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Morton, Dr., Eliz. W. Morton on, McCI, Sept.
Mosquitoes, L. (rwell on, W R, Sept.
Mountaiueering: Climbiug Mont Blanc in a Blizzard, by Garrett Serviss,

PM, Sept.
Municipal Government: The Fallacy of Municipal Ownership of Franch ses,

by F. M. Loornis, Eng M, August. Music Halls, Ernest Newman on, Free R, Sept. Napoleon I., W. M. Sloaue on, CM, Sept. Naiural History (see also Zoological Gardens, Birds, Butterflies, Mosquitoes,

Dogs, Cats, Tigers, Seals; Plant-Life; Fishing, Sport; and Contents of

Natural Science, Science-Gossip): Prebistoric Quadrupeds of the Rockies, H. J. Osborn on, C M, Sept. Nature and Natural Law: The Return to Nature, by E. Carpenter, H, Sept. Naries (see also Contents of the Journal of the Royal United service Institu

tion and United Service Magazines): The Romance of Torpedo Boats, by G. E. Armstrong, PMM, Sept.

A Cruise in a Submarine Torpedo-Boat in 1900, by F. T. Jaue, GoW, Sept. Sezroes, see uuder Race Problems. New England, see Coutents of Vew England Jagazine. Vew Mexico, J. R. Spears on, Chaut, Aug. Newman, Cardinal, Aubrey de Vere on, N C, Sept. Nightingales, see under Birds. Xornandy, Rev. J. W. Bowman on, Y M, Sept. Northumberland, Sir Wemysy Reid on, NC, Sept. Nottingham : The Young Men of Nottiugham, by Arthur Jee, Y M, Sept.

Optimism, by Hon. Lady Ponsonby, NC, Sept.

Palestine: The Cradle of Christianity, by Dr J. Wells, Sun M, Sept.
Pamirs, Hon. G. N. Curzou on, G J, August.
l'aris, see under France.
Parliamentary (see also articles under Electoral, Conservative i arty,

l'olitics) :
The Last Chapter of Party History, Black, Sept.
The Leader of the House of Commons, F R, Sept.

Voting Supplies in the House of Commons, by M. MacDonagh, CJ, Sepi. Passion Play at Selzach, Canon Rawusley on, Black, Sept. l'atterns, A. E. Farman and G. Clarke Nuttall on, GW, Sept. Pellico, Silvio, Dr. W. Robertson Nicoll on, Sun M, Sept. Pepys, Samuel, Mac, Sept. Perisciana, by J. P. Gilmour, Free R, Sept. Phelps, Eliz. Stuart, McCl, Sept. Philosophy (see also Optimism):

On Inductive Morality, by Marchese Nobili-Vitelleschi, N C, Sept. Photography, see Contents of Photogram, Wilson's Photographic Magazine. Pbrenology, see Contents of Phrenological Magazine. Physical Geography:

Waves, by Vaugban Cornish, K, Sept.

The Great Sea-Waves in Japan, by Prof. J. Milne, G J, August.
Pitt, Wm., Prof. Dicey and W. E. Gladstone on, CR, Sept.
Plant Life (see also Vegetables and Contents of Science Gossip):

Among the Trees, by Ana C. Brackett, Harp, Sept.
Some Curious Facts in Plant Distribution, by W. Bütting Hemsley, K, Sept.

The Affinities of Flowers, by F. Oswald, K, Sept.
Plate : Old Silver, T. S. Woolsey on, Harp, Sept.
Poetry :

Poetry for Cbildren, E. V. Lucas on, FR, Sept. Political Economy: Altruism in Economics, by W. H. Mallock, F, August. Politics (see also Parliamentary, Conservative Party): The Ethics of Statecraft, by A. Seal, W R, Sept.

