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Athletics: Great Athletes of To-day and Yesterday, W M. July.
Atlas Mountains, W. B. Harris on, Black, August.
Australia : The Federation of Australia, by O. Hall. Lipp, Augisst.
Austria : Socialism and Social Politics, by Rev. M. Kaufmann, Econ R. July.
Authors and Publishers : Literary Property, by Emile Zola, Bkman, July.

Coudition of the People:

Lowest London, Lud, August.

The Oddments and Wastrels of London, by H. Maclean, Q, August. Constantinople: The Museum of the Janissaries, by Dr. Hugh Macmillan,

GW, August.
Consumption : Shall We Have a National Sanitarium for Consumptives in the

United States, by Dr. W. T. Parker, A, July.
Cosmopolis, Frederic Harrison on, Cosmop, August.
Country lloliday Week in America, by W. I. Cole, N E M, July.
Cricket: The Oxford and Cambridge Match, 1895, Mac, August.

Criminal Jurisprudence, M. Romero on, N A R. July.
The Prevention of Crime, WR, August.

The Cost of Criminal Relics, by F. Banfield, L , August.
Cruelty to Animals, Ouida on, N C, August.
Cuban Question:

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, James, on, New R. August.

Pierra, F. G., on, Fr L, July,
Curzon, Hon. George, W. E. Grey on, C FM, August.
Cycling (see also Contents of Outing):

Cyclomania, CJ, August.
How to Attain Grace in Cycling, by W. Hay Fea, Bad M, August.
Cycling Accidents, by C. W. Naira, C H, July.

Baker, Lady, H, Ward on, E I, August.
Balfour's (A. J.) “Foundations of Belief," Prof. Seth on, CR, August.

Balloons, by Mrs. Parr, PMM, August.
Aerial Athletes and the Coming Race," by J. B. Walker, Cos, July.
S. A. Andrée's Balloon Voyage to the North Pole, by A. T. Story, Str,

Barnard, President Henry.

D. C. Gilman on, A M, August.

J. L. Hughes on, NE M, July. Baxter, Richard, Handwriting of, Dr. A. B. Grosart on, Sun H, August. Bees, J. K. Reeve on, Lipp, August. Belgium: The Mines of Mariemont, by J. H. Gore, C W, July. Beresford, Lord Charles, Interview, by W. G. Fitzgerald, Str, July. Beverages, T. G. Allen on, Chaut, July. Bible (see also Coutents of Bibliotheca Sacra, Church Quarterly Revieu,

Clergyman's Magazine, Critical Review, Er positor, Expository Times,

Homiletic Review, King's Own, Presbyterian and Reformed Review): The Bible as Literature, L Q, July. The Date of the Exodus, by,

Couder, Lieut.-Col., PEF, August. Haynes, Capt. A. E, PEF, August. Noah's Ark, by D, Stokes, Free R, August. The Demouology of the New Testametit, by F. C. Cony beare, Jew Q,

July. Bible in Schools: The Immorality of Religious Education, by R. de Villiers,

Free R, August. Black, William, Interview, Y M, August. Blavatsky, II. P., aud Theosophy, by Kate B. Davis, A, July. Boston, Mass.; Reminiscences of Literary Boston, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps,

McCl, August. Bouhier, President, Diary of, Emile Faguet on, Cosmop, August. Bramwell, Lord, John Macdonell on, TB, August. Brantôme, Abbé de, David Hannay on, New R, August. Browne, Major-General Sir James, Autobiographical, Black, August. Browning's (Robert) Poem “La Saisiaz.," A. Taylor Innes 03), CR, August. Browning, Mrs.,

Biographical, etc., by Prof. T. W. Hunt, PRR, July.

Mrs. Browning's Poetry, by T. Bradfield, W R, August. Buuner, Henry C., Laurence Hutton ou, Bkman, July. Burns, Robert,

Alex. Cargill on, Str, July.

Unsigned Article on, Black, August.
Butler, Bishop, and Gladstone's “Life,” by Jacob Cooper, BS, July.

Dewar, G. A. B, on, TB, Angust.

Miller, Fred, on, GOP, August. Buxton, Sydney, Interview, H, Aug.

Dante's “Vita Nuova," Q R, July.
Davies, Jane, Letters of, Rev. S. Baring-Gould on, G W, August.

