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$ 205.4 Definition of relief package. A "relief package" is defined as a gift parcel, containing articles permitted by $ 205.5 to be sent free of cost to the person receiving it and for the personal use of himself or his immediate family, and shall be identified as a gift package by the conspicuous endorsement on the addressee side of the package of the words U. S. A. Gift Parcel."

§ 205.5 Limitation of contents of relief package. The contents of a relief package shall be limited to:

(a) Nonperishable food; clothing and clothes-making materials; shoes and shoemaking materials; medical and

health supplies; and household supplies and utensils.

(b) Relief packages shipped under this part are subject to regulations prescribed by the Office of International Trade of the Department of Commerce, but in no event shall exceed 44 pounds gross weight.

CROSS REFERENCE: For regulations of the Office of International Trade, Department of Commerce, see 15 CFR Chapter III, Subchapter C.

$ 205.6 Saving clause. The Administrator for Economic Cooperation may waive, withdraw, or amend at any time or from time to time any or all of the provisions of the regulations in this part.

Title 23—Highways

Cross References: Bureau of Community Facilities, Federal Works Agency: See Public

Property and Works, 44 CFR Chapter II. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture: See Parks, Forests, and Memorials, 36 CFR

Chapter II. Interstate Commerce Commission regulations relating to block signals and train control

devices at grade crossings: See Transportation, 49 CFR Part 133. Office of the Secretary of Labor and labor regulations: See Labor, Title 29. Regulations concerning construction and maintenance of roads on Indian lands, Bureau of

Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior: Indians, 25 CFR Part 261. Regulations of the Bureau of Land Management concerning rights-of-way for roads and

highways: See Public Lands, Interior, 43 CFR Part 244. Regulations relating to use of land for roads and trails of the Forest Service, Department of

Agriculture: See Parks, Forests, and Memorials, 36 CFR 251.5. Bureau of Employment Security, Social Security Administration, Federal Security Agency:

See Employees' Benefits, 20 CFR Chapter V.



Part 1

Regulations under the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944 and the Federal

Aid Road Act of July 11, 1916, as amended and supplemented. Rules and regulations for administering forest highways.


Part 1-Regulations Under the

Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944 and the Federal-Aid Road Act of July 11, 1916, as

Amended and Supplemented Sec. 1.1 Definitions. 1.2 Intent of the act (Federal-Aid Highway

Act of 1944). 1.3 Organization and powers of State

highway department. 1.4 Selection and designation of highway

systems. 1.5 Establishment of "urban area" bound

aries. 1.6 Programs of proposed projects. 1.7 Project statements. 1.8 Surveys, plans, specifications, and es

timates. 1.9 Project agreements. 1.10 Construction and contracts. 1.11 Roadside improvements. 1.12 Right-of-way. 1.13 Labor and employment. 1.14 Highway planning and research proj

ects. 1.16 Railway-highway crossing projects. 1.16 Coordination of airport and highway

location. 1.17 Maintenance of projects. 1.18 Traffic signs and signals. 1.19 Diversion of gasoline and motor-ve

hicle taxes; reduction of apportion

ment. 1.20 Records and cost keeping. 1.21 Payments. 1.22 Advance of funds. 1.23 Delegation of authority.

Sec. 1.24 Operating procedures and instructions. 1.25 Application of regulations.

AUTHORITY: $ $ 1.1 to 1.25 issued under sec. 18, 42 Stat, 216; 23 U. S. C. 19. Interpret or apply secs. 7, 8, 11, 12, 58 Stat. 842, 843; 23 U. S. C. 60-63.

SOURCE: $$ 1.1 to 1.25 appear at 10 F. R. 4496, except as noted following section affected.

$ 1.1 Definitions. For the purposes of the regulations in this part, the following terms shall be construed, respectively, to mean:

(a) Act. The Federal-Aid Road Act of July 11, 1916, and all acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto (U. S. C. Title 23), and the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944 (58 Stat. 842; 23 U. S. C. 60–63), except those provisions which relate to national forest roads and highways, national park and national park approach roads and parkways, and Indian reservation roads under the act of May 26, 1928 (45 Stat. 750).

(b) Administrator. The Federal Works Administrator, Federal Works Agency.

(c) Commissioner. The Commissioner of Public Roads, Public Roads Administration, Federal Works Agency.

(d) State highway department. The department of each State government adequately organized and equipped to exercise all the functions incident to op

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