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PEACEFUL LIEUTENANT AND HIS FRIENDS, Protectionists, growing strength of the,

the, a three hours' gossip, hour i. 406 369—complete breach between them
-hour ii. 415.

and the Peelites, 495.
Peel, sir R., on the right of the agricul- Protective policy, adoption of, in the

turists to relief, 370 — his speech at United States, 119 et seq.
Merchant Tailors' Hall, 635-results of Provisions, exports of, from the United
his apostacy, 636,

States, 127.
Peelites and protectionists, final breach Prussia, army of, 206.
between the, 495.

Purgatory, when adopted by Popery,
Peninsular war, Southey's history of the, 248.

Quarterly Review, the, on California and
Peru, influence of the mines of, on the supply of gold, 9.

Europe, 2-and that of the Revolution Quartermaster, memoirs of a, 93.
on them, 4.

Queen's speech, the, admission of agri-
Philanthropy, recent exertion of, 258. cultural distress in, 368.
Philip le Bel, proceedings of, against the Quintus Curtius, character of the works
Pope and the Templars, 451.

of, 40.

Physical improvement, necessity of, to Railroad, influence of the, 4.
the labouring classes, 278.

Railway, an American, 550.
Picts' houses of Scotland, the, 664. Religious art, character of modern, 310.
Pitt, error of, in beginning concession to Republics, warlike tendencies of, 203.
the Catholics, 253.

Rent, comparison of, with price of wheat,
Plunkett, captain, on manding the navy, &c., 1800-1849, 273-alleged rises of,

Plutarch, popularity of, 41.

Revenue, comparison of, with price of
Poetry, The Message of Seth, by A, 107 wheat, 1800-1849, 273.

- The Voice of Nature, by C. Wilton, Ridley, the martyrdom of, 131.
111 — Latimer and Ridley, 131 Rights of labour, what, 112.
Michael Angelo and the Friar, 423– Robber captain, the, 98.
the Flowers' Revenge, from the Ger Rochester, the earl of, 457.
man, 489—an Evening Walk, by T. Roderick, Southey's, 386, 389.

Aird, 603—Vision of Polyphemus, 673. Roman Epos, distinction between, and
Poetry, criticism on, 513.

the Greek, 55.
Poitiers, executions for witchcraft at, Rome, influence of the diminished sup:

ply of the precious metals on, 1-posi-
Pole, cardinal, 131.

tion of the English protestants at, 251.
POLYPHEMUS, THE VISION OF, 673. Romish church, prosecution of witchcraft
Poor's rates, increase of, 259- tables of, by the, 454.
1822-1849, 262 note.

Russell, lord John, on the right of the
POPERY IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, agriculturists to relief, 370—his refusal

246- the persecuting spirit of, 578. of it, 375–speech of, on his resigna-
Popular delusion, sources, &c. of, 200. tion, 493 - and on the ministerial
PORTUGAL, THE ARTS IN, 338—Lord Hol- crisis, 497—his return to office, 500-
land on the royal family of, 242.

his conduct regarding the Ceylon busi-
Portrait of a gentleman, lines on the, by ness, ib.-on the effects of free trade
Holmes, 530.

on national defences, 511-extepsion
Pownell, general, on the prospects of the of franchise proposed by, 765.
United States, 117.

Russell cabinet, position of the, 491–
Prairies, the, by Bryant, 523.

their resignation, return to office, &c.,
- Precious metals, political and social in-

fuences of supply of the, 1 influ- Russia, the gold mines of, 11-strength
ence of the South American revolu- of her army, 206-of her navy, 207–
tion on the supply of the, 4-effects state of the latter, 209.

of increased supply of them, 11. Rutherfurd, lord advocate, at the Stirling
-Prescot's account of the Aztecs, 390. trial, 465 et seq. passim.
President of the United States, levée of St Benedict, history of, 313.
the, 553.

St Dominick, character, &c. of, 317.
Press, diffusion of error by the, 201. St Dunstan, career of, 315.
Prices, effects of increased supply of St Francis Borgia, 320.
gold on, 12-rise of, 199.

St Francis D'Assisi, 317.
Producer, disregard of the interests of St Francis Xavier, character, &c. of, 319.
the, 114.

St Neot, legend of, 315.
Prometheus Vinctus, the, 643.

St Peter Martyr, Titian's and Fra Bar-
Protection, foeling in favour of, through- tolomeo's, 318.
out Europe, 115.

St Swithin, the legend of, 315.

ib, et seq.