The Red Deer and Its Habits, by W. M. Lancaster, CH, July.

The Red Deer of New Zealand, Mac, August. Democracy: The Real Problems of Democracy, by E. L. Godkin, A M. Jals Devonshire, Duchess of Somerset and Mrs. Tom Kelly on, PM M, August. Dog Smugglers, C. S. Pelham-Clinton on, Str, July. Don Quixote, A. F. Jaccaci on, Scrib, August. Doten, Elizabeth, and Her Poems, by Giles B. Stebbins, A, July. Dress : Women's Hats, by R. S. Loveday, EI, August. Duels, J. Cuthbert Hadden on, G M, August. Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan, J. Henniker-Heaton on, EI, August.

Earthquakes, Dr. C. Davison on, K, August.
Education (see also Contents of Educational Reriew, Educational Times.

Hand and Eye, Parents' Review, Practical Teacher):
The Education Bill, Ch Q, July.
The Evils of Boarding Schools, by T. Waugh, Free R, August.
The Teacher's Duty to the Pupil, by Cardinal Gibbons, NAR, July.
Fags and Fagging, by Horace G. Hutchinson, C. August.
Confessions of United States Public School Teachers, AM, July.
Egypt, ER, July.

Egyptian Fragments, by Dr. A. Neubauer, Jew Q.
Pharaohtof the Hard Heart, by Prof. W. M. Flinders Petrie, CM, August.

The Book of the Dead, by J. Hunt Cooke, CR, August.
Electricity (see also Contents of Engineering Magazine):

A Novel Seashore Electric Railway at Brighton, by M. Volk, Cas M. Joly

A Great Electrical Exhibit in New York, by R. Jamison, Chaut, July.
Elliot, G. F. Scott, Unsigned Article on, L Q, July.
Emigration and Immigration :

Handling the Immigrant, by H. M. Sweeney, CW, July.
The Restriction of Immigration in the United States, by E. W. Bemis, BS,

Immigration Evils in the United States, by Rhoda Gale, Lipp, August.
Engineering, see Contents of Cassier's Magazine, Engineering Magazine.
Englefield, Sir Francis, A. A. Harrison on, DR, July.
English History (see also Contents of English flistorical Review):

The White Rose ou the Border, by Alison Buckler, GM, August.
Epitaphs, H. A. Lincolu on, GW, August.
Ethics (see also Contents of International Journal of Ethics) :

Our Ideas of Right and Wrong, by B. S. Proctor, Free R, August.
Individual Morality and Political Morality, by Scipio Sighele, Tom

Eversley, F. Dolman on, Y.W, August. -

GT, AUG. G M, August.

Caldwell, Henry Clay, J. B. Follett on, A. July.
California: Ostrich-Farming, by E Causton, PM, August.
Canada, see Contents of Canadian Magazine,
Capellini, Luigi, Miss A. M. Stoddart on, GW, August.
Catholic Church (see also Contents of Dublin Review, Month):

The Secret of Catholicism, by Dr. W. Barry, Nat R. August.
Cardinal Manning and the Catholic Reaction of our Times, ER, July.
The Seventh (Ecumenical Council, Ch Q, July,
The Vatican, by F. Marion Crawford, C'M. August.

The Training of a Jesuit, by Father Clarke, NC, August.
Cave-Dwellers in England, Rev. S. Baring-Gould on, CFM, August.
Celebes, Scot G M, July.
Cetywayo, USM, August,
Chamberlain, Joseph,

Skottowe, B. C., on, Nat R, August.

Unsigned Article on, G T, August.
Channel Islands, C. Edwardes on, GM, August.
Chichester, W. Connor Sydney on, GM, August.
Children :

Children's Theology, C, August.

What Children should be told, by H. Mansell, Free R, August. China:

The Future of China, FR, August.

Poo-Too; a Chinese Holy Island, by T. H. Houston, CW, July.
Chinese Labour Unions in America, by W. N. Fong, Chaut, July.
Church and Christianity: The Imperial Power in the Realm of. Christian

Truth, by Prof. J. R. Buchanan, A, July.
Church of England: Dr. Gibson's "Thirty-Nine Articles," Ch Q, July.
Church History, see Contents of Church Quarterly Review.
Churches :

Ely Cathedral, by Canon W'. E. Dickson, GW, August.

