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Contagion, the insidiousness of, with

special reference to obstetrics,

176. Convulsions, puerperal, how shall we

treat threatened, 105. Corset, the, a useful garment, 468. Cuba, and its climate, 422.

the invasion of, 329. Cyst of the broad ligament, 274.


nancy, 273.


F Fallopian menstruation, 375. Feeding, infant, 37. Fever, a new source of typhoid, 331. typhoid, guaiacol in the treatment

of, 102. typhoid, successfully treated with

out medicine, 535. typhoid, the diagnosis of, 530. typhoid, therapeutic treatment of,

14. typhoid, the treatment of, 533. Fibro-cyst of ovary and ectopie pregFibroma, uterine, and the menopause, 283.

G Gall-bladder, suppurating, and gall

stones, 272. Gall-stones and suppurating gall

bladder, 272. colecystotomy for, 463. Gastrectomy, 202.

complete, 432. Gastric hyperacidity, 167. Gastro-intestinal diagnosis, a

Dead bodies, transportation of, 469.
Death, recovery from apparent, 228.
Delivery, presentation in instrumen-

tal, 392.
Denver meeting, 328.
Detroit Academy of Medicine, 22, 82,

180, 225, 277, 417, 460, 514, 565. Detroit Medical and Library Associa

tion, 20, 74, 132, 179, 218, 270,

322, 370, 420, 461, 518, 562. Diagnosis, 73.

new method of gastro-intestinal, 88. present status of the X-ray in, 538. Dietetic treatment of typhoid fever,

17. Diseases, communicable, value of the

isolation of, 112. Dispensing and prescribing in the

light of evolution, 523. Doctor, the, in court, 520. Doctors, claims of, against estates of

deceased persons, 162.
what became of one thousand, 523.
Dyspepsia, chronic, 247.

Earache, simple treatment of, 575.
Ear, diseases of the, as a specialty,

Embolism, death by, following supra-

pubic hysterectomy, 463.
Employers and intoxicants, 575.
Empyema, 444.
Epileptoids and mania following

brain injury, 368.
Epithelioma, verruca and nevus, 153.
Ethical obliquity, 89.
Etiology of cancer, 185.
Expert testimony, 485.
testimony from the science stand-

point, 489. Extrauterine pregnancy, six cases of,

265. Eye, non-penetrating injuries of the,

437. penetrating wounds of the, 433.

method of, 88. Gathering of the claus, 286. Genu valyum and genu varum, 409.

varumi and genu valgum, 409. Germ contents of accidental wounds,

Glandular system, tuberculosis of the,

Gonorrhea, acute, 528.

latent, 569.
Gynecic and abdominal surgery, con-

servatisin in, 289. cases, office treatment of, 358. practice, bacteriological diagnosis

in, 1. Gynecological and surgical cases, a

report of, operated upon, 27. sequelae incident to obstetrical

lesions, 394.
Gynecology, surgical technique in,

Headache, 207.
Health and climate in Michigan dur-

ing March, 236.
board of Greater New York, 41.
officer, a new at Detroit, 88.
report, Michigan, for June, 379.
reports, 472
vaccination act,

the new, 470.

Health resort, an ideal, for consump

tives, 522. the Michigan State Board of, 226. Hemoglobin, the absorption of, 431. Hemorrhagica fulminans, purpura,

458. Hernia epigastrica, 276. postoperative ventral, the preven

tion of, 439. strangulated umbilical, 275. Hospital corps, a naval, 41.

staffs should be paid, 330. Hydrocele and degenerated testicle,

463. Hygiene, visual, 329. Hygienic conditions on the Yosemite,

466. Hyperacidity, gastric, 167. Hypertrophies, posterior treatment of,

with an improved snare, 12. Hysterectomy suprapubic, followed

by death from embolism, 463.
two cases of, 275.
vaginal, 463.

Incision, the exploratory, 280.
Infant feeding, 37.
Infantile scurvy, statistics regarding,

188. Infection, peritoneal, of operative

origin, 568. Injuries of the eye, non-penetrating,

437. Injury cases, medico-legal questions

arising in personal, 316. joint, two cases of, 443. Insane, the care of the, 567. Insanity, periodical, 252. Insomnia, 260. Intoxicants and employers, 575. Invasion of Cuba, 329. Isolation of communicable diseases, value of the, 112.


Lister, Lord, and his work, 63.
Liver, primary sarcoma of, 464.
Local anesthesia, 353.
Lord Lister and his work, 63.
Lungs and pleura, the surgical treat-
ment of tuberculosis of the, 193.

