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which Lord Beaconsfield and Lord Salisbury could are said to have perished in the streets of the capital, never allege. To deliver Armenia meant a Russian under the very guns of the guardships, was sensational occupation of Armenia, which, with the Anglo- enough for a penny dreadful. A band of twenty-five Turkish Convention still signed and sealed by the Armenians, armed with revolvers and dynamite, continuous occupation of Cyprus, meant risk of quietly strolled into the premises of the Imperial war with England, certainty of war with the Ottoman Bank, exploded a bomb, fired their revolvers, Turks, and probably elsewhere. The path of and having driven some of the clerks from the Bank, coercion being thus barred, the only other roal imprisoned forty others and two directors as hostages, was that of coaxing the Sultan so as to use his while they planted a dynamite-mine in the cellar, and authority for checking the outburst of Moslem swore they would blow the Bank into smithereens if fan a ticism.

their demands There may at

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for several hours action in 1878. Swanseality.. men

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volutionary minimise the SULEIMANIEH Custom Ho.

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wanted to White Throne,

make, like the but it ought at


tion in Boots, saved soine Eng

only one better Jish journalists from their unseemly exultations over suited to the latitude of the Bosphorus. the corpse of this latest imitator of Lord Beaconsfield.

For several hours the desperadoes held We ought in gratitude to remember that we owe to he the Bank. The troops outside blized

Massacres. him the revelation of the supreme infamy of our

away at the windows, killing promistraditional policy in the East.

cuously any one whom they could sight; but the By one of the ironies of history, the newsArmenian

dynamite in the cellar kept the soldiers at bay. Dynamite papers which reported the death of Prince After a time the sensational advertisement having

at Con- Lobanoff were full of details of the ghastly scared the Sultan and given a thrill to all Europe, stantinople.

"* massacres in Constantinople, which were the daring conspirators offered to retreat if they the latest commentary upon the criminality of the were secured a safe conduct out of Turkey. Sir old English policy which Prince Lobanoff adopted as Edgar Vincent, negotiating under the revolvers of his own. The occasion which precipitated this latest the Revolutionists, guaranteed their safety, and all massacre, in which some 5,005 luckless Armenians that were left of them were conducted to Sir Edgar's

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yacht. So far as they were concerned, their hear it. But we rejoice with reservations, if not with enterprise had been brilliantly successful. But trembling, and wait to see whether the Sultan has they had forgotten that every Armenian in Con- actually submitted to permit Crete to be wrenched stantinople was as a hostage in the hands of a from his fangs. fanatical and savage mob. No sooner was the

The East Coast of Africa, from Cairo

The Storm dynamite removed thaa the reprisals began. Arme Band of to the Cape, has been in unrest this nians were clubbed to death at sight, and left in East Africa. summer. In the Soudan the rise of the bloody heaps where they fell. Day after day the Nile has at last rendered an immediate advance on hideous carnage went on, until at last the Ambassadors Dongola possible. The river steamers have arrived computed the slain at from 2,000 to 5,000 m:n. safely, and the short railway would have been The women and children were spared, apparently by i:1 working order, but for a deluge of rain that order, although there was at least one shocking sponged out twelve miles of the permanent way, exception to this rule. Shuddering bystanders by as a schoolboy effaces the figures on his slate. the side of these disembowelled and skull-smashed Before the end of this month we may expect to victims of Turkish fanaticism wondered whether hear that the frontier of civilisation has advanced Prince Lobanoff's arrangement with Austria 1:1- on powder-carts to the southern boundary of cluded a license in perpetuity for such atrocities Dongola, where it is hoped it will be ready for as these. And lo! even as they wondered, the a further lift southward as far as Khartoum. On Angel of Death summoned Prince Lobanoff into the Red Sea littoral no settlement has been arrived another world.

