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tragedy were all supplied from life. The pen of the authoress has been dipped in her own heart's blood, and her page is blotted with many tears. The scene between the stainless but human wife and her guilty husband is original and almost unique. For the wife to remind the husband that she also is a creature of like passions with himself, and that she, although equally tempted has, neverthless, not slipped, is a mode of proceeding which in olden days would have been deemed utterly inconceivable. But in Miss Brooke's hands the scene is conceivable enough, and infinitely more true to nature than the usual interview between icicled virtuo and lawless passion.

abundant means to support children, should be unable to find some among the great crowd of unwanted little ones to supply the blank in their hearts and homes occasioned by their having no children of their own.

If there exists a woman of means, or a few women of means, who would take up this work, which you hare proved to be really needed, and who could carry it on under more convenient conditions than arc possible in a publisher's office, where much other work is being done, they would be abundantly rewarded. This practical experiment proves the need and success of the work which can be done. Even the case which opens up the vista of possible difficulties in the future was perfectly bonâ fide. The foster-mother took the child from pure motherly love. Very likely she thought that if there was a child in the home her husband would b: attracted from his gambling; but gambling is such a vice that, when once it lays hold of a man, neither wife nor child can stay the victim in his downwarii path. The little girl thus unmoored is likely to find a still better home with clients who have been waiting a long time for a child to suit them,

I do hope you will lay it on the heart of some woman or women, who are able to rise to the human sympathy required to carry on this work, to take it up where you are obliged to lay it down. You can commend the work to the loving care and co-operation of women, having proved what can be done.


TO BE DISCONTINUED. I am sorry to have to announce that next year I shall not continue the Baby Exchange. The risks are to) great. I have made an honest attempt to see if it were possible to act as intermediary between the owners of superfluous babies and childless homes. I have proved its possibility, and there can be no doubt as to the urgent need for some such agency. But the sudden and unexpected return of one of the adopted children on my hands, owing to the adopting father, whose character had been vouched for by unimpeachable authorities, falling before temptation and losing his means of livelihood, compelled me to reconsider the position. I have no hospital or institution to serve as temporary resting-place for the inevitable percentage of “returns." Yet some such home, it becomes more and more evident, is indispensable for the proper working of the Exchange. I have, however, other work to do than founding and managing such an institution. Neither have I any desire to find myself after a time saddled with the sole responsibility for the maintenance and e lucation of unwanted babies whose parents have disappeared, and whose adopted parents, despite all legal undertakings to the contrary, return the adopted child upon my hands.

Hence, although I shall continue from time to time to arrange for the adoption of such children as are already on offer, I shall not in future advertise the Exchange or endeavour to extend its operations. As I have already said, the risk is too great.

The following is the report handed me by the laly managing the Exchange as to the net result up to date :

In the fourteen months we have carried on the work systematically we have got thirty-five children, i.e., nineteen girls and sixteen boys, successfully adopted. These children fave been adopted by true lovers of children, who have taken them as their own children purely for love's sake. Therefore one hundred and five people have been benefited-seventy foster parents and thirty-five children. Even if we deduct the few unmarried people who have adopted children—and they are very few, not more than five-we still can count that the Fones of sixty-five people have been brightened, and a hundred lives benefited for life, by the work of the Baby Exchange. That is not a bad record for fourteen months.

In the course of this time we have had one hundred and twenty-two applications for children from fo:ter parents, and one liundred and sixty-five children on our books. The reason we have not been able to satisfy the cravings for children of more of these would be parents, is the immense amount of Correspondence involved in each case, als) the confidential nature of the work, which co the work to be entirely done by the one person put in charge of it.

That the work nee is doing, and is absolutely good, when done as it has been done by this bureau, is abundantly proved by this department in the short time it has been in existenco It seems shocking that people who have loving hearts and

THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD “CAUCUS.” Caucus” is one of those words which everybody uses, but of which very few can tell whence it has come. An explanation of its origin is given in the New England Magazine for November, by C. W. Ernst, who writes of “ words coined in Boston." That mint of speech seems to have been early active.

It will be news to most of us that Massachusetts, which was, from 1634 to 1684, a Commonwealth, in name and fact, was the first civil government on earth to call itself by that name:

Ten years later, in 1619, Cromwell and England followed the precedent of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and an Act of Parliament made England “a Conmonwealth anl a Free State."

AN EIGHTEENTH CENTURY TRADE UNION. The famous word which has become so current in politics arose about the middle of last century :

The finance debate of the forties, when the Land Bank tried a hand at the issue of paper money, occasioned the word erurus, which has become a part of the English language. To express contidence in the bills of the Land Bank, Sam Adams, the father of the patriot, organised a labour meeting. The mechanics of those days were generally paid in what we call store orders. To get their wages in money, if only in paper bills, seemed attractive. So the calkers formed a labour union and trust,—the word trust is theirs,-binding themselves under a penalty for the performance of their agreement,” which was to the effect that they would tako wages in merchandise or money only, money to include the notes of the Land Bank. This novel trust was perfecte i on Sunday, February 8, 1710, old style, and duly announc d in the papers of the time. The effect may be imagined.

