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Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe, and are to bee fold at his fhop at Poules chayne. 1 5 9 2.

2946 [GREENE (Robert).] A QVIP FOR AN VP-|

start Courtier: | or, | A quaint difpute betvveen Veluet breeches |
and Cloth-breeches.

Wherein is plainely fet downe the diforders
in all Eftates and Trades.


Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe, and are to bee fold at his
shop at Poules chayne. 1592.

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4to, Black Letter, bound in full crimped dark green morocco, gilt back and edges. WOODCUT ON TITLE, representing "VELVET-BREECHES" and CLOTHBREECHES. Small hole on one leaf, and a few leaves cut close at lower margins. SIR WM. TITE'S COPY, with AUTOGRAPH. BOOKPLATE of HENRY F. LYTE, the Author of "Abide with me, fast falls the eventide." EXCESSIVELY RARE.

2947 GREENE (ROBERT). Ciceronis Amor. | TVLLIES LOVE: | Wherein is Difcourfed, the prime of CICEROES youth, fetting out in liuely Portraitures, how yong Gentle- | men, that ayme at Honour, fhould leuell the end of their affections, holding the loue of Countrey | and friends in more esteeme, than those | fading bloffomes of beautie, that | onely feede the curious fur- uey of the eye.

A worke full of pleasure, as following

CICEROES vaine, who was as conceited in his
Youth, as Graue in his Age, profitable as con-
taining precepts worthy fo fa-

mous an Oratour.

ROBERT GREENE. In artibus Magifter.
Omne tulit punctum qui mifcuit utile dulci.

Printed for IOHN SMETHVVICKE, and are to be fold
at his Shop in S. Dunftanes Church-yard, vn-
der the Diall. 1609.

4to, SIXTH EDITION, Black Letter, bound in full brown polished calf, gilt back. Contemporary writing on verso of title. GOOD COPY.

2948 GREENE (ROBERT). Philomela. THE LADY | FITZVVATERS | NIGHTINGALE. | BY | ROBERT GREENE, | Vtriufque Academiæ in Ar- | tibus Magifter | Sero fed ferio.


Imprinted by George Purflowe, 1615.

4to, SECOND EDITION, Black Letter, bound in full claret crimped morocco, gilt back, paneled sides, with tasteful corner ornaments, dull gilt edges, by JAMES BLACK. Top edges cut into, a few leaves stained, and some margins written upon. SIR FRANCIS FREELING'S COPY, with BOOKPLATE. Rare.


OR | MENAPHON: CA- | MILLAES Alarum to Slumber EVPHVES in his Melancholy Call at | SILEXEDRA | Wherein are defcyphered, the variable effects of | FORTVNE, the wonders of LOVE, the | triumphs of inconstant TIME.

A worke, worthy the yongest eares for pleasure,


The graueft cenfures for principles.

By ROBERTVS GREENE, in Artibus Magister.
Omne tulit punctum.


Printed by W. Stansby for I. Smethwicke, and are to be fold

at his Shop in S. Dunftanes Church-yard vnder the

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4to, FIFTH EDITION, Black Letter, bound in full claret crimped morocco, gilt back, paneled sides, with tasteful corner ornaments, gilt edges, by JAMES BLACK. Prefixed is the address "To the Gentlemen Students of Both Universities" by THOMAS NASH. SIR FRANCIS FREELING'S COPY, with his BOOKPLATE. FINE COPY. RARE.

2950 GREENE (ROBERT). ALCIDA GREENES | Metamorphofis, | VVherein is discouered, a pleasant | transformation of bodies into sundrie shapes, | fhewing that as vertues beautifie the mind, fo vani- | ties giue greater ftaines, than the perfection of any quality can rase out:

The Difcourfe confirmed with diuerfe merry and delightfull Hiftories; full of graue Principles to content Age, and fawfed with pleasant parlees, and witty answeres, to satisfie youth: profitable for both, and not of

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4to, Black Letter, bound in half roan. Title and next leaf strengthened at inner margins, one leaf remargined at front edge, and a few others shaved close. COPY.






Neuer too

Late. BOTH PARTES. | Sent to all youthfull GENTLEMEN; defciphering in a true English Hiftorie, thofe | particular vanities, that with their Frostie va- | pours nip the blossomes of euery braine, from attaining to his intended | perfection. | As pleasant as profitable, being a right Pumice stone, apt to race out idleneffe with delight, and folly with admonition. | By ROBERT GREENE, In artibus Magifter. | Omne tulit punctum. | LONDON, | Printed by William Stansby for Iohn Smithwicke, and are to bee | fold at his shop in Saint Dunftanes Churchyard in Fleete-ftreet.


4to, Black Letter, bound in half roan.

Some leaves cut close at top, including

title, which is also cut out, following the text, and mounted, last line of imprint missing, last leaf remargined.


2952 GRIFFIN (BARTHOLOMEW). FIDESSA, | More Chaste than Kinde. By | B. GRIFFIN, GENT. | At London: | Printed by the Widdow Orwin, | FOR MATTHEW LOWNES. | 1596.

8vo, boards (broken), uncut. CHISWICK PRESS REPRINT, 1815 (100 COPIES ONLY), from the excessively rare original, of which but two copies are known.

AN ITEM OF CONSIDERABLE SHAKESPEAREAN IMPORTANCE, as it has been claimed that the Stratford Bard stole Sonnet III. from this volume, and incorporated it in his "Passionate Pilgrim." On the contrary, MR. COLLIER styled GRIFFIN a "gross plagiary."

2953 GRIMOALD (NICHOLAS). MARCUS | TULLIUS CICEROES three | bookes of dueties, to | Marcus his sonne, | turned out of la- | tine into english, by NICO- | LAS GRIM-| ALDE. | Whereunto the latine | is adjoyned. | [Colophon.]| Imprinted at LONDON in Fleet | Street within Temple Barre | at the figne of the hande | and starre, by RYCHARD | TOTTILL. | The XIIII day of Apryll. | Anno. 1558.

16mo, Black Letter, bound in full russia, rebacked, gilt border and edges. The last leaf repaired and mounted, a few words missing. Some leaves cut close, affecting the text. Title remargined. Writing on title and blank spaces.

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