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Page 331 - A tenement-house within the meaning of this title shall be taken to mean and include any house or building or portion thereof, which is rented, leased, let, or hired out to be occupied, or is occupied as the home or residence of three families or more living independently of each other, and doing their cooking upon the premises, or by more than two families upon any floor, so living and cooking, but having a common right in the halls, stairways, yards, water-closets or privies, or some of them.
Page 93 - The members of the commission shall receive no compensation for their services...
Page 331 - tenement-house '' shall be taken to mean and include every house, building, or portion thereof, which is rented, leased, let or hired out to be occupied, or is occupied, as the home, or residence of three...
Page 265 - Every tenement or lodging house shall have the proper and suitable conveniences or receptacles for receiving garbage and other refuse matters. No tenement or lodging house, or any portion thereof, shall be used as a place of storage for any combustible article, or any article dangerous to life or detrimental to health ; nor shall any horse, cow, calf, swine, pig, sheep, or goat be kept in said house.
Page 134 - Every water-closet compartment hereafter placed in any tenement house shall be provided with proper means of lighting the same at night. If fixtures for gas or electricity are not provided in said compartment, then the door of said compartment shall be provided with translucent glass panels, or with a translucent glass transom, not less in area than four square feet.
Page 196 - Registry of Owner's Name. Every owner of a dwelling and every lessee of the whole house or other person having control of a dwelling shall file in the health department a notice containing his name and address and also a description of the property, by street number or otherwise as the case may be, in such manner as will enable the...
Page 125 - No separate tenement house shall hereafter be erected upon the rear of a lot fifty feet or less in width where there is a tenement house on the front of the said lot, nor upon the front of any such lot upon the rear of which there is such a tenement house.
Page 112 - Cellar entrance.— In every tenement house hereafter erected there shall be an entrance to the cellar or other lowest story from the outside of the said building.
Page 138 - Every dwelling and every part thereof shall be kept clean and shall also be kept free from any accumulation of dirt, filth, rubbish, garbage or other matter in or on the same, or in the yards, courts, passages, areas or alleys connected with or belonging to the same.
Page 138 - ... shaft and court a door giving sufficient access to such shaft or court to enable it to be properly cleaned out: Provided, That where there is already a window giving proper access, it shall be deemed sufficient. In all multiple dwellings of class "b...

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