A labour union was a novelty in Boston ; a labour trust occasioned something like consternation, particularly as it undertook to sustain the ominous Land Bank. Under British law, such a trust was a crime. To get rid of the Land Bank, which was at the bottom of all this oftending, the Boston merchants appealed to Parliament for relief, and obtainel it. Yet the calkers held together, and their cast-iron agreement became a by-word for any agreement from which there was no receding. The phrase "calkers' agreement” was carried into politics, and by 1760 we read of “the old and true Corcas," meaning the mechanics, also of the new and grand Corcas," meaning a committee of merchants who had adopted the method of the calkers. By 1763 we find the present spelling of caucus, the origin of the term falling into oblivion.


[For Complete Index to the Contents of November Magazines, see the “Monthly Index to Periodicals."

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Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in this Index, which is limited to the following periodicals. A. C. Q. American Catholic Quarterly Review, F.


N. Sc. Natural Science.
A. H.
American Historical Review.
Fr. L. Freck Leslie's Popular Monthly.

Naut. M. Nautical Magazine.
A. A. P. S. Annals of the American Academy of Free R. Free Review,

N. E. M. New England Magazine.
Political and Social Science.
G. M. Gentleman's Magazine,

N. I. R. New Ireland Review.
Ant. Antiquary,
G. J. Geographical Journal.

New R. New Review.
G. 0. P. Girl's Own Paper.

New W. New World.
G. W. Good Words.

N. C. Nineteenth Century.
Ata. Atalanta.
G. T. Great Thonghts.

N. A. R. North American Review.
A. M. Atlantic Monthly.
Harp. Harper's Magazine.

Os. Osborne.
Bad M. Badminton Magazine.
Hom. R. Homiletic Review.


Bank. Bankers' Magazine.


P. E. F. Palestine Exploration Fund.
B. S.
Bibliotheca Sacra.


P. M. M. Pall Mall Magazine.
Black. Blackwood's Magazine.

I. L.
Index Library

P. M. l'earson's Magazine.
B. T. J. Board of Trade Journa).
I. J. E. International Journal of Ethics

Phil. R. Philosophical Review.
Bkman. Bookman.
I. R. Investors' Review,

P. L. Poet-Lore.
Ir. E. R. Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

P. R. R. Presbyterian and Reformed Review.
Can. M. Canadian Magazine.
Ir. M. Irish Monthly

P. M.Q. Primitive Methodist Quarterly Review. C. F. M. Cassell's Family Magazine. Jew, Q. Jewish Quarteriy.

Psy. R.

Proceedings of the Society for Psychical
Cas. M. Cassier's Magazine.
J. Ed. Journal of Education.

C. W. Catholic World.
J. Micro. Journal of Microscopy.

Prog. R. Progressive Review.
C. M. Century Magazine.
J.P. Econ. Journal of Political Economy.

Psychol R. Psychological Review.
C. J. Chambers's Journal.

J. R. A. S. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society. Q.J.Econ. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Char. R. Charities Review.

J. R. C. I. Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute. Q. R. Quarterly Review. Chaut, Chautauquan.

J. R. V. Journal of the Royal United Service Q. Quiver. Ch. Mis. I. Church Missionary Intelligencer.

S.I. Institution.


Reliquary and Illustrated Archæologist.
Ch. Q. Church Quarterly.
Jur. R. Juridical Review,

R. R. A. Review of Reviews (America).
C. R.
Contemporary Review,
K. 0. King's Own.

St. N. St. Nicholas.


Sc. G. Science Gossip
Cos. Cosmopolitan.

L. R.
Lady's Realm.

Sc. P. Science Progress.
C. H.
Country House.
L. H. Leisure Hour.

Scots. Scots Magazine.
Crit. R. Critical Review,
Libr. Library.

Scot. G.M. Scottish Geographical Magazine.
D. R. Dublin Review.
Lipp. Lippincott's Monthly.

Scot. R. Scottish Review,
Econ. J. Economic Journal.
L. Q. London Quarterly.

Scrib. Scribner's Magazine.
Econ. R Economic Review.
Long. Longman's Magazine

Str. Strand Magazine.
E. R. Edinburgh Review.
Luc. Lucifer.

Sun. H. Sunday at Home.
Ed. R. A. Educational Review, America.
Lud. Ludgate.

Sun, M. Sunday Magazine.
Ed. R. L. Educational Review, Londou.
McCl. McClure's Magazine.

