Ogilvie's Handy Book of Useful Information and Statistical Tables of Practical Value: A Universal Hand-book for Ready Reference

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Ogilvie, 1884 - 128 pages

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Page 85 - II. king of Crete by Pasiphae, fell in love with Theseus, who was shut up in the labyrinth to be devoured by the Minotaur, and gave him a clue of thread, by which he extricated himself from the difficult windings of his confinement. After he had conquered the Minotaur, he carried her away according to the promise he had made, and married her | but when he arrived at the island of Naxos he forsook...
Page 108 - A receipt for money paid is not legally conclusive. The acts of one partner bind all the others. Contracts made on Sunday cannot be enforced. A contract made with a minor is void. A contract made with a lunatic is void.
Page 112 - The methods by which I have preserved my own health are— temperance, early rising, and sponging the body every morning with cold water, immediately after getting out of bed; a practice which I have adopted for thirty years without ever catching cold.
Page 48 - ... matrices, Faust was so pleased with the contrivance, that he promised Peter to give him his only daughter Christina in marriage, a promise which he soon after performed. But there were as many difficulties at first with these letters, as there had been before with wooden ones, the metal being too soft to support the force of the impression : but this defect was soon remedied, by mixing the metal with a substance which sufficiently hardened it.
Page 90 - MERCURIUS. A celebrated god of antiquity, called Hermes by the Greeks. He was the messenger of the gods, and conducted the souls of the dead into the infernal regions. MINERVA, the goddess of wisdom, war and all the liberal arts, sprang, full grown and armed, from the head of Jupiter, and was immediately admitted to the assembly of the gods, and became one of the most faithful counsellors of her father. Her power in heaven was so great she could hurl the thunders of Jupiter, prolong the life of men,...
Page 48 - He privately cut matrices for the whole alphabet: and when he showed his master the letters cast from these matrices, Faust was so pleased with the contrivance, that he promised Peter to give him his only daughter Christina in marriage, a promise which he soon after performed.
Page 88 - Her beauty was so universally admired, even in her infancy, that Theseus, with his friend Pirithous, carried her away before she had attained her tenth year, and concealed her at Aphidnae, under the care of his mother Aethra. Her brothers Castor and Pollux recovered her by force of arms, and she returned safe and unpolluted to Sparta, her native country.
Page 108 - The law compels no one to do impossibilities. An agreement without consideration is void. Signatures in lead pencil are good in law.
Page 74 - Again, between the years 43 and 50, his appetite fails, his complexion fades, and his tongue is apt to be furred upon the least exertion of body or mind. At this period his muscles become flabby, his joints weak, his spirits droop, and his sleep is imperfect and unrefreshing.
Page 116 - Application. — Moisten two pledgets of cotton with the liquid and apply to the gums on each side of the tooth to be extracted, holding them to their place with pliers or some other convenient instrument for 5 to 15 minutes, rubbing the gum freely inside and out. My wife has...

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