Byington, Warren Co.; Drs. L. Burr, E. J. Marsh, G. M. Terhune, J. R. Riggs, Passaic Co.

Censors for Middle District,-Drs. J. W. Craig, A. F. Taylor, H. Van Duersen, A. Skillman, Somerset Co.; Drs. R. W. Cook, A. B. Dayton, J. T, Woodhull, C. C. Blanwell, Monmouth Co. ; Drs. J. Lilly, W. Johnson, J. Blane, H. Southard,

; Hunterdon Co.

Censors for Western District,-Drs. S. Woolston, Z. Read, J. S, Haines, J. Parrish, Burlington Co.; Drs. J. S. Mulford, J. Risley, C. D. Hendry, 0. H. Taylor, Camden Co.; Drs. J. Fi

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thian; C. Garrison, J. R. Sickler, T.J. Saunders, Gloucester Co.; Drs. C. Hannah, J. B. Tuft, T. Reeves, Q. Gibbons, Salem Co. Society adjourned.

W. PIERSON, Recording Secretary.


By the Eighth Section of the Second Chapter of the By-Laws of the Medical Society of New Jersey, it is made the duty of the Standing Committee annually to make report concerning, 1st. The Public Health, the prevalence, nature, causes and cure of Epidemics, and the occurrence of remarkable medical facts during the preceding year. 2d. Irregularities, neglect, and contempt of the laws, rules and regulations of the Society; and 3d. Informalities in the organization of District Societies.

In order that the Committee may be provided with the means of preparing a thorough report, it is made the bounden duty of the reporters, appointed for that purpose, to furnish them with all the information which they can collect relative to these subjects within their respective districts. It is a fact worthy of special commendation and congratulation as it indicates an increasing regard for the prosperity and advancement of the profession, that reports more or less full have this year been received from the reporters of each of the three Districts of the State. From these several reports, it appears that the people of the State have enjoyed an average amount of good health, that few epidemics have prevailed, and that these have been limited in extent and mild in all their characteristics.

The first report which came to the hands of the Committee was that of the Reporter for the District, (the Eastern,) in which the members of the Committee themselves reside, and with the facts related in this report the observations of the Committee enable them fully to coincide. The report states that the whole District, so far as responses had been made to the inquiries of the Reporter, had enjoyed very uniform good health

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