Salisbury and Wells Cathedrals, by A. Ansted, Fr L, August.
Classics, see Contents of Classical Review.
Claudian, Q R, July.
Clive, Lord, Biographical, LQ, July.
Coins: English Coins, bv G. E. Hill, K. August.
Colenso, Miss, W. H. Golding on, GT, August.
Colonies and Imperial Federation :

Making for Empire, by Ernest E. Williams, New R. August

The Empire of To-morrow, by H. Seton-Karr, Tom, August. "Comité de Salut Public," by Oscar Browning, Cosmop, August.

Fiction :

The Art of Fiction, by E. G. Wheelwright, W R, August.

The Ethics of Modern Novels, by Lady Blennerhassett, Cosmop, August. Field, Eugene, Martha N. Yenowine and Others on, St. N, August. Finance (see also Articles under Savings Banks, Cnited States, and Contents

of Bankers' Magazine, Board of Trade Journal, Investors' Reviev):
Money and Investments, CR, August.
A Common Coinage for All Nations, by C. W. Stone, NAR, July.
Bimetallism and the Nature of Money, by W. H. Mallock, FR, August.
English History and the Gold Standard, by J. Tyı rell Baylee, W R,

Democratic Finance, Q R, July.

Sound Money the Safeguard of Labour, by R. B. Mahony, NA R. July. Fire Ordeals : “Passing Through the Fire," by Andrew Lang, ÚR, August. Fishing: The Trawler and the Line Fishermen, by W. Anderson Smith, C J,

Fitzgerald, Edward, Letters of, Q R, July.
Flying Dutchman, Legend of, E. E. Minton on, Man Q, July.
Folk-Lore, see Contents of Folk-Lore.
Food: I he lufluence of Stomach on Mind, by W. Nathan, WR, August.
Foreigu Policy: Our Iucurable Foreigu Policy, by J. C. Paget, Tom,

France (see also Articles under Xavies, Madagascar, Tunis):

The Government of France since 1870, ER, July.
Franco-American Alliance, by Miss C. M. Yonge, M P, August.

assics, see Contents Cathedrals buson, GW, August



The Paris Exhibition of 1900, by M. Griffith, PM, August.
Parisian Nooks and Notables, by Mrs. Emily Crawford, W M, July,
Bicêtre, Paris, by Tighe Hopkins, TB, August.

Throngh Touraine on Wheels, by Sir Herbert Maxwell, Black. August.
France. Ex-Empress Eugéirie of, Miss H. Friederichs on, YW, August.
Furniture, Rev. S. Baring-Gould on, Sun M, August.
Geography (see also Maps):
Address to the Royal Geographical Society, by Sir Clements Markham, G J,

Geography at the Universities, G J, July.

The Swiss Geographical Congress, V. Dinglestedt on, Scot G M, July.
baclogy, see Contents of Geological Magazine, Journal of Geology.
German Literature:

Current German Literature, John G. Robertson on, Cosmop, August.

Some German Novels, Black, August. Germany:

A Holiday Pamble in the Volcanic Eifel, by K. S. Macquoid, L H, August.
Worms and Its Jewish Legends, by Rev. I, Harris, Sun H, August.
Gladstone, W. E., W. T. Stead on, McCl, August.
Glas, Daniel MacCarthy, J. Coleman on, Ir M, August.
Glasgow, see under Scotland,
Glare, E. J., Autobiographical, C M, August.
Glendower, Owen, Mac, August.
Gretbe. Miss Alice Zimmern on, Bkman, July.
Geli-Mining: Recent Improvements in Gold Milling, by H. M. Chance,

Eng M, July.
Green, Prof. 'W H., Jubilee of, PRR, July.
Goiani, and the Datch Claims, by Rev. 1. Thurston, M, July.
Hamley, Sir Edward, Q R, Joly.
** Hausard," CJ, August.
Handwick Hall, by Rev. A. H. Malan, P MM, August.
Hastings, Warren, Biograpbical, L Q, July.
Heraldry in America, E. Zieber on, Lipp, Augnst.
Hirsch, Baron de, 0. S. Straus on, F, July.
History: New Methods of Historical Inquiry, Q R, July.
Hofer, Andreas, W. D. McCrackan on, NE M, July.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell,

Á. H. K. B. on, Long, August.

