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Surgeons, undertook with the assistance of Prof. Chandler to prepare a course of lessons more suited to the needs of the students of medicine. The present book contains the same lessons revised and simplified with a descriptive and explanatory text. This manual will be found most interesting and instructive, and students will profit very much by a careful study of the many tests and experiments so clearly and thoroughly explained in its chapters. A TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE RECTUM, ANUS AND SIGMOID

FLEXURE. By Joseph M. Matthews, M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clinical Lecturer on Diseases of the Rectum, Kentucky School of Medicine; Visiting Surgeon St. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital; Con. sulting Surgeon Louisville City Hospital; Consulting Surgeon Jennie Cassaday Free Infirmary for Women ; Late President Mississippi Valley Medical Association; President Louisville Clinical Society; Vice-President Louisville Surgical Society; Member International Medical Congress, American Medical Association, Southern Surgical and Gynecological Society, Kentucky State Medical Society, State Board of Health of Kentucky, Orator of the American Medical Association on Surgery, 1891, etc. With six chromo-lithographs and numerous illustrations. D. Appleton & Co., New York.

This book we think is decidedly original in many of its features. The author has not taken other men's opinions as his guide, for the reason that in his fifteen years experience as a rectal specialist, he has learned “ that many things that are taught are not true, and that many true things have not been taught.” He has therefore accepted as truths only those things which could be substantiated by facts, and has here recorded them. Several chapters new to books on this subject have been introduced by him, among which will be found the following: Disease in the Sigmoid Flexure, the Hysterical or Nervous Rectum, Anatomy of the Rectum in Relation to Reflexes, Antiseptics in Rectal Surgery, a New Operation for Fistula in Ano.

There is a good deal of diversity of opinion in the profession as to the practicability of antisepsis in rectal surgery, but our present writer, in a chapter devoted to the subject, takes the ground that with care and attention to details the same advantages are to be obtained in this that are obtained in other operations. Illustrated with six excellent colored plates, and numerous cuts ; clearly printed with large type and nicely bound, it presents a most attractive appearance. We do not know of any work on the subject which more thoroughly meets our approval.



30 patients); Monthly (undated, for 120 patients per month); Perpetual (undated, for 30 patients weekly per year); and Perpetual (undated, for 60 patients weekly per year). The first three styles contain 32 pages of data and 176 pages of blanks. The 60-patient Perpetual consists of 256 pages of blanks. Each style in one wallet-shaped book, pocket, pencil, rubber, and catheter scale, etc. Seal grain leather, $1,25. Philadelphia ; Lea Bros. & Co., 1892.

THE PHYSICIANS' VISITING LIST FOR 1893. P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1012 Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. Price $1.

The fact that this list is in the forty-second year of its publication alone would commend it to the profession. Besides the usual blank leaves for visiting list, memoranda, etc., it contains a great many valuable tables and a host of valuable information which a medical man very often desires, and desires in a hurry. The small size and light weight are a great advantage.

THE STUDENTS' QUIZ SERIES. Edited by Bern B. Gallaudet, M.D., Demonstrator of Surgery, College of

Physicians and Surgeons, New York. DISEASES OF CHILDREN. Volume 13. By C. A. Rhodes, M.D., Instructor

in Diseases of Children, New York Post-Graduate Medical School Pocket

size, 12mo., 170 pages. Limp cloth, $1. Lea Bros. & Co., Philadelphia, 1892. DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, THROAT AND NOSE. Volume 10. A

Manual for Students and Practitioners. By Frank E. Miller, M, D., Attending Physician St. Joseph Hospital; Throat Surgeon Vanderbilt Clinic, New York; James P. McEvoy, M.D., Throat Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital, Out-Patient De. partment, New York; and John E. Weeks, M.D., Surgeon New York Eye and Ear Infirmary; Lecturer on Ophthalmology and Otology, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York.

This Series, as a whole, covers the essentials of a thorough medical education, and it enjoys the great advantage of issue under careful editorial supervision. Dr. Gallaudet, the editor, is himself a teacher and practitioner of experience, and is well acquainted with the personnel of his profession in New York. His ability is shown both in the excellence of the matter he has secured, and in the uniformity and attractiveness of its presentation. Students will be greatly assisted by these volumes, and likewise physicians who wish to refresh their recollection on important points. Either class will find them most convenient for hand, mind and pocket, the latter in a double sense, since the cost of the books is very low in view of their great demand.

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