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to simulate flowers. All the trimming is at the soon hring forward the lighter materials. The back.

prevailing colours for populins are full blue, black There is but little change in the form of the and red, bois, green, red and white, black, green, capotes and chapeaux ; they are worn round, lilac, and yellow; the taffetas are in squares of close, and somewhat deep at the ears. Soie glacé, moderate dimensions, with white predominating poult de soie, crépe, and crépe lisse, are among over the colours.

These latter are particularly the materials most in vogue. Lilac, violet, prim- adapted for young persons. rose, rose, fawn, pearl grey, and vert de prin- Redingotes, robes, and robes peignoirs, are temps, are among the favourite colours. Drawn all fashionable, both for promenade and demisilk or taffeta capotes, covered with blonde net toilette, but the tivo first are chiefly adopted. of the same hue, are much admired. For the The corsages continue to be worn high and crape capotes, and those formed of light mate-tight, and the close ones at present predorials, bouquets of spring flowers with foliage are minate. We have seen some quite plain, and chiefly einployed as trimmings, as violets, lilacs, buttoned from the neck to the bottom of the laburnums, the monthly rose; and we have seen skirt with large pearl buttons; the backs are some exquisite white silk capotes trimmed with plat. Corsages opening en cæur over a chemia a full bouquet of moss roses on the exterior, and sette of white muslin or fine lawn, either with moss rose-buds intermingled with puffs of trimmed with a bouillonné round the throat, or tulle. The cap à l'enfant for the interior of else a small collar ; the revers, trimmed with bonnets does not appear to find much favour; passementerie, or double rows of small buttons, indeed it would only be becoming to a certain either of silk or pearl, have an elegant effect, style of countenance. For general trimmings and are worn as demi-toilette for concerts, &c. feathers are most in vogue. They are either en- The majority of sleeves are but little altered ; tirely of the colour of the chapeau, or shaded they are still either long and tight to the arm, or from white to dark, and are for the most part three-quarter length, and tight, slashed, and flat, long, and slightly curled at the extremity. laced or confined with bands, and trimmed to We have seen several bunches of marabouts, correspond with the skirt and corsage. There especially on primrose capotes.

is, however, a novelty, which we have given in There are no very striking changes in the plate the second. This is a three-quarter length form of the pardessus as yet; indeed, from sleeve, tight from the shoulder about half-way the coldness of the season, cachmeres still hold to the elbow, and then gradually widening to the ascendancy. We have, however, seen some the bottom. For promenade dress, a very full very elegant mantelets composed of shaded muslin or net sleeve is worn, confined with an glacé silks under black lace, and trimmed with exceedingly narrow band at the wrist; for demifalls of wide lace; also the silk alone, finished toilette, an equally full lace or blonde manchette, off with colants of the same material, pinked or looped up in the front so as to display the wrist embroidered, or with shaded passementer ie and and lower part of the arm. The skirts are full

, silk fringe, and ornamented down the front plain or trimmed en tablier, and somewhat with buttons of various forms and exquisite shorter in front. workmanship. Where the colour is full and We cannot omit to mention the agrafes charich, as green or rose glacé, with light hues, the telaines, or a new variety of the pages des dames. lace, if used, is black ; but for paler colours, as They are in the form of little negro boys, whose pink, lilac, azure blue, &c., glacé with white lace arms open to receive the folds of the robe, and is used. But it is difficult to pronounce with ab- close again by means of an excellent spring, solute certainty on the prevalent modes which are Besides the utility of these agrafes in saving the to appear this summer. The momentous events robe from becoming soiled by dust or damp, of the last few weeks, the prevalence of illness, they serve coquettement to give a glimpse of a and the long continuance of unfavourable weather, pretty foot. They are not so expensive either having thrown everything so far behind-hand, as the pages were. The round and deep points and in some measure occupied and distracted are still worn to the corsage. the minds of even the ministers of fashion. Black lace is used on the skirt, disposed in

There are various new materials for robes, or rows or in zig-zags, or so arranged as to form a rather, we should say, old materials appearing broken cone, the lower end large, and gradually under new forms and new names. Among these diminishing towards the top. is a species of moire, differing but little in ap- For evening dress, flounces, robes à deux et pearance from the chenés of past days, excepting trois jupes, and open robes trinmed with vothat it is striped or plaided with a rich satin lants. Embroidered mouslin d'Inde, and Leno, stripe. These are made in all the most delicate and point d'Angleterre, or d'Alençon robes, are and beautifully blended hues, and liave a very among the most recherche'; but all the usual chaste and elegant appearance. Toiles de laine, light materials maintain their vogue for ballboth glacé and embroidered, are in considerable dress. vogue. Poplins, foulards, and taffetas écossais, Caps still are much worn for dinner-dress, or both plain and plaided, Chiné poult de soie, demi-toilette; flowers are but little seen, and foulards de laine, and batistes d'Inde, are all bijouterie, intermingled with the hair, with the fashionable for promenade dress, and indeed for occasional addition of a single long feather, or a demi-toilette also- at least with the exception of bunch of marabouts, form the prevailing headthe foulards de laine. A little fine weather will | dresses. Curls are not generally worn; but the


hair is wound in numerous bands, artistically d'Alençon, fastened with an opal brooch. The grouped and arranged, and supported by a skirt has three deep flounces of the same, each somewhat bigher comb than has lately been one headed by passementerie. Cap of point

dAlençon : a bavolet with floating brides,

adorned with coques and floating ends of ribbon, DESCRIPTION OF THE PLATES. of the same hue as the dress.

