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Blindness, causes and prognosis of Cicatricial deformities in the respir-
sudden, 561.

atory tract, 562.
Blood, bacteriologic examination of Clamp, electric cautery, in the treat-
the, in typhoid fever, 457.

ment of cancer of the uterus, 26.

corpuscles, red, in the living Climatologic treatment of tubercu-

spleen, 539.

losis, 210.

pressure, severe pain caused by, Clinical Society of the Hospital of


the University of Michigan, 19,

ring bodies in anemic, 23.

121, 315.

Bowel, obstruction of, 322.

of the New York Polyclinic Med-
Brain diseases, pyogenic, with nasal ical School and Hospital, 504,
separation, 463


Breast, amputation of, 506.

Clinics, the great western, 500.

Breasts, female, and genitals, the Clothing, 514.

connection between the, 275. Coal-tar productions in general

Bright's disease, chronic, operative nervous affections, the thera-

treatment of, 558.

peutic status of the, 81.

Colon, idiopathic dilatation of, 511.


Complaints, summer, of children,


Calculous anuria, diagnosis and

Congenital dislocation of the hips,

treatment of, 458.

Cancer of the uterus, electric cautery


infantile and fetal typhoid, 324.
clamp in the treatment of, 26.

inspiratory stridor, 414.
the etiology of, with special refer-

Contagiousness of pneumonia, 408.
ence to the parasitic theory, 49. Convulsions in infants, 364.

treatment of, choice of methods

infantile, treatment of, 132.

of childhood, 412.

Carcinoma of the larynx, diagnosis reflex, in growing boys and girls,


of the sigmoid flexure, 546. Cornea, gonorrheal ulceration of the,
primary, of the vermiform appen- operative treatment of, 561?
dix, 129.

Coryza, acute, transillumination of

Carditis and pericarditis, acute rheu- the nasal accessory sinuses,

matic, treatment of, 510.

during, 221.

Casts, fatty epithelia, and albumin Curetment and trachelorrhaphy, 546.
in urine, foods producing or not

Cyst, ovarian, an intraligamentous,

producing, 145.


Cautery clamp, electric, in the treat-

Cysts, bony, of the nose, histologic
ment of cancer of the uterus, 26.

structure of, 517
Cecum and ileum, tuberculous tu-

ovarian, and a uterine fibroid, 125.
mor, involving, 24.

Cervix, lacerations of the, patho-


logic changes following, 303.

Deformities, cicatricial, in the res-

Childhood, convulsions of, 412.

piratory tract, 562.

rheumatism in, 515.

of the nose, subcutaneous injec-

Children, chronic joint disease in,

tion of paraffin for the correc-


tion of, 463

summer complaints of, 418. Dementia, paretic, a few facts re-
Cholecystitis, gangrenous, 170.

garding, 106.

Cholesteatoma of the middle ear, Diabetes and a diet containing pota-


toes, 419.

Diagnosis and treatment of tubercu-

losis of the upper air tract, 79.

differential, between glioma and

pseudoglioma retinæ, 77.

of carcinoma of the larynx, 134.

Diet, carbohydrate or meat-free, the

treatment of hyperacidity of
the stomach contents, with spe-

cial reference to the, 241.

containing potatoes, diabetes and

a, 419.

Dilatations, spindles, reservoirs and

ampullæ, the ureteral, 97.

Disease, chronic joint, in children,


necessary coöperation of heredity

and bacteriology in the produc-

tion of, 198.

operative treatment of chronic

Bright's, 558.

pelvic, in young girls, 459.
Diseases, brain, pyogenic, with nasa!

separation, 463
intestinal, in infants, 177.
nervous, therapeutics of electric-

ity in, 564.
of the gastrointestinal tract, 280.

sinus, prophylaxis of, 78.
Diphtheria, cause of death in, 177.
treatment of, by the intravenous

administration of antidiphtheric

serum, 29.

Dislocation of the hips, congenital,


Dispensing problem, 391.
Displacement of the pelvic organs,

Duct stones, hepatic, 72.
Duodenum, chronic gastric ulcer,

with perforation into the, 320.
Dysmenorrhea, 73.

new treatment for, 560.

Dystrypsia, intestinal, indigestion,




A farewell gathering, 372.

A quarter century greeting, 41.

Concerning "schools” of medi-

cine, 185.

Diction among doctors, 468.
Drugs, comparative value of

some, 446.
Drug eruptions, 422.

Effects of electric currents and

so-called light rays on bacteria,


Filtered language, 471.

Immunity, 139.

Medicohistorical critiques, 373.

New medical legislation, 85.
Nonsectarian medicine, 329.
Points in regard to locomotor

ataxia, 520.

Prevent infection, 87.