Malpractice, 483.
Mania and epileptoids following brain

injury, 368. Marriage, the regulation of 92. Massage, vapor, in the treatment of

aural and respiratory affections,

441. Mastoid disease, 557. Medical association, the American,

235, 331.

the British, 426.
Medical attendance, free, 183.

baronet, the demise of a, 188.
book-reviews, the ethics and poli-

tics of, 186.
colleges and the practice of medi-

cine in the United States, 87. department, the army, 424. legislation, the effect of, 90. meeting, the national, 229. missionary, 2, 42. momenclature, 569. practice, the scope of, 374. press, the American, 470. profession, cooperation in, 38. the nobility of, 97. progress, Christian science and, 567. societies, national, May meetings

of, 237. societies, the value of county, 49. society meeting, program of the

Michigan State, 232. society, program of the Wayne

county, for May, 236. works in press, 48. writing, brevity and simplicity in,

230. Medicine, Academy of, remarks on

the progress of the, 145. and surgery, the relation of an

atomy to, 337. distinction between a proprietary

and monopolistic, 425. the most ancient, 479. the practice of and medical colleges

in the United States, 87. the true basis of scientific, 109. Medico-legal questions arising in per

sonal injury cases, 316. Menopause and uterine fibroma, 283. the, 465. Perineum, laceration of the, 512. Peritoneal infection of operative ori

Joint injury, two cases of, 443.

L Laceration of the perineum, 512. Lacerations, some of the effects of

cervical, 559. La grippe, remiks on, 210. Latent gonorrheit, 569. Legal decision affecting physicians,

472. Legislation, the effect of medical, 90. Life, the goal of professional, 237.

Medico-psychological association, the

American, 235. Melancholia, associated with anemia,

309. Menstruation, Fallopian, 375. Michigan State Board of Health, 373. Military and naval service, Michigan

doctors in, 332. Milk, sand filtration of, 41. Minor intelligence, 44, 93, 189, 238,

287, 332, 380, 428, 475, 525, 571. Mortality in Michigan, 473. Mules' operation, 435. Myomatous uterus, removal of, 273.

N Naval and military service, Michigan

doctors in, 332. Nervous diseases, the spasmodic, 546. Neurasthenia, 402. Nevus, verruca, and epithelioma, 153. Nomenclature, medical, 569.

O Obstetrician's responsibility, 144. Obstetric statistics, 480. Obstetrics, case of, with albuminuria,

496. the insidiousness of contagion,

with special reference to, 176. Obstetrical lesions, and their gyne

cological sequelæ, 394. Oophorectomy for inoperable breast

cancer, 282. Operation, Mules', 435. Organization, a unique, 571. Outlook, the, 376. Ovary, fibro-cyst of, and ectopic preg

Physician's demise, a prominent

Michigan, 426. Physicians, a legal decision affecting,

472. in politics, 524. pensioning asylum, 188. privileged communications to, 493. prominent, the passing of, 43. Pleura and lungs, the surgical treat

ment of tuberculosis of the 193. and 'pericardium, a wound of the,

465. Pneumonia, antitoxin treatment of,

575. Posterior hypertrophies, treatment of,

with an improved snare, 12. Powder-blower, a, which can be ster

ilized, 504. Pregnancy, ectopic, and fibro-cyst of

ovary, 273. extrauterine, 274.

six cases of extrauterine, 265. Prescribing and dispensing in the

light of evolution, 523. Presentation, diagnosis of, 392. Prize, the Alvarenga, 570. Profession, our overcrowded, 467. Prostate, the hypertrophied, 157. Protonuclein in general practice, 454. Puerperal convulsions, how shall we

treat threatened? 105. Purpura hemorrhagica fulminans,

458. Pus in the pelvis, treatment of, by vaginal incision, 5.

R Rectal surgery, progress in, 185. Rectum, extirpation of the, 256. Respiratory and aural affections,

vapor massage in the treatment

of, 441.
Retrospective and prospective, 36.

Accident and injury, 288.
A compendium of insanity, 192.
Ambroise Paré and his times-

1510–1590, 192.
American pocket medical diction-

nancy, 273.

P Parvin, Doctor, the demise of, 90. Pelvis and abilomen, the etiology of

septic diseases of, 295. the medical and surgical treatment

of septic diseases of, 299, 301, 302,

305. Pepper, Doctor, the passing of, 427.

, . Pericardium and pleura, a wound of

ary, 574.

A text-book on surgery, 191.
Atlas of internal melicine and

gin, 568. Peritonitis, tubercular, 199. Pharmacist, physician and journal

ism, 88. Physician, pharmacist and journal

ism, 88.

clinical diagnosis, 240. Clinical methods, 47. Diseases of children, 430.

of the
of the larynx, 336.

eye, 48,

Diseases of the nervous system, 335.

of the skin, 384.

of women, 574. Elements of histology, 527.

of Latin, 96. Essays on orthopedic surgery, 288. Hay fever and its successful trcat

ment, 384. Hygiene and sanitation, 336. Hypnotism and its application to

practical medicine, 144. Incompatibilities in prescriptions,

International medical annual, 575.
Lectures on tumors, 478.
Legal medicine, 336.
Manual of gynecology, 47.

of otology, 574. Materia medica for nurses, 528. Medical jurisprudence and toxicol

ogy, 287.

