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As it is the commendation of a good huntsman to find game in a wide wood,
so it is no imputation if he hath not caught all.


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Adams, Charles Kendall,

President of Cornell University. Agassiz, Alexander,

Author and Professor. Allan, Col. William,

Aide-de-Camp to “Stonewall" Jackson. Allibone, S. Austin,

Author “Dictionary of Authors." Amory, Thomas C.,

Author “Life of General Sullivan," etc. Bancroft, George,

Author “ History of the United States." Barrett, Lawrence,

Author "Life of Edwin Forrest." Bayard, Thomas F.,

Secretary of State. Bigelow, John,

Author “Life of Franklin," etc. Boker, George H.,

Poet, late U. S. Minister to Russia. Botta, Mrs. Vincenzo,

Author and Poet. Bradley, Joseph P.,

Justice United States Supreme Court. Brooks, Phillips,

Author “Sermons in English Churches." Carter, Franklin,

President of Williams College. Champlin, John Denison,

Author “Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings." Chandler, William E.,

Ex-Secretary of the Navy. Clarke, James Freeman,

Author “Ten Great Religions," etc. Cooper, Miss Susan Fenimore,

Author “ Rural Hours," etc. Conway, Moncure D.,

Miscellaneous Writer. Coppée, Henry,

Professor in Lehigh University, Pa. Coxe, Arthur Cleveland,

P. E. Bishop of Western New York. Courtenay, William A.,

Mayor of Charleston, s. C. Cullum, Gen. George W.,

Author “ Register of West Point Graduates," etc. Curry, Daniel,

Late Author and Editor. Curtis, George Ticknor,

Author “Life of James Buchanan," etc. Curtis, George William,

Author and Editor.

Custer, Mrs. Elizabeth B.,

Author “Boots and Saddles." Daniel, John W.,

United States Senator from Virginia.
De Costa, Benjamin F.,

Historical Writer.
De Lancey, Edward F.,

Ex-President Genealogical and Biographical Society. Didier, Eugene L.,

Author “Life of Edgar Allan Poe." Dix, Morgan,

Rector of Trinity Church, New York. Doane, William C.,

P. E. Bishop of Albany. Drake, Samuel Adams,

Author “Historic Personages of Boston," etc. Draper, Lyman C.,

Secretary of Wisconsin Historical Society. Dupont, Col. Henry A.,

Of Delaware, late U. S. Army. Eggleston, George Cary,

Editor New York “Commercial Advertiser." Fiske, John,

Author and Professor. Frothingham, Octavius B.,

Author “Life of George Ripley." Gayarré, C. E. A.,

Author “ History of Louisiana." Gerry, Elbridge T.,

Member of New York Bar. Gilman, Daniel C.,

President of Johns Hopkins University.
Goodwin, Daniel,

Member of Illinois Bar.
Greely, Gen. A. W., U. S. A.,

Author * Three Years of Arctic Service." Green, William Mercer,

Late P. E. Bishop of Mississippi. Greene, Capt. Francis Vinton,

United States Engineer Corps. Hale, Edward Everett,

Author “ Franklin in France," etc. Hay, Col. John,

Author “Life of Lincoln," etc. Henry, William Wirt,

Of the Virginia Historical Society. Higginson, Col. T. W.,

Author “ History of the United States," etc. Hilliard, Henry W.,

Late U. S. Minister to Brazil. Hoppin, Professor James M.,

of Yale College.

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