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his usual fire, although some of his suggestions he must have felt a pang as he thought of the bitter seemed hardly up to the mark of tho national distress the Bull has brought to Lord Halifax, passionate indignation.

. . and all those deluded but excellent persons who walk . The 'arrest of Tynan, the Irish con- in a vain show, and spend their lives trying to con-- No. 1. spirator, who boasts that he was No. 1 vince themselves and every one else that the Reforma

in the gang that assassinated Mr. Burke tion in England was not intended to make a breach and Lord Frederick Cavendish, created a momentary with Rome. The Pope, being an honest, brave man. sensation which soon passed. Tynan and some who thoroughly understands his own position, has put confederates appear to have come to Europe from his foot down upon all that nonsense with an

the United absolutely inexorable decision. No one can read the States for the Bull in which he traced with calm but inflexible logic purpose of the successive steps which severed the Anglican directing from Church from the Roman communion without admirasecure head- tion. If the Church Association still exists, and quarters at Ant- is keenly alive to its own interests, it should reprint werp a new this Bull on Anglican Orders and circulate it broadCampaign of cast in every parish where the clergyman manifests Dynamite for leanings towards Rome. It would, of course, be a the liberation of very great thing and much to be desired, if Romans, Ireland. Tynan Anglicans, and Greeks would agree to form one fold and all his and reconstitute the unity of Christendom. But party were regu- there is no sense in pretending that things are what larly shadowed they are not, and it is the first step towards a good by the police, understanding and a working arrangement, call it who displayed modus vivendi or what you please, that each comsomewhat of munion knows exactly where it stands, and indulges

that sleuth. in no hallucinations concerning its identity, with P. J. TYNAN.

hound instinct other communions. Lord Halifax's mission to the

of which there Vatican was merely the last step of a long series, all is more in novels than in Scotland Yard—until, the intended to demonstrate, at any rate, a beginning of moment having arrived, they were all arrested. Tynan this unity with the Roman Church. But the Pope, was at Boulogne, his lieutenant was in Glasgow, other at least, is more loyal to the Reformation than many confederates were seized in Belgium and Holland. It of those who are its professed children. He points is not yet known whether Tynan can be extradited. out the changes that were made in the Prayer Book The Phenix Park affair was a political crime, at the time of the Reformation, insists upon the sig. and political offenders cannot be extradited. Tynan's nificance of the alterations, and re-affirms, in the most arrest and exposure have, however, done more to uncompromising fashion, the judgment previously discredit and efface him than his conviction and pronounced by the Vatican, that Anglican Orders are imprisonment could accomplish. For he stands absolutely and utterly null and void. From the revealed to every one as a drunken blatherskite point of view of the Latin Church, the much and blunderer, the last man in the world to boasted Holy Orders of the Anglican clergy are direct a real dynamite campaign. The free run worth no more and no less than the "orders," of the saloon which his renown as No. 1 secured whatever they may be, of any dissenting preacher him all these years has in the end been his in the land. undoing

When this attempt to realise Christian

If ever a stalwart Evangelical Protes-

Unity on a false basis has failed, foiled The Pope que tant felt disposed in his life to cry“ God

by the plain commonsense and strict Anglican Bless the Pope," it must have been when

renes. regard for historical truth which charache perused the Pope's letter on Anglican terise the present Pontiff, another effort to promote Orders. At the same time, unless the Evangelical Christian reunion is meeting with better success. Protestant had even less of the milk of human kind- I refer to the movement for the Federation of the ness in him than is the allotted share of each mortal, Free Churches of Great Britain. The movement is











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Bir Muratu.




m alement

Suardano .,

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but of yesterday, and yet already there are 270 the festivities. Roumania lies like a long breakCouncils of Federation formed in various parts of water of Latin rubble between the Slavonic seas in the United Kingdom. The Secretary calculates Russia and the Balkans. that there are 8,000 of the Free Churches now

What would it cost, I wonder, to have

The federated together. This result is very satis Occupation similar navigable. canals through the factory. The extreme dissidence of dissent and of cataracts of the Nile? If all the money the reluctance of every Little Bethel to recognise its Buite spent in Soudan wars had been used unity with the conventicle across the way belongs to for that purpose, Khartoum would at this moment be a bygone age. Now, at least, Nonconformists are as accessible to civilisation as Cairo. Unfortunately, learning to find a boud of union in Nonconformity the soldier and not the engineer is still the pioneer which is likely to bear good fruit. This winter along the Upper Nile. Last month the soldier, it special meetings are to be held throughout the must be admitted, did his work effectively enough. length and breadth of the land. Missions, aiming at distinctly

5MCLISM MILES spiritual work, have been under

0 20 400 so

Korcska taken in many places, a Non


--,-. Tracks and routes conformist catechism is being com

mod Dry Watercourses

Wells piled, and in short the Noncon

* Engagements

O Guitivated Lond, formists of this country are begin


Hilly Ground ning to realise that they will be

***** New Frontier of

Egyptian Territory more successful if they act as a unit instead of squandering their strength by remaining as so many grains of sand.

