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France (see also Articles under Napoleon I., Napoleon III., Canada, Mada

gascar, Women): The French Republic, by Prof. C. M. Andrews, Chaut, Oct. The Present State of Politics in France, by L. C. R. Duncombe-Jewell,

M, Oct.
England, Russia, and France, by T. H. S. Escott, FR, Nov.
French and English, Mac, Nov. .
The Tsar in France, by " A Spectator," New R, Nov.
The Tsar's Visit to Paris, by Vicomte E. M. de Vogüé, Cosmop, Sov.
France and War, by Capt. A. Court, USM, Nov.
The Geographical Position of France, by Prof. C. F. A. Currier,

Chaut, Oct.
The Field of the Cloth of Gold in Ardren, by F. Watt, Lud, Nov.

Family Life in France, by E, Harrison, LH, Nov.
Gallus, Caius Cornelius, T. Mommsen on, Cosmop, Nov.
Genius, Sophia McClelland on, A, Oct.
Geography, (see Contents of Scottish Geographical Magazinc)
Geology (see also Contents of Geological Magazine, Journal of Geology):

The Phosphate-Rock Deposits of Tennessee, by L. P. Brou, Eng M, Oct. Germany:

The Rise of Protestantism in Germany, by J. M. Stone, M, Oct.
Across Germany, by Gabriel Monod, Cosmop, Nov.
In the Black Mountains, Long, Nov.
A Sunday in Königsfeld, Black Forest, by Dr. J. Monro Gibson, Sun H,

Gladstone, W. E.,

Gladstone the Theologian, by “ Macrobius," Free R, Nov.

Mr. Gladstone's “ Studies on But'er," see Butler (Bishop)
Goncourt, Edmond de, Heuri Frantz on, F, Oct.
Grand, Mdme. Sarah, Letter of, LR, Nov.
Grant, General, H. Porter on, CM, Nov.
Groot, Gerbard, the Great, by M. T. Kelly, M. (. t.
Grubb, Sir Howard, Interview, by W.G. Fitztierald, Str, Oct.
Gunpowder Plot:

Abbott, 0., on, EI, Nov.
J. G. M. on, M, Nov.
Urquhart, F., on, C, Nov.
Halifax, George Savile, First Marquis of, and His Works, Miss Foxcroft on,

EH, Oct.
Hauna, Marcus A., Murat Halstead on, RRA, Out.
Harcourt, Sir William, H. D. Traill on, CR, Nov.
Harmsworth, Alfred C., Interview, Ei, Nov. 1
Helps, Sir Arthur, Essays of, J. Wilcock on, Man @
Hill, David, Rev. T. Richard on, Sun H, Nov.
Hird, Ben, Mac, Nov.
Holdsworth, Miss Annie E., Interview, Sun M, Nov.
Holland (see also Dairy-Farming):

Behind Dikes and Dunes, Black, Nov.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Life and Letters of, LQR, 0.t.
Homeric Warfare, by Prof. J. B. Bury, Nat R, Sov.
Honduras, British, Mac, Nov.
Hood, Thomas, J. Mortimer on, Man Q, Oct.
Horace in English, by C. Cooper, GM, Nov.
Hort, Dr., and the Cambridge School, LQR, Oct.
Housing of the People in Great Cities, CW, Oct.
Hughes. Rev. Hugh Price, Mrs. S. A. Tooley on, TM, Nov.
Hugo, Victor, Esme Stuart on, Scot R, Oct.
Hypnotism : Educational Uses of Hypnotism, by Dr. R. Osgood Mason, NAR.


Labour (see also under Women :
Arbitration in Labour Disputes, by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Webb, NC.

The White-Lead Workers of Newcastle, R. H. Sherard on, P M. Nov.
Lace-Making in Buckingbamshire, T. E. D. S. on, Ata, Nor.
Lamarck, J. B. P. A. de M. de, Wm. Seton on, CW, Oct.
Landor, Walter Savage, Poetry of, C. E. Tyrer on, Man Q, Oct.
Languages, Prof. Mabaffy on, NC, Nov.
Law (see also Contents of Index Library, Juridical Review):

Leaders of the Bar, Str, Oct.