Moulton, Mrs. L. C., on, Bkman, July. Homes and Shelters: Girl-Life in Ilford Village Homes, by James Cassidy,

WR, August.

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Lawes, Sir John, CH, July.
Lee, General Robert E., Col. J.J. Garnett on, Fr L, August.
Levin, Rahel, Mac, August.
Life-Saving Service: Heroes of the Albert Medal, by L. S. Lewis, Str, July.
Li Hung Chang:

Foster, J. W.,on, CM, August.
Michie, A., on, N C, August.

Parker, E. H. on, New R, August.
Lincolu, Abraham, Ida M. Tarbell on, McCi, August.
Literature (see also Poetry, Fiction, etc.):

Literature in England, by A. Filon, Cosmop, August.
Present Condition of Literary Production, by Paul Shorey, A M, August.
Poetic Rhythms in Prose, by E. E. Hale, Jr., A M, August.

The Literature of Factory Workers, G W, August.
Logiealmond, sce under Scotland.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, W. D. Howells on, Harp, August.
McCarthy, Justin, Interview, by A. H. Lawrence, G T. August.
McCosh, President, D. C. Gilman on, A M, August.
Mckinley, William, E. V. Smalley on, RRA, July.
Madagascar: The French in Madagascar, QR, July.
Mabomedanism : The Caliph and His Duties, by Ahmed Riza Bey, CR,

Man, Isle of, Bishop of Sodor and Man on, Q, August.
Manning, Cardinal,

Stead, W. T., on, Y M, August.

Tiffany, Archdeacon C. C.,on, F, July. Maps: An Eighteenth Century Atlas of England and Wales, F. Owen

Williams on, G M, August. Marriage :

Marriage on Lease, Free R, August.

Marriage and Divorce in Scotland, WR, August. Mauley, Barons de, C. L. Kingsford on,;E H, July. Medicine : The Drift of Modern Medicine, by Dr. G. M. Carfrae, New R,

August. Meredith's (George) Poems, R. Colles on, Ir M, August. Meynell's (Mrs.) Essays, George Meredith on, Nat R. August. Missions, see Contents of Church Missionary Intelligencer, Missionary Review. Miyajima, Eliza R. Scidmore on, CM, August. Modern Life, Simplification of, by A. W. Ready, H, August. Moltke, Count von, J. von Verdy du Vernois on, F, July. Monasteries: The Somerset Carthusians, Ch Q, July. Montaigne, M. E. de,

Biographical, etc., by Henry D, Sedgwick, Jr., A M, August.

Montaigne aud Shakespeare, by John M. Robertson, Free R, August. Montenegro, R. H. Russell on, Fr L, August. Moravian Anabaptists, by R. Heath, CR, August. Morocco : Peeps into Barbary, by J. E. Budgett Meakin, Harp, August. Murphy, Father Denis, Ir M, July. Museum of the Janissaries, by Dr. Hugh Macmillan, G W, August. Napoleon I., W. M. Sloane on, CM, August. Nashville, Tennessee, C. T. Logan on, Fr L, August. Natural History (see also Annelids, Bees, Butterflies, Deer, Fishing Seals,

Taxidermy, Plants; and Contents of Journal of Microscopy, Natural

Stories of Animals, by Lindon Meadows, Arg, August.
An English Meadow, by Fred Miller, WM, July.
Under the Apple-Tree, by Prof. B. D. Halstead, Chaut, July,

Door-Step Neighbours, by W. H. Gibson, Harp, August.
Navies (see also Contents of Journal of the Royal United Service Institution,

United Service Magazines):
Our Naval Weakness, by B. Tillett, Nat R, August.
Bloated Armaments, Justin McCarthy on, Cosmop, August.
H.M.S. Britannia, A. S. Hurd on, PM, August.
The Tricks of Torpedo-Boats, by Ernest Ingersoll, St N, August.

The New French Naval Programme, by C. B. Roylance-kent, FR, August.
New Englaud, see Contents of New England Magazine.
New Zealand:

Five Years' Reform, by W. P. Reeves, Nat R, August.

The Red Deer of New Zealand, Mac, August. Nicaragua, M. Rees Davies on, GW, August. Nile, Battle of, Prof. J. K. Laughton on, C, August. Nordau's (Max) “Degeneration” and “Regeneration"; a Reply by H. T.

