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involved in the storage of potassium chlorate. It has

Getting their cue from Carrie Nation,

A LA never been thought that this salt was explosive except

whose somewhat vigorous campaign

MRS. NATION. when brought into contact with some organic substance,

of saloon - smashing has recently been like sugar, for instance, when oxidation takes place with furnishing "copy" for the newspapers, followers of the such rapidity as to result in combustion. But it is now faith- cure leader, Dowie, last month began attacking known that when the chlorate is heated by a fire, in turn drug stores in Chicago, Minneapolis, and other western fed by the released oxygen, it actually explodes of itself. cities, on the ground that drugs are agents of the devil. This knowledge has resulted in a movement, in New Armed with canes, umbrellas, and pitchforks they went York and Philadelphia especially, for more stringent from store to store in Chicago, staying in each place until regulations concerning the storage of potassium chlorate they were driven off, and doing as much damage as posand explosive substances generally Action toward this sible. In every instance they first called the proprieend has been accelerated somewhat by the fact that in tor to the front of the store, told him that in prayer and New York the rate of insurance on the stocks in many faith alone lay the cure of disease, declared that in selldrug houses has been increased over 100 per cent. ing drugs he was committing a heinous sin, and then,

pulling out their concealed umbrellas and canes, began

smashing right and left, meanwhile singing religious A decided sensation was promised in BLINDNESS

Baltimore about the middle of last FROM

hymns. One quick-witted druggist quickly ordered his JAMAICA GINGER. month, but we have heard nothing of

clerks to bring water, and the smashers were treated to a

bath which caused a quick retreat. Another druggist it very recently. Dr. Herbert Harlan, in a paper read

flashed a revolver, with the same effect. But in other before the local medical society, declared that a number

instances the women succeeded in doing about all the of persons in Maryland and neighboring States had either become blind or had died through the use of

damage they wanted to. In all, perhaps a dozen or more

stores were attacked in Chicago, and possibly as many Jamaica ginger essence made with methyl or “wood"

in Minneapolis. The affair has rather a humorous side alcohol; and he proved his declaration by submitting

-for the man, that is, whose store wasn't attacked—but clinical records. He went on to state that the use of

it represents a species of mob law which cannot be too methyl alcohol as a substitute for “grain” or ethyl alcohol in manufacturing had increased enormously within

quickly and vigorously put down if peace and order are the last two or three years—a fact which he regarded as

to be maintained. one of grave importance. It seems that as far as the ginger essence is concerned, this is used in certain local

The prosecutions against the Pennsyloption towns in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsyl PROSECUTIONS. vania pharmacists for failure to display vania by topers who are unable to buy whiskey or alco

their registration renewal certificates hol. Only recently, in fact, two members of a party of according to law goes merrily on. Warrants for the miners in an Ohio town died from drinking the stuff, and arrest of thirty additional Philadelphians were sworn out the remaining two members were saved only by the about the middle of last month, and the same fortune active efforts of physicians. Dr. Harlan's paper led to was meted out to pharmacists in other sections of the an investigation, and it was reported that evidence had

State. Meanwhile, the bill now before the legislature

State. Meanwhile, the bil been piled up against two Baltimore jobbers with respect will repeal the provision making it necessary for the to the use of methyl alcohol in the manufacture of ginger. pharmacist to renew his registration, but will in the place This led to the announcement that proceedings would

of this provide that the store shall be registered periodicbe begun against them, but at this writing such a step

ally. It will be necessary then for the druggist to dishad not been taken.

play only his original registration as a pharmacist; and the confusion over the display of the renewal certificates

will be avoided. Another one of the “conspiracy” and LEGALITY OF THE “antitrust” suits brought by cutters N. A. R. D. PLAN. against druggists who, acting under

In speaking last month about drug men who occupy the N. A. R. D. plan, have made it difficult for them to

public offices we did not think to mention Mr. E. G. get goods, has been decided against the cutter.

Swift, Parke, Davis & Co.'s Canadian manager, who was

This was the suit brought by the Owl Drug Co., of Los An

last fall elected to the mayoralty of Walkerville, Canada, geles, Cal., against a jobber and twelve druggists. The

which is just across the river from Detroit. decision is very gratifying. One or two more decisions of this sort will afford precedents sufficient to establish “ Vaseline,” according to the recent decision of an beyond peradventure the legality of the N. A. R. D. English judge, “is a descriptive word, and has conseplan. Two similar suits are now pending - one in quently been removed from the trade-mark register." Philadelphia, and the other in Wheeling, W. Va. The question will go to a higher court.




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A BEAUTIFUL PHARMACY.-This illustration represents one of the handsomest stores in the West-that of Reiss Brothers, of Pueblo, Colorado. The fixtures are finished in white enamel,
and the fountain seen at the left is constructed of the finest onyx. The two proprietors began business in Pueblo fourteen years ago, and have changed their location twice. The last change
was made to this beautiful store, which was coustructed by themselves to suit their own ideas, and to render them capable of properly serving their rapidly growing trade. Asked what
methods they have followed in achieving so decided a success, they replied that they had “pursued no especial policy aside from that of eternal vigilance, ceaseless assiduity, stern economy,
careful buying, and the constant aim to give the very best service possible in every department of the store."

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Professor Lloyd's Life and Career His Pharmaceutical Activities - The Kentucky
Scenes of his Popular Novel – Features of the Book of Especial Interest to Pharma-
cists and Chemists – The Dramatic Uncertainty of the Alkaloidal Test.

