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Oct. 31.

minal Conditions they may Cause, G. P. Ruptured Quadriceps Extensor Tendon, with
Newbolt—66, Oct. 28.

Case, N. Winslow-193, Nov.
Jesentery, Fibromatous Tumors of, W. J. Sarcoma, Two Cases, Treated by Radium,
Greer-66, Oct. 28.

Ryerson and Wickham-66, Oct. 28.
Muscle Grafting for Gun-shot. Wounds of Scalp, Treatment of Total Avulsion of, Wil-
Shoulder, B. B. Cates-29, Nov.

isch-227, Oct. 31.
Narcosis, Surgical Requirements of and the Sigmoidoscopy, A. Bassler-232, Nov. 18.
Available Methods, D. W. Buxton-66, Nov. Spinal Cord, Operability of Intramedullary

Tumors of, 2 operations with Remarks o'r
Obesity and Its Surgical Treatment by Extrusion of Spinal Tumors, Elsberg and
Lipectomy, H. E. Castle-29, Nov.

Beer-8, Nov.
Omentum, Cysts of, C. N. Dowd—29, Nov. Spine, Stiffness of, T. Toepel—298, Nov.
Omentum, Functions and Surgical Uses of, Spleen, Prolapsed, with Acute Torsion; Sple-
D. P. D. Wilkie-66, Oct. 28.

nectomy, F. H. Lahey—29, Nov.
Omentum, Torsion of; Case Resembling Splenectomy for Rupture of Spleen, J. C.

Ovarian Cyst with Twisted Pedicle, J. P. McCoy-29, Nov.
Hedley-66, Nov. II.

Stomach, Actinomycosis of, A. W. Mayo-
Operating Table, the Evolution of, W. S. Robson-300, Nov.
Bainbridge-232, Nov. 4.

Stomach, Acute Dilatation of Following Her-
Osteomyelitis, Chronic, Operative Treatment niotomy under Local Anesthesia, H. H. M.
of, C. Beck-300, Nov.

Lyle—232, Nov. 4.
Parotiditis, Symptomatic, P. W. T. Moxam Surgery, Modern, Tendency of, J. M. Inge-
-232, Nov. II.

304, Nov.
Peritonitis, Acute, Physiological Principles in Surgical Drainage, Experimental Demonstra-
Treatment of, J. L. Yates—300, Nov.

tions in, J. N. Rhoads-12, Nov.
Peritonitis, Biologic Treatment of, Klotz--227, Surgical Essentials, F. E. Neef-12, Nov.

Thymus, two Cases of Sarcoma of, Sheen,
Peritonitis, Diffuse Septic from Appendicitis, Griffiths and Schölberg--184, Nov. 4.

194 Cases, R. S. Fowler-147, Nov. 4. Thyroid, a Sarcomatous Hemangioendothe-
Peritonitis, General Septic, Treatment of, R. lioma of, Usui-57, Oct. 30.
Morison–66, Oct. 28.

Thyroid, Diseases of in the Female, Porter
Phlegmon, Woody, of Reclus—147, Nov. 25.

-9, Nov.
Phlegmonous Inflammation of Waldeyer's Thyroid Gland Diseases, Diagnosis and Treat-

Ring, Treatment of, Winckler-101, Nov. ment of, G. E. Beilby-2, Nov.

Thyroiditis, Idiopathic, non-purulent Acute;
Popliteal Artery and Vein, Rupture of; Dif- Case with Recovery, H. V. Dutrow—147,

fuse Hematoma, D. Drew-184, Nov. 18.
Post-operative Dangers, Report on Diminution Tropical Infections of the Derivatives of the
of, Goldstein—101, Nov. 2.

Primitive Gut; Complications and Treat-
Post-operative Drowning, A. S. and H. G. ment, J. R. McDill-300, Nov.
Grünbaum–66, Nov. II.

Tuberculosis, Pulmonary, Surgical Treatment
Rectal Diseases, Fatalities of in Diagnosis of, A. S. MacNalty-261, Nov.
and Treatment of, J. P. Tuttle-232, Nov. Tuberculosis, Surgical, Especially Glandular,

Treatment of with X-rays, Baisch-57, Oct.
Rectum, Prophylaxis of Cancer of, Penning- 30.
ton-5, Nov.