... DESE AT The Iron Last month witnessed Gates. the official ceremony

Absarat . com which advertised to the world the successful completion of the great engineering undertaking which has freed the Danube from its iron Her er herrian expensted by Dervishas kepe wenye

de Monte Abu Hamed gates. A canal, five miles long,

DARI Moerat has been blasted out of the rocky

homona Tin Workest bed of the river, rendering it possible

" Birten DAR ROATA for steamers to pass up and down

Abu Eglo with safety, where formerly the passage could only be made with the utmost difficulty and danger.

hotell Six years' constant labour sufliced to rid the channel of obstructiɔns

W na Bir Gakdul BERBER? which have been the dread of sailors for a thousand years. But the

Abu Kleaf Kabati chief importance of the operation lies in the fact that it increases to Austria the importance of her

Gubat Shendi great Danubian waterway, the

en mouths of which are the Bosphorus

Naga (ruins)

CATARACT and the Dardanelles. The significance of the event was emphasised by the reception accorded to the

Kerseri Molfixed. To Gos RejeoEmperor-King in Roumania, and

Omdurmano KHARTUM by the not less notable omission to invite the Prince of Bulgaria to


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General Kitchener with his river steamers and the unshaken confidence with which Mr Rhodes has 16,000. men of the Egyptian army struck his succeeded in inspiring the Rhodesians. It is told in long expected blow at the Khalifa's force. The the school-books as a proof of the indomitable faith battle, if such it can be called, was fought on of the Romans in the ultimate triumph of the September 19th. The Dervishes held the west bank Republic that the ground on which Hannibal's army of the river, which they had lined with rifle was encamped found a ready purchaser in Rome pits and protected by artillery. General Kit in the darkest hours of the Republic's misfortunes. chener and his army were on the eastern bauk The same faith abounds in Rhodesia. There also out of range. The gunboats,

they never despaired of the Readvancing, were met with a

public. The price of real estate storm of shot and shell. The

in the regions overrun by rebels latter, however, did not burst,

has not fallen. Values, indeed, being carefully served without

have gone up during the war. fuses by the gunners, who were

Speculators in “Stands ” in Bulacaptives in chains compelled to

wayo have sold for thousands what work the guns by threats of in

last year they bought for hundreds. stant death. The boats replied

Neither rinderpest nor rebellion and retired, then advanced and

has shaken the faith of these retired again, watched mcan

pioneers in the value of the land while with eager impatience by

which Mr. Rhodes saved for the the army compulsorily inactive

Empire. But the Rhodesians, on the other bank. After a

black and white alike, know no time a ford was discovered by

other king but Rhodes. His which it was found possible to

prestige seems to shine all the carry a battery of artillery to an

brighter in Bulawayo because of island in midstream which com

the clouds which overbang it manded the Dervishes' postion.

elsewhere. Its arrival decided the fight.

President Kruger is After a few rounds the Der

Grand Turk as little amenable as vishes, whose leader had been

of Abdul Hamid to the wounded, were in full flight, and


mia representations of the the road to Dongola was clear.

friends of freedom. He keeps his The gunboats went on at once,

two captives under lock and key, and were speedily followed by

he has spent nearly a million General Kitchener and his men,

sterling over arms and munitions who are now in occupation of

of war, and he is securing laws the fertile province, within three

from the Rand which will enable hundred miles of Khartoum.

him to gag the press, to banish Their arrival was hailed with From the Cape Times.) (ep:enabe. 23, 1895. every Englishman whom ho

8. every Englishman whom he dis

"PEACE HATH HER VICTORIES NO LESS enthusiasm by the natives, who

trusts, and to confiscate to an

RENOWNED THAN WAR." have been harried for years by the

indefinite extent the property Khalifa, and General Kitchener felt so secure that he of the goldminers of the Rand. For the present at once sent the South Staffordshire regiment back we must just grin and bear it. We have made suffto Cairo. What he will do next he himself will cient mistakes to deter us from action. It is now the decide, and the success he has already achieved turn of the Boer to make the inevitable blunders will probably tempt him to feel southward to which will enable us to recover lost ground. The Khartoum.