The Decay of Party Government, by Frederick Greeuwood, CR, Sept.
Positivism, see Contents of Fositivist Review.
Preaching : Reminiscences of Preachers, by A. C. Baildon, Scots, August.
Protection and Fair Trade: Imperative Free Tra le, R. Ewen on, W R, Sept.
Psychology: The Essence and Dynamics of the Soul, by C. W. Heckethurn,

H, Sept.
Face Problems (see also Articles under Africa):

The American Indian Sign Language, W. H. Wassell ou, Chaut, August.

The Awakening of the Negro, by B. T. Washington, A M, Sept. Racing: The Prince's Derby, Str, August Respiration, C. F. Townsend on, K, Sept. Koals in the Country, by F. French, Scrib, Sept. Rome, Ancient,- Diocletian and the Massacre of Christians, Prof. W. M.

Ramsay on, CR, Sept. Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, Janet Harper on, W R, Sept. Rujini, Marquis di, Ouida on, F R, Sept. Rural Life: The Training of the Labourer, by Frances Bac Nab, T B, Sept. Kussia, Tsar of, Coronation of, Bishop Mandell Creighton ou, C, Sept.

Sicily: Brigandage in Sicily, Mac, Sept.
Social Butterflies, by Mrs. Aubrey Richardson, H, Sept.
Social Purity: Our Modern Magdalenes, by Dr. Hardern, H, S pt.

Some Town Problems, Sun H. Sept.

The Molern Sosialistis Craze, by Res. R. H. Howard, Al R, August.
Society, Evolution of, Julia Wedgwood on, CR, Sept.
Somaliland, see under Africa.
Spain :
*In Distressful Spain, C J, Sept.
Midsummer in Southern Spain, by Mrs. E. R. Penpeli, C M, Sept.

Aragon the Fair, by Charles W. Wool, Arg, Sept.
Spain, King of, A. Lynch on, E I, Sept.
Spencer, Herbert, E. H. Parker on, Free R, Sept.
Spiller, Jemmy, W. J. Lawrence on, GM, Sept.
Spiridion, St., Rev. F. Hastings on, Sun H, Sept.
Sport (see also Fishing, Tiger-Hunting, and Contents of Badminton Jagazia,

Notes from a Sportsman's Journal, Mac, Sept.

Sport in au Untouched American Wilderness, by F. Irland, Serib, Sept.
Steveuson, R. L., W.J. Dawson on, Y M, Sept.
Stowe, Mrs. Harriet Beecher,
Burton, Richard, on, C M,

Sept. Knobe, Bertha D., on, AIR, August. Ward, J, H., on, F, August.

The Story of “Uncle Tom's Cabin," Charles D. Warner on, A M, Sepł. Sunday Question: The Present Situatiou of Sunday Opening, by Frekri

Peake, WR, Sept.
Sutherlaud. Duke and Duchess of, Mary S. Warren on, W H, Sept.
Tattooing of the Maoris, A. Bence Jones op, P M, Sept.
Telegraph Monopoly in the United States, by Prof. Parsons, A, August
Tenuysou's Women, by E. Parsons, Chaut, August.
Theatres (see also Passion Plays):

The Cambridge “A. D. C.," A. H. Marshall on, PMM, Sept.
Tiger-Hunting in Borneo, by J. T. van Gestel, Lipp, Sept.
Torpedoes, see uuder Navies.
Turkey (see also Armenian Question, Cretan Qnestion):

The Dawn of English Trade with Turkey, by W. J. Hardy, G W, Sept.
Constantinople afier the Crimeau War, CW, August.
Tyler, Royall, American Journalist, S. A. Beaton, NEM, August.
United States (see also Articles under Anthropology, Race Probleus, Enin

tiou, Marriage, Universities, Telegrapli, Lighthouses, Natural lisas,

Institutional Church of America ; and Califoruia, New Mexico):
The American Crisis, by-

Lloyd, T., Nat R, Sept.
Peel, George, Nat R, Sept.

Tritton, J. H., Nat R, Sept.
Inperative Reasous for Republican Controi, by-

Cullom, S. M., F, August.
Morrill, J. S., F, August.

Porter, Gen. H., F, August.
Issues and Prospects of the Presidential Campaign, by W. E. Chandlere!