No. 2. MORNING DRESS. – Robe of blue

poult de soie ; high, plain corsage, terminating in FIRST PLATE.

a deep point. Long, tight sleeves, rounded at No. 1. Public PROMENADE DRESS. the bottom, over manchettes of white muslin. Grey Poult de soie robe; the corsage made quite Full, plain skirt. Embroidered mustin collar, high, close, and terminating in a rounded point. Black lace scarf. Pink soie glacé chapeau, close Tight sleeves, three-quarters length, slashed at and rounded at the ears, and trimmed in the inthe side, over French cambric under-sleeves. terior with coques of pink gauze ribbon. Ribbon The front of the corsage is braided in straight and a long feather of the same hue decorate the lines en caur, and the front of the skirt to cor- exterior. respond en tablier. Pink taffeta capote, round,

Half-LENGTH FIGURES. and rather close in shape, trimmed on the exterior with feuilles of the same material. Black Corsage à la Raphaele, low, and square on the

No.3. Fancy Dress.--Robe of green taffeta. satin pelerine mantelet, and small French cam- bosom, terminating in a ceinture etroite, and bric collar. No. 2. DEMI-TOILETTE.-Shaded silk robe;

trimmed with narrow black velvet. Short epauthe corsage high at the back, opening on the lette sleeve, trimmed to correspond, over a full bosom, and terminating in a ceinture etroite, with three-quarters sleeve of lawn, terminating in a a gold or steel buckle. Pelerine lappels trimmed ends of ribbon attached. Guimp of lawn, drawn

bouillon. Black lace mittens, with long flowing with guimpure passementerie. Long tight sleeves, in at the throat, and finished with a bouillon. finished at the wrist with similar trimming, and The skirt is full, and trimmed nearly to the waist the skirt ornamented en suite. Rice-straw chapeau, round and close in shape ; the interior and with deep bias; each one bordered by three exterior trimmed with flowers.

rows of narrow black velvet. The hair disposed

in soft bands in front, loosely wound at the HALF-LENGTH FIGURES.

back, and supported by a gold comb, from which No. 3.---EVENING DRESS.-Pale lilac taffeta fall a few thick ringlets. robe ; low corsage, trimmed with a berthe of No. 4. Bridal Dress.—Robe of point d' Anblonde, in two deep falls. A full naud of rib- gleterre over white taffeta d'Italie. The corsage bon, corresponding in colour with the dress, is high, close, and plain, finished at the neck covers the opening of the berthe. The hair is with a row of lace, in the form of a collar, and wound in close bands : the head-dress is a light terminating in a point at the bottom. Long diadem-formed ornament, with comb and pins tight sleeves, trimmed with a row of lace. The to correspond; while a long ostrich feather skirt has three deep full flounces of lace. The droops from the right side, and slightly curl- hair is wound in close bands, and so arranged as ing, rests upon the shoulder.

to display the forehead and temples ; a wreath of No. 4. CARRIAGE Dress.-Spring green white roses without foliage encircles the head, foularde robe ; corsage quite high; sleeves three- and to this is affixed the bridal veil, of tulle quarters long. Manchettes bouillonné. Man- illusion. A bouquet, composed of white roses telet of violet-coloured glacé silk, trimmed surrounded by orange blossoms, completes the with deep black lace. White crape capote, costume. drawn, and in close shape : the garniture is a No.5. CARRIAGE DRESS.-Robe of gros blue large tuft of violets with foliage. White lace poppeline; corsage high at the back, and opendemi-veil. Petite parasol of pink satin, fringed, ing with a revers on the bosom; three-quarters and with folding handle.

sleeves, widening gradually from the elbow downNo. 5. Ball Dress.-Pale pink crape robe; wards, over a full India muslin under-sleeve, the corsage, low at the top, is draped in folds on drawn into a very narrow band at the wrist. the bosom, and pointed at the bottom. Sleeves The revers and the bottom of the sleeve are draped to correspond with the corsage, and trimmed with black lace laid on quite flat. The looped up in front with a button and cord, skirt is adorned en tablier with a full trimming showing an embroidered muslin short sleeve of black lace in zigzags, widening towards the beneath. The head-dress presents a side-view bottom. Chapeau composed of crin, lined with of number three..

pale primrose crape, and trimmed in the interior SECOND PLATE.

with violets. It is of round open shape, and No. 1. DINNER Dress.- Pink satin robe ;

the exterior is adorned with primrose-coloured corsage moderately low, cut en cæur, and ter: ribbon, and a long downy white feather. minating in a round point. Sleeves threequarters long, tight to the elbow, and then wide

TO CORRESPONDENTS. and loose, with loose white lace under-sleeves, Declined, with thanks.-" The Folly of Pride." looped up in front to shew the arm. The cor- Accepted.-"W. B. A. ;"

“Life is in us;" sage is trimmed with a single fall of point and “ Take back the Wreath."

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