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LONDON, September 1, 1896. conserved his energies by a persistent restfulness Europe once more stands in the presence which earned him, perhaps unfairly, a first-classThe Death of

of the Unknown. For the last two years reputation for indolence. But no sooner Prince

there has dimly outlined itself in the fog established at the Foreign Office than he became a Lobanoff.

which lies over the Russian steppe the very demon for work. Not even De Witte himself image of a

At first the features were worked harder. Responsibility for the great Empire nebulous enough. But as the days passed the out stimulated him to unremitting exertion. Success line became clearer, and the sovereigns and states after success lured him on, and now that he has fallen men and the peoples of Europe felt that they could dead in her tracks just after arranging the rapprocheat any rate recognise some living ruler, could realise ment with Austria, every one marvels that he lasted some actual personality of whom they could think, so long. He lived long enough to establish a record and with whom they could deal when they had to which his successor will find it hard to beat. He do with Russia and the Russians. Now, the sudden re-established Russia's ascendency over the Slavs of death of Prince Lobanoff dissolves the stately figure the Balkan at the very moment that he succeeded which loomed so large through the gloom, and all in making the Sultan the grateful protégé of is bewilderment once


Tsar is St. Petersburg. He ripened the French entente almost as much of an unknown quantity as his into an alliance, at the same time that he made unborn child. And in place of Lobanoff, who is alliance with Germany and China, opened up a way there, of all the millions of Muscovites, whose name to friendship with Austria, and even arranged good would be a key to his policy? Saving General relations with Italy. At the time of his death Ignatieff alone, there is no one; nor can even the he had steadied Russia on the pinnacle of power best-informed say who will take the vacant chair. where she had been established by the late Tsar. De Witte some time ago said he had a man ready Russia at this moment is virtually over-lord of China for every portfolio in the Ministry excepting Prince and of Turkey, the sovereign of France and the Lobanofos, and lo! it is Prince Lobanoff's which is suzerain of Montenegro, Servia and Bulgaria. now vacant.

Yesterday Russia was Prince Lobanoff. To-day The sudden death of the Prince is The

Russia is _? Prince's reminder of the perils which old men

The one crime which lies at the door of Achievement.

His must face when, after a long period of


the dead Minister was his cynical acquiesleisure and inaction, they are suddenly summoned to

cence in the butchery of the Armenians.

Armenia, strenuous exertion. Old men who stand the strain

But when called to answer before his are men who, like the Pope, Mr. Gladstone, and Maker for a complicity which has wrung anathemas Prince Bismarck, have never let the chain get slack. from the aged lips of Mr. Gladstone, Prince Lobanoff Prince Lobanoff pursued the other course. He may at least make some excuse for his conduct,



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