St Theresa, character and career of, 320. to Lisbon, ib.-his study of law, 364—
St Thomas à Becket, character, &c. of, Part II., vastness of his undertakings,

385-characteristics of his poetry, 386
Saints, invocation of the, when adopted -his Madoc, 387-his prose style, 388
by Popery, 247.

-the Doctor, ib.-his minor poems,
Sajo, the Ball, by, 89-the Two Brides, ib.-bis Roderick, 389-Madoc, Tha-
by, 92.

laba, &c., 390 et seq.--the measure of
Sallust, character of the works of, 40. Kehama, 391 — his life at Keswick,
Sand of the Desert, the, by Longfellow, extracts from letters, &c., 395-ap-

pointed laureate, ib. — pension con-
Sansovino the painter, 340.

ferred on him, 396—loss of his son,
Savonarola, Jerome, 318.

and its effects on him, 397-publica-
Schiller's Maria Stuart, on, 46 cha- tion of Wat Tyler, and proceedings on

racteristics of, 651-compared with it, 398—his religious views, &c, 402—
Æschylus and Shakspeare, 658.

his Book of the Church, ib.—Life of
Science, true value of, to agriculture, Wesley, ib.—Lives of Bunyan, Nelson,
589, 595.

&c., 403—as a political writer, ib.-
Scott, Sir W., the laureateship offered his second marriage, last illness, and
to, 396.

death, 404—his public and private
SCOTLAND, VESTIGES OF THE ANCIENT character, 405—his romance of the

INHABITANTS OF, 660 - biographical Cid, 56.
interest and capabilities of, 44-effects Spain, failure of the mines of, and its in-
of free trade on, 126-efforts of the fluence on Rome, 1, 2.
Free church in, 258—the poor's rates Spanish Student, Longfellow's, 521.
of, 259—tables of crime in, 1822-1849, Spee, Frederick, 456.

261 note—and of pauperism, 263. Sprengel on liquid manures, 596.
SCOTTISH QUEENS, STRICKLAND'S LIVES Stage-coach, an American, 550.
OF THE, 40.

Sculptured stores of Scotland, the, 669. speech of, regarding the ministerial
Sequeira the painter, 348.

crisis, 493, 497, 498-announcement
Serfs, war between, and the Magyars, 95 of his policy, 638–contrast between

him and Grahame, 640.
Shakspeare, characteristics of, 647—-com- STATE Trials, MODERN, Part IV., the

pared with Æschylus and Schiller, romance of forgery, 461-Part V., the

same concluded, 605—Part last, 733.
Shipping, decline of, 216–progress of, Steam engine, influence of the, 3.

258-effects of the repcal of the navi- Steam navigation, influence of, 3.
gation laws on, 275.

Steam ships, American, 553.
Silk trade, state of the, 383, 701, 702. Stephen, sir James, on the mendicant
Silver, rise in value of, compared with monks, 318.
gold, 12.

Singapore, freights from, 714.

Sterne, John, a witch-finder, 458.
Slaves, emancipation of the, in the STIRLING TRIAL, REPORT OF THE, 461,

French West India Islands, 555- con- 605.
dition of the, in Cuba, 560.

SORCERY AND Magic, NARRATIVES OF, - remarks on her English Queens, 44.

Sturge, Messrs, on the corn trade, 503.
Sorcery, adoption of charge of, for poli- Sugar trade, state of the, 701, 702, 703.
tical purposes, 451.

Surplus, appropriation of the, 502.
Sousa-Coutinho, Manuel de, 338.

Sweating system, and its results, 266.
South America, influence of the mines Swinton, Mr, his report of the Stirling

of, on Europe, 2 – influence of the trial, 463, 605.
revolution in, on the mines, 4-freights Switzerland, new tariff of, 116.
from, 714.

Tacitus, the history of, 40.
South Nottinghamshire election, the, Tailors, condition of the, 266.

Talbot, Miss, the case of, 582.
SOUTHEY, Part I., character, &c. of his Talleyrand, lord Holland on, 243.

career, 349-his truthfulness, ib.-his Tardif, the Pictures of, 727.
labours all for human improvement, 350 Tariff, new, of the Zollverein, 115-Swiss,
-his fearlessness in the Quarterly Re- 116—the United States, 119.
view,351—his autobiography, 352 et seq. Taxes, effects of increased supply of
-his carly career, 354–at Westmin. gold on the weight of, 14.
ster school, 357-his disinclination Taylor's United States and Cuba, 545 et
to the church, 358—the Pantisocratic seq. passim.
scheme, 359-his Joan of Arc, 361 Taylor, H., letters of Southey to, 400 et
- his marriage, ib., 363 — his visit seq.

