A Primary School Dictionary of the English Language: Explanatory, Pronouncing, and Synonymous : with an Appendix Containing Various Useful Tables : Mainly Abridged from the Latest Edition of the American Dictionary of Noah Webster

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Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Company, 1877 - 352 pages
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Page 339 - Revenons d nos moulons. [Fr.] Let us return to our sheep; let us return to our subject. Rifacimento. [It.] Renewal ; re-establishment. Robe de chambre. [Fr.] A dressing-gown or morninggown. Rouleau. [Fr.] A little roll. Rudis indigesta moles.
Page vii - ... toll, null. The words clef, if, of, and sol, are exceptions. 2. The letter s, at the end of a monosyllable, and...
Page viii - Apparel, bevel, bowel, cancel, carol, cavil, channel, chisel, counsel, cudgel, dishevel, drivel, duel, embowel, enamel, empanel, equal, gambol, gravel, grovel, handsel, hatchel, imperil, jewel, kennel, label, level, libel, marshal, marvel, model, panel, parcel, pencil, peril, pistol, pommel, quarrel, ravel, revel, rival, rowel, shovel, shrivel, snivel, tassel, iwuuud, travel, tunnel, unravel.
Page 336 - We recognize a Hercules from the size of the foot; that is, we judge of the whole from the specimen.
Page ix - Nouns ending in y preceded by a consonant form their plural by adding es and changing y into i : as, mercy, -mercies ; sky, skies ; pity, pities.
Page 331 - FRSL — Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. FSA — Fellow of the Society of Arts.
Page 340 - Verbatim et literatim, L. Word for word and letter for letter. Verbum sat sapienti, L. A word is enough for a wise man.
Page ix - The cases mentioned in sections 11, 12, and 13 are also exceptions. 16. Derivatives formed by prefixing one or more syllables to words ending in a double consonant commonly retain both consonants : as, rebuff, befall, inthrall, foretell, fulfil, emboss (from buff, fall, thrall, tell, Jill, boss).
Page 330 - AD, anno Domini, In the year of our Lord. Ad lib., ad libitum, at pleasure.
Page 330 - Chief Justice. Cld. or eld. Cleared. CM Common Meter. Co. Company ; County. COD Cash (or Collect) on Delivery. Col. Colonel ; Colossians. Coll. College; Collector. Сотр. Compare ; Comparative ; Compound. Con. (Contra.) Against; In opposition. Con., or Or.

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