Famous Trials, J. B. Atlay on, C, Nov.
Lee, Gen. Robert E., Sally N. Robins on, Fr L, Nov.
Liberal Party (see also Rosebery, Lord):

The Liberal Leadersbip, Prog R, Nov. .
The New Liberalism :

Haldane, R. B., on, Prog R, Nov.

Wallace, R., ou, Prog R, Nov. Libraries, see Contents of Library. Lighthouses : The Building of Minot's Ledge Lighthouse, by C. A. Lawrence,

NEM, Oct. Lincoln, Abrabam, Ida M. Tarbell on, McCl, Nor. Lincolu Palace, by Rev. A. R. Maddison, Sun M, Nov. Literature, see Articles under Languages, Books, Poetry, Fiction, Journalism

Periodicals, Criticism, Copyright, American Literature, Italian Literature,

Scandinavian Literature.
Local Taxation, by E. Cannan, Nat R. Nov.
Locality, Sense of, J. Weir, Jr., on, Lipp, Nov.
Locker-Lampson, F., LQR, Oct.
Lockhart, John Gibson, Black, Nov.
London Life, (see also Condition of the People, Water Supply):

Round the London Restaurants, by W. J. Wintle, W M . Oct.
Lytton's (Edward Bulwer, Lord) Biok “The Last Days of Pompeii," and Its

Japanesque Elements, by E. W. Clement, A, Oct.

Frauce's Task in Madagascar, by F. Taylor, NAR. Oct.
Madagascar as a French Colouy, by Capt. Pasfield Oliver, Cosmop, Xov.

Madagascar and the Malagasy, by Mary Titcomb, Fr L, Nov.
Magee, Archbishop, Dean Farrar on, CR, Nov.
Mahomedanism: The Creed of the Sultan, by T. Davidson, F, Oct. ,
Mammals, see under Natural History.
Manning, Cardinal, and Purcell's “ Life," Rev. George Tyrrell on, M, Sor.
Maroma, see under Fishing.
Married Women's Property in Anglo-Saxon Times, by Miss Entrian,

Eng WR, O t.
Matches, J. Holt Schooling on, PMM, Nov.

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Marshall, under Astronoming on, PMM

Idols, Str, Oct
Immortality : The Conditions of Life after Death, by Mrs. Besant, NC,

Income Tax: A Graduated Income Tax, by J. Burns, WR, Nov.
India (see also Articles ander Education, Medicine; and Contents of India,

Indian Magazine and Review):
Old Memories of the Indian Vutiny, by Gen. Sir Hugh Gough, PMM,

Calcutta and Bombay, Robert Machray on, PM, Nov.
My Indian Plunder, by Julian Ralph, Scrib, Nov.
India-Rubber Gatherers, R. W. Cater on, CJ, Nov. .

Land Purchase in Ireland, by George Fottrell. N C. Nov.
The Orange Conspiracy of 1688, by Miss A. Shield, DR, Oct
Belfast, by J. E. Archibald, Lud, Nov.

A Week in Ireland, by J. Shaylor, GM, Nov.
Italian Literature: Politics in Recent Italian Fiction, Black, X
Italy (see also under Prisons):

The Literary Landmarks of Florence, by Laurence Hutton, Harp, Nov.. !
Jaffa and Its Orange Industry, by R. Palmer, CJ, Nov.
James I., Coronation of, Guy Le Strange on, Scot R, Oct. i ** *
Japan: Commercial Morality in Japan, by B. Young, N C. Nov.
Jerusalem Chamber, by E. D. Morris, PÅ R, Oct.
Jews (see also Articles under Education, and Contents of Jewish Quarterly

Review) :
Hebrew Parallels, by “Chilperic,” Free R, Nov.
Jones, James K., W. J. Abbot on, RRA, Oct.

Practical School of Journalism, Ata. Nor.
Journalism from the Interior, Scot R. Oct.

Punch and Cousin Jonathao, by M. H. Spielmann, CFM. Nov. • The Peking Gazette and Chinese Pusting, by E. H. Parker, Long, Nov. Königsfeld, see uuder Germany.

