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Ophthalmic cases, three interesting, Peritonitis, diffuse, treatment of the

peritoneum in, 362.
examinations in typhoid fever and pneumococcus, 556.

acute miliary tuberculosis, 515. Pharynx, hypertrophy of the lym-
surgery, use of x-rays in, 218.

phoid ring of the, and its sur-

Organism of syphilis, the specific, gical treatment, 368.


tumor of the, 80.

Organs, pelvic, displacement of the Physician, the relation the, sustains


to the law, 161.

Osteomyelitis, 548.

Potassium iodid in migraine, 370.
Ovarian cysts and a uterine fibroid,

Pneumonia, contagiousness of, 409.


croupous, in infants, 75.

Ovaries, partial resection of both, Pregnancy and labor, tubercular

laryngitis during, 563.

Ovary, fibroma of the, 513.

and typhoid fever, 217.

fibromata as complications of, 252.

Oxygenated water, therapeutics of,

Procidentia uteri, surgical treat-


ment of, 13.


Progenitalis, herpes, 369.

Pain, severe, caused by blood pres-

Prolapse and inversion of the uterus,

I zo.
sure, 465.
Palate, arch of the, 518.

Prophylaxis of sinus diseases, 78.

Prostate and urethra, surgery of the,
Paraffin for the correction of de-

formities of the nose, subcutan-

Prostatic hypertrophy, 553.

eous injection of, 463.

Puerperal eclampsia, 74.

Paralysis agitans, 121.

septicemia, formalin injection in,

of convergence and divergence,

with paralysis of the superior Purpura, Henoch's, 71.


rectus, 327

Pyogenic brain diseases, with nasal

of the superior rectus, with paral-

separation, 463.

ysis of convergence and diver-

gence, 327


Parasite of smallpox, 128.

the quartan malarial, 21.

Rachitis and sterilized milk, 365.

Parasitic theory, the etiology of can-

Rays, light and invisible, employed

cer with special reference to

in medical practice considered

from a physical standpoint, 337.

Paretic dementia, a few facts re-

Roentgen, treatment of lupus vul-
garding, 106.

Patella, fracture of, 507.

garis and inoperable tumors

with the, 61.

Pathology of, and prognosis in, gli- Reaction, iodin, in surgery, 289.
oma of the retina, 366.

Rectus, superior, paralysis of the,
Pelvic disease in young girls, 459. with paralysis of convergence

organs, displacement of the, 306. and divergence, 327.
Perforation into the duodenum, Reflex convulsions in growing boys

chronic gastric ulcer, with, 320. and girls, 175.
Pericarditis and carditis, acute rheu-

neuroses, recent suggestions re-

matic, treatment of, 510.

garding, 563

Perichondritis of the larynx, 368. Refraction, changes in, 178, 460.

Peritoneum in diffuse peritonitis, Relation the physician sustains to

treatment of the, 362.

the law, 161.

Resection, partial, of both ovaries,


Reservoirs, ampullæ, dilatations and

spindles, the ureteral, 97.
Respiratory tract, cicatricial deform-

ities in the, 562.

Resuscitation after freezing, 502..

Retina, glioma of the, 31.
glioma of the, pathology of, and

prognosis in, 366.

Retina, glioma and pseudoglioma,



A compend of diseases of the skin,


An atlas and epitome of abdom-

inal hernias, 191.

An atlas and epitome of otology,


An atlas and epitome of traumatic

fractures and dislocations, 48.
An atlas of operative surgery,234.
Anatomy of the peritoneum and

abdomen, 238.

A nurse's guide, 234.

Applied surgical anatomy, 234.

A quiz-compend of anatomy, 528.

A surgical handbook, 479.

A system of physiologic therapeu-

tics, 382.

Cellular toxins, 240.
Diseases of metabolism and nutri-

tion, 239.
Diseases of the eye, 236.
Diseases of the eye, nose, throat

and ear, 287

Epitome of medical jurisprudence,


Genitourinary diseases and syph-

ilis, 233.

Gynecology, 432.

International clinics, 95, 233, 235,

237, 238, 431.

Landmarks in gynecology, 575.
Libertinism and marriage, 236.
Memoranda on poisons, 240.
New books, 191.
Pharmacology and therapeutics,


Practical medicine series, 235,

237, 238, 239, 240, 288, 479,

480, 528.

Principles and practice of gyne-

cology, 576.
Progressive medicine, 48, 96, 239,

288, 576.
Prompt aid to the injured, 237.

Psychopathia sexualis, 191.

Radium, 384.
Reference handbook of the med-

ical sciences, 48, 383.

Sexual impotence, 233.

Smallpox-illustrated, 431.

Stammering and stuttering, 236.

Surgery of the head, 235.

Syphilis: a symposium, 288.

The four epochs of a woman's life,


The Johns Hopkins hospital re-

ports, 478.

The Mattison method in mor-

phinism, 236.
The medical news visiting list,

The pathology and therapy of dis-

orders of metabolism and nutri-

tion, 336.

The principles and practice of

bandaging, 237

The work of the digestive glands,


Therapeutics of drv hot air, 144.
Twentieth century practice of

medicine, volume XXI-sup-

plement, 96.
Wolf's physiologic chemistry, 335.
Rheumatic carditis and pericarditis,

treatment of, 510.

Rheumatism, chronic, excision of

the knee for, 8.

in childhood, 515.

Rhinitis, atrophic, 415.

Ring bodies in anemic blood, 23.

Roentgen rays, treatment of lupus

vulgaris and inoperable tumors

with the, 61.
Rupture of the urethra, 552.

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Septicemia, in bilateral abscess of Surgery of the upper air passages,
the septum, 415.

local anesthesia in, 278.
puerperal, formalin injection in, of the urethra and prostate, 55.

ophthalmic, use of x-rays in, 218.
Septum, bilateral abscess of the, Surgical operations, 130.
with septicemia, 415.

treatment of empyema, 30.