T. B. Temple Bar.
Eng. M.
Engineering Magazine,
Mac. Macmillan's Magazine.

T. M. Temple Magazine.
E. H. English Historical Review.
Man. Q. Manchester Quarterly.

Tom. To-Morrow.
E. I. English Illustrate 1 Magazine.
Mind. Mind.

U.S. M. United Service Magazine.
Eng. W. English woman.
Mis. R Missionary Review of the World.

W.R. Westminster Review.
Eng. W.R. English woman's Review.
Mon. Monist.

W. M. Windsor Magazine,
Ex. Expositor.


W. H. Woman at Home.
Ex. T. Expository Times.
M. P. Monthly Packet.

Y. R. Yale Review.
F. L. Folk-Lore.
Xat. R. National Review,

Y.M. Young Man.
F. R. Fortnightly Review.

Y.w. Young Woman.
Abyssinia, see under Africa.

Arnold, Matthew, G. Le Grys Norgate on, TB, Dec.
Advertising: The Evolution of the Poster, by Agnes C. Sage, Lipp, Dec. Arts and Crafts, see Glass, Pottery.
Africa (see also Egypt, Egypt and the Soudan, Tunis):

Asia Minor: A Journey in the Valley of the l'pper Eupbrates, by V. W. The Italian-Abyssinian Treaty, by F. Harrison Smith, U S M, Dec.

Yorke, G J, Nov.
President Krüger ; White Man's Africa, by Poultuey Bigelow, Harp, Des. Athletics (see also Cycling):
The Native Problem in South Africa, by W. F. Bailey, Nat R, Dec.

Athletes, by Hon. R. H. Lyttelton, MP, Dec.
Zanzibar, Sun H. Dec.
Agriculture (see also Articles under Cvited States):

Blfour's (A. J.) “ Foundations of Belief,” Prof. St. G. Mivart on, A CQ, Oct Causes of Agricultural Unrest, by Prof. J. L. Laughlin, A M, Nov.

Barrie's (J. M.) Book, "Sentimental Tommy": Alaska : Notes on the Yukon Country, by Alex. Begg, Scot G'M, Nov.

Greenwood, Frederick, ou, Bkman, Nov. American History, see Contents of American Historical Review.

Munro, Neil, on, Bkman, Nov.
American People (see also Women):

Unsigned Article on, Black, De:.
American Provincialism, by Caroline M. Beaumont, Bkman A, Nov. Passompierre, François de, Charles Whibley on, New R, Dec.
Anagrams, A. Iokersley on, Lipp, Dec.

Baudelaire, Charles, C. E. Meetkerke on, G M, De..
Arbitration, International, see Peace and Disarmament.

Benson, E. F., Interview, by R. Blathwayt, G T, Dec. Arc, Joan of, Andrew Lang on, EI, Dec.

Bethlehem, see under Palestine. Archæology, see Articles under Greece (Ancient); and Contents of Antiquary, Bible and Biblical Criticism (see also Contents of Expository Times, Komiletic Bye-Gones.

Review): Architecture, (see also Contents of Architectural Record, Architectural Review, Can We have an Infallible Revelation ? by Rev. T. E. Allen, A, Nov. Architecture):

Jesus and the Apostles, by Prof. J. R. Bucbanan, A, Nor.
The Cantilever as applied to Building Construction, by J. B. Pobinson, What Language did Christ speak? by Mrs. A. S. Lewis and Wm. H. Ward,
Eng M, Nov.

CM, Dec.
High Buildings in the Unite:1 States, by A. L. A. Himmelwright, N AR, Bible Printing and Distributing, CJ, Dec.

Bible in Schools, Religious Education :
Arctic Exploration : Dr. Nansen's Adventures in the Farthest North, by Cyrus Denominational Schools and the Government, by Rev. J. Frome Wilkinson,
C. Adams, Mc CI, Dec.

Nat R, Dec. Armenia and the Armenian Question (see also Articles under Turkey):

The Education Bill from the Old Nonconformist Standpoiut, by H. M. The Immediate Future of Armenia, by W. K. Stride, F, Nov.

Bompas, F R, Dec.
Armenian Exiles in Cyprus, by Emma Cons, C R, Dec.

Bimetallism, see under Finance.
Armies (see also Articles under Peace and Disarmament, Volunteers; and Birds (see also Article under Duck-Shooting):

Contents of Journal of the Royal United Service Institution, United Service Birds and Man, by W. H. Hudson, Long, Dec.

Sea-Birds at Home, by R. B. Lodge, W M, Nov.
The Justification of Martial Law, by G. Norman Lieber, NAR, Nov.
Socialism and Militarism, hy R. Seymour Long, W R, De:.

Bismarck, Prince, see under Germany.
The Colonel and His Command, by Julian Corbett, A H, Oct.