Marshall, Horace, W. T. Steal on, Y M, Nov.
Maupassant, Guy de, Geoffrey Mortimer on, Free R, Yov.
Medicine (see also Bacteriology, Vaccination, Hypnotism):

Hindustani Doctors, by W. W. Ireland, Scots, Nov.
Mendicancy: Beggars' Tricks, by T. Artemus Jones, W M , Oct.
Middle-Agel, Bishop Boyd-Carpenter ou, TM, Nov.
Milk, see under Dairy-Farming.
Missions (see also Contents of Church Missionary Intelligencer, Missionary

Are Our Christian Missionaries in India Frauds ? by Rev. J. H. Mueller.

A, Oct.
Monasteries and Monastic Life:
Woman under Monasticism, LQR, Oct.
The Three Abbeys of Leystone, by H. M. Doughty, GM, Nov.

The Story of Selborne Priory, Mac, Nov.
More, Sir Thomas, Q R, Oct.
Morris, William,

Bell, Mackenzie, on, FR, Nov.
Crane, Walter, on, Prog R, Nov.
Dennis, J., on, LH, Nov.
Great Thoughts on, G T, Nov.
Municipal Government (see also Birmingham, Glasgow under Scotland):

Municipal Reform, by W. H. Tolman, A, Oct.
Town Life Three Centuries ago, by Rhys Jenkins, GM, Nov.

GM, Nov. '
Nansen, Dr. F., see under Arctic Exploration.
Napoleon I., Unpublished Papers of, Cosmop, Nov.
Napoleon III., Unsigned Article on, ER, Oct.
Natural History (see also Birds, Dogs, Deer, Panthers, Snakes, Oysters,

Fishing, Sport, Plant Life, etc.; and Contents of Irish Naturalist,

Journal of Microscopy, Knowledge, Natural Science, Nature Notes);
The Geography of Mammals, by W. L. Sclater, GJ, Oct.
The “Sense of Direction " in Animals, by Charles Dixon, L H, Vor,

Animal Curiosity, by A. H. Japp, Os, Nov.
Xavies (see also Contents of United Service Magazines):

The Strength of the Navy, by H. W. Wilson, FR, Nov.
Manding the Navy, Black, Nov.
The Naval Weakness of the United States, by W. L. Cathcart, Cas M

The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Lieut.-Com. J. Kelley oa,

PMM, Nov.
Nelson, Admiral Lord (see also Trafalgar (Battle of));

Our Great Naval Hero, by Clark Russell, EI, Nov.

How Nelson lost His Arm, by Randolph Murray, PM, Nor.
Nethersole, Miss Olga, Interview, by P. C. Standing, Lud, Nov
Newcastle, Duchess of, Robert Machray on, PM, Nov.
New England, see Contents of Yew England Magazine,
New York (see also Chinese Question, Women):

Election Day in New York, by E. Ingersoll, CM, Nov.

Rossetti Family, LQR, Oct.
Royalty (see also Queen Victoria, Wales, (Princess of):

Some Unmarried Princesses of Europe, by Laura A. Smith, Ata, Nov. Russia :

Russia and Europe, by E. J. Dillon, CR, Nov.
England, Russia, and France, by T. H. S. Escott, FR, Nov.

In “Holy Russia,” Black, Nov.
Russia, Empress Catharine II. of, W. Knox Johnson on, FR, Nov.
Russia, Tsar Nicholas II. of,

The Tsar in France, by “ A Spectator," New R, Nov.
The Tsar's Visit to Paris, Vicomte E. M. de Vogüé op, Cosmop, Nov.