Venesection, Cases Illustrating Use of, R. F.
Roentgenograms, Simple Method of Viewing Fox-184, Nov. 4.
in 3 Dimensions, M. Girsdansky--232, Nov. Wound Treatment, Technic of, A. Thomson

-66, Oct. 28.
Alexander-Adam's Operation, Is it Justifiable Cesarean Sections, Multiple, Both High and

at Present Time? Dührssen–57, Nov. 6. Low Operations, Humiston—9, Nov.
Appendicitis in Relation to Diseases of Fe- Cholecystitis and Cholelethiasis in their Re-
male Pelvic Organs, C. B. Lockwood—261, lation to Pregnancy, L. H. Branson-147,

Nov. 18.
Blood Coagulability, Method of Estimation of Clitoris, Carcinoma of, C. D. Lockwood-147,

with Special Reference to Pregnancy, La- Nov. II.
bor and the Post-partum State, Neu and Cyst of Gaertner's Duct, C. Georg, Jr.—161,
Kreis—227, Nov. 14.

Cervical Polypi Exhibiting Decidual Changes, Cystitis in Women, Causes, Diagnosis and
Ferguson and Young-165, xx, 3.

Treatment, J. D. Whitall-6, Nov.

Nov. 25.



Dysmenorrhea and Sterility, 73 Cases of Dud- Pneumonia, Autenatal, Case, A. T. I. Mac-

ley's Operation for, S. M. Brickner-300, donald-66, Nov. II.

Pregnancy, Ectopic, Early Diagnosis of, Hug-

Eclampsia, Wolff-Eisner-57, Nov. 6.

gins-9, Nov.

Eclampsia, Blood Pressure in, W. E. Welz- Pregnancy, Interstitial, Scott-9, Nov.

161, Nov.

Puerperal Infections, Surgical Treatment of,

Eclampsia, Blood Pressure Index of, H. C. P. Findley-141, Nov.

Bailey-300, Nov.

Puerperal Sepsis, Relations of Premature

Ectopic Gestation, Full Term, E. McDonald- Rupture of Amniotic Sac to, G. Kamper-

-232, Nov. 25.

man-161, Nov.

Fibroid, Strangulated, Complicating Preg-

Pus-tube, Ruptured, a Cause of Diffuse Peri-

nancy at 43 mos: Operation; Recovery;

tonitis, 2 Cases, A. P. Stoner-147, Nov. 18.

Delivery at Term, F. M. Lazard—147, Nov.

Pyelonephritis of Pregnancy, W. F. Metcalf

-161, Nov.


Fibroids, Cervical, Smead-9, Nov.

Pyosalpinx, Tuberculous, Barbour and Wat-

General Practitioner as a Gynecologist, Cand-

son—165, xx, 3.

ler-5, Nov.

Sexual Precocity, two Cases of, H. T. Machell

Gonorrheal Cervicitis and Endometritis, Rec-

-75, Nov.

Torsion of Funis as Cause of Death of

ognition and Treatment of, W. T. Dann-

Twins, H. A. Lediard—184, Oct. 28.

reuther-202, Nov. 4.

Tubal Sterilization as a Prophylactic Measure,

Labor Complications, Mental State as a Fac-

M. A. Werner-232, Nov. 4.

tor in, M. L. Hunt-237, Nov.

Uterine Muscle, Origin of in Relation to

Papillomata removed from Vaginal Vault af- Blood Vessels, H. R. Clarke--165, xx, 3.

ter Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer, Fer- Uterosclerosis and Sclerosis of Recto-utero-

guson and Young—165, xx, 3.

vesical Fascia, J. Oliver-107, Nov.

Pelvic Infections, Proper Operative Period Uterus, Bladder and Broad Ligament, An-

and Method of Drainage in, L. G. Bowers--

gioma of, Operation and Cure, Pantzer-9,

147, Nov. 25.


Pelvic Inflammation, Diagnosis of, W. W. Vaccines in Pelvic Infections, 2 yrs' experi-

Pennell-317, Nov. 10.

ence with, J. 0. Polak—147, Nov. 25.

Perithelioma, Two Cases of (1) Uterus, (2) Vagina, Fibroid Tumors of, Case, A. H. Bark-

Tube, Barbour and Watson-165, xx, 3.

ley—300, Nov.

