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An' now the main eccentrics start their quarrel on

the sheaves. Her time, her own appointed time, the rocking

link-head bides, Till—hear that note ?—the rod's return whings

glimmerin' through the guides. They're all awa! True beat, full power, the

clangin' chorus goes Clear to the tunnel where they sit, my purrin'

dynamoes. Interdependence absolute, foreseen, ordained, de

creed, To work, Ye'll note, at any tilt an' every rate o’

speed. Fra skylight-lift to furnace-bars, backed, bolted,

braced an' stayed, . An' singin' like the Mornin' Stars for joy that they

are made; While, out o’touch o' vanity, the sweatin' thrust

block says: “Not unto us the praise, or man-not unto us the

praise!” Now, a' together, hear them lift their lesson—theirs

an' mine: “Law, Orrder, Duty an' Restraint, Obedience, Dis


Mill, forge an’try-pit taught them that when roar

in' they arose, An' whiles I wonder if a soul was gied them wi'

the blows. Oh for a man to weld it then, in one trip-hammer

strain, Till even first-class passengers could tell the mean

in' plain! But no one cares except mysel' that serve an' un

derstand My seven thousand horse-power here. Eh, Lord!

They're grand—they're grand! Uplift am I? When first in store the new-made

beasties stood, Were Ye cast down that breathed the Word de

clarin' all things good ? Not so! O' that warld-liftin' joy no after-fall

could vex, Ye've left a glimmer still to cheer the Man-the

Arrtifex! That holds, in spite o' knock and scale, o’ friction,

waste an' slip, An' by that light-now, mark my word-we'll

build the Perfect Ship. I'll never last to judge her lines or take her curve

not I.

But I ha' lived an' I ha' worked. All thanks to

Thee, Most High! An' I ha' done what I ha' done—judge Thou if ill

or wellAlways Thy Grace preventin' me. ...

Losh! Yon's the “Stand by” bell. Pilot so soon ? His flare it is. The mornin'-watch

is set. Well, God be thanked, as I was sayin', I'm no

Pelagian yet. Now I'll tak’ on. ...

'Morrn, Ferguson Man, have ye ever thought What your good leddy costs in coal ? . .. I'll

burn 'em down to port.


I sent a message to my dear

A thousand leagues and more to her The dumb sea-levels thrilled to hear,

And Lost Atlantis bore to her.

Behind my message hard I came,

And nigh had found a grave for me; But that I launched of steel and flame

Did war against the wave for me.

Uprose the deep, by gale on gale,

To bid me change my mind againHe broke his teeth along my rail,

And, roaring, swung behind again.

I stayed the sun at noon to tell

My way across the waste of it; I read the storm before it fell

And made the better haste of it.

Afar, I hailed the land at night,

The towers I built had heard of meAnd, ere my rocket reached its height,

Had flashed my Love the word of me.

Earth gave her chosen men of strength

(They lived and strove and died for me) To drive my road a nation's length,

And toss the miles aside for me.

I snatched their toil to serve my needs

Too slow their fleetest flew for meI tired twenty smoking steeds,

And bade them bait a new for me.

I sent the lightnings forth to see

Where hour by hour she waited me. Among ten million one was she,

And surely all men hated me!

Dawn ran to meet us at my goal

Ah, day no tongue shall tell again! And little folk of little soul

Rose up to buy and sell again!

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