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treaty, denied that there is any unalterable enmity between

France and this country.-Not always enemies.The re-

peated discomfiture of France, warring against the navy of

England, at length taught her the policy of peace.--The

treaty supported by a great majority.-- Convention with

Spain.-Consolidation of the customs.--Application of the

difsenters for the repeal of the test act.-Number and respec-

tability of the dissenters as a body. Distinguished talents of

Some of their leaders.Dissenters favourable to Mr. Pitt,

and thence expect his support of their application.- Previous

Steps to prepossess the public in their favour.-Mr. Beaufoy

demonstrates their zeal for liberty and the present establish-

ment.--Lord North, a moderate tory, opposes their applica-

tion, as inimical to the church.--Mr. Pitt opposes it on the

grounds of political expediency.--The test no infringement of

toleration, merely a condition of admisibility to certain offices

of trust.-- Eminent difsenters had avowed themselves de

firous of subverting the church ;-therefore not expedient to

extend their power.-Application rejected.-Bill for the

relief of infolvent debtors.---Lord Rawdon's enlightened and

liberal policy.--Bill negatived.-Enquiry about Scotch peer-

ages.--Magnanimous sacrifice by the prince of Wales of

splendor to justice. - Situation of his highness. Satisfactory

adjustments. - Proceedings respecting Mr. Hastings.---

Writings in his defence.The nation long averse to his im-

peachment.-Hastings's cause generally popular.-Eloquence

gives a turn to public opinion. Celebrated speech of Mr.

Sheridan on the Begum charge. Its effects on the house of

commons and the public. Singular instance of its impres-

fion on a literary defender of Mr. Hastings. A committee

appointed to prepare articles of impeachment. The commons

impeach Warren Hastings at the bar of the house of lords.

-Supplies.-Favourable state of the finances.--Mr. Dun.

das brings forward the financial state of British India.-

Promising aspect of affairs.

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Affairs of Holland.Ruinous effects of the war with Britain.

-Complaints against the Stadtholder.-Charge concerning

the inaction of the fleets.--Objects of the aristocratic party

at the end of the war. -They put arms into the hands of

the multitude.--Effects of this measure.-- Beginning of

democratic party. Both the aristocratic, and democratic

parties agree in hoftility to the house of Orange.-Advan-

tages which they polesed over the Stadtholderian party.-

They are supported by the inonied menand fictaries.-

Circumstances favourable to the prince. He is commander

of the army and fleet.Civil power and authority.----He is

governor-general of the East and West India companies. --

His hereditary pollesions. Several provinces favourable to

bis caufe.-Friendship and affinity with Pruffia.Adverse

faction trufts to the protection of France. They deprive the

prince of the command of the Hague.--The Orange family

leave the Hague.Temperate remonstrances of Prussia

disregarded by the faction,---who absolve the troops from

their oath of fidelity.--Meeting of the States of Holland and

Weft Friezeland, ---violence of.-Remonstrance of the

prince.- Frederic William fends his prime minister as am-

basador to the States of Holland.--Firm memorial of.-

Conduct of France. - Encourages the faction.--Rebellion

coinmences at Hattem.The insurgents are defeated.

Conciliatory interposition of Pruffiaand of Britain-una-

vailing.Joint mediation of Prusia and France.- Dif-

ferent views of these powers.--Alarming power of the de.

mocratic party-is exerted in levelling innovation--de-

feated in an attempt to fufpend the office of Stadthclder.

They try a new fabrication of votes.--The armed burghers

are employed as instruments of revolution.-Fury of a reve-

lutionary mob.The States Gencral avow themselves fup-

porters of the constitution.— Disorders at Amsterdam.

The army continues attached to the prince. --The faction
becomes desperate. Arrest of the princess on her way to the


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