Placenta Previa, Treatment of, G. T. Harri- Vaginal Outlet, Relaxed, Repair of, W. W.

son-300, Nov.

Babcock-319, Nov.


Acetonuria in Childhood, Its Prevalence in a Infant Feeding, Use of whole milk and Fat

Children's Hospital, An Inquiry into its Diminished Milk in, E. A. Darling-61, Nov.

Cause, R. S. Frew—184, Nov. 4.


Baths, Cold, Use of in Diseases of Children.

Infant Mortality, Influence of Milk-station

J. Newell—77, Nov.

work on Reduction of, Pisek-9, Nov.

Calcium-poor foods, Treatment with, and

its Indications, Hirschberg-57, Nov. 13.

Infant Mortality, Principles of Reduction cf,

with Suggestions for Future Work, Baker

Calcium Hunger, in breast-fed infants and Its

physiological Significance, Dibbelt-57, Nov.

-9, Nov.

Infantile Paralysis, Present Knowledge of,


Catarrh, Post Nasal in Children and its Con-

R. T. Taylor-12 Nov.

Intestinal Diseases in Infants, J. B. Bilder-

sequences, E. Smith-184, Oct. 28.

Childrens' Diseases, Review of, H. Thuis-

back-238, Nov.

field-261, Nov.

Intestinal Worms in Examination of 122 Chil-

Comforter” Caries, E. H. R. Harries—184,

dren, N. Evans-298, Nov.

Nov. II.

Measles, Infectivity of Secretions and Des-

Diphtheria, Progress in Treatment of, Meyer

quamations of, Anderson and Goldberger-

-57, Nov. 6.

147, Nov. II.

Exanthemata, Differential Diagnosis between,

Mikulicz' Disease, with Case of Lymphatic

F. H. Dammasch—238, Nov.

Leucemia in a Child with Enlargement of

Homogenous Twins, Disease in, E. A. Cock- Salivary Glands, W. Tileston—6a, Nov.

ayne-64, Nov.

Milk, Woman's, Role of the Salts in in the

Infant Feeding, Malt Sugar and High Per- Nourishment of Infants in Early Childhood,

centages of Casein in, J. L. Morse-6a, Nov. Friedenthal—227, Nov. 7.


Morbidity and Mortality of Infants in Suni- Scurvy, Infantile, Case due to Sterilized Milk,

mer of 1911, Meyer-101, Nov. 9.

W. R. Jordan-64, Nov.

Osteitis Fibrosa in Childhood, Frangenhein- Surgical Symptoms in Childhood, J. B. Bar-

56, lxxvii, 1.

rett-107, Nov.

Premature Infants, Caloric Needs of, J. H.

Tuberculosis, Specific Diagnosis of in Chil-
Hess—6a, Nov.
Rickets in Early Stages and Best Treatment

dren, R. W. Matson-238, Nov.
to Prevent Deformities, J. W. Cokenower

Tuberculous Mother, Should she Nurse her

--147, Nov. 4.

Child ? M. MacLachlan-238, Nov.

Scarlet Fever, Etiology of, R. W. C. Pierce Weak Back, Adolescent, Recent Developments
-184, Oct. 28.

in Case of, W. Truslow-9, Nov.


Acute Poliomyelitis, Cerebrospinal Fluid in, Insanity, Bacteriological Examination of

J. G. Forbes—184, Nov. 18.

Blood in 50 Cases of, Sewell and Mc-

Alienism, Personal Equation in, T. Drapes- Dowall-60, lvii, 239.

160, lvii, 239.

Insanity, Geographical Distribution of and

Arsenhematosis in Nervous and Psychic Con- that of other Social Conditions in Ireland,

ditions, Gudden-101, Nov. 9.

W. R. Dawson-160, lvii, 239.

Brains of the Aged, Study of Miliary Plaques Insanity, Hereditary from a Practical Stand-

in, S. C. Fuller-7, Oct.

point, R. R. Leeper-160, lvii, 239.

Chorea and its Treatment, S. F. A. Charles Insanity, Heredity in, in light of Mendelian

-107, Nov.

Theory, Rosanoff and Orr-7, Oct.