rut between the Abyssinians and the Italians. It The Use Before the sudden effervescence of Arme- is only hoped that the establishment of better

of nian despair, edged with dynamite, and relations between Rome and St. Petersburg-of

rele. Turkish savagery armed with long white which the betrothal of the Prince of Naples and clubs, provided with careful forethought in advance the Princess of Montenegro is the outward and by the authorities, the news from the East had visible sign-may ere long put a period to the troubles been improving. England had checkmated Russia's of Erythræa. proposal to draw a ring-fence round Crete, within Police Duty The sudden death of the late Sultan which the Turk was to be allowed i free hand. at Halim of Zanzibar, which occurred on All the nonsense talked about the Foreign Enlist n2.bat. August 26th, gave the signal for one ment Act in our press did not obscure for å of those outbreaks of personal ambition which it is moment the central fact of the situation--that the necessary to curb by the stern persuasion of shot : Greeks of the kingdom were morally bound to do and shell. A nephew of the deceased Prince, what men can do to help their unfortunate kins: Khalid by namo, seized the palace and proclaimed men of the island struggling, and rightly struggling himself Sultan of Zanzibar without so much as to be free. Therefore we refused to enforce the saying, “ By your leave,” to the Power which is International Foreign Enlistment Act suggested by Lord Paramount of Zanzibar. Indeed, he went Russia and Germany, and insisted that the Dr. Jims further, and declared by the forcible eloquence of Hellas should have a fair chance in Crete. Such of military and naval preparations that he meant to a jewel is consistency, that no one applauded this assert his pretensions despite our protests. Now, decision more heartily than those who have been as we are responsible for Zanzibar, and all its Sultans foremost in execrating the raid that ended at reign by virtue of our permission, it became necessary Doornkop as if it were “the greatest crime of the to reduce this rebellious upstart to submission. Due century.” Foiled in the attempt to maintain peace notice was given him ; ample time of grace was by providing for the speedy suffocation of the victim, afforded him for surrender, and then the gunboats the Powers consented to try the other tack by putting opened fire on the palace. The Sultan replied both restraint upon his assailant. Here it is believed from his one man-of-war, the converted merchant Lord Salisbury took the initiative, and it was steamer Glasgow, and from the mainland. Whereannounced with a pardonable flourish of trumpets upon, as with a tap of his finger, the British comthat the Powers had agreed, that the Sultan had mander sent the Glasgow to the bottom, and congiven way, that Crete is henceforth to be a se:ni- tinued to shell the palace. At last the Preautonomous province under a Governor virtually tender could stand it no longer. His palace was appointed by the Powers. We are all very glad to in flaming ruins. Five hundred of his misguided

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"Men laugh and riot till the feast is o'er,

variant upon the anticlerical campaign which commends itself to the Third Republic, but the success of this heathen Jacquerie in their new possession will sooner or later compel them to undertake in serious earnest the subjugation of the country. At present the robber bands have it

all their own way. um pouco manu | |

Suddenly emerging from a forest, they surround a Christian village and summon the inhabitants to choose between submission and death. In either case its worldly goods are put at the disposition of the marauders. The old native

administration has been From the Cape Register.]


destroyed, and the French

have so far put nothing in Then comes the reckouing, wheu they laugh no more.”

its place. followers were killed or wounded. So he took

Inland the Germans in their sphere of refuge in the German Consulate, and our Bluejackets Bicycle influence are having no little trouble as were landed, to swab up the mess, put out the fire, in the result of Major Lothaire's unpunished and establish as the rightful heir on the vacant ganda. murder of Stokes. The news of that throne Hamoud, the brother of the late Sultan. This abominable outrage upon the rudimentary laws of sudden and violent eruption of wilfulness cost us one white civilisation in Central Africa led at once to man wounded. Civilisation, in executing her mission an organised attack upon the German and French of maintaining order among the semi-civilised, is at settlements on the Lake. After some inevitable last becoming invulnerable, at least within range massacre, three German expeditions were despatched of deep water.