Nietzsche, Friedrich, and the Ideals of Anarchy, Q R. Oct.
Nordau, Dr. Max, Interview, H. Nov.
North Pole, see Arctic Exploration.
Nose Improvers, by L. S. Lewis, Str, Oct.
Olympic Games, see under Athletics.
Onslow, Speaker Richard, Q R, Oct.
Opium Traffic in California, by F. J. Masters, Chaut, Oct.
Organari, Passing of, by H. A. Vachell, PMM, Nov.
Orient (see also Armenia, China, etc.):

Pictures of the Orient, by Arthur Fish, C
Oxford, see under Universities.
Oysters at Brightlingsea, by A. H. Japp, Arg, Nov.
Palestine, see Jaffa, and Contents of Palestine Er ploration Fund,
Panther-Shooting in Central India, by Capt. C. J. Melliss, Scrib, Yoy.
Paris, see nnder France.
Parliamentary (see also Liberal Party, Politics, Woman Suffrage):

The Country and the Ministry, ER, Oct.
Lord Rosebery's Resignation, see Rosebery (Lord).
Thorougb Parliamentary Reform, by F. A. White, W R, Nov.

The Commons at Work, by M. MacDonagh, TB, Nov.
Parnell Charles S., William O'Brien on, CR, Nov.
Pasteur, Dr. Louis, C. M. Aikman on, TB. Nov.
Pauperism and the Poor Law: Old Age Relief Law in Copencagen, by Miss

Edith Sellers, Nat R, Nov. Pawnbroking, Municipal, CJ, Nov. Payn, James, Interview, by Rev. I. Harris, G T, Nov. Pembroke, Mary Sidney, Countess of, W. H. Davenport Adams on, Ata,

Nos. Periodicals: Magazine Editors and Contributors, by F. M. Bird, Lipp, Nov. Persecuting Spirit, B. 9. Flower on, A, Oct. Petöfi, Alexander, Jessie D. Montgoinery on, TB, Yor. Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, Antobiographical, Mcci, Nov. Philanthropy : The Social Pbilosophy of Charity Organization, by John A.

Hobson, CR, Nov.
Philosophy, see Contents of Metaphysical Jagazine, Mind, Monist.
Photography (see also Contents of Photogram, Wilson's Photographic

Magazine) :
The Camera and the Comedy, by A. Black, Scrib, Nov.
Phrenology, see Contents of Fhrenological Magazine.
Physical Geography: Waves, by Vaughan Cornish, K, Nov.
Physics, see Contents of Physical Review.
Plant-Life (see also Willows):

Self-Protection in Plants and Flowers, by W. Johnson, P M Q, Oct.

How Plants Spread, by T. H. Kearney, Jr., St N, Nov.
Plimsoll, Samuel, J. M. Ellicott on, St N, Nov.
Political Economy, see Contents of Economic Review.
Politics, (see also Liberal Party, Rosebery (Lord), Parliamentary, Foreign

Policy. Woman Suffrage, etc.):
The Growth of British Policy, LQR, Oct.
Sentiment in Politics, by Frederick Greenwood, Cosmop, Nov.

Politics and Public Opinion, by “X,"PMQ, Oct.
Population : The Depopulation of England, by Dr. S. A. K. Strahan, H, Nov.
Positivism, see Contents of Positivist Retiewo.
Post-Office, see Contents of St. Martin's-le-Grand.
Pottery: Porcelain, by Mary Spencer Warren, CFM, Nov.
Pretoria, see under Africa.
Prince Edward Island, see under Canada.
Princeton College, see under Universities.

Insanity in Prisons, by B. C. Molloy, Prog R, Nov.
Female Prisoners, by Major A. Griffiths, W M, Oct.

Italian Prisous, by Sir Edmund F. Du Cano, PMM, Nov.
Protetion and Fair Trade : Untaxei Imports and Home Industries, by W. F.

Eeroyd, Nat R, Nov.
Psychical Research, see Contents of Borderland.
Psychology (see also Contents of American Journal of Psychology):

Soul Evolution, by J. F. Clark, A, Oct.
Punch, see under Journalism.
Pyrenees: The Vallée d'Aspe, by J. C. Graham, G W, Nov.
Queen Victoria's Social Influence, by Lady Jeune, Os, Nov.
Race Problems: The Indian Territory in the United States, by A. Hendricks,

Lipp, Nov.

The Eogine-Driver Talks, by H. Macfarlave. E I, Vov.
Three Phases of American Railroad Development, by II. G. Pront, Eng M,

Sanitation, see Water, etc.; and Coutents of Public Health, Sanitary Journal.
Scandinavian Literature:
Contemporary Scandinavian Belles-Lettres, by R. Nisbet Bain, Cosmop,

Scandinavian Poets, L. A. Salomé on, Cosmop, Nov.

