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Gastric Headache.

A large proportion of cases of “ headache” are of gastric origin, and are amenable only to remedies directed to the defect underlying the condition. The slightest departure from the normal process of digestion favors the elaboration of more or less toxic nitrogenous products, the absorption whereof leads inter alia to remittent headache. The rage which at present exists for the use of analgesics, such as antipyrin, has diverted attention from the simpler, more effectual and (because more permanent) and less injurious method of treatment. Dr. Westphalen, of Berlin, points out that deficient acidity of the gastric juice is accountable for this symptom in a very large number of cases. He has tried the administration of dilute hydrochloric acid with the most gratifying results, the remedy being given immediately after a meal, and particularly after the ingestion of any special article of diet, which has already been noticed to be followed by the typical cephalalgia.Hosp. Gaz. Strontium.

Dujardin-Beaumetz makes some further statements as to the clinical uses of salts of strontium. The only salt of which he had any experience was the lactate. This he had employed in a number of cases of Bright's disease, with albuminuria ; under its influence he had the satisfaction of seeing the albumin diminish very considerably, in some cases being reduced to one-half of that previously excreted. He attributed this favorable action rather to the very beneficial action of the strontium salts on digestion than to their direct action on the kidneys. At the same time he pointed out that the greater or less quantity of albumin passed was of less importance in the prognosis of the disease than the proportion of toxines retained in the organism, which the renal filter either retains or allows to pass into the urine. He recommended that a milk and vegetable diet be employed in combination with the drug, which he gave in doses of 3 jss. per diem.Brit. Meil. Jour.

Prof. Da Costa continues to derive good results by the administration of hyoscyamine in cases of chorea which have resisted other treatment.


R Papoid, gr. xij.
R Bismuth, sub. nit., 3 i to ij.

Pulv. boracic acid, gr. v.
Pepsin sac., 3 %2 to j.

Aquæ destil, 3 ij.

M. Oxide zinc, grs. iv to xij.

Ft. solution. Sig.–To be painted on Opium, gr. i to ij.

M. the parts twice daily. This is a sucFt. powders No. 12. Sig.- Give a cessful application in cases of eczema, powder every three to six hours as psoriasis, and callosities of the epidermay be needed to check the bowels and

mis. relieve the pain. Also, at the same time, give :

Cystitis IN WOMEN.—The Journal R Syr. hypophos. (Fellows), 3 iij. de Medicine de Paris gives the follow

Aquæ destillatæ, q. s., 3 ij. M. ing prescription for cystitis in women: Sig.-Give the child a teaspoonful three R® Citrate of potassium, 3 ss. times daily.

Fl. ext. of triticum repens,

Tr. belladonna, aa. 3 j. FOR MENORRAGHIA.

Fl. ext. of buchu, z ss. R Tinct. cannabis indica, gtt. XXX. Water enough to make 4 ounces. Mucilage, 3 i.

M. Sig.-Teaspoonful in a wineglassSpts. chloroform, 3 i.

ful of water three times a day. Aquæ, ad. 3 ij.

M. Sig.– Take a tablespoonful every three R Papoid, 3 ij. hours. A few doses are sufficient.

Beta-naphthol, gr. iij.

Acid. hydrochlor. dil., gtt. xv. DYSMENORRHEA.

Aq. destil. ad. Z iv. M. R Ext. stramoni.,

Ft. solution. Sig. - Use carefully and Ext. hyoscyam,

thoroughly by means of hand atomizer Ext. opium, aa. gr. vi. M.

every half hour on throat and through Ft. pills No. 12. Sig.–Take one pill nostrils on posterior nares and pharynx, every one to six hours, as may be if deposit extends to these locations. needed, until relieved --E. E. Phillips, Papoid solutions should be made fresh M.D., in Med. Summary.


SALICYLATE OF SODA IN ERYSIPEASTHMA.—Dr. Plant of Syracuse in the Practitioner and Vews, says : An

LAS.-A five per cent. solution of saliasthmatic neighbor of mine gets so

cylate of soda in glycerin is recom. much relief from inhaling the smoke of

mended as a satisfactory application in a teaspoonful of the following combi

the treatment of erysipelas. It imme

diately arrests the advancement of the nation, that he wants all other chronic asthmatics to know about it, so I send

disease, while it greatly relieves the it to you:

pain and itching. Take of

PAPOID IN DIPHTHERIA.Stramonium leaves, 4 ounces.

R Papoid, gr. x. Green tea dust, 4 ounces.

M. Lobelia, 1/2 ounces.

Aquæ, 3 ss. Mix together, and wet with a saturated

Ft. solution. Kohts and Asch painted' solution of nitrate of potassium. Dry

diphtheritic membranes with this solu. thoroughly, and keep in a close can

tion every fifteen or twenty minutes or well-stoppered bottle.

with a soft brush. They found that the

oftener the application was made, the For ENLARGED SPLEEN.

more rapidly membranes disappeared.

Kohts treated several hundred cases R Quiniæ sulph , Ferri redacti, aa. 3 ii.

by this method with the greatest sucStrychninæ sulph., Acidi arseniosi, aa. grs. iii.

DYSPEPSIA, WITH NERVOU's DebilExt. gentian, q. s.

ITY.- Invaluable: Misce et fiat. pil. No. 70. Sig.-One R Fluid hydrastis, 1 oz. pill three times a day.-B. P. Wilson, Celerina (Rio), 2 oz.

M. M.D., Reddick, Fla.

Sig.-- Teaspoonful before each meal.


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