Synopsis of the Decisions of the Treasury Department on the Construction of the Tariff, Navigation, and Other Laws for the Year Ended ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1893
Vols. for 1891-1897 include decisions of the United States Board of General Appraisers.

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Page 872 - ... or exposition authorized by Act of Congress from bringing into the United States, under contract, such mechanics, artisans, agents, or other employees, natives of their respective foreign countries, as they or any of them may deem necessary for the purpose of making preparation for installing or conducting their exhibits or of preparing for installing or conducting any business authorized or permitted under or by virtue of or pertaining to any concession or privilege which may have been or may...
Page 991 - On cloths, knit fabrics, and all manufactures of every description made wholly or in part of wool, not specially provided for in this Act...
Page 1006 - ... not enumerated, manufactured of two or more materials, the duty shall be assessed at the highest rate at which the same would be chargeable if composed wholly of the component material thereof of chief value; and the words "component material of chief value,
Page 865 - ... to require or permit any such laborer or mechanic to work more than eight hours in any calendar day, except in case of extraordinary emergency.
Page 870 - The quarantines and other restraints established by the health laws of any State respecting any vessels arriving in, or bound to, any port or district thereof, shall be duly observed by the officers of the customs...
Page 879 - Falls Canal, so far as it relates to vessels owned by the subjects of the government so discriminating against the citizens, ports, or vessels of the United States, or to any cargoes, portions of cargoes, or passengers in transit to the ports of the government making such discrimination, whether carried in vessels of the United States or of other nations.
Page 1202 - ... philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning in the United States, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.
Page 1102 - The duty upon wool of the sheep or hair of the camel, Angora goat, alpaca, and other like animals of any class which shall be changed in its character or condition for the purpose of evading the duty, or which shall be reduced in value by the admixture of dirt or any other foreign substance, shall be twice the duty to which it would be otherwise subject.
Page 1100 - ... or which shall be reduced in value by the admixture of dirt or any other foreign substance, or which has been sorted...
Page 875 - States,' provides that no vessel or vehicle coming from any foreign port or country where any contagious or infectious disease exists, or any vessel or vehicle conveying persons, merchandise, or animals affected with any contagious disease, shall enter any port of the United States, or pass the boundary line between the United States and any foreign country, except in such manner as may be prescribed under said act.

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