Poetry of the Skalds, W. A. Craigie on, Scot Å, Oct.
Scotland (see also Fishing):

The Kingdom of Fife, ER, Oct.
Mar, Q R, Oct.
Eighteenth Century Glasgow, by J. Reid, Scots. Yov.
Sutherland Folklore, by F. Rinder, Scot R, Oct.

A Summer Tour in the Scottish Highlands, by T. L. James, Cos, Oct.
Scott, Sir Walter, Unpublished Letters of, GOP, Nov.
Selborne Priory, Mac, Nov.
Servant Questiou : Mistresses and Servants, by Mrs. Boyd Carpenter, Y W,

Seth, Professor, and Mr. Balfour, by “Democritus," Free R, Nov.
Seychelles, Dr. A. Brater on, GJ, Oct.
Shakespeare (see also under Theatres):
Shakespeare in Frauce under the Old Régime, by J.J. Jusserand, Cosmop,

Shakespeare's “ Julius Cæsar," Montagu Griffin on, Ir M, Nov.
Shelley, Percy B.,

The Idealism of Shelley, by 'Florence E. Hobson, Free R, Nov.

Shelley and Verlaine, by Alice L. Wilson, P L, Sept.
Shipping (see also Vavies, Yachting, Lighthouses; and Contents of Yautical

Neglected American Shipping, by A. R. Smith, N AR, Oct.
Sailor. V.C.s, Str, Oct.


the Englia Mytholosuces, Janon, RRA:

Sicily and the English Occupation, TB, Nov.

Syracuse and Sicilian Mythology, by T. Kay, Man Q, Oct.
Signboards and Their Reminiscences, James J. Doherty on, M, Oct,
Simon, Jules, Baron Pierre de Coubertin on, RRA, Oct.
Snakes in Florida, by R. G. Robinson, Lipp, Nov.
Social Laxity, by May S. King, Eng W, Nov.

Socialism defined, by A. Hamon, Free R, Nov.

The Present Socialist Position, by R. D. Melville, WR, Nov. Sorabji, Miss Cornelia, a Pioneer in Law, Eng WR, Oct. Soudan, see Egypt and the Soudan. Spain : The Ruins of Pobl t, by Charles W. Wood, Arg, Nor, Sport (see also Dogs, Deer-Hunting, Fishing; and Contents of Badminton

Magazine, Outing):
Big-Game Hunters, by F. Steel croft, Str, Oct.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, Memorial to, H. B. Baildon on, Scots, Nov.
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, Hon. Mary C. Leigh on, PM M, Nov.
Stuart, Lady Arabella, and the Venetian Archives, ER, Oct.
Suakim, see under Egypt and the Soudan.
Sunday Question: The National Federation of Sunday Societies, by Dr. R.

Spence Watson, WR, Nov.
Superstition, Nora Hopper on, Ata, Oct.
Sutherland, see under Scotland.
Sweden, King Oscar of, Prof. H. Hjärne on, F, Oct.
Swift, Benjamin, Bkman, Oct.
Symonds, John Addingwn, H. D. Bateson on, Man Q, Oct.

Teneriffe, see uuder Canary Islands.
Theatres :

"Cymbeline" at the Lyceum, R. Warwick Boud on, FR, Nov.

Stars That have set in the Theatrical World, Lud, Nov.
Theosopby, see Contents of Lucifer.
Tirebuck, Wm. E., Interview, by the Editor, G T, Nov.
Tortures: Thumbikins and Piluiewinks, by A. Baxter, Scots, Vov.
Trafalgar (Battle of), (see also Nel-on (Lord),):

Trafalgar and To-day, by II. W. Wilson, Nat R. Nov.
Turkey (see also Armenia and Armenian Question, Cyprus Convention):

Turkish Mis-Government, W. S. Blant on, NC, Nov.
La Turquie et Son Souverain, by D. Kélekian, Ń C, Nov.
The Value of Constantinople, by Spenser Wilkinson, Nat R, Nov.