Hickling Hall, Norfolk, Rev. A. H. Malan on, P MM, Dec.
The Royal Military College, Sandhurst, by “ A Cornet of Horse," PMM Bloadin; Interview, by W. B. Robertson, C FM, Dec.

The Army Medical Department, Black, Dec.

A Raid among Books, Black, Dec. Armitage, Dr. T. R., A. Hirst on, Sun M, Dec.

On the Selling of Books, by J. Sbaylor, N C, Dec.

Bose, Prof. J. C., M. Griffith on, PM, De..
Boston, Mass. H. Harting on, TB, Des.
Bottle Exchange, by W. Owler, WM, Xov.
Braly, Dr. Maziere, J. Coleman on, Ir M, Dec.
Bray, Rev. Thomas, and His American Libraries, by Bernard C. Steiner,

AH, Oct.
Bread Question, by T. G. Read, Free, R, Dec.
Breakwaters, et.., hy G. E. Walsh, Lipp, Dec.
Brightou Society, Mrs. Sarah A. Tooley on, L R, Dec.
British Association of 1896. (see also Geograplıy):

* Scotus" on), Free R, Dec.
Brontë, Charlotte, azi Clement K. Shorter's Book, Mrs. Alie Meynell on,

Bkman, Nor.
Browning, Mrs., Letter of, LH, Dec.
Brummell, Beau, A. I. Shand on, C, Dec.
Bullock, Shan F., Y M, De..
Burns, Robert, and R. L. Stevenson, John M. Robertsou on, Free R, De'.
Burton, Lady Isabel, Margaret Lenox ou, Cos, Nov.

California (see also Contents of Orerlan 1 Monthly):

Our Great Pacific Commonwealth, by W. E. Smythe, CM, De:
Canada, see Contets of Canadian Jagazine.
Canary Islands:

A Second Day in Teneriffe, by Mary Cholmondeley, MP, Dec.

Impressions of the Canary Islands, by Hannah Lynch, G W, De..
Canterbury l'ilgrims, by Caleb len, H, De.
Carriages, Horsele--, -Motor Carriages and Cycles, by G. R. Fleming, GW,

Çatholic Church (see also Vatican; and Contents of American Catho'ic

Quarterly Review, Frisk Ecclesiastical Recor):
The l'ope and the Auglicans, by --

Catholicu" CR, Dec.
Lates, Rer. T., CR, Dec.
The Roman Church in French Fiction, Mac, De..
Cattle Trade : Tbe Veat-Market, Lud, Dec.
Charity, see l'hilanthropy.
Chi dieu (see also Arties under Hospitals, Home: an! Shelters):

Children's sense of Fear, by Mary J. Harrison, A, Xov.

Some Peking Politicians, by Prof. R. K. Douglas, N C, Dec.
Secret Societies in China, Black, Des
Chinese Humbug, br E. H. Parker, CR, De
l'ersonal Recollections of the Tai-l'iag Rebellion, by Gen. E. Forester, Cos,

Chinese Houses, Laura B. Starr on), Cos, Nov.
Cloaie, Rufus, W. Everett on, N EM, Xov.

De emler 25th, by Rev. H. C. Beeching, C. Dec.
(om near Nowell, by Nora Hopper, Ata, De..
('bristmas in the Olien Time, by A. W. Jarvis, G W, De
A Midle-English Vativity l'lay, by J. Corbin, Harp, Dec.
hur h of England;
The Pope and the Angli ans, by

“Catholi us," C R, Der

Lices, Rev. T., CR. Dec.
Church Reform, by A. G. Bostaven, Nat R, Dec.

Some Famous Primates, by Rev. 1. Fowler, Q, De'.
(hurches: Sunday Morning in Westminster Abbey, by Kate M. Warren,

Sun M. De..
Classís, see content of Classical Reriew.
Clubs: The Bohemiaa Club, by Harry Furniss, PM, De::
Colonies :
The Functions of a Colonial Guveruor-General, by Hon. W. P. Reeves,

Nat R, Dec
A Stuly in Colonial History. Mac, Dec.
Conte, Auguste, W. H. Schoff 01, A APS, Sov.
Constantinople, see under Turkey."
Copyright at Home, by 11. Morris Colles, Bkman, Nov.
Cornaro, Helena, Annie S. Bailey op, ACQ, Oct.
Cross's (Victoria Novel “ Paula," W.M. G. ou, Free R, Dec.

Motor Carriages and Cycles, by G. R. Flemiug, G W, Dec.
Cycling for Ladies :
Linton, Mrs. Lynn, ou, L R, Dec.

Malmesbury. Susal, Countess of, on, LR, De:
Our Girls A-Wheel, by Miss N. G. Bacon, GOP, De..

Death: Despat-hes, by J. Holt Schooling, P M M, De..
Deer, Barbara C. Finch ou, MP, Des.
District Messenger System of Londou, C J, De.
Dogs (see also Fos-Hunting):

Noiable Dogs of the Chase, by "St. Bernard,” GW, Dec.
Dress :

Some Triumphs of Faucy Dress, by J. Malcolm Fraser, PM, Dec.