Progress in spelling reform, 283.
Rabies, 138.
Relation of the physician to the

community, 43
Roentgen rays and ultraviolet

rays, 371.
Role of radium in medicine, 281.
Sanitary supervision of public

water supplies a protection to

public health, 568.
Smallpox parasite, 184.
Some of the medicolegal aspects

of criminal abortion, 566.

The doctor's library, 521.

The New Orleans meeting, 183.
The rise and fall of medical jour-

nals, 421.
The State Medical Society meet-

ing, 225.
“Thou shalt not steal,” 42.

Walcher position in labor, 227.
Elastic ligature (McGraw) in gas-

troenterostomy, 529.

Electric cautery clamp in the treat-

ment of cancer of uterus, 26.

-light bath, 136.

Electricity in nervous diseases, ther-

apeutics of, 564.

Empyema of the accessory sinuses

of the nose, 221.

surgical treatment of, 30.

treatment, 538.

Encephlocele, 509.

Gastric juice, human, action of,
Endemic and hereditary syphilis, upon the tubercle bacillus, 456.

ulcer, 457
Enzymes in tumors, 137.

ulcer, chronic, with perforation
Etiology and treatment of head- into the duodenum, 320.
aches, 481.

Gastroenteritis, acute, 561.
of acne vulgaris, 181.

Gastroenterostomy, the elastic liga-
of cancer, with special reference ture (McGraw) in, 529.
to the parasitic theory, 49.

Gastrointestinal tract, diseases of

Excision of the knee for chronic the, 280.

rheumatism, 8.

tuberculosis, primary, 456.

Eye, injury of the, tetanus follow- Genitals and female breasts, the con-

ing, 367.

nection between the, 275.


Gland, thyroid, an accessory, 8o.

Glands, cervical, involvement of, in
Fat-necrosis, experimental, 84.

epiglottic abscess, 415.
Fatty epithelia, albumin and casts in

salivary, and nasal secretions in
urine, foods producing or not

hay fever, 518.
producing, 145.

Glioma and pseudoglioma retinæ,
Fecal accumulation, case of, 342.


Fetal, congenital and infantile ty-

of the retina, 31.

phoid, 324.

of the retina, pathology of, and
Fever epidemic, the Butler typhoid,

prognosis in, 366.

Gonorrheal ulceration of the cornea,
hay, salivary glands and nasal se-

cretions in, 518.

Gout, visceral, cured by the inges-

scarlet, serum, 30.

tion of grapes, 37.

scarlet, treatment of, 412.

typhoid, a case of, 58.


typhoid, and acute miliary tuber-

culosis, ophthalmic examina- Hair, influence of light on the

tions in, 515.

growth of, 34.

typhoid, and pregnancy, 217. Headaches, etiology and treatment

typhoid, bacteriologic examina- of, 481.

tion of the blood in, 457.

Hedonal, hypnotic effects of, 182.

Fibroid, a uterine, and ovarian cysts,

Hemolymph nodes, 38.


Hemorrhage, adrenalin for control

Fibroma of the ovary, 513.

of, internal administration of,

Fibromata as complications of preg- 467.

nancy, 252.

Hemorrhoids, the most rational

uterine, 123

method of operation for, 385.

uterine, appendages in, 172.

Henoch's purpura, 71.

Foods producing or not producing Hepatic duct stones, 72.

casts, fatty epithelia and albu-

Hereditary and endemic syphilis,

min in urine, 145.


Formalin injection in puerperal sep- Heredity and bacteriology, neces-
ticemia, 131.

sary coöperation of, in the pro-

Freezing, resuscitation after, 502.

duction of disease, 198.

Hernia, inguinal and femoral, oper-


ations for the radical cure of.

Gall-bladder and bile ducts, surgery 273.

of, 25.

umbilical, radical cure of, 325.

Gangrenous cholecystitis, 170. Herpes progenitalis, 369.

Hips, congenital dislocation of the, Inversion and prolapse of the uter-


us, 130.

Hospitals for the acute insane, 35. Iodid, potassium, in migraine, 370.

Hydriatic procedures in the treat- Iodin reaction in surgery, 289.

ment of insanity, 82.

Hydrocephalus, surgery in, 18.


Hydrosalpinx, the nature of, 216.

Hyperacidity of the stomach con- Jaw, extirpation of, 507.

tents, the treatment of, with Joint disease, chronic, in children,

special reference to the carbo- 176.

hydrate or meat-free diet, 241.


Hypertrophy of the lymphoid ring

of the pharynx, and its surgical Keratitis, syphilitic interstitial, 21.

treatment, 368.

Knee, excision of the, for chronic

of the pharyngeal tonsil, compli-

rheumatism, 8.

cations of, 518.

Hypnotic effects of hedonal, 182.