against the lawless chiefs. The ringleader was Further south in this storm belt the French killed, his ally was banished, and peace reigns once Anarchy hy are discovering that in Madagascar their are discovering that in

more in the German possessions. From Uganda in work is but begun. The island, say the news is all of peace and progress adagascar. the most recent visitors, is in a condition under the British flag. Civilisation, in fact, is of anarchy from one end to the other. The French invading Uganda, not in its powder-cart, but in a rule in the capital and in a few large towns. But out- brougham for King M’Wanga, dog-carts for his side the range of their batteries their authority does not officials, and the ubiquitous bicycle for the British exist. The aboriginal elements of Malagasy savagery, residents. The natives are even said to be building the haters of foreigners, the haters of missionaries, and two-storied houses with glass windows for their the disbanded troops of the Queen's army have united chiefs in place of their old grass huts, while the in a sort of patriotic heathen brigandage, and are Prime Minister has furnished his office with levying a war of massacre and pillage all over the tables, chairs, stationery cases, and the like. island. They have already burnt some three All this veneer may peel off suddenly some day, hundred or four hundred churches, and slain but for the present it testifies eloquently to many church officials. Freethinking Frenchmen the surface tranquillity which has followed our will not feel many pangs over this Malagasy advent.




Mr. Rhodes

Further south, in Matabeleland, the in the rising is officially reputed to be supMatoppos. pressed. The closing scene of their rebellion was the most picturesque incident recently recorded in South Africa. Mr. Rhodes, who was unarmed, with but three attendants, entered the stronghold of the Matebele Indunas in the Matoppo hills, and asked them whether they were for peace or war. They had been debating in secret what should be done. They were afraid to come into the open for fear of the white troops, but they had sent word they would like to see Mr. Colenbrander and Mr. Rhodes. When Mr. Rhodes arrived, they raised a white flag and ushered him and his companions into the semicircle, where for four hours they discussed the questions at issue. At last the Chief Secombo arose and laid a gun and assegai at the feet of Mr. Rhodes. All the other chiefs did the same. “We submit," they said. “We trust you, Mr. Rhodes, for you have trusted us. You have come into our stronghold unarmed. If you had known our troubles, we should never have been forced to rise. If Mr. Rhodes will stay and care for us we will not fight.” So ended the palaver, and with it the war. A prominent Government official, who Secombo declared was only fit to keep a Canteen in the Transvaal, was complained of, and the whole Matabele council prayed for his banishment. They also complained of their illtreatment at the hands of the From the Cape Times.] native police. Mr. Rhodes replied that the official had gone south, and was no longer in Government employ. As for the native police, its appointment had been a mistake and it was now disbanded. But the Matabele, what ever their grievances, ought not to have massacred Fomen and children. Ultimately, the terins of surrender were arrived at, and Mr. Rhodes, riding back, brought news of peace to Bulawayo. Note that Mr. Rhodes has no official status. He is not even a managing director of the Company. But to the Matabele he counts for more than all the officials put together. For Mr. Rhodes,

stripped to his shirt, when face to face with the aboriginal forces of the situation, is more than High Commissioners and great functionaries in all the bravery of cocked hats and Letters Patent.

Kruger The position of affairs in the Transvaal

and his shows little or no improvement. The Counsellers. Boers are importing material of war in hundreds of tons from France and Germany, and there is no indication of any intention on the part

of the landed oligarchy to readjust their old institutions to the necessities of the new situation. The two incorruptible patriots who refused even at Mr. Chamberlain's solicitations to bow the knee to the Baal of the hour are still kept under lock and key. Mr. Chamberlain himself is taking a mournful holiday in the United States, pursued across the Atlantic by the menacing shadow of the coming inquiry. In South Africa the Rev. John Mackenzie, from his retreat at Hankey, has addressed President Kruger a letter such as an old prophet of Israel might have written to one of the kings of Samaria. Mr. Mackenzie appeals to President Kruger in his own theological dialect, to do justice to the Uitlanders and so to lay the foundation of a united community. But when the President is asked to throw away "all prejudice and all evil counsel ” he naturally thinks of Dr. Leyds, and the odds are heavy that of him as of many a famous ruler

in times past it will be said, “ he [August 5, 1896. is joined to his idols, let him alone.”

Note in this connection a curious. prophecy made in Natal last month to the effect that the President's career will come to a violent end in the month of December-bis murderer, it is predicted, being a Dutchman. Threatened men live long, and the publication of this prophecy, which was at once communicated to President Kruger, will probably be the best means of preventing its realisation.