How to Spent Five l'housand a Year, by “Mrs. Aria," WH, Dec.
Drew, Dorothy, and Mrs, Miss Hul·la Frie lerichs on, Y W, Dec.
Druidism, T. H. B. Grabam on, G M, Dec.
Duck-Shooting: Wild Ducks and Tame Decoys, by H. Sears, Harp, Dec
Duels of All Nations, by James Pemberton-Grund, C, Dec.

Education (see also Bible in Schools, School Board of London, Universities;

and contents of Educationai levicus, Educational Times, Hand and Eye,

Journal of Education, Parents' Revier):
The Salisbury Gorernment and the E-lucation Problem, by John J. O'Shea,

ACQ, 0.t.
The Local Support of Exlucation, by T. J. Macnamara, N C, Dec.

Elucation continued.
Another Phase of the New Eiuration in tbe United States, by Gertrude

Buck, F, Sov.
Elward the Confessor, hy Bishop Creighton, C, Des.
Egypt: A Page from the Diary of a Lotus-Eater, by E. F. Benson, F R. Tec.
Egypt and the Soudan: Campaigning in the Sou iau, by H. C. Seppings

Wright, EI, De:.
Ele:toral (see also Articles un ler Parliamentary, Woman Suffrage):

Election Trials in Great Britain, by Sir Charles W. Dilke, N AR, Nor.
Electricity (see als) Contents of Engineering Magazine):

Ele tricity Direct from Coal, by Dr. W. Jacques, Harp, Dec.
Eliot, Johu, J. de Normandie on, NEM, Nov.
Emerson, Ralph Walio, Wit and Humour of, by H. D. Lloyi, F, Nov.
Emigration, Inmigration : Immigratio'i and Crime in the Unite i States, by

11. H. Hart, AJ Soc, Nov.
Engineering, see Contents of Cassier's Magazine, Engineering Magazine.
English History (see also Articles uuder Druids, Elwari the Confessor,

Reformatiou, James I., Gunpowder Plot, George III., Indiau Mutiny):
The Events and Causes which led to tbe Invasion of Euglaud, by William of

Normandy, by M. Hennessy, A CQ, O.t.
Epitaphs, I. A. Taylor on, N AR, Nov.

Abstract and Practical Ethics, by J. H. Muirhea I, A J Soc, Nos.

Work and Morality, by Wim. Ferrero, F, Nov.
Europe: A Plea for the Study of the History of Northern Europe, A. C.

Coolidge, A H, Oct.
Field, Kate, Lilian Whiting on, A, Nov.
Finance (see also Savings Banks, l'rotection, United States ; and Contents of

bunkery Magazine, Boarel of Trade Journal, Yule Rerire):
Conditions for a Souud Financial System, by E. 10. Colington, F, Nov.
The ludustrial Effects of Financial Isolation, by L. G. McPherson, Eng M,

National or International Bimetallism, by D. Archibald, Tom, Yor.
Mouey and Investments, CR, Des.
The Commercial War between Germany and Euglan l, by B. H. Thwaite,

NC, Des.
Ethics of sto k Watering, by T. ( Fren year, A APS, Vor,
Fire: Fighting the Fire-Damoa, by A. E. Baser, Q, Nor.

lu Firework-Land, by W. J. Wintle, WM, Nov.

Pictures in Fireworks, by W. G. Fitzgerall, Str, Vor,
Florida: The Settlement of St. Augustiue, by T. A. Cook, PMM, Dec.
Food Supply, see Bread, Cattle Traile.
Foreign Policy, see Turkey, Armenia, Peace and Arbitration, etc.
Fox-Hunting :

Training Young Foxhounds, by Young Stewart, E I, Dec.

An Old Virginia Fox-Hunt, by D. B. Fitzgerall, Lipp, Dec.
France, Anatole, Yetta Blaze (le Pury on, F R, Der.
France (see also Articles under Napoleon, French Revolution, Ma lagascar,

Tbe Depopulation of France, hy Sto idard Dewey, W R, De.
The Capital of Paris, Mac, Dec.

The Absinthe Hour in Paris, by H. P. Pugh, Lud, Dec.
Frederic, Ilaroli, I'm. Clarke on, Y M, De:
French Literature: The Roman Church in French Fiction, Mac, De.
French Revolution : Letters written froin Paris during the French Revolation,

Lord Ronald Sutherla Gower ou, PM M, Dec.
Gas versus Electricity for Power Transmission, by N. W. Perry, Eng M, Vor,
Gaspariu, Countess de, Mrs. Warre Cornisli on, GW, De..
Genera, see under Switzerland.
Genius, Age of, by Davil Lindsay, G M, De..
Geography at the British Association, Liverpool, 1*96, G J, Yor.
Geology, see Contents of Geological Magazine.
George III., Prof. Goldwiu Smith on, C. De..
Germany (see also) Article uuder Sucialism):

Prince Bismarck's Seret Treaty, by W., FR, De.
Germany's Foreigu Policy, by E. J. Dillon, FR, De:.
The Commercial llar between Germany and England, by B. H. Thwaite,

NC, Des.
Fre lerick II. ; A Mistaken Imperial Celebration, by Karl Blind, N C, De.