more he oppresses the Uitlander, the more chance It would seem probable that we shall be there is of that interesting settler asserting his rights Mr. Rhodes. at Khartoum before Mr. Rhodes gets with resolution, and, if need be, by revolution. But,

through to Uganda. The Matabele are, for the present, we must play a waiting game. however, surrendering, and Rhodesia will before long Colonel Rhodes and the officers convicted of aiding be as tranquil as Natal. Marvellous indeed has been and abetting the insurrection have been permitted to


retire from the army with allowances. But we have Committee of Missionaries, both Catholic and Pronot heard the last of their case. They did not cross testant, who are to act as a kind of tribunitian board the Transvaal frontier of their own motion. The for the natives, to report any misdeeds on the part Acting Administrator of Matabeleland, who was for of the officials, and generally to promote the interests them the representative of the Imperial authority, of humanity. It is quite charming. Here is the ordered them in, and they went in all good faith, State appealing to the Church to keep an eye on the believing they were but the vanguard of the red-coats administration in order to prevent its officials pracwho were to consummate the union of South Africa. tising the cruelties of the savages they were appointed

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They were mistaken, no doubt, but they had no meanz to civilise. The Roman bisnop is Chairman, and the of knowing that the Home Government was mis- Jesuit and Baptist sit side by side. Would that represented by its own representatives.

Parliament would give a charter to the ministers of and It is satisfactory to see that, at last, the religion in every town in this land to act as a Church and

Stat in King of the Belgians, moved by the permanent corporation charged with the duty of Congoland. autor

outcry of the civilised world against the keeping our local administrators up to the Christian atrocities of which his agents on the Congo have standard. King Leopold has at least taken a step been guilty, has taken steps to check their repetition towards the realisation of the reunion of ChristenHis expedient is ingenious. He has appointed a dom in his African Empire.

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Weather. After a summer of extraordinary sunshine and brightness, last month was extremely wet. A long-continued downpour of rain has ruined the harvest in many districts, and I regret to hear very bad news from Ireland as to the result of this inclement weather. The rain and the wind came together with almost unprecedented violence, and it was felt all the more, coming, as it did after a summer of almost unprecedented brilliance. We escaped the tornados, which rent Paris and Savannah, but we had all the · wind and rain we could do with, and a little and a little From the New York Journal.]


The Associated Chambers of Commerce, seems likely to become denser the more minutely There at their meeting last month, poured cold the field of knowledge is surveyed. Union. water upon Mr. Chamberlain's scheme.

It is satisfactory to see that Lord On the other hand, it has met with .. Aberdeen Aberdeen has had the courage to brave sympathetic support from Mr. Laurier, the new and the wrath of Sir Charles. Tupper and Premier of Canada, who, however, gives a prior, per: the retiring Ministers rather than place in his programme to a reciprocity treaty with consent to the scandalous and colossal conglomerate the United States.

of indefensible jobs with which they proposed to The Meeting of the British Association leave office. A reasonable amount of patronage and The at Liverpoo

at Liverpool last month passed without promotion within the limits of the law and tradition Association, notable or sensational incident. Sir is allowed to outgoing Cabinets, but Sir Charles

Joseph Lister, the president, devoted Tupper's proposals passed all bounds, and Lord his address, as was right and natural, to a sketch Aberdeen vindicated his office by refusing to assent of the progress made in medicine and surgery by to them. The Governor-General no doubt tends to the discovery of antiseptics—a discovery with which approximate to the position of an English monarch, his own name is honourably associated. Mr. but at present he is still invested with the functions Flinders Petrie read a paradoxical paper maintaining of an umpire in a cricket match. He is bound to that reading and writing, instead of being the great see fair play between parties, and Lord Aberdeen's instruments of culture, were responsible for the action, although it provoked an outcry from the crippling of the mind. The scientific picnic of the defeated jobbers, will be approved by the sobel year has seldom yielded less amusement for the second thought of the English-speaking race. general public, and one feels more and more the The contest for the American Presidency continues lack of a lucid intelligible survey of the progress with unabated vigour, but as I quote at considerable of scientific discovery in all fields. Science is so length my American colleague's account of the specialised and scientists tend to become such situation it is unnecessary to enter upon that field Brahmins that the ignorance of the average man here.



Sir C. Tupper


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