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Third Session: November 20-Minutes..

49 Election of Officers....

49 Annual Report of Treasurer.....

51, 54 Report of Committee on Consular Reform..

51, 76 Report of Committee on Removals.... Report of Committee on Resolutions..

51, 70 Preliminary Report of Committee on the Appli

cation of the Merit System to the Higher

Municipal Officers....

52,94 Fourth Session: November 20--Minutes.

52 Papers : The Birth of the Pendleton Bill Twenty-five

Years Ago-Hon. Everett P. Wheeler..... 52, 120 Civil Service Reform in Connecticut-Hon. William F. Henney.

52, 127 The Slow Progress of Civil Service Reform in New Territory-- Frederic Almy...

52, 137 Discussion ..

52, 144 The Enforcement of the Provisions of the Civil

Service Law in Regard to Political Assess-
ments-Hon. Henry F. Greene....

52, 153 The Best Method of Regulating the Political

Activity of Public Employees--Hon. Cyrus
D. Foss, Jr.....

52, 170 Discussion

52, 168, 178 Discussions-Remarks of Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte..

. 52, 144 R. H. Dana...,

- 52,94,178 Horace E. Deming...

52, 147 Mrs. Glendower Evans. Prof. Henry W. Farnam..

52, 149 Elliot H. Goodwin...

52, 149 Hon. Henry F. Greene.

52, 94

52, 148

W. H. Hale.....

52, 150 Henry A. Richmond..

-52, 150 Hon. Everett P. Wheeler..

52,96,151 Charles B. Wilby..

Ansley Wilcox.
Speeches at the Banquet by

President Flavel S. Luther ...

Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte.... Report of the Special Committee on Superanuation in the Civil Service...


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NOVEMBER 19 AND 20, 1906.

URSUANT to a call, duly issued, the Twenty-sixth

Annual Meeting of the National Civil Service Reform League was held at New Haven, Connecticut, the 19th and 20th of November, 1906. Delegates from Civil Service Reform Associations, and Auxiliaries in attendance during the several sessions were the following:

BUFFALO: Frederic Almy, William A. Douglas, Henry A. Richmond, Ansley Wilcox.

CAMBRIDGE: Archibald M. Howe, Morrill Wyman.
CINCINNATI: Charles B. Wilby.

CONNECTICUT: General William A. Aiken, James Kingsley Blake, John C. Brinsmade, Charles Hopkins Clark, Benjamin R. English, Prof. Henry W. Farnam, George L. Fox, John C. Gallagher, A. R. Kimball, Wilson H. Lee, Burton Mansfield, Charles G. Morris, Norris G. Osborn, Amory S. Rowland, Horace D. Taft.

INDIANA: Harry J. Milligan.

MARYLAND: Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte, Dr. Daniel C. Gilman.

MASSACHUSETTS: Arthur H. Brooks, Richard Henry Dana, Ashton E. Hemphill, William V. Kellen, Samuel Y. Nash, Charles S. Rackemann, William W. Vaughan.

MISSOURI: V. Mott Porter.

New York: Elbert F. Baldwin, R. R. Bowker, Silas W. Burt, Henry G. Chapman. Horace E. Deming, Albert deRoode, A. S. Frissell, Richard Watson Gilder, Elliot H. Goodwin, Henry W. Hardon, A. Jacobi, Hon. Jacob

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