The Turkish Embassy in London, by J. F. F., EI, Nov.
Turkey, Sultan of, and Mahomedanism, by T. Davidson, F, Oct.
Turkistan: Takla-Makan Desert, Chinese Turkistan, Dr. Sven Hedin on,
GJ, Oct.

Railroading in the Rocky Mountains, by Cy Warman, Mcci, Yoy. Randolph, Anson Davies Fitz, E. Mix and W. M. Paxton on, PRR, Oct.

Ireseut Evolution of Man": A Reply, FR, Yov, Pepplier, Agnes, Lelia H. Bugg on, CW, Oct. Roodesia, see under Africa. Richardson's (Samuel “ Pamela," Helen Shipton on, MP, Nov. Richelieu, Cardinal, J. B. Perkins on, Chaut, Oct. Romanes, Prof. George John, R. Hind on, PMQ, Oct. Rorke, Miss Kate, Interview, by Baroness von Zeulitz, Eng W, Nov. Posebery, Lord, (see also Liberal Party): Lord Rosebery's Second Thoughts on the Armenian Question, by “ Diplo

maticus," FR, Nov.
Lord Rosebery's Resignation :

Dicey, Edward, on, FR, Nov.
Conservative M.P. on, Nat R, Nov,

Unsigned Article on, Black, Nov.
The Liberal Leadership Prog R, Nov.

United States (see also Articles on American History, American Literature,

Books, Journalismu, Universities, Clubs, Municipal Government, Race Problems, Chinese Question, Opium, Navies, Shipping, Lighthouses, Rail

ways, Geology, Birds, Alaska, New York, etc.): United States Politics, by Thomas B. Reed, NAR. Oct. The United States Electoral System, by Bishop S. M. Merrill, N AR, Oct. The American Ballot, by H. H. Lusk, F, Oct. The Rise of the National Democracy,” by E. G. Dunnell, RRA. Oct. The Domivant Idea of American Democracy, by Prof. F. X. Thorpe, Harp, Nov.

Universities (see also unler Education):

The Function of a University, by G. W. Prothero, Scot R. Ot
Universities in the Middle Ages, Ch Q. Oct.
A College Progress, Mac, Nov.
St Mary Hall, Oxford, by W. K. Stride, GM, Yor.
American Universities and Colleges, by G. H. Settleton, Fr L. Ser.
Princeton College, New Jersey, by Prof. J. G. Hibben, F, 01.
Princeton after One Hundred and Fifty Years, by W. M. Daniela, RRL

Vaccination, Prof. Sir T. Grainger Stewart on, Black, Nor.
Vaughan, Sather Jerome, by "One Who knew Him," Black, Xor.
Verhaeren, Emile, Mrs. V. M. Crawford on, FR, Nov,
Verlaine, Paul, and Shelley, by Alice L. Wilson, PL, Sept.

Wales, Princess of, Childhood of, LR, Nov.
Ward's (Mrs. Humphry) Norel, "Sir George Tressa ly." H. D. TIL

FR, Nov.
Warwick, Countess of, on Her Plaisaunce, LR. Yor.
Washington, George, Woo irow Wilson ou, Harp. Nos.
Water-Supply of London, by Hon. Lionel Holland, Nat R, Nor.

Water-supply of physical of Cosmop, Vot.

United States-continued.

How Presidents are made, by A. Holden Byles, Cosmop. Yor.
How the President of the United States is elected, by Wm. Clarke, Y M,

How a Presidential Campaign is manage 1, by George F. Parker, CR, Nov.
Presidential Campaign, 1996:

Donald, R., on, Lud, Nor.
Frewed, Moreton, on, Nat R, Nov.
Unsigned Article on, Prog R, Nov.
Mckinley or Bryan, by Theodor Barth, Cosmop, Nov.
The Republican Candidates, C. Bissell ou, Fr L, Nov.
The Ship of State Adrist, by Andrew Carnegie, NAR, O.t.


