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Let me begin by saying that this book is probably mistaken for a recount based solely on the infamous Apollo 13 situation. Rather, the main focus of this book is early spaceflight, focusing on the nearly-forgotten programs of Mercury and Gemini. Kranz's relation of the history of the space program is interesting to say the least, but to fully understand the significance of what he's talking about requires a moderate base of knowledge on the early space program in the first place.
On a lighter note, Kranz's perspective on the inside of Mission Control makes an enlightening and amusing story. He spends a reasonable amount of time discussing the small jokes and pranks that accompany every sort of endeavor.
He has serious messages as well. Kranz does give rather vivid descriptions of the Apollo 1 fire, the severity of the Apollo 13 problem, and a number of other issues that have long been downplayed or forgotten with time, such as the leaking and eventual sinking of the Liberty Bell 7 capsule.
Overall, it's a good book, but again, I'd recommend having a bit of background before leaping into it.

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