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Shoemaker's Best Seiections-Mo. 19
Address to the Toothache, by Robert
Rurus. Humorous Scotch dialect.

Lecture by the New Male Star. Ef i

forts of a female reporter. Humorous. Ballad of the Wayfarer, by Robert Mary Alice Smith, by WhitBuchanan. Pathetic and pleasing.

comb Riley. A quaint story: Beware, by Longfellow. Encore. Midnight in London. Vivid descrip. Bridget O'Flanagan. Irish humor. tion of the great city by gaslight. Colu, Hard Cash. Encore.

Mother's Mending Basket. A de Courting in Kentucky. Rustic, hu. lightful home picture. morous, taking.

Oh, the Golden, Glowing Morning! Divided, by Jean Ingelow. A beauti- For Easter day.

ful and pathetic descriptive poem. Queer Boy, A. Humorous. Doctor's Story, The. Amusing.

Reuben James. A tribute to the Dream of Fair Women,

A, by

courage of a sailor. Tennyson. Fine description.

Siege of the Alamo. Patriotic. Drop of Water, The. Very dramatic. Summerset Folks, The Encore. Dumb Savior, The. A powerful tem- Swipesey's Christmas Dinner. How perance story.

the newsboys "chipped in." Getting On. An old man's reveries. Toboggan Slide, The. An embarrassGlacier Bed, The. A thrilling story of ing situation. an Alpine guide.

Tola of Mustard Seed, The, by Sir Her Laugh-In Four Fits. Encore. Edwin Arnold. A sad but beautiful How Uncle Podger Hung a Picture, lesson.

by Jerome K. Jerome. Very laugh- Tragedy in the Sunshine, A. Dra. able.

matic. Jacqueminot-Rose Sunday. A pleas- Tray. An interesting story of a dog's ing hospital incident.

brave deed. Joe Sieg. A story of an heroic railroad True Bostonian at Heaven's Gate, A. engineer.

Encore. Lady of Shalott, The, by Tennyson. Twilight at Nazareth. Fine descripPopular with the best readers.

tion. Lost Lesson, The. A touching War-horn of the Elfings, by William school scene.

Morris. Beautiful description. Shoemaker's Best Selections-no. 20 All Things Shall Pass Away. An Little Busy Bees. How they gather interesting Persian tale.

honey at a church fair. Aunt Phillis's Guest. Spiritual.' Me and Jim. Rustic characterization: Billy. Who wasn't good like his pathetic, strong. brother Daniel.

Millais's "Huguenots." A pathetic Boys Wanted. A good piece for boys. love story of the eve of St. BartholoBridget's Soliloquy. Dialect. En

mew. tertaining.

Naughty Kitty Clover. For little Casualty, A. Touching story of a girls. bootblack.

Not in the Programme. An affecting Condensed Telegram, The. Humor. incident in the life of an actress, Coaching the Rising Star. A strik Obstructive Hat in the Pit. Very ing lesson in dramatic elocution.

amusing. Doctor's Story, The, by Bret Harte. Perfect Wife, The. A valuable lesson.

A touching incident of the Civil War. Suited for church fairs. Early Start, An. A minister's pro- Poor Rule, A. Encore.

gram not completely carried out. Rajput Nurse, A, by Edwin Arnold. Elopement in 75. A stirring love A thrilling Eastern story. story of the Revolution.

Riding on a Rail. Amusing incidents Fortunes of War, The.

A sad story

on a train. of the Civil War.

Skimpsey. A thrilling and pathetic Following the Advice of a Physician. story of a horse jockey. Very amusing.

Song of the Market Place. A powerGetting Acquainted. Encore.

ful picture of poverty, pity, inusic. He Worried About It, by S. W. Foss. and charity: Droll humor.

Tale of Sweethearts, A, by George R Hullo. Cheering. Very popular.

Sims. A thrilling heart story. Dia. I Will Not Leave You Comfortles . lect. A pathetic tale of mountain life.

Their First Spat. A young couple's Josiar. Country courtship. Encore. first quarrel. Humorous. Judy O'Shea Sees Hamlet. She de- Uncle Noah's Ghost. How he searched

scribes the play in true Irish fashion. for and found it. Amusing. Little Margery. Childhood's faith

Wedding, The, by Southey. The and trust.

dark side of the picture.

