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The Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co. CHICAGO, No. 16 No. Clark St.

NEW YORK, No. 100 William St.

D. J. O'BRIEN CO., Manufacturers of Fine Confections.

Chocolates and Bonbons, 1-2-1b., 1-1b., and 2-lb. Packages, for the Retail

Drug Trade.

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Something New


Toasted Marshmallows


Twenty 5-cent Packages, 65 cts.

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The Best Advertised

The Best Known

The Best Selling
Complexion lotion and skin cure Is Milk Weed Cream

please. We make it paymenty-five of the leading complexio

Milk Weed Cream Soap and Ingram's Complexion Tablets are also extensively advertised in connection with MILK WEED CREAM. Twenty-five of the leading magazines carry our advertisements (7,000,000 readers).

We make it pay every druggist to carry our specialties. There is a good profit, a good sale, and the goods always please.

We wish to give every dealer carrying MILK WEED CREAM our Easel Mirror-7x8 inches, French plate handsome, gilt frame.

Send us an order to be filled direct (transportation prepaid), or through your jobber, for one dozen MILK WEED CREAM. We will add to this order one Easel Mirror, described above, free of charge, and mail samples and advertising matter to one hundred of your lady customers, gratis-the advertising being printed with your name and address. Or make it one-half dozen MILK WEED CREAM and we will give you the mirror and mail to one-half the ladies. Write and ask us about TWENTY-FOUR-POUND COUNTER SCALE-absolutely accurate, free with order amounting to $25.00 or over of Ingram & Co.'s Specialties, Pharmaceuticals or Perfumes—with enough advertising and premiums to sell the goods and freight paid. Catalogue for the asking. Mention BULLETIN,

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for the instantaneous aeration of ALL beberages in the home, such as water, milk, cold tea, cider, lemonade and a host of other tempting and refreshing Summer Coolers.

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Two beautiful booklets 101 Temperance Drinksand The Story of Sparklets,both artistically illustrated, are almost ready for distribution. Copies sent gratis on application.

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The custom in vogue among retail druggists to present to their physician friends at Christmas tiine some token of appreciation of their patronage is a happy one. It serves to put upon a more friendly footing the representatives of two professions which have much in common. If in the choice of a gift the donor selects something which will be appreciated because of its practical utility, and which will at the same time serve to strengthen the business relations between physician and pharmacist, he accomplishes a twofold object.

THE PHYSICIAN'S PERFECT CALL-LIST is an ideal gift for the purpose. Nothing could be more practical— nothing would be better appreciated. As a means of keeping your pharmacy in the eye of the physician, it is extremely effective. It is in use every day of the year. Every time the doctor opens it your name confronts him. He is reminded that his prescription will be appreciated.

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THE PHYSICIAN'S PERFECT CALL-LIST is arranged for the concise and convenient keeping of physicians' accounts-debit, credit, expense, loss, etc.

It contains a useful Obstetric Table in two colors, a valuable department of Posology, Death and Vaccination Records, and many other features of ready reference which commend themselves as practical and timely.

Most important of all, it is a handy pocket bookkeeper that never forgets and is always ready for use. It saves the physician many dollars a year which would otherwise be lost to him through lack of system in keeping his accounts.

Convenient in size for the pocket, handsomely bound in morocco, with gilt edges, the CALL-LIST makes a gift which any physician would be proud to accept. I have taken thousands of orders from druggists for the purpose. I would like to take yours.

The physician's name, “Compliments of” and your own name will be embossed in gold free of charge.


WILLIAM M. WARREN, Publisher, . . P. O. Box 484, . . DETROIT, MICH.



Importing Department, Parke, Davis & Co., * *

90, 92, 94 MAIDEN LANE.


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