The German and the German American, by Josiah Flynt, A M, Nov,
Germany, Empress Fre lerick of, Mrs. Haveis on, LR, De.
Germany, Emperor and Empress William II. or, Mary Spencer Warrei on,

Q, Dec.

Glass and Glass-Making:

The Making of a Glass Bottle, by J. S. Flet her, Lud, Ile..

Glasswork, C J, De..
Gobl-Mining in New Zealand, CJ, Le..
Gosse, Eimund, A. Waugh on, Bkman A, Nor,
Governmeut Offices, by H. Heathcote Statham, F R, Dec.
Graut, General U.S.,
Garland, Hamlin, on, McCl, Des.

Porter, H., on, CM, Dec.
Greece, Ancient--Recent Excavations, J. Gennadius on, F, Nor.
Gresset, J. B. L., Rer, G. O'Neill on, N IR, Nor.
Gunpowder Plot, Black, Dec.

Hamlet, see under Shakespeare.
Ilare, Augustus, Frances It. Low on, W H, De.
Harney, Julian, Geoffrey Mortimer.on, Free R. Dec.
Harte, Bret, Early Recollections of, B. W. Sto idari ou, A M, Sov.
Holmes, Dr. 0. 11.,

Howells, W. D., op, Harp, Dec.
Spalling, Dr. J. F., on, ACQ. Oct.
A Letter from Dr. Rolmes, St N, Dec.

Uomes anl Shelters:

Almshoulse Life, by Mrs. Emma Brewer, Sun H, Dec.
The Psen lo anl the Real“ Cottage ffomes" for l'auper Children, by Joanna

M. Hill, WR, Dec.
Horses of the Princess of Wales, E. M. Jessop on, C F M, Dec.
Hospitals (see also Nursing):

Christmas in Children's Hospitals, by W. Mudford, Lud, Dec.
Housing of the Working Classes:

The lionsing Problem ia Rural Districts, Prog R, Dec.
Half a century of Improvel Housing Effort by the New York Association,

by W. H. Tolman, YR, Nor,

Llanthony Abbey Monastery and Two of Its Priors, by A. C. Benson, Nat

R, Dec.
Moore and His Almanac; Interview, by L. F. Austin, E I, De:
Morris's (William) Prose Romances, by Robert Steele, Tom. Yox.
Muuicipal Government: Productivity of Municipal Ente prises, by W. F.

Willcox, A J Soc, Nov.

Idols, Str, Nov.
Imagination), see under Psychology.
India (see also Contents of India):

The Impeu ding Famine in India, by T. M. Kirkwood, F R, Dec.
Nepal, M. F. Billington ou, P M, Des.

Oli Memories of the Indian Mutiny, by Gen. Sir Hugh Gough, PMM, Dec.
Insanity, see Lunacy.
Irela'id (see also Contents of New Irelanl Review):

The Situation in Ireland, W R, Dec.
The Sew Irish Movement, by Standish O'Grals, New R, Dec.
The Financial Grierance of Irelaud, by J. J. Clancy, N C, De:.

The Molly Maguires of Ireland, Mac, Des.
Iron Industry, by W. T. Jeans, CJ, De:.
Irving, Sir Henry, ou Him-elf, by Stanley Jones, Tom, Nov.
Italy (see also Articles uncler Rome (Aucient), Tunis):

The Italiau-Abyssinian Treats, by F. Harrison Smith, U S M, Dec.
Naples, Elgar Fawcett on, Cos, Nov.

James I., 0. Smeaton on, WR, Dec.
Japan: A shiut, Funeral, by Mrs. Sannomiya, N C, De'.
Jefferies, Richard, C. Fisher on, TB, Dec.
Jenue, Laly, and Het Daughters, TM, Dec.

Journalism as a Profession, by W. N. Shansfield, W R, De.
Our Network of News, by T. Artemus Jones, W N, Nov.

Kent: A Kentish Arca lia, by Linda Gardiner, TB, Dec.
Khayyam. Omar, James A. Murray on, F R, De.
Kidd, Benjamin, Interview, by Rev. Isidore Harris, G T, Dec.
Kielland, Alexander, W, H. Carpenter on, Bkman A, Nov.

Labour :
The Labour Party:

Harlie, J. Keir, on, Prog R, Dec.