Shoemaker's Best Selections-no. 21 Babies, by Jerome K. Jerome. Humor- Napoleon's Advice to an Actor. A ous.

hint to readers and actors. Because. Encore.

Old Canteen, The. A mother's story Benediction, The, by Francois Coppée. of her two sons who took opposite

A strong poem introducing a chant. sides in the war. Betrothed, The, by Rudyard Kipling. Old Vote for “ Young Marster, ” An.

Difficulty of choosing. Humorous. A good story. Negro dialect. Bridal of Malahide, The. Heroic and Overboard. Pathetic description of a pathetic

man washed overboard at sea. Clive, by Robert Browning. Very dra- Papa Was Stumped. He couldn't do inatic and exceedingly popular.

fractions. Co.itentment. Reflections of a lazy Puzzle, A. Encore. man.

Revenge, The, by Tennyson. An heCrossing the Bar, by Tennyson. One roic sea fight.

of his latest and most beautiful poems. Seaweed. A beautiful fanciful poem. Cry in the Darkness, The-The Sen- Sir Hugo's Choice. A strong story of

tinel's Alarm. A story of Indian love and duty. treachery.

Sisterly Scheme, A. How a young Deacon's Downfall, The. How he girl supplanted her older sister. Very

was converted by a sweet soprano. popular. Dreamin' o' Home. Pathetic.

St. Patrick's Day. Irish dialect. Emergency, An. A kind heart often Stranded Bugle, The. A pleasing, found under a coarse coat.

fanciful poem. Flag at Shenandoah, The, by Joaquin Thar Was Jim. Pathetic. Miller. Faithful unto death.

That Sugar-Plum Tree. For children. H'anthem, The. Encore.

Two Gentlemen of Kentucky. Fine Herod. Highly dramatic.

negro characterization. Her Perfect Lover. Encore.

Uncertain Pledge, An. Encore. Italian's Views of the Labor Ques- Unregistered Record, An. A negro tion. Dialect. Humorous.

jock story of a mad race. Lydia's Ride. An incident of the Brit- What Else Could He Do? Encore. ish occupation of Philadelphia.

Winnie's Welcome. A jolly Irish piece. Men at Gloucester. Dramatic rescue Woman's Career. Clever humor. of men at sea.

Worse than Marriage. Encore. Shoemaker's Best Selections-no. 22 Ah Yet's Christmas. A pathetic story Marguerite. For Decoration Day, of a little Chinese boy.

Pathetic and tender. Big Enough Family, A. A little boy's Mr. Kris Kringle, by Dr. S. Weir Mitopinion of babies.

chell. A touching Christmas story. By the Alma. A story of Scotch hero- Mr. Potts' Story, by Max Adeler. Mrs. ism.

Potts curbs her husband's tendency to Deacon's Week, The. Good for Mis- exaggeration. sionary occasions.

My Double and How He Undid Me, by Easter with Parepa, An. A power

Edward Everett Hale. Humorous. fully pathetic Easter story.

Mysterious Portrait, The. Amusing. Fall in. For G. A. R. occasions.

My Vesper Song. Parts to be sung. Fate of Sir John Franklin, The. A Not Ashamed of Ridicule. An excelpathetic poein of Arctic adventure.

lent boy's story. Gowk's Errant and What Cam'O't, A. Old Wife, The. Pathetic.

A very amusing story done in Scotch. On the Other Train. Very pathetic Haçar. A dramatic picture of the de- and popular.

parture of Hagar from Abraham's tent, Rural Infelicity. Amusing. Hilda. A strong story of the power of Scallywag. Teaches a good lesson. a woman's love.

Soul of the Violin. A strong, pathetic Hilda's Little Hood, by Hjalmer story of an old musician.

Hjorth Boyeson. A pleasing poem. Teacher's Diadem, The. Appropriate His Sister. Encore.

for Sabbath-schools. Hunt, The. A spirited description. Teaching a Sunday-school Class. A Joan of Arc's Farewell. Lofty and young lawyer's first experience. Hu. pathetic.

morous. Fock Johnston, the Tinkler. A story Them


Great-grandmother's of love and chivalry.

story of how the oxen drew two hearts Leap-year Mishaps. As told by an together. old maid.

Wind and the Moon, The, by George Little Black Phil. A touching incident MacDonald, For Children. of the Civil War.

Work, Work Away. Instructive and Lost Puppy, The.

A humorous poem. stimulating.