Hysteric attacks, 122.

Labor and pregnancy, tubercular


laryngitis during, 563.

Lacerations of the cervix, patho-
Ileum and cecum, tuberculous tumor

logic changes following, 303.

involving, 24.

Lactoneuritis, 31.

Imbeciles, insanity in, 222.

Laryngeal stridor, congenital, 369.

Immunity, 504.

Laryngitis, tubercular, during preg-

Indigestion (dystrypsia), intestinal, nancy and labor, 563.


Larynx, diagnosis of carcinoma of

Infant mortality, 77.

nursing the, 412.

perichondritis of the, 368.

Infantile, congenital and fetal ty- Leg, recurring ulcers of the, re-
phoid, 324.

moval of both long saphenous

convulsions, treatment of, 132.

veins for the relief of, 549.

Infants, convulsions in, 364.

Leukocytes, new method of count-

croupous pneumonia in, 75.

ing, 22.

intestinal diseases in, 177.

Ligature (McGraw), elastic, in gas-

Injection, formalin, in puerperal

troenterostomy, 529.

septicemia, 131.

Light and invisible rays employed

Injury of the eye, tetanus following, in medical practice considered


from a physical standpoint, 337.

Insane, acute, hospitals for the, influence of, on the growth of


Insanity, hydriatic procedure in the

Lipoma of the tonsil, a case of, 414.

treatment of, 82.

Lupus erythematosus, 135.

increase and prevention of, 416. vulgaris and inoperable tumors,

in imbeciles, 222.

treatment of, with the Roent-

Intestinal diseases in infants, 177.

gen rays, 61.

indigestion (dystrypsia), 70.

Intraligamentous ovarian cyst, 318.


Intravenous administration of anti-

diphtheric serum, the treatment Macroscopic specimens, mounting

of diphtheria by, 29.

Intussusception, 277.

Malaria, with adenoids, 367.

Malignancy and mucin, 32.

Necrosis, fat, experimental, 84.

of joint tuberculosis, 72.

Nerves, injured, suture of, 417.

Malignant ovarian teratoma, with Nervous affections, general, the

twisted pedicle and ascites, 319. therapeutic status of the coal-

Malpractice, medical, 112.

tar productions in, 81.

Manubrial dullness, study of, 272. diseases, therapeutics of electric-

Medical malpractice, 112.

ity in, 564.


Nodes, hemolymph, 38.

A study of bacterial cells, 45. Nose and maxillary sinus, super-
Eye disease in school children,

numerary teeth in, 517.

bony cysts of the, histologic struc-
Guardians of public health, 187. ture of, 517


Minor intelligence, 45, 89, 143, correction of deformities of the,

188, 229, 286, 331, 379, 427, subcutaneous injection of par-

473, 523, 570.

affin for the, 463.

Recent medical elections, 285.

empyema of the accessory sinuses
Reciprocal medical registration, of the, 221.

Neuroses, reflex, recent suggestions

Regarding vital statistics, 523.

regarding, 563

Some consequences of tuberculo-

Newly-born, the treatment of mu-

sis, 187.

guet in the, 76.

The Enno Sander prize, 472.

Nursing the infant, 412.

The gift of an ambulance, 186.

The Madrid meeting, 228.


The principles of ethics, 374, 424.
Medical practice, light and invisible

rays employed in, considered

Davis, William E B., 94.
from a physical standpoint, 337. Edson, Cyrus, 570.
society, history of the Washtenaw

Englemann, George J., 569.
County (Ann Arbor), 154. Everts, Orpheus, 332.
student, an American, 433.

Jenks, Edward W., 142.
writings, the study of older, 1.

Klein, Peter, 186.

Medicine, some laws in, 487.

Love, Isaac Newton, 284.

Migraine, potassium iodid in, 370.

Lupinski, Hugo, 188.

Milk, clean, 176.

Maclean, Donald, 330.
pasteurized, 176.
sterilized, 176.

Mynter, Herman, 144.

Reed, Walter, 44.
sterilized, and rachitis, 365.

Thomas, Theodore Gaillard, 88.
Mortality, infant, 77.
Mucin and malignancy, 32.

Von Krafft-Ebing, Richard, 45.

Obstetrics and the general prac-
Muguet in the newly-born, treat-

tician, 27.

ment of, 76.

Myxedema, 80.

Oculistic practice, some new reme.

dies in, 413.


Operation for hemorrhoids, most

Nasal accessory sinuses, transillu-

rational method of, 385.

mination of the, during acute

wounds, external, treatment of,

coryza, 221.


secretions in hay fever, salivary Operations involving the upper air
glands and, 518.

passages, general anesthesia in,

separation associated with pyo- 278.

genic brain diseases, 463.

surgical, 130.

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