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The Safeguard of Purity.

The rigid system of inspection enforced in our Biologic Laboratory is a positive guaranty of the purity of our products. No safeguard that science aod sklll can suggest is lacking.

Nearly every physician in the Uoited States and Canada is being shown by careful advertising and representatives of our house that Stearns' Diphtheritic Antitoxin and Stearns' Vaccine are of the highest possible quality.

To the drug trade this simply means that because our goods merit implicit confidence the demand that has arisen is such as to make it an object to every druggist to keep these products constantly in stock. Liberal quantity discounts are conceded.

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Success in Business

GOOD location, ample stock, capable assistants, U reliable goods, carefully made galenicals, modern methods, approved mechanical aids—all are involved. Each feature reinforces the others; no single one can unaided win success. Even the influence of good chemicals must be supplemented. Nevertheless good chemicals — Merck's chemicals - are of prime importance. If included in a druggist's equipment he stands to win. The experience of many pharmacists corroborates this statement. As an instance:-George Hahn, 561 State Street, Rochester, N.Y., says: “A druggist cannot increase his business SO fast in any other way as by using Merck's Chemicals.”

Do you specify Merck's?

EUQUININE Perfected quinine. No bitterness; no distressing cinchonism. May be had in tablets (2 grn. and 5 grn.) or in powder.

JODIPIN Iodized sesame oil. Used similarly to the alkali iodides. Two strengths: 10 per cent. for internal use, and 25 per cent. for hypodermic use.

BROMIPIN Brominized sesame oil containing ro per cent. bromine. Employed as a sedative and nervine.

FORMIN Used against cystitis and gout. On the market as powder and in tablets-5 grn. and 772 grn.

OREXINE An appetizer conceded to be valuable in loss of appetite in phthisis and chlorosis. Two forms: as powder and in 4 grn. tablets _"Orexoids."

THIOCOL A dry water-soluble form of guaiacol. Indicated in phthisis, chronic coughs, and catarrbs. Marketed as powder and in 5 grn, tablets.

GADUOL Alc. ext. cod-liver oil. A free sample, together with formulas, will be sent to any pharmacist who wants to make a "tasteless "cod-liver oil preparation.

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