Crossing the sea to our Indian Empire, I pa note an unwelcome rumour that the oft in defeated medical police are dreaming

of utilising the ascendency of the present


The old Cobra



The Royal


Government to restore the C. D. Acts for the benefit of the Indian army. It is a familiar conspiracy which, like an old cobra, though scotched, has not been killed. Lord George Hamilton seems to hanker after that forbidden fruit, and in the Recess it is understood that an attempt will be made by means of cooked statistics to prove that a sanitary millennium will be attained when Her Majesty provides one medically-certified native subject of her3 and sister of ours as the communal wife of each score or hundred soldiers maintained in India. But the Unionist Administration will hardly venture to undertake the official championship of the sacred cause of State-patronised prostitution-especially when the official scribes of the conspiracy do not even pretend there was an increase of admissions to the hospitals of more than 6 per 1,000, or less than one per cent., from that cause in 1895. It would save the AngloIndian doctors much labour if they would understand that “ No Thoroughfare” has been posted up once for all by the British public across the road which they persist in trying to re-open.

The zealots of sanitation who would

immolate with indifference the principle Commission of liberty and the obligations of morality Vaccination for the off-chance of an infinitesimal

improvement in the mortality returns have just received a damaging blow from the report of the Vaccination Commission. Fifteen men—with never a woman among them, after the usual non-human custom in this country-were appointed seven years ago to inquire into the working of the Vaccination Acts. Of the fifteen at least ten were confirmed advocates of vaccination. The doctors exultingly predicted that the AntiVaccinationists would find that they were hoist with their own petard, and that a Report strongly recommending compulsory vaccination and re-vaccination might confidently be expected. The Royal Commission reported last month, but not in that sense. While strongly affirming the advantages of vaccination, they unanimously condemn the present practice of sending to gaol parents who have conscientious objections to the vaccination of their children, or even of subjecting them to fines for non-compliance with the Act. And they do this in the interest of vaccination itself. “When the law imposes a duty on parents, the performance of which they honestly, however erroneously, regard as seriously prejudicial to their children, the very attempt to compel obedience may defeat the object of the legislation.” Therefore they recommend that no one should be punished

for not vaccinating his children if they either satisfied a local authority that they honestly objected to vaccinatio:1, or made a statutory declaration to that effect. This recommendation will probably arrest all prosecutions now pending, even before the law has been altered. It is a notable utterance, which will bear fruit in every Englishspeaking land. •

The Jubilee report of the Commissioner: Increase of Lunacy records an unprecedentel

of increase in the numbers of officially certiLunacy.

were fied lunatics. Of those not so certifiedincluding, it is to be feared, no small proportion of the officials themselves—no record exists. In England and Wales on January 1st, 1896, the number of officially certified lunatics was 96,446, an increase of 2,363 in the twelve months. In the last twenty years the number of pauper lunatics has increased by 53 par cent. From these figures some misleading conclusioais have been drawn. It is extremely doubtful whether lunacy is really increasing amongst us. What is increasing is the disposition on the part of poor people to send their insane relatives to an asylum. And as our asylums are year by year becoming more comfortable, he would be a lunatic indeed who would keep hi demented relatives at home instead of sending them to be much better looked after in a public institution. Yet this growth of humanity on the part of our authorities, and decay of irrational prejudice on th3 part of our poor, both indications of increasing sanity, combine to produce what is a statistical demonstration of the increase of lunacy.

The Local Government Board have issue:? Improvement a circular to the Boards of Guardians

of our throughout the country, intended to Workhouses.

estimulate the present tendency to make the workhouse a desirable refuge for desirable inmates. The Board are desirous that special attention shouldbe given to this matter by the Guardians and their officers in order that, as far as possible, those persons whose circumstances have compelled them to enter the workhouse, but who are known to be of good conduct and to have previously lol moral and respectable lives, should be separated from the who from their habits of speech or for other reasons are likely to cause them discomfort. It is suggested that they should have a separate day-room for men and women, that they should be allowed more visits from their friends, that the should have special privileges in paying visits outside, and that they might be permitted to attend their own place of worship on Sunday. Separate cubicles might also be permitted. The Boarul do not favour any difference in dietary or in


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