Peck, Bkman, July.
Norway; the Right Way to see It, by H. L. Braekstad, E I, August.
Oratory: Great Orators and the Lyceum in the United States, by J. B. Pond

Cos, July.
Ordeals : “ Passing through the Fire," by Andrew Lang, CR, August.
Ouida's “ Views and Opinions," F. Rockell on, Free R, August.

Horticulture in QR

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bila Time FloweCrown of, frid Ward on

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Our Navarmaments, Justin urd on, PM, August: st N, August: B. August.

The Garden, Q R, July.
Gardens and Garden Craft, ER, July

Old Time Flower Gardens, by Alice M. Earle, Scrib, August.
Bongary, Sacred Crown of, Dr. J. Horowitz on, EI, August.
Huxley, Thomas Henry, Wilfrid Ward on, N C, August.
Inmortality. Is There Another Life? by Prof. Goldwin Smith on, F, July.
Indis (see also Contents of India, Indian Magazine and Review):

The Indian Executive, WR, August,
Our Indian Frontier, QR, July.
An Execution in India, Mac, August.

A Day in Goa, by J. Lawson, TB, August.
The Rights of the Individual, by Rev. H. Rashdall, Econ R. July.
Iolividualism and Societism, Z. Swift Holbrook on, BS, July.
International Delusions, by Dr. F. E. Clark, NAR, July.
lorention, Peculiarities of, by G. R. Fleming, GW, August.
Ireland (see also Contents of New Ireland Review):
Home Rule and the Irish Party, by T. P. O'Connor, CR, August.
The Orange Society, by M. Macdonagh, CR, August.
The Round Towers of Ireland, C. Lee on, LH, August.
Is a Jaunting Car mu ireiund, by Mrs. S. A. Tooley, YW, August.
At Ballantrae, by E. Mercer, Man Q, July.
The Kingdom of Kerry, by G. W. Forrest, PMM, Aug.
9. Augustine's Fort, Galway, by Very Rev. J. Fahey, Ir E R. July.
Italy, bet Articles under Catholic Church.

Japan's Invasion of the Commercial World, by A. R. Foote, Eng M. July.
Sunrise in Japan, by Katharine Tristram, Sun H, August.
Jetron, Thomas, and his Party To-Day, by W. E. Russell, F, July,
Jeffrey, Lord Chancellor, F. Watt on, New R, August.
Jers (see also Contents of Jewish Quarterly Review:
The Modern Jews in Europe, by R. O. A. Dawson, Ata, August.

Mn, Dr., E. B. Perry on, LH, August.
Janalism :
Contributors, Nat R, August..

The Story of Punch, by Rev. R. E. Welsh, Y M, August.
Kaftan, Dr. Julius, Dr. S. Plantz on, Hom R, July.
Kests, Joha, Letters of, LQ, July.
kettiaban, Coulson, Interview, by Archibald Cromwell, W M, July.
herry, see under Ireland.
Aruvitska, Countess, Diary of, ER, Aug.
Laber Questions :
The Autonomy of Labour, by H. W. Wolff, CR, August.
The Hope of 'I'rades Unionism, by R. Laurie, Tom, August.
The Nail-Makers of Bromsgrove, by R. H. Sherard, PM, August
Lake-Dwellers of Glastonbury, by Charles Edwardes, CJ, August,
Lappirent, Prof. D., on Physical Geograpby, by Dr. H. R. Mill, GJ
14 (see also Contents of Juridical Review) :
A Chat about Barristers, CJ, August,

Paget Papers, ER, July.
Palestine, see Contents of Palestine Exploration Fund.
Pamirs, and the Source of the Oxus, by G. N. Curzon, GJ
Paris, see under France.
Parkes, Sir Henry, A. Patchett Martin on, C, August.
Parliamentary (see also Democracy, Foreigu Policy, Politics, etc.):

The Intolerable Waste of Parliameut, by James Annaud, New R, August
The Uppopularity of the House of Coinmons, by T. Mackay, Nat R,

Luck or Leadership? FR. August.

Home Rule, see under Ireland.
Peace and Disarmament, Arbitration, see under Venezuela, United States.
Pennsylvania Paper Currency, by C. W. Macfarlane, A APS, July.
Persia, Shah of, M. R. Ahmad on, PM, August.
Peru: The Tapestry Garments of the Yncas, by M. B. Hardie, Q, August.
l'essimism ind its Antidotes, by R. Arthur, H, August.