Bells of Brookline, The. How they Literary Nightmare, A, by Mark

announced the end of the Civil War. Twain. Very funny and very popular. Benefits of the Constitution, b, My Fountain Pen, by Robert J. Daniel Webster. Oratorical and


Burdette. Most amusing. triotic.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. A Busy. A bad spell and its results.

berlutiíul parapluase. Chickadee, The. For children. Oppor- Owyhee Joe's Story. A tale of the tunity for bird notes.

Wild West. Close of the Battle of Waterloo, Phæbe's Exploit. How a little girl

by Victor Hugo. Full of dramatic saved a train. power.

Saunders McGlashan's Courtship. Count Gismond, by Robert Browning. A very popular piece of Scotch humor. Dramatic and chivalric.

Saved by a Boy. Teaches a lesson Oance of Death, The, by Sir Walter of honesty. For little folks.

Scott. A weird battle description. Tommy's Dead. Pathetic. Dead Pussy Cat, The Child charac- True Eloquence. A fine definition. terization.

Used-to-be, The, by James Whitcomb Earl Sigurd's Christmas Eve. A Riley: A quaint and fanciful poem. spirited Norse Christmas story.

Warwick, the King Maker, by Lord Easter Eve'at Kerak-Moab. A thrill- Lytton. Historic and dramatic. ing and dramatic Easter tale.

When de Darkey am a-Whistlin'in Execution of Andre. Vivid descrip de Co'n. A plantation song. tion.

What Miss Édith Saw from Her Execution of Sydney Carton, by Window. Humorous.

Charles Dickens. An intensely dra- When I Was a Boy, by Eugene Field.

matic story of the French Revolution. Pleasing memories of boyhood. How We Kept the Day, by Will When the Light Goes Out. Whole

Carleton. For 4th of July. Humor- some advice in pleasing doses. ous, rollicking

Whirling Wheel, The. Cheer to the Influence of Great Actions, The, by heavy laden.

Daniel Webster. Instructive, eloquent. Wreck of “The Northern Belle," Jimmy Brown's Attempt to Produce by Edwin Arnold. A tale of the Freckles. Very amusing.

treacherous sea. Dramatic. Shoemaker's Best Selections-no. 24 Art of Bookkeeping, The, by Thomas Incident of the French Camp, An.

Hood. A humorous and exceedingly Pathetic and dramatic. ingenious play upon words.

John Brown's Body. An incident of Ballad of Beau Brocade, The. Ancient the Civil War.

tale of highwaymen of the last cen- Mammy Gets the Boy to Sleep. tury.

Negro dialect. Amusing. Battle of Bannockburn, The. Vivid Miss Eva's Visit to the Ogre. A description.

very pleasing story for children. Battle of Zaraila, by Ouida. A thrill

Murder of Nancy Sykes, The, by ing picture.

Charles Dickens. Highly dramatic. Black Zeph's Pard. A miner's tale.

One-legged Goose, The.

A plan. Pathetic.

Encore. Change of Heart, A.

tation story. Exceedingly funny. Colored Philosophy. Negro dialect.

Organ-tempest of Lucerne, The.

A beautiful description. Humorous.

Cañon. Constantius and the Lion, by George

Point Sublime, Colorado Croly. Dramatic and thrilling.

Lofty and impressive description. Courting of T'nowhead's Bell, The.

Rock-a-by Lady, The, Eugene Field. An amusing Scotch prose piece.

A pleasing song for little folks. Crime Revealed by Conscience, by

School-boys' Strike, by R. J. Bur. Daniel Webster. Oratorical.

dette. Very amusing. Death of Carver Doon, The, by R. D.

Seein' Things, by Eugene Field. Bed. Blackmore. Very dramatic.

time experiences. Execution of Lady De Winter, by Spelling Bee at Angel's, by Bret Alexander Dumas. A gruesome tale.

Harte. Incidents attending a frontier Foreign Views of the Statue. spelling bee. Thoughtssuggested to the immigrants Strike at Colchester, The. How the on first seeing Bartholdi's statue.

on a strike--and how Amusing and very popular.

they returned. Amusing. Getting the Right Start, by J. G. Hol- Tribute to Our Honored Dead, A, by land. Excellent advice to young men.