John Uri Lloyd was born in West Bloomfield, New school and secured a position in the drug store of York, April 19, 1849, of New England stock. His an- W. J. M. Gordon & Brother, serving (together with a cestors served in the French and Indian wars, the clerkship with the late George Eger) about fifteen years Colonial wars, and the Revolution; and of the societies as apprentice and prescription clerk. Since that date made up of the "sons” of these various struggles Mr. he has been continuously connected with the art of Lloyd is a member. The list of his ancestors who pharmacy, being now the senior member of the firm fought in the Colonial war number twenty-four, and of Lloyd Brothers. His present home is Norwood, a many of them, such as John Webster, the first governor suburb of Cincinnati, but Kentucky people still claim of Massachusetts, are con

him to be of themselves, spicuous in our country's

and consider that he is in annals. When Mr. Lloyd

Ohio for business purposes was three years of age his

only. parents moved to Ken

The devotion of Mr. tucky, his father, a civil

Lloyd to pharmacy and to engineer, having been en

pharmaceutical problems gaged to survey a line for

led to his election in 1887 a railroad from Cincinnati

as President of the Ameri. to Louisville. With this

can Pharmaceutical Assoobject in view the family

ciation, and led him also located first at Burlington,

to fill for some years (reKentucky, whence it suc

signed in 1887) the chair cessively moved to Peters

of pharmacy in the Cinburg and then to Florence,

cinnati College of Pharall in Boone county, now

macy. For over twenty known popularly as

years now he has held the "Stringtown” county,

Mr. Lloyd in his study,

position of professor of through Mr. Lloyd's recent

chemistry in the Eclectic novel. The common schools of these villages presented Medical Institute of Cincinnati, and at the present time the only educational opportunities which young Lloyd is president of the board of trustees of that institution. enjoyed, aside from the home instruction of his parents. He has received the degrees of Ph.M. from the Philaboth of whom had previously taught school, first in New delphia College of Pharmacy, and of Ph.D. from the York State and subsequently in Kentucky.

University of Ohio. When he was 14 years of age, the young man left Mr. Lloyd has long been a contributor to pharmaceutical and chemical literature. Since 1875 his studies early life. It is situated on the Lexington (Stringtown) in these directions have numbered hundreds. For his Pike, which was the thoroughfare between the East and scientific contributions to the American Pharmaceutical the West before Ohio was a State, which is even now Association he has been awarded three gold prize second in importance to no pike in Kentucky. This


story, C. G. Lloyd, of "Drugs Professor Felter of the

pike has a wonderfully romantic history, the northern part of the road passing through a portion of the coun. try that is picturesque in the extreme, as can be seen from the accompanying illustrations. [These illustrations are from photographs made by Mrs. Lloyd.—THE EDITORS.] Since the days of the Indian this spot in the border- land between the North and the South has been the home of tragic and pathetic incidents which challenge comparison and which are indeed stranger than fiction. It is not surprising that intimate knowledge of such a wealth of material should inspire the romantic side of Mr. Lloyd's pen.

The opening chapter of “Stringtown on the Pike,” called “the vision in the moonlight," presents a weird

scene, which reminds one of the occult “Etidorhpa." This The boyhood home of Mr. Lloyd, as it stands to-day in "Stringtown." scene was thought at first to be altogether imaginative,

but the Kentucky valley in which it is laid exists in medals, the last being in 1899. His published books

truth, and, deserted yet, is shunned to - day as it was along scientific lines embrace “The Chemistry of Medi.

he Chemistry of Medi. forty years ago. The illustration in the book is literally cines;" "A Study in Pharmacy;" and “Elixirs: Their bacy;" and "Elixirs: Their correct, nor has Mr. Lloyd overdrawn the sensation that

corr History and Preparation.” He is co-author with his

e is co-author with his possesses a child caught within the precincts of this brother, C. G. Lloyd, of “Drugs and Medicines of North spot after sundown. America;" and co-author with Professor Felter of the The dialect folk - lore and superstitions of the old recently rewritten edition of “King's American Dispen- negro Cupe are close studies. The dialect is so true to satory." Along semiscientific lines and speculative

the section presented as to receive from the people of philosophy, we have “Etidorhpa, or the End of Earth;"

"Stringtown" county the highest praise, to the effect

"Stringtown” county the highest in symbolic literature “The Right Side of the Car;" and that “It reads better than any dialect we ever saw." It in historical romance, “Stringtown on the Pike."

is safe to say that had Mr. Lloyd been content to copy The latter has now been before the public in book form but three months, and already 50,000 copies have been sold. This book, so different from the other works of the author, came, much in the way that “Etidorhpa" did, as a surprise to even Mr. Lloyd's closest friends, and it has made such an impression on the country as to bring its author in a flash conspicuously before the literary world. Indeed, not only can this be said of America, but of Europe as well, for an edition of “Stringtown” has been issued in London, England, and very high praise has been accorded the book by no less an authority than the Academy of London.

Passing the scientific part of Mr. Lloyd's life, a part well known to American pharmacists, and one which could not be touched upon within the limits of this article, something may be said about this book which has excited so much comment, and which bids fair from now on to throw the author's mature thought largely into general literature. Stringtown on the Pike is not

Mr. Lloyd's present home in Norwood, a suburb of Cincinnati. a mythical village, but a town that to-day stands in northern Kentucky precisely as it stood during the the dialect of other sections, as some authors might have boyhood of Mr. Lloyd — the true name of the place, done, this encomium would not have been made, for however, being Florence. In this village, which is nine this section of Kentucky is a thing in itself, and now for miles back of Covington, Mr. Lloyd spent most of his the first time appears in literature.

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