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Mechanics, Merchants, Editors, Lawyers, Printers, Doctors, Farmers, Lumber.
men, Bankers, Bookkeepers, Politicians, and all classes of workers in
every department of human effort, and containing a compilation of
facts for reference on various subjects, being an epitome of
matters Historical, Statistical, Biographical, Political,
Geographical, and

of general interest.

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Copyright 1884,


Agents Wanted to sell this book in every town and village, to whom
We offer liberal terms. Write for terms.

A copy of this book bound in flexible cover will be sent by mail, postpaid,
to any address on receipt of 'n bound in cloth, 50 cents. Address ali
orders and applications for an agency to

J. S. Ogilvie & Co., Publishers,
P. O. Box 2767,

31 Rose Street, New York.

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American Geographical Names, with their Derivation

and Signification...
Abbreviations in Common Use and their Signification.., 28
American History, Chronological Table of..

Alphabet, Deaf and Dumb.

Area, Population, and Debts of Principal Countries of the

Animals, Powers of Locomotion of.

Alcohol, Percentage of in Various Liquors.

Animals, Duration of Life of.

Biographical Register.

Business Vocabulary.

Board and Timber Measure.

Brass, Weight of..

Brokers' Technicalities.

Capitals, The Use of..

Coins of Foreign Nations.

Cisterns and Reservoirs.

Circles, Diameter, Circumference, Area of. .77, 78, 79, 80
Copper, Weight of...

Coins of United States, Weight of,

Cord Wood, Weight of..

Cribs and Boxes, Size and Capacities of.

Distances to Various parts of the World.

Food, Warmth and Strength Derived from.

Food, Percentage of Nourishment in..

Grains, Vegetables, and Fruits, Comparative Yield of.
Holidays Legal, in United States.

Information for Business Men.

Interest Tables...

Iron Cast, Tables of.

.68, 72
Iron Plate, Tables of...

Iron, Weight of per Foot.

.69, 72
Logs Reduced to Board Measure.

Lead Pipe, Sizes and Weights.

Lengths, Scripture, Measure of.



Lumber Measurement Table...

Moulders' Table, ...

Medical Department.

Mythological Dictionary.

Musical Terms, Dictionary of..

Mountains, Highest in the World..

Money, Roman..

Monuments, Towers, and Structures, Height of.

Measures, Scripture, Capacity of.

Man, Weight, Stature, etc. of.

Names Popularly Given to States, Cities, etc..

Nautical Vocabulary.

Ocean, Area of...
Punctuation, Marks and Rules of..
Parliamentary Rules and Usages.

Paper, Sizes of, etc..

Population of Principal Cities in the United States. .38
Population of the United States..

Presidents of the United States.

Plank and Board Measure..

Printers and Publishers Tables.

Proof correcting, Rules of.

Rivers, Lengths of...

Ready Reckoner..

Spelling, Simple Rules for.

Seas of the World..

Steel, Tables of..

.69, 70, 71
Substances, Various, Expansion, Heat, and Conducting
Power of.

Snow, Perpetual Limit of.

Table of Weights and Measurés.

Time, Divisions of...

Timber and Board Measure..

Titles in Use in the United States..

Tables for Engineers and Machinists.

Useful items for Daily Remembrance.

Wood and Bark Measurement..

Wood and Bark, Value of..

Weights and Measures, Metric System of.

Weights and Measures, Tables of..

Wood, Comparative Weight of.

Wages Tables,






ACCOMAC, ak'ko-mak (Ind.), land | ANNAPOLIS, an-nap'o-lis, city of on the other side, or beyond the Anne ; named in honor of Queen water.

Anne, 'who bestowed several valuADIRONDACK, ad-e-ron'dak (Ind.), able presents on the town. the Iroquois name of the Algon- APPALACHICOLA, ap-pa-latsh'e

quins, signifying "he eats bark." ko'la (Ind.), town of the AppalaAGAMÉNTICUS, ag-a-men'to-kus, chites.

(Ind.), on the other side of th: ARIZONA, ar-e-zo'nab, sand hills. river.

ARKANSAS, ar-kan'sas, formerly AGAWAM, ag-a-wam' (Ind.), low- and erroneously pronouncedar'kanland, march, or meadow ; also, a saw, from Kansas, with the French place below, or down-stream,- prefix, of arc, a bow. with reference to some place AROOSTOOK,' a-roos'took (Ind.), above, or up-stream.

good river. AGIOCHOOK, ag-e-o-tshook' (Ind.), ASCUTNEY, as-kut'ne (Ind.), fire

place of the spirit of the pines. mountain, from having been burned ALBANY, awl'ba-ne, N. Y., named over. in honor of the Duke of York and ASSINIBOINE, as-sin'e-bo-in (Ind.), Albany, afterward James II., at Stone Sioux, a wandering band of the time it came into possession the Sioux. of the English, in 1664.

ATCHAFALAYA, atsh-a-fa-la'yah ALLEGHANY, al'le-gă-ne (Ind.), (Ind.), long river. river of the Álligewi.

ATHABASCA, ath-a-bas'kah (Ind.) ALTAMAHA, al-tah-mah'haw (Ind.), swampy. the place of the village ; where the ATTAKAPAS, at-tuk'a-paw (Ind.), village is.

men-eaters. AMERICA, a-mer'e-kah, named after BALIZE, bah-leez', corruption of

Amerigo Vespucci, who, in 1497, Waliz, a name given by the Spanlanded upon the continent south of iards to the place, from its having the equator.

been discovered and resorted to by AMMONOOSUC, am-mo-noo'suk an English pirate named Wallace. (Ind.), fish-story river.

BALTIMORE, bawl'te-mör, named ANDROSCOGGIN, an-dros-kog'gin, a after Lord Baltimore, who settled name changed, in compliment to the province of Maryland, in 16:35. Gov. Andros, from amaskohegan, BATON ROUGE, batong roozh', "fish-spearing."

"red staff," It is said that when the

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