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full knot formed of platted braids behind, is the saddest features in the condition of the adorned with roses without foliage.

thousands which they are seeking to ameliorate, MORNING Dress.—Robe of deep blue drap- is the want of an earnest and consistent cocachemire; the corsage, quite high and close, is operation that the sufferers themselves too often trimmed on each side of the front with passe- evince-a proof that they are beaten down for menterie ; it is continued down the front of the the most part beyond the point of honest indigskirt, sable fur collar, and pelerine lappel : the nation, and capability of redressing their own lappel is continued in robings down the front of wrongs. We have so often dwelt on this subthe skirt so as to form a tablier. Long tight ject, that we should be ashamed of insisting on sleeves, and mancherons of a half-length, and it again, as an insult to our readers' memory easy width; they are trimmed, as is also the and understanding, were it not for the more bottom of the sleeve, with sable. Grey velvet than chance that some eyes may glance over our chapeau, a round, and moderately open shape; pages to whom the all-important topic is not as the interior lined with pink satin, and very full a thrice-told tale. A few moments' calm retrimmed with coques and brides of pink ribbon; flection will surely convince any rational person, the exterior is decorated with black lace, and a first, that were the hours of general shopping chou of roses placed on one side.

limited to the degree which common humanity HALF-LENGTH FIGURES.

points out, that purchasers would make their No. 3. Ball Dress.-Pale straw-coloured arrangements accordingly—and by no means crape robe, over

satin to correspond; the corsage go without the articles they require; a brisk budeeply pointed at bottom, low and rounded at siness would be doing during proper business top, is trimmed with a lace berthe decorated in /hours, instead of the mid-day fatiguing dawda novel manner with flowers. Short sleeves, 1 ling which so commonly prevails. Secondly, finished with lace. Each side of the skirt is an inward glance would convince any one capaornamented with a lace montant, with which

ble of honest self-examination, that it is not in pink ribbon and flowers are intermingled.

human nature to maintain or preserve the standNo. 4. Home Dress.-Light green satin

ard which it is capable of reaching, or to fulfil robe; high corsage, and sleeves a three-quarter

the higher purposes of our creation, under cirlength, over muslin long ones. The satin sleeves cumstances adverse to all spiritual and mental are looped by fancy silk buttons at the bend of culture, and in direct enmity to physical health. the arm. The skirt is trimmed with two deep

We do not wonder that when at unseemly hours flounces of light green point de Venise. Violet assistants are dismissed from their labours with velvet con de feu, lined with rose-coloured minds wearied by the lengthened monotony of satin; the corsage, quite high and close, is their toil, and with not less jaded bodies, that trimmed with fancy silk buttons and braiding. let us pity, and hold out a helping hand more

they seek the excitements of dissipation. But The sleeve-a three-quarter length, and rather wide at the bottom—is looped with a fancy than we condemn. Let us remember that inbutton, and bordered with two rows of black structive lectures are over — reading-rooms velvet. The jacket is very deep, rounded, and closed—and the social circle round the friend's open in front; it is also bordered with velvet. hearth broken up for rest! For our own part, The head-dress is a black lace fichu, arranged in we look upon the exertions of this Association the style of a cap with an open caul; and the as among the most important that we knowends, which float on the throat, are looped back important less even in their present aspect than at the sides by knots of ruby velvet ribbon.

in their future results; for the Youth of this No. 5. Ball Dress.-Robe of blue satin generation are the Parents of the next. brochée; a very low corsage, moderately pointed

The Association are in want of means to carry and decorated with a Brussels lace berthe of two out their plans, and have lately published an falls, and a row of the same forming a basquine

Address to the Assistant Drapers, Chemists, round the waist. The centre of the berthe, and Grocers, &c., appealing to their own interests that of the basquine, are ornamented with a rose

for aid. We have reason to believe that six. attached by ends of ribbon. Short tight sleeves. pence from every assistant in London would TI skirt is ornamented with a single deep lace enable them to carry out their exertions vigoAounce placed high; a tuft of flowers, embedded rously, and to the point of success. in foliage, is attached to the lace on each side. The hair is adorned with an intermixture of

TO CORRESPONDENTS. lace and flowers.

Communications to be addressed to the Office, METROPOLITAN EARLY- transacted.

24, Norfolk-street, Strand, where all business is CLOSING ASSOCIATION. The Committee of this Association are not Declined, with thanks, Lucy ; D.S. idle, and more credit is due to them for their It would oblige us if regalar contributors would energy and perseverance than the world at large forward articles at least six weeks before their publiis perhaps ready to admit. As is the case with cation is desired. all great movements, the few are working for the many; and to the thoughtful mind, one of

Printed by Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street,

Strand, London,

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