Philosophy, see Contents of Metaphysical - Magazine, Mind, Monist, Philo

sophical Review, Photography (see also Contents of Wiison's Fhotographic Magazine):

The Röntgen Photography, A. W. Porter on, Str, July. Physical Geography (see also Earthquakes):

Waves, by Vaughan Cornish, K, August. Physics (see also Contents of Physical Review) :

Atmospheric Pressure, by H. Harries, Long, August. Plants: Hygroscopic Seeds, Rev. A. S. Wilson on, K, August. Poetry : Life in Poetry, by Prof. Courthorpe, NC, August. Pokagon, Sinon, Chief of the Pottawatomie Indians, B. 0. Flower on, A

July. Political Economy (see also Contents of Economic Review, Quarterly Journal

of Economics): Profit-Sharing and Gain-Sharing, L Q, July. Politics (see also Democracy, Foreign Policy, Parliamentary):

Fusion of Political Parties, by D. S. Remsen, AAPS, July. Political Morality, Scipio Sighele on, Tom, August. Positivism, see Contents of Positivist Review. Preaching: The Essentials of Effective Expository Preaching, Hom R, July. Presbyterianism : The Present Tendencies of Presbyterianism, Ch Q, July. Prior, Matthew, E. Manson on, TB, August. Prisons:

Bicêtre, Paris, by Tighe Hopkins, TB, August.

Stedman, Edmund C., H. W. Mabie on, Bkman, July.
Stowe, Mrs., Mrs. J. T. Fields on, A M, August.
Stuart, Mrs. Elma, Interview, by Madame Sarah Grand, H, August
Sutton, Seth, Interview, by J. Hyde, W M, July.
Sweden, Queen Christina of, Rev. R. S. Myine on, Scot R, July.
Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus of, C. August.
Switzerland: The Gorge of the Aar, by Alfred Russel Wallace, F R, August
Tasso, Torquato, W. Butterworth on, Man Q, July.
Taxidermy, R. W. Shufeldt on, Cos, July."

The Telegraph Monopoly, by Prof. Frank Parsons, A, July.

Valentia ; a Famous Atlantic Cable Station, Lud, August
Temperance and the Liquor Traffic:

Sunday Closing in Operation, by H. L. Stephen, F R, August.
Substitutes for the Saloon, by F. G. Peabody, F, July.

The Keeley Cure for Inebriely, by Wm. G. Haskell, A. July,
Thames Sea-Wall at Dagenbam, by W. W. Glenny, CH, July.
Theatres and the Drama :

Amateur Acting, A. N. Monkhouse on, Man Q, July.
The Cambridge “A.D.C.," A. H. Marsball on, PMM, August,

“Ædipe Tyranne" at the Comédie Française, W. A. Fox on, G M, August Theosophy (see also Contents of Lucifer):

Theosophy and H. P. Blavatsky, by Kate B. Davis, A, July. Thrift: Is Ihrift a Virtue? by J. B. Martin, H, August. Time: How the First Priests Measured It, by J. F. Hewitt, W R, Angust. Tobacco:

The Antiquity of Tobacco-Smoking, Mac, August.

The Tobacco Factory of Seville, by S. L. Bepsusan, Lud, August Tourguéneff, Ivan,

Biographical, by Maurice Todhunter, WR, August.

Unedited Letters of Tourguéneff, Cosmop, August. Tree, H. Beerbohm, Interview, by P. C. Standing, Lud, August. Tunis and French Colonisation, by J. Chailley-Bert, Cosmop, August, Turkey, Sultan of, J. F. Fraser on, E I, August. Turks, Origin of, E H, July. Unitarianism, Present Position of, Free R, August. United States (see also Cuban Question, Venezuelan Question, America

History, Americau People, Race Problems, Chinese Question, Women, Education, Country Holidays, Emigration, Wealth (Gospel of), Tempere ance, Water-Supply, Railways, Telegraph, Heraldry, etc., and Boston

California, Nashville, Nicaragua, Pennsylvania, Virginia): The Making of a President, by F. H. Hardy, FR, August. The Making of a United States President, R. R. Wilson on, Fr L, August Cleveland's Second Administration, G. W. Green on, F, July. The Presidential Outlook, by P, Leroy-Beaulieu, F, July. Arbitration and the Relations of the United States with England, by E.I.