Josiah Quincy, NAR, August.
The Election of the President of the Unite 1 States, J. B. McMaster on, AL

The Morning of a New Day in America, by G. C. Hill, A, August
The Natural History of “Fiatism," by Frei. P. Powers, Lipp, Sept.
The Justices of the Supreme Court, by Dr. D. II. Wheeler, Chaut. 45
The Silver Question, C. S. Thomas on, A, August.
American Currency Cranks, by W. R. Lawson, CR, Sept.
The Problem of the West, F. J. Turner 01, A M, Sept.
Is the West Discouteuted ? by J. E. Bennett, A, August.
The West and the East in the United States, by-

Dyke, T. S. van, F, August.

Gleed, C. S., F, August.
Universities :

The Origin of Oxford, by A. F. Leach, Nat R, Sept.
Dr. Johnson in Eighteenth Century Oxford, by E. B. Parry, L H. Sept
German Universities, Dr. A. R. Crook on, Chaut, August.
The Next American University, by Prof. W. MacDonald, F, August.

Vegetable Imports, R. H. Wallace on, C J, Sept.
Volunteers :

Can Volunteering be made Popular? by F. Dolman, Lud, Sept.
The Training of a Volunteer, F. J. Lamburn ou, PM. Sept.

Saintsbury, Prof. George, A. Waugh on, Bkman, August.
Samoa: German and English Iuterests in Samoa, by J. F. Rose-Soley, W R,

Sanitation, see Contents of Public lealth.
Satire and Satirists, T B, Sept.
Schlaugenbad, W. B. Gardner on, PMM, Sept.
Scott, Sir Walter, Dr. W. Robertson Vicoll on, Sun M, Sept.
Scottish Literature: Two Ayrshire Ballads, George Eyre-Todd on, GM, Sept.
Seals, Sir C. H. Tupper on, Nat R, Sept.
Shakespeare and Montaigne, by J. M. Robertson, Free R, Sept.

At Sea, by Martin Morris, N C, Sept.
Building an Atlantic Liper, by J. F. Fraser, WM, August.
The Atlantic Greyhound of the Future, J. H: Biles on, C FM, Sept.
Ou the Safe Conduct of Ships in Fog, by Lieut. W. Jobuson, L H, Sept.

Washington, General, W. Wilson on, Harp, Sept.
Waves, see under Physical Geography,
Wellington, Duke of, and Assye, Major-Gen. F. Maurice on, C, Sept.
Westminster Abbey, see under Churches.
White, Gilbert, H. P. Palmer on, TB, Sept.
Whittier, J. G, B. 0. Flower op, A, August.
Wimíugtou, G. Clinch on, E I, Sept.

The War of the Sexes, by J. P. MacCorrie, CW, Angust.
The New Woman in the Olden Time, by Mrs. Orpen, Ata. Sept.
The Amazous of Eugland, by Lady V. Greville, P M, Sept.
La lies of Glasgow, by Marianne E. Hunter, W H, Sept
Colonial Danies and Their Daughters, by Sally N. Robius, Fr L, Sept.

The Eoglish Ranchwoman, Long, Sept.
Yachting : Cantinental Yachting. Black. Sept.

Zoological Gardens, C. J. Cornish on, C, Sept.

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Fry's Cocoa

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Are made from Selected Fresh Fruits and Refined Sugar

Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES AND SONS, LIMITED, Stamford Street and Charing Cross, and Published for the Proprietor by TIORACE MASO

AND SON, at 1221 Fleet Street. E.C.-September. 1896:27
MX 1
Wors, JO7X IAD DO T&Co., Gent sertisement Offices, Bauries. Bad

cet street. Tandom

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Removed from 50, 52, 54 & 56, HIGH STREET, KENSINGTON, and OFFERED BY



62, 64, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, and 79,




HIGH BACK ARM CHAIR, polisbed Chippendale mabogany colour, seat and back upholstered in silk tapestry and finished with brass nails, £1 15s. Od.


In Pink on Ivory,
Single Set, 2s, 1id.

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