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AuthorHouse, 2005 - 360 pages
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This book is for the reader who takes interest in an age-old issue that remains contemporary with every succeeding generation. When, how, and why we are here are questions that have caused countless generations of thinkers and laymen alike to intuitively seek at the very least the semblance of an answer to questions that have become more of an outlook than a science, and in turn spring up among the problems of modern life as opposed to allowing for a resolution to that which was intended to clarify instead of further complicate. Free from the shackles and bias imposed by the various schools of religious, scientific and philosophical thought, the examinations offered herein are rooted in systematic analyses of the scientific, philosophical, ethical, social and finally the religious; which in turn allows for the explanation and justification of concepts that enable the reader to adopt a perspective relevant to the distinctions of absolute truth and relativistic assumptions. Our age is accuratelyreferred to as the age of advancement and technology and for good reason. The rapid pace of progression over the last century in the life sciences has contributed to a broadened understanding of knowledge itself and its relation to the psychological and sociological aspects of our existence. As a result of the significant expansion of the sciences, the desire for an understanding of

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This has to be the most in-depth book that has ever been written on many different facets of life. The book starts out by proving "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the theory of evolution is nothing more than a fairy tale for adults! The book explores the many different so -called "holy books" of the world's religions and proves conclusively that the Bible is the Word of God! The book also delves into explaining where evil comes from, the problem of suffering and the consequence of sin. It goes into length verifying that Jesus Christ is the promised Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world. The book also covers the history of religion in our world and the difference between religion and salvation.
Excellent read. Five Stars!

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