BS, Oct.
Finance, etc.,

Money and the Masses in America, Q R 0.t
The Financial Crisis in America, by Mrs. V. W. Martin, H, Nov.
The Single Gold Standard, by W. G. Sumner, Chaut, Out.
Free Silver v. Free Gold, by Prof. F. l'arsons, A, Oct.
What American Free Coinage means, by,-

Harrison, Benjamin, F, 0t.
King, Edward, F, Oct.
McCall, John A, F, Oct.
Stahl, John M., F, Oct.
The Question of Free Coinage of Silver in the United Statez, by E. W

Bemis, BS, Oct.
The Free Coinage of Silver, by Gen. J. B. Weaver, Chaut, Oct.
If Silver Wins the Election, by,-

Clark, W., NAR, Oct.

Windmiller, L., NAR, Oct.
What the Remonetisation of Silver would do for the Republic, by J. P.

Jones, A, Oct.
Silver Politics across Seas, by E. J. Shriver, W R, Nov.
Silver--a Money Metal, by J. T. Morgan, A, Oct.
Silver Money in the United States, by W.E.C. Wright, BS, Oct.
A Hindrance to the United States Foreign Trade, by T. R. Jernigan,

NAR, Oct.
Wby American Industry languishes, by H. A. Herbert, NAR. Oct.
America's National Policy and the Industrial Outlook, by C. Mills, Eng

M. Oct.
Banks of Issue in the United States, by Prof. W. G. Sumber, F, Oct.
An Arraigoment of American City Architecture, by E. C. Gardner, Eng M,

Seaside Life in America, by Francis H. Hardy. C. Nov.
The Perils and Wonders of a True Desert, by Capt. D. D. Gaillard, Cos,

An American Holilay, by Rev. J. C. Greenhough, T M, Nov.

Wellington, Duke of, Uupublished Papers of, Cosmop, Yor.
Wbist in America, by “Cavendish," Scrib, Nor.
White's (A. D.) “History of the Warfare of Science with Theologs, Pat

A. Macalister on, Crit R, Oct.
Willows, Grant Allen on, Long, Nov.
Women (see also Articles under Education, Marriage, Clubs, le

Monasteries, Servant Question):
Dual Suffrage, by Mrs. E. Q. Norton, A, Oct.
Of Women in Assemblies, by Mrs. McIlquham, NC,
The Woman Question, Grant Allen on, H, Nov.
Women and the Factory Acts, Eng WR, Oct.
The Rise of Women's Conferences, by A. Amy Bulley, Eng W, Vor.
Woman under the English Law, ER, Oct.
Woman and Motherhood, by Miss C, S. Bremner, H, Nos.
" Chrystal, the Newest of Women,” by A. H. Coleman, Free R, Nor,
The Modern Woman Out-of-Doors, by Anna W, Sears, Cos, Oct.
Should Women Flirt? by Annie S. Swan and Others, W H, NG,
Women Bachelors in New York, by J. Chandler Harris, Scrib, Vor
A Group of Eminent French Women, by E. L. Didier, Chaut, 01.
Women's Meetings in Finland, by Baroness Gripenberg, Eng W R. O1

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wwmmmmmmmmmm Bakers recommending another Bread in place of "HOVIS” do so for their own profit. BEWARET

min If any difficulty be experienced in obtaining HOVIS," or if what is supplied as HOVISis not satisfactory, please write, sending sample (the cost of which will be defrayed), to S. FITTON & SON, Millers, MACCLESFIELD.


The U. Baker or Grocer for "HOVIS" FLOUR

se. Packed in Bags of 31 and 7 lbs.


"STRONGEST AND BEST, Pure Concentrated

Pure Concentraci



Purchasers should ask specially for FRY'S Pure Concentrated COCOA, to distinguish it from other varieties manufactured by the Fire.





Bottles, 1/11, 1/8, & 2/3,
Bottice: 1 h mit 2. PASTE



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THE ONLY CHEAP AND GOOD SAUCE FOR SOUPS, GRAVIES, &c. Sold in Bottles, 6d., 1s. & 2s. each.

Proprietors :


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SONS, LIMITED, Stamford Street and Charing Cross, and Published for the Proprietor by HORACE

AND SON, at 123, Flect Street, E.C. - Norember, 1896.

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