Chorea, Treatment of, W. T. Williamson-

Insanity, Manic Depressive; Syphilis; Gen-

238, Nov.

eral Paralysis, W. F. Lorenz—202, Nov. II.

Choreiform Disorders, Mental Symptoms

Manic-depressive Family, A; A study in

with, E. Mapather-60, lvii, 239.

Heredity, J. C. Bardin-7, Oct.

Cerebellum, Displacement of from Tumor of

Meningeal Infection, Acute; a Case for Diag-

Posterior Fossa, W. G. Spiller-62, xxxiv,

nosis, C. E. Riggs-293, Nov.

Cerebral Diplegia, Phases of the Spastic-

Meningitis, Luetic, of Anterior fossa, Simu-

lating Neoplasm, T. A. Williams—193, Nov.

paretic Syndrome of, L. P. Clark-8, Nov.

Cerebral Tumor, Differential Diagnosis in

Mental Disease, Influence of Heredity in, F.

Cases Apt to be Mistaken for, T. A. Wil-

H. Barnes—237, Nov.

liams-39, Oct.

Military Offences Committed by the Insane

Dementia Precox, W. A. White,—39, Oct.

in the U. S. Army for past 50 yrs, R. L.

Dural Endothelioma, Case Involving Frontal

Richards—7, Oct.

Lobes, N. J. Dyman-232, Nov. 4.

Myatonia Congenita, Case with Autopsy,

Epilepsy, a First Study of Inheritance of,

Councilman and Dunn-6a, Nov.

Davenport and Weeks—164, Nov.

Myoclonus, Case with Unilateral Epileptoid

Epilepsy, Causes of Sudden Death in and Convulsions, Putnam and Sharp–67, Nov.

Points in Treatment of Epilepsy, M. A. Col- Nervous and Psychic Disorders after Catas-

lins—160, lvii, 239.

trophies, Stierlin—101, Nov. 2.

Epilepsy. Idiopathic, Deviation of Comple- Nervous Disease, Studies of the Blood in,

ment in Cases of, G. H. Garnett-60, Ivii, Collins and Kaplan-8, Nov.


Paralysis, Acute Focalizing; Epidemic and

Epilepsy, Reflex, a Rare Case of, Alexander Pandemic, J. Van V. Manning—39, Oct.

-57, Nov. 13.

Parkinson's Disease, Symptomatology of,

Epileptics, Diagnosis and Treatment of Some Schultz-101, Nov. 2.

Special Conditions in, W. T. Shanahan- Poliomyelitis, Acute, Epidemic of in Corn-

158, Nov.

wall, Gregor and Hopper-66, Nov. 4.

Finger Phenomenon; a New Sign of Organic Poliomyelitis, Acute, with Special Reference
Hemiplegia, A. Gordon-147, Nov. II.

to the Outbreak at Plymouth, Stonehouse
Fourth Ventricle, Obscure Symptomatology and Devonport, A. B. Soltan–66, Nov. 4.
with Tumors of, G. R. Lafora—232, Nov. Poliomyelitis, Epidemic Anterior in Hunting-

donshire, C. B. Moss-Blundell—66, Nov. 4.
General Paralysis, Wassermann Reaction in, Poliomyelitis, Epidemic, Relation of Virus to
J. P. Candler-184, Nov. II.

Tonsils, Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid,
Imperative Pains, F. B. Fry—164, Nov.

Flexner and Clark—147, Nov. 18.

Infantilism, Intestinal, of Herter, R. G. Free- Psychiatry, Modern Trend of, J. V. May-

man-6a, Nov.

141, Nov.

[blocks in formation]


Acne, Treatment of by, Vaccines, Morris and Gonorrhea, Subacute and Complications,

Dore-65, Oct.

Treatment of, C. W. Bethune-67, Nov.

Acne Vulgaris, High Frequency Electricity in Hemoglobinuria, Paroxysmal, Grafe-101,

Treatment of, W. G. Lewi-6, Nov.

Nov. 2.

Acne Vulgaris and Pruritus Hiemalis, A. R.

Herpes, Recurrent of Buttock, H. G. Adam-

Gunn-261, Nov.

son–65, Oct.

Anti-Syphilitic Treatments, Comparative Hyperidrosis Universalis, Case with Continu-

Value of as Estimated by Wassermann Re-

ous Fever, H. Herbert-147, Nov. II.

action, H. W. Bayly—184, Nov. 11.