Samuel, Herbert, on, Prog R, Dec.
Trade Unions in the l'uite king lom, by J. M. Ludlow, A M, Nov.
The Wool-Combers, by R. H. Sherard, P M. Dec.
The Working Boy, by Florence Kelley, A J Soc, Nov.

Tbe Plain Truthubut Asiatic Labour, by J. Barrett, N AR, Nov.
Lani: The Simplicity of the Single Tax, by s. Howard Lee:h, A, Nov.
Lang, Andrew, on His Literary Heresies, Bkman, Nor.
Law (see also Artiile un ler Armies):

The House of Lords as a Court of Appeal, by M. JacDonagb, G W, De".

Leaders of the Bar, by E., Str, Nov.
Lee, treneral Robert E., Hajrien. 0. 0. Howard on, Fr L, De.
Leisure, Vernon Lee on, CR, Dec.
Liberal Party: Iemcracy and Leadership, hy "Emeritus," FR, Der.
Lincolu Palace, Rev. A. R. Maddison on, Sun M, De:
Literature (sre also Banks, Journalism, Copyright, French Literature, etc.);

Is the Public Taste in Literature Correct? Symposium, I, Nov.
Lizards: The Tuatara, by James Buckland, EI, Dec.
Lockhart, Johu Gibson, CJ, Dec.

Tyburn Tree, by Fran is Watt, New R, Dec.
The Memories of St. James's square, by W. Connor Sydney, G M, Dec.

Looking down on London, by F. M. Holmes, C F M, De..
Lords, House of, as & Court of Appeal, by V. MacDonagh, GW, Dec.
Lunacy, Treatment of R. Liviugtou ou, H, Dec.

Nansen, Dr. F., C. C. Adams on, MeCl, De.
Nansen, Mrs, J. A. Bain on, Str, Nov.
Naples, see under Italy.
Napoleon I., Sir Jame: B. Urmston on, U SM, Des.
Natural History (see also Binis, Ducks, Horses, Dogs, Deer, For-Hunting,

Sport, Lizans; aud Contents of Irish Naturalist, Jatural Science,

Nature Votes, Science-Gossip):
Some Natural Artillery in the Animal Worlu, by Rev. T. Wool, Sun M,

The Sense of Directiou" in Animals, by C. Dixon, L H, Dec.
Navajoes, see under Race Problems of America.
Navies (see also Contents of Journal of the Royal Unitel Service Institution"

and United Serrice Jigzine):
Manning the Navy iu Time of War, by Hon. T. A. Brassey. N C, Dje...
The Absence of a Standard in Battle-Ship Desigu, by R. Huut, Eng M,

Nefs, J. H. Rollason on, PMM, Des.
Nelson, Admiral Lord, Clark Russell ou, E I, De.
Nepal, secunder India.
New England, see Contents of New England Magazine.
New York (see also Housing of the Working Classes):

Light in Dark Places, by Jacob A. Riis, C M, De..
New Zealand :

Progressive Legislation in New Zealand, Prog R, Dec.

Goll- Miving in New Zealand, C J, De:
Nottingham, W.J. Gordon on, LH, Dec.

Some Remarks ou Motern Nurses, by Emma L, Watson, Nat R, Dec.
Iustructive District Jursing in the Unite i States, by Mary K. Selgwick, F,

O eanography: The World Beneath the Ocean, by A. P. Crouch, N C, Dec.
Osborue, Francis, Hou. Siduey Peel on, N C, Dec.

Bethlehem, S. S. McClure on, McCI, Dec.
Christmas at Bethlehem, by

Geikie, Dr. Cunningham. TM, Dec.

Wallace, Elvin S., St N, De.
Paris, see uuder France.
Parliamentary (see also Articles under Labour Party, Liberal Party, Electoral,

Lords (House of, Ireland):
Re eut Legislation in England, by Elwari Porritt, Y R. Nou.
A Day in the Life of a British Statesman, by . Au Ex-Minister of the

Government,” W M, Nov.
The ON JI.P. and the New, by G. A. B. Dewar, W R, Dec.

A Queen's Minister's Busy Day. Cos, Sor.
Pauperism in Ireland, see Contents of Ver tre and Rerler,
l'eace and Disarmament, International Arbitratioa :

J. B. W. C. oD, WR, Dec.

Wilson, H. W. ou, FR, De:
Peking, see under China.
Pennsylvania : A Day in Gen. Elwari Bra Idock's Roa', by R. G. Thwaites,

NEM, Nov.
M. J. de Morgan's “ Mission Scientifique " to Persia, by Major-Gen. Sir

F. Goldsmil, GJ, Nov.
From Teheran towards the Caspian, by Lieut.-Col. H. L. Wells, G J, Nov.
Philanthropy: The New Charity, by Bolton Hall, A. Nov.
Philosoply, see Contents of Metaphysical Review an:1 Piilosophical Review.
Photography, see Coutents of l’hotinjram and Wilson's Photographic Maga-