Phelps, A M, July. Reasons for an Immediate Arbitration Treaty with England, by Charles W.

Eliot, F, July.
The United States and the Anglo-Saxon Future, by G. B. Adams, A M,

American Sinancial Policy, by H. F. Bartine, A, July
The Monetary Question, Prof. F. A. Walker on, Nat R, Angust.
The Battle of Standards in America, by

Alden, W. L., N C, August.

Dillon, W., N C, August. Some Eastern Conservative Authorities Who are Championing the Cause if

Free Silver, by B. 0. Flower, A. July.
Is the United States becoming a Homeless Nation ? by John O. Yeiser, da

The Arid Region of America, W. E. Smythe on, NAR, July.
Universities (see also Geography);

Senior Wranglers, C. G. Nuttall on, G M. August.
The Long Vacation in Oxford, Mac, August.
Dr. Johnson in Eighteenth Century Oxford, by E. B. Parry, LH, August.
The Universities of the Middle Ages, ER, July

The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages, J. Wells on, Scot R. JOS Venezuela and the Venezuelan Question (see also Guiana):

Arbitration with America, by John Morley, NC. August. Virginia: Bethel Pike, A. G. Bradley on, F R. August. Volunteers : Wimbledon and Bisley, J. Milne on, W M, July. Wales, Prince of, WH, August. Warwickshire and William Shenstone, by G. Morley, Ata, Aug. .. Water Supply: The Filtration of Municipal Water Supplies, by R, Merics,

Eng M, July Wealtb, Gospel of, --The General Discontent of America's Wealth Creators &

Illustrated in Current Cartoons, A, July.
Women and Women's Work:

Woman Suffrage, Helene Lange on, Cosmop, August.
Why Women should have tbe Ballot, by Gen. J. Gibbon, NAR, Jaly.
Petticoat Government, by Max O'Rell and Others, NA R. July.
The Wives of the Cabinet, by Marie Belloc, PM, August.
Literary Ladies, TB, August.
Dangerous Women, by A. Laidlaw, Free R, August.
Lodgings for Ladies, Q, August.
The Woman Question in the Middle Ages, by Emily B. Stone, Lipp

Women in American Society To-day, by Anna E. U. Hilles, A, Julg.
The Women of Australasia, by Mrs. Hirst Alexander, H, August.

Referente, per estates and the

Privacy, Right of, by J. G. Speed, NAR, July.
Protection and Fair Trade :

The Decline of (obdenism, by Sidney Low, N C, August

The Curse of Cobdenism, by Andrew Reid, H, Angust. Psychical Research, see Contents of Borderland, Proceedin

u Louens Ol Borderland, Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. Psychology (see also Contents of American Journal of Psychology, Psycho

logical Review:
Animal and Human Psychology, by Prince Kropotkin, N C, August.
Race Problems of America:

The Asiatics in America, by Major C. R. Conger, Scot R, July.
Simon Pokagon, Chief of tbe Pottawatomie Indians, B. 0. Flower on, A,


The Credulous Side of the Railway Mania, by J. Pendleton, G M. August. The Turning Point in Railway Reforms in America, by M. E. Ingalls,

Eng M, July.. Railrvad Poolițg in the United States, by M. A. Knapp, A A PS, July. Ramakrishna Paramakansa, by Prof. Max Müller, N C. August. Richelieu, Cardinal, Ed RL, August Ritschl, Albrecht, Theology of, L Q, July. Roland, Madame, and Her Daughter, CW, July. Roosevelt, Theodore, W. P. Treut on, F, July. Rossetti, Dante Gabriel,

Unsigned Article on, Q R, July.

Letters of Rossetti, Dr. G. Birkbeck Hill on, A M, July, A Royal Mews, B. Fletcher Robinson on, CFM, August. Royal Society, H. Rix op, LH, August. Rural Life: A Farmer's Excursion to North Wales, by Prof. Long, C H, July. Russia after the Coronation, by Karl Blind, NAR, July. Russia, Tsar Nicholas of, --Coronation Notes, by lan Malcolm, New R,

Saitapharnes, King, Tiara of, A. Furtwängler on, Cosmop, August.
Samaritan Literature and Religion, i. Cowley on, Jew Q, July.
Sanitation, see Contents of Public Health, Sanitary Journal.
Savings Banks: The Agricultural Banks Association, E. M. Leman and H. W.