Serum, antidiphtheric, treatment of treatment of procidentia uteri, 13.

diphtheria by the intravenous treatment of smallpox, 118.

administration of, 29.

Suture of injured nerves, 417.

· diagnosis of tuberculosis, 409. Sympathectomy, 133.

scarlet fever, 30.

Syphilis and smallpox mistaken for

Sinus, anatomy of the sphenoidal, each other, 8o.

and the method of approaching and traumatism, cicatrical de-
it from the antrum, 220.

formities in the respiratory tract

diseases, prophylaxis of, 78.

due to causes other than, 562.

maxillary, and the nose, super-

bacillus of Lilse-Jullien in, 279.

numerary teeth in the, 517.

endemic and hereditary, 464.

Sinuses, accessory of the nose, em- specific organism of, 279.

pyema of the, 221.

Syphilitic interstitial keratitis, 21.

nasal accessory, transillumination
of the, during acute coryza, 221.

Skiascopy as a method of precision,

Teeth, supernumerary, in the nose
Skin disease, 553.

and the maxillary sinus, 517.

Smallpox and syphilis, mistaken for Tendoplasty, 550.

each other, 80.

Teratoma, malignant ovarian, with

surgical treatment of, 118.

twisted pedicle and ascites, 319.

the parasite of, 128.

Tetanus, following injury of the

Sphenoid abscess, chronic, 220.

eye, 367

Sphenoidal sinus, anatomy of the, Therapeutic status of the coal-tar

and the method of approaching productions in general nervous

it from the antrum, 220.

affections, 81.

Spindles, reservoirs, ampullæ, and Therapeutics of oxygenated water,

dilatations, the ureteral, 97.


Spleen, living, red blood corpuscles Thyroid gland, an accessory, 80.

in the, 539.

tumor, accessory, situated at the

Stomach contents, the treatment of

base of the tongue, 33.

hyperacidity of the, with special Tibia, fracture of the, 555.

reference to the carbohydrate Tongue, accessory thyroid tumor

or meat-free diet, 241.

situated at the base of the, 33.

surgery of the, 533.

Tongue, tumor at the base of the,

Stones, duct, hepatic, 72.


Stridor, congenital inspiratory, 414. Tonsil, hypertrophied and so-called

congenital laryngeal, 369.

submerged, 134.

Subphrenic abscess, 555.

lipoma of the, 414.

Suppuration, nasal, associated with

pharyngeal, complications of hy-

pyogenic brain diseases, 463. pertrophy of the, 518.

Surgery in hydrocephalus, 18.

supernumerary, tonsillitis local-

iodin reaction in, 289.

ized in a, 179.

of the gall-bladder and bile ducts, the degenerate, 180.


Tonsillitis localized in supernumer-

of the stomach, 533.

ary tonsil, 179.

Tonsils, indications for removing

the, 217

Toxicity of appendicitis, 171.

Trachelorrhaphy and curetment,


Tract, gastrointestinal, diseases of

the, 280.
respiratory, cicatricial deformities

in the, 562.
Transillumination of the nasal acces-

sory sinuses during acute cor-

yza, 221.
Traumatism and syphilis, cicatricial

deformities in the respiratory
tract due to causes other than,


Treatment and diagnosis of calcu-

lous anuria, 458.

and diagnosis of tuberculosis of

the upper air tract, 79.

and etiology of headaches, 481.

empyema, 538.

new, of dysmenorrhea, 560.
of acute rheumatic carditis and

pericarditis, 510.

of adenoids, 410.

of angina pectoris, 519.

of appendicitis, 454.

of atrophic rhinitis, 415.
of cancer, choice of methods in,


of cancer of the uterus, electric

cautery clamp in, 26

of diphtheria by the intravenous

administration of antidiphtheric

serum, 29.

of external operation-wounds,


of hyperacidity of the stomach

contents, with special reference
to the carbohydrate or meat-

free diet, 241.

of infantile convulsions, 132.

of insanity, hydriatic procedures

in the, 82.

of lupus vulgaris and inoperable

tumors with Roentgen rays, 61.

of muguet in the newly-born, 7ó.

operative, of chronic Bright's dis-

ease, 558.

operative, of gonorrheal ulcera-

tion of the cornea, 561.

Treatment of scarlet fever, 412.
of the peritoneum in diffuse peri-

tonitis, 362.

of tuberculosis, climatologic, 210.

surgical, of empyema, 30.

surgical, of hypertrophy of the

lymphoid ring of the pharynx,

surgical, of procidentia uteri, 13.

surgical, of smallpox, 118.
Tubercular laryngitis during preg.

nancy and labor, 563.
Tubercle bacilli, relation of acid-

resisting saprophytes to, 360.
bacillus, action of human gastric

juice upon, 456.

Tumor, accessory thyroid, situated

at the base of tongue, 33.

at base of the tongue, 414.

of the pharynx, 8o.

tuberculous, involving ileum and

cecum, 24.

uterine, removal of eighty-seven

pound, 363
Tumors, enzymes in, 137.

inoperable, and lupus vulgaris,

treatment of, with the Roent-

gen rays, 61.

Tuberculosis, acute miliary, and ty-

phoid fever, ophthalmic exam-

inations in, 515.

climatologic treatment of, 210.

joint, the malignancy of, 72.

of the upper air tract, diagnosis

and treatment of, 79.
primary gastrointestinal, 456.

serum diagnosis of, 409.

Tuberculous cervical adenitis, 76.

tumor, involving ileum and cecum,

Turbinate, middle, asthma treated

by removal of the, 368.

Typhoid, fetal, congenital and in-

fantile, 324.

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