Phrenology, see Contents of Phrenological Magazine.
Physics, see Contents of Physical Revi: w.
Physiology: The Auimal as a Machine, by Prof. R. H. Thurston, NAR,

Pirates iu Fact and Fiction, hy Clark Russell, C FM, Dec.
Polani, Partition of, J. B. lerkins on, A H, O.t.
Political Economy, see Contents of Quarterly Journal of Econın cs.
Politics, see Parliamentary, Labour Party, Liberal Party, Electoral, Ireland.
Positivism (see also Comte (Auguste)):

The Abbé de Broglie on Positivism, by Rev. W. H. Kent, Ir ER, Nov.
Pottery: Mud, Mind and Modellers, by L. Meudenhall, Fr L, Dec.
Primates, see under Church of England.
Protection and Fair Trade: The Case of Sugar, by Edgar L. Simon, Tom, Nov.

Relation of Sociology to Psycholngy, by S. N. Patten, A APS, Nov.

The Imagination Spiritualise 1, by Rev. D. Bearne, Ir M, Dec.
Queen Victoria (see also Articles un ler Royal Family):

Sunday with Queen Victoria, Q. Nor,

Macdonald, Hugh. D. Brown Anderson on, Scots, De
Machiavelli and the Engiish Reformation, W. Alison Phillips on, N C, Dec.
Malagascar War, by Col. Graves, U SM, Dec.
Magee, Archbishop, Rev. 1. R. Buckland on, Sun H, Dec.
Mahomet and Mahome lapism, by Dr. Wm. Wright, Sun H, Dec.
Man, Rights of, by D. H. Balfour, Free R, De..
Maukini, Progress of, by Elisée Reclus, C R, De.
Marriage: “It is Degradation,” by Prof. St. George Mirart, H, Dec.
Martineau, Harriet, E. P. Powell on, NEM, Nov.
Warrell, Andrew, Correspondence of, by Travers Buxtou, G M, Dec.
Meat, see Cattle Trade.
Me licine (see also Articles under Physiology, Nursing, Vaccination):

The Melical Crisis of the Eighteenth century, by Dr. C, W. Cram, A, Nov.
The History of the Gift of Painless Surgery, by Dr. E. W. Emerson, A M,

The Army Medical Department, Black, Dec.
Recent Alivance in Melical Education in the Cuited States, by Dr. W. D.

Ilamaker, Chaut, Nov.
Mines, see Gold, Iron, and United States.
Missions, Foreign, (see also Contents of Church Missionary Intelligencer and

Missionary Review of the World):
Problems of the Mission-Fiell, by Rev. A. E. Fox, Q, Dec.
Molière and His Works, see Contents of Chautauquan.

The English Trappists, by T. E. Pemberton, PM, De.

Race Problems of America:

The North American Indian, by J. Worden Pope, A. Nov.

A Legend of the Sarajoes, by W.C. Duxbury, Cos, Nov.
Railways :

Aerial Railways, W. A Woodward on, PM, Der.
American Railroad Development, hy H. G. Prout, Eng M, Nov.
The Chicag-Jericho Line, Str, Sov

Reformation in England, Machiavelli and, by W. Alison Phillips, N C, Dec.
Robertson, J. Forbes, Interview, by P. C. Standing, Lud, Dec.
Rome, Ancient.-- The Basilicas of Rome, TB, Dec.
Rossetti, Christina, Grace Gilcbrist on, G W, Dec.
Royal Family (see also Queen Victoria, Germany (Empress Frederick of),):
The Queen's Daughters, by Mrs. S. A. Tooley and Marie A. Belloc, W H,

Christmas with the Royal Family, by Mrs. Sarah A. Tooley, T M, Des.
Royalty: Future Kings, by Marie A. Belloc, L H, Dec.
"Rule Britavuia." Authorsbip of, by J. Cuthbert Hadden, NC, Dec.
Ruskin, John, W. J. Lhamon on, Can M, Nov.
Russia, Tsar Nicholas II. of,—The Fêtes for the Czar, by J. Buxton Latham,

W R, Dec.
Ryan, Father Abram J., T. Kennedy on, N I R, Dec.

Sandhurst, see under Armies.
Savitatiou, see Contents of Public Ilealth.
Santa Catalina, Beatriz Bellido de Luna on, Fr L, Dec.
Savings Banks:

Savings Banks, by N. W. Wolff, CR, Dec.

Postal Savings Banks, by E. T. Heyn, A APS. Nov.
Scotland: Hatton House restored, by F. Mary Colquhoun, Scots, Dec.
School Board for London, Donald on,

M, Nov.
Servia, Herbert Vivian on, New R, De:.