H. IV. Beecher. Oratorical. How the La Rue Stakes Were Lost. Washington's Address to His Troops.

A touching and thrilling story of the Patriotic and inspiring. rescue of a child from under the When Summer Says Good-by. Kol. borses' feet

licking humor. Negro dialect.

Women W



Shoemaker's Best Selections-No. 25 Ape and the Thinker, The. Hum- | How June Found Massa Linkum. A

very pathetic piece. Back in War Days. An inspiring

I Go Fishin'. 'Humorous. story for Decoration Day.

King's Decree, The. Norseland Calf Path, The. Amusing and sug- chivalry. A fine poem. gestive.

Little Bugler's Alarm, The. А Chrysanthemum, The. Clever hu.

touching story of the Kaffir War.

Little Visitor, A. For young folks. Cuba Libre, by Joaquin Miller. Spain's cruelty and injustice set forth.

My Last Duchess, by Robert Brown

ing. A strong narrative poem. Death of Robespierre, by George

Night, by Jerome K. Jerome. Beauti. Lippard. Dramatic and realistic.

ful description. Delayed in Transmission. How an

Offering för Cuba, An. A tale et unruly tongue blocked an important

Spanish cruelty. message. Dr. Lanyon's Narrative. Dramatic

Napoleon Bonaparte and Touissant

L'Ouverture. A strong prose selecextract from Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

tion. Execution, The. An exciting story of My Lord Tomnoddy. Humorous.

'Ostler Joe, by George R. Sims. A Extendin. Credit. Encore.

story of unfaltering love. Fiddle Tyd, The. A touching story

Practical Regeneration. An excellent of a convict's liberation.

church selection. Fight with the Aurochs, The. A

Recessional, by Rudyard Kipling. A thrilling tale of cruelty, heroism,

beautiful spiritual poem. and love, from “Quo Vadis."

Rizpah, by Tennyson. Strongly draFinnigin to Flannigan. An exceed- matic. ingly clever bit of Irish humor.

Settin' up with Peggy McKeag. From the Valley o' the Shadder. From “The Latimers." Clever Scotch Affection for a kitten and its conse

humor for church occasions. quences.

Stop Yer Kickin'. Full of cheer. Grand Advance, The. Heroic inci- What's the Difference ? Encore. dent of the Civil War.

Widow Mysie, The, by Robert Bucb: He Understood. Encore,

A fine piece of humor.


Shoemaker's Best Selections—No. 26
After the Fourth of July. Young His Finish. A good golf story.

America's appreciation of Independ- Indian Attack, The. A thrilling rescue. ence Day.

I Vunder Vy ? German humor. Avalanche of Drugs, An. Very hu

Lucky Jim.

A convict's sad experimorous.

ence. Battle of Dundee, The. A humorous Lullaby, by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. incident of the Boer War.

Sleep song, Negro dialect. Battle of Manila. A vivid poetic de- Mission of a Song, The. Descriptive, scription.

religious, tender. Billy, He's in Trouble. Droll humor. My Sweetheart. Pleasing.. Black Death of Bergen, The, by Lord Ole Mistis. A pathetic and thrilling Dufferin. A wierd Norse tale.

story of the race track. Bull of Bashan, A. Dramatic story of Organist, The. Impressive and toucha Mexican rancher.

ing. Cavalry Charge, The. A stirring Reasonable Doubt, A. In which a martial poem.

juryman discovers that a long-lost son Corporal Dick's Promotion, by Conan is being tried for his life.

Dovle. Intensely dramatic and pa- Ride by Night, The. A thrilling story thetic.

of the Civil War. Dave Flint's Temptation. A strong Rock and the Sea, The. Eloquent de. temperance story. Scotch dialect.

scription. Emir's Game of Chess, The. A strong Story the Doctor Told, The. A strong oriental tale.

tale of a mother's self-sacrifice. Every-day Case, An. A pathetic story Sunset, by Shelley. A sublime descrip of real life.

tion. Happy Farmer, The. Droll humor. Thanksgiving Guest, The. A strong, How Christmas Came to Crappy pathetic Thanksgiving story. Shute. Heroic and pathetic story

That “ Fellow " Who Came on Sun. of a newsboy.

days. Humorous. Encore. How the Captain Saved the Day. When de Co'n Pone's Hot. Bright Patriotic and pathetic.

and cheery. Dialect. How they Stopped the Run, by An- When Pa Begins tu Shave. Hu

thony Hope. Exciting run on a bank.


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