Military hygiene, 384.
Modern surgery, 430.
Office treatment of hemorrhoids,

fistulæ, et cetera, 431.
Operative surgery, 430.
Ophthalmological therapeutics, 48.
Orthopedic surgery, 95.
Outlines of rural hygiene, 96.
Physicial diagnosis, 130.
Physiological chemistry, 527.
Practical therapeutics, 239, 478.
Principles of bacteriology, 17.
Refraction of the eye, 527.
Retinoscopy, 288.
Surgical complications and sequels

of scarlet fever, 239. Swedish movements

or medical gymnastics, 144. Syphilis and venereal diseases, 478. Text-book on materia medica, the

rapeutics and pharmacology,

240. The determination of sex, 383. The year book of treatment, 192. Transactions of the American

Medico-Psychological Associ

ation, 192. Treatment of skin cancers, 574.

Sanitary meetings, two important, 378.

meeting, the Mobile, 91. Sarcoma, a report of a case of, 415.

primary, of liver, 464. Scientists for revenue only, 424. Scurvy, infantile, statistics regarding,

188. Section, Caesarean, a report of two

cases of, 67. Seguin, Doctor, death of, 188. Septic diseases of the abdomen and

pelvis, 295. Septicemia in abdominal surgery, 117. Serum and toxin treatment of inop

erable tumors, 68. Sex, the prognostication of, 142. Skin, surgical tuberculosis of the,

and other external organs, 513. Sleeplessness, 385. Sleep, the cause of, 143. Society affiliation, 141. Society, State, Detroit meeting of, 90.

the next meeting of the State, 187. Spleen, enlarged, 464. State society, the next meeting of

the, 187. Stomach, cancer of, 147.

to locate the, 479. Strychnine, the administration of, 479. Sugar in normal urine, 376. Sunstroke, the cause of, 186. Surgery, abdominal, septicemia in,

117. and medicine, the relation of anat

omy to, 337.
conservatism in abdominal and

gynecie, 289.
conservative, 375.
general, a few cases in, 53.

rectal, progress in, 185. Surgical and gyneological cases, a

report of, operated upon, 27. curiosities, 37. feat, another, 143. technique in gynecology, 267. tuberculosis of the skin and other

external organs, 513. System, tuberculosis of the glandular, 201.


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Teeth, local anesthesia for extraction

of, 528. Testicle, degenerated, and hydrocele,

463. Testimony, expert, 485. expert, from the science standpoint,


Urethra and bladder, hydrostatic irri

gation of, 8. Uterine fibroma and the menopause,

283. Uterus, carcinomatous, removal of,

271. removal of myomatous, 273.


Vaccination act, the new health,

470. Vaginal hysterectomy, 463. incision, treatment of pus in the

pelvis hy, 5. Vaginitis in children, 505. Vapor massage in the treatment of,

aural and respiratory affections,

441. Verruca, nevus, and epithelioma, 153. Visual hygiene, 329. Vitality and therapeutics, 341.


Wayne County Medical Society, 85.

139, 517, 563. Where are the nine, 241. Wound of the pleura and pericardium,

465. Wounds, germ contents of accidental,

431. of the eye, penetrating, 433.


Therapy, is drug, declining? 279.

the role of faith in, 184.
The recent State meeting, 281.
Therapeutics and vitality, 341.
Thyroid extract, effect of, on corpus-

cles and hemaglobin, 309.
Tonsils, the four, 351.
Toxin and serum treatment of inop-

erable tumors, 68.
Toxins and antitoxins, the antago-

nism belween, 521.
Tubercle, cerebral, 196.
Tubercular peritonitis, 199.
Tuberculin and the congress of tuber-

culosis, 469.
Tuberculosis of glandular system, 201.
of the lungs and pleura, the surgi-

cal treatment of, 193. our attitude toward, 85. surgical, of the skin and other ex

ternal organs, 513. the congress of, and tuberculin, 469.

the protean forms of, 229. Tumors, inoperable, the toxin and

serum treatment of, 68. Typhoid fever, a new source of, 331. successfully treated without medi

cine, 535.
dietetic treatment of, 17.
guaiaco! in the treatment of, 102.
the diagnosis of, 530.
therapeutic treatment of, 14.
the treatment of, 533.

Unity and cooperation, 283.
Urine, sugar in normal, 376.

X-rays, the present status of the,

in diagnosis, 538.

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