Templars, destruction of the, in France Washington, the levée at, 553.
on a charge of sorcery, 451.

Wat Tyler, Southey's publication of, and
Texas, the American seizure of, 7.

proceedings on it, 398 et seq.
Thalaba, remarks on, 390, 391.

Watson, bishop, on the Romish church,
Thucydides, the history of, 40.

Thurles, the synod of, 581.

Webster, D., the trial of, 747.
Times, the, on the produce of Califor- Wer-wolf, superstition of the, 455.

nian gold, 7-on the Ceylon case, 501 Wesley, Southey's life of, 402.
-on the necessity for a reduction of West Indies, effects of free trade on the,

rents, 600-on the state of trade, 703. 219—their state, 275.
Toledo, school of magic at, 450.

Westminster, Southey at, 356, 367.
Toler, anecdote of, 227.

Wheat, price of, 1792-1812, 12-revenue
Tom Cringle, original of the Ricardo compared with, 1800-1849, 273
Campana of, 558.

future price of, 368-continued im-
Torrington, lord, proceedings regarding, portations of, 503 — cost of freights,

504—and wages, compared, 708.
Townsend's State Trials, Part IV., the Whittier's poems, on, 525.

romance of forgery, 461-Part V., the Wilson's ARCHÆOLOGY, &c., OF SCOT-
same concluded, 605—Part last, 733.

LAND, 660.
Tracy peerage case, the, 463.

Wilton, C., the Voice of Nature, by, 111.
TRANSATLANTIC Tourists, 545,

Winterbottom, Mr, connection of, with
Transubstantiation, when adopted by Wat Tyler, 399.
Popery, 247.

Wiseman, claims of, 575—his conduct
Treadmill song, the, by Holmes, 530. regarding property left to him, 583.
Treasure-trove, evils of the law of, 662. Witch, position and character of the,
Trent, council of, 249.

Truth, importance of, to biography, 42. Witchcraft, origin of the belief in, 451–
Turner, Mrs Anne, 457.

prosecutions, &c., for, 454 — often
Twilight, the, by Longfellow, 518.

identified with heresy, 455.
Two brides, the, by Sajo, 92.

Wolf's Homeric hypothesis, 55.
Tyler, Miss, the aunt of Southey, 354. Wolf Crag, description of, 48.
Uhland, translation from, by Bryant, Women, employment of, in factories, 268.

Wood, sir C., on the agricultural ques-
United States, their seizure of Texas and tion, 373_his budget, 494.

its results, 7-increase of exports to, Woodstock, the disturbances at, during
17-protectionist feeling and measures the commonwealth, 459.
in the, 116–consumption of cotton, Wool, English, causes of the superiority
iron, and coal in, 118-tariff of 1846, of, 123.
&c., 119-imports of grain, &c. from, Woollen trade, state of the, 114, 701,
127 ---Warlike tendencies in, 204-navy 703, 709.
of the, 207 – dependence of Great Wordsworth, Dr., answer to Newman on
Britain on, 216_travels in, 545.

development, by, 576.
Ural gold mines, the, 11.

Working classes, condition of the, 259—
Vasco Fernandez, the painter, 341.

address of their delegates to, 510.
Vernon, trials for witchcraft at, 454. WRIGHT'S NARRATIVES OF SORCERY AND
Vieira Lusitano, career of, 342.

MAGIC, 450.
Vieira Portuense, the painter, 348. Würzburg, executions for witchcraft in,
Virgil, medieval representations of, 452,

455, 456.

Wynn, sir C. W. W., friendship of, to-

ward Southey, 364, 396.
Vision of Sir Launfall, Lowell's, 528. Xenophon's Cyropodia, character of, 40.
VOICE OF NATURE, the, by C. Wilton, Yellow fever, the, in Cuba, 558.

Young, Mr, on the increase of the ex-
W. E. A., Latimer and Ridley, by, 131. ports, 16-on the state of the shipping
Wages and wheat, comparison of, 708. interest, 217.
War, possibility and perils of, to Eng. Zell on the Iliad and the Niebelungen

land, 201-tendency of democracies lay, 55.
to, 203.

Zollverein, new tariff of the, 115-im-
Warren's Queen and the Pope, 249. portations of cotton into the, 124.

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