Wolff on, Econ R, July.
Science (see also Contents of Science Progress, etc.):

A Century's Progress, by J. Fiske, A M, July.

Scotland under the Roundheads, by J. Colville, Scot R, Jaly.
Scotland One Hundred and Sixty Years Ago, by Rev. J. P. Hobson, Sun H,

Logiealmond, D. Davidson on, Sun M. August.

The Young Men of Glasgow, by F. Dolman, Y M, August.
Scottish Literature: The New Scottish Novelists, ER, July.
Seals: Fur-Seals, by R. Lydekker, K, August.
Seeley, Sir John, H. A. L. Fisher on, FR, August.
Serapis--a Study in Religions, by F. Legge, Scot R, July.
Shakespeare and Montaigne, by John M. Robertson, Free R, August.
Shepstone, William, George Morley on, Ata, August.
Sheridan, ER, July.
Shetland Isles, Col. T. Pilkington White on, Scot R, July.
Shipping (see also Contents of Nautical Magazine):

The Wreck of the Drummond Castle, by Charles Marquardt, EI, August. Socialism (see also Individualism, and Contents of American Journal of

Sociology, etc.):
Principles of Sociology, by Prof. L. F. Ward, AAPS, July.
Individualism and Societism, Z. Swift Holbrook on, BS, July.
Socialism and Social Politics in Austria, by Rev. M. Kaufmann, Econ R,

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Spain (see also Tobacco):
he Manresa, by Charles W. Wood, Arg, August.

The Evolution of the Spaniard, by H. C Chatfield-Taylor, Cos, July.
-In Spanish Gipsy ries, by J. Platt, GM, August.
Sport (see also Contents of Badminton Magazine):

The World's Sporting Impulse, by C. D. Lanier, RRA, July. * Incidents and Accidents of Sport, by C. H. Mortimer, CH, July. States, Territorial Growth of, Scot G M, July.


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Imperial Mail Steamers, SOUTHAMPTON to AUSTRALIA


Embarking Passengers also at GENOA and NAPLES, and calling at PORT




Tons. From Southampton. From Genoa. From Naples. *S.S. “PRINZ-REGENT LUITPOLD”.. 6,600 .. Aug. 3rd ... Aug. 11th .. Aug. 12th

(Twin Screw) *S.S. “OLDENBURG” .. .. .. .. 5,318 .. Aug. 31st. Sept. 8th. Sept. 9th *s.s. "GERA” .. .. .. .. .. .. 5,318 .. Sept. 28th .. Oct. 6th Oct. 7th *S.S. “DARMSTADT” . . . .. 5,318 .. Oct. 26th .. Nov. 3rd .. Nov. 4th S.S. “FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE” .. 10,000 .. Nov. 23rd .. Dec. 1st' .. Dec. 2nd S.S. “ PRINZ-REGENT LUITPOLD” .. 6,600 . Dec. 21st. Dec. 29th ... Dec. 30th

(Twin Screw)

Ånd every 28 days thereafter, leaving Southampton at noon on Mondays. The Steamers marked * will call at King George's Sound (Albany), on their

outward Voyage. Passengers leave Waterloo Station, London, by Special Train, at 9.30, on Morning of Sailing Day. - . The “ Friedrich der Grosse" is a new Twin-screw Steamer of 10,000 tons, specially

designed for the Eastern Passenger Service.

General Agents-KELLER, WALLIS & CO.,




"STRONGEST AND BEST." Pure Concentrated

Fry's Pure conc


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'Excellent in quality and flavour." -The Lancet. “Very digestible, nutritious, and palatable."

- British Medical Journal. Mrs. LANGTRY says : -"I am much pleased with is, and can recommend it with satisfaction."

A nutriment peculiarly adapted to the digestive organs of Infants and Young Childre For the BATH and TOILET. and for the supplying all that is required for the formation of firm flesh and bone, and which needs on HAIR.

be tried to be permanently adopted. 1/-,2/-,5/-, and 10/- tins; sold everywhere. Price 6d. in Tablets, of all Chemists, &c. Unsurpassed as a light diet for INVALIDS and the AGED.

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