Hypertrichosis and Its Treatment, A. C. Gey-

B. Coli Infecion of Urinary Passages, Franke

ser-6, Nov.

-57, Oct. 30.

Ichthyosis Hystrix, G. Pernet–65, Oct.

B. Leprae, Factors Determining Cure in In-

dividuals Infected with, Dwal, Gurd and

Kala Azar and Tropical Sore, W. B. Leish-

--181, v. 17.

Hopkins-155, Nov.

Bladder, Intraperitoneal Operation for Ex-

Kidney, Acute Hematoganous Infection of, F.

tensive Carcinoma of, with New Method of

J. Cotton—29, Nov.

Treating Divided Ureter, P. M. Pilcher-

Kidney Diagnosis, Functional, Schmidt and

Kretschmer-6, Nov.

Bladder, Polyp of in a Child of 13 mos., I.

Kidney, Malignant Primary Adenoma of, J.

S. Koll—29, Nov.

B. Squier--29, Nov.

Cystoscopic and Ureteral Diagnosis, with Spe- Kidneys and Ureter, X-ray in Examination

cial Reference to Tuberculosis and Calcu- of, A. B. Moore-162, Nov. I.

lus, G. J. Thomas--162, Nov. 1.

Kidneys, Both, Exploration of in Tuber-

Eczema, Diagnosis and Treatment of, H. G. culosis, Paschkis-227, Nov. 7.

Parker-238 Nov.

Kidneys, Neoplasms of, G. B. Eusterman-162,

Epididymitis, Surgical Measures vs. Palliation Nov.

in, F. C. Walsh–232, Nov. 4.

Kidneys, Tuberculosis of, D. A. Balfour-

Epithelioma, A. Record Showing Factor of 162, Nov. 1.

Irritation as Cause, J. A. Honeij-61, Nov. Lichen Planus, Unusual Case in a Negro, J.


L. Kirby-Smith—232, Nov. 18.

Erythema Nodosum Syphiliticum, F. J. Levi- Lupus, Intra-nasal, Treatment of by Sodium

seur-150, Nov.

Iodide and Hydrogen Peroxide,

J. H.

Frambesia Tropica, Treatment of 700 cases Sequeira–65, Oct.

and of 4 cases of Pian Bois with Salvarsan, Mental Element of Skin Diseases, W. M.

Flu—227, Nov. 7.

Donald-6, Nov.

Furunculosis as a Cause of Death, L. I.

Pneumohypoderma, Scleredema Neonatorum,

Harris-232, Nov. II.

H. B. Sheffield—202, Nov. 25.

Genito-Urinary Tract, Radiography of, G. M. Prostatic Carcinoma and Its Surgical Treat-

McKee--39, Oct.

ment. Posner-57, Oct. 30.

Gonorrhea, Acute and Chronic, Causal Treat- Prostate, Perithelioma of; a Resumé of this
ment of, Menzer-227, Nov. 14.

Class of Tumors, H. Shoemaker-6, Nov.
Gonorrhea, Chronic Relapsing, C. M. Whit- Prostate, Surgical Pathology of, 468 Cases,
ney-141, Nov.

Wilson and McGrath—147, Nov. II.

Psoriasis, Diagnosis and Treatment, C. B. Syphilis, Laboratory Diagnosis of, L. S.

Williams-319, Nov.

Schmitt-147, Nov. 18.

Pyelonephritis, Unilateral, E. Mammen-136, Syphilis, Modern Treatment of, J. F. Scham-

berg–252, Nov.
Renal Pelvis, Diagnosis and Treatment of

Syphilis, Mottled Chin in, and other Observa-

tions, W. B. Trimble-150, Nov.
Infections of, L. U. Bremerman-136, Nov.

Syphilis, Recent Developments in Recognition,
Salvarsan, a By-result in Administration of,

Treatment and Prophylaxis of, H. C. French

Montgomery and Culver-232, Nov. 25.

-181, Nov. II; Nov. 18.

Salvarsan, a Case of Reinfection after, Klaus- Syphilis, Results of Attempts at Abortion

ner--227, Oct. 31.

with Excision, Salvarsan and Vercury,

Salvarsan, Clinical Observations on Use of, Hecht-101, Nov. 2.
E. H. Shields-6, Nov.

Syphilis, Routine Mercurial Treatment in,
Salvarsan, Disadvantages of Administration Even after Use of Salvarsan-147, Nov. 18.

of, D. W. Montgomery-147, Nov. 18. Syphilis, Treatment of, W. F. Donaldson-

Salvarsan, 8 mos. Experience with at. N. Y.

252, Nov.

Skin and Cancer Hospital, Fox and Trim- Tinea Capitis, 700 Consecutive Cases of, H.

ble-147, Nov. 18.

M. Scott-65, Oct.

Salvarsan Injection, Late Exanthem after, Ureteral Calculi, Removal of from Bladder

Heuck-27, Nov. 14.

under Guidance of Cystoscope, G. Gellhorn

Salvarsan Infusion, Serere Intoxication after,

-300, Nov.

Voss-227, Oct. 31.

Urethra, Deep, Simple Benign Adenoma of,

Salvarsan, Its Intravenous Administration;

Lydston-5, Nov.

Results, G. A. Holliday-6, Nov.

Urinary Tuberculosis, Diagnosis and Treat-

ment of, S. West-184, Nov. II.

Salvarsan Treatment, in German Southwest
Africa, Westphal-227, Oct. 31.

Vaccination Site, Treatment of with Picric

Salvarsan. Use of, J. 0. Hirschfelder-147,

Acid Solutions, Schamberg and Kolmer-

181, Nov. 18.

Nov. 18.

Verumontanum, Disease of, E. W. Ruggles-

Sexual Impotence in the Vale, W. J. Robin-

232, Nov. 25.

son-5, Nov.

Wassermann Reaction, The, Strathy and

Skin Allergy in Syphilis, Its Diagnostic and

Bates--76, Nov.

Prognostic Importance, Noguchi-227, Nov.

Wassermann Reaction and Salvarsan, Value


of, Keidel and Geraghty-147, Nov. 18.

Skin, Linear Atrophy of, Case, J. P. Kennedy Wassermann Reaction, Its Practical Values

-106, Nov.

to Society, J. B. Stein—202, Nov. 18.

Sporotrichosis in North Dakota, Case, G. Wassermann Reaction, Technic and Statistic

Ruediger-162, Nov. 1.

Results of, J. L. Laird-252, Nov.

Syphilis, Influence of Treatment on Wasser- Wassermann's Reaction in Syphilis with Re-

mann Reaction in, Matson and Reasoner- sults of Mecurial and 606 Treatment, P. W.

117, Nov. 18.

Bassett-Smith-152, xi, 3.


Blind, the and the Censis of 1911, N. B. Conjunctiva, Normal, of Man and Apes, Pro-
Harman—66, Nov. 4.

wazek and Halberstaedter Bodies in, G. Ad-
Blindness, Prolonged, Recovery from: Result dario, Jr.-41, Nov.
of Hemorrhage into the Vitreous, D. Web-

Conjunctivitis, an Epidemic of Associated with

ster--202, Nov. 25.

a Gram-positive Diplococcus, McGowan and

Blind Spot, Enlargement of, an Early Symp-

Taylor-184, Nov. II.

Dacryocystitis, Chronic, Treatment of, W. B.

tom of Optic Nerve Affections due to Poste-

I. Pollock-66, Nov. 4.

rior Nasal Accessory Sinuses, J. Van Der

Ectropion, New Method for Operating for,

Hoeve-41, Nov.

A. E. Davis-147, Nov. 18.

Carbon Dioxide Snow in Ophthalmic Work,

Episcleritis Periodica Fugax, A. C. Snell-27,

L. J. C. Mitchell-66, Nov. 4.


Cataract Operations, Success of, W. M. Brown

Eye and Nasal Sinuses, Diagnosis of Asso-

-75, Nov.

ciated Diseases of, F. Brawley—185, Oct.

Choked Disk, Relation of to Intraocular Ten-

Eye, What the General Practitioner Should

sion, W. R. Parker--27, Oct.

Know About the, E. C. Spitze-136, Nov.
Ciliary Region, Comparative Anatomy of, T. Eyeball, Removal of, a Quick and Easy
Henderson—66, Nov. 4.

Method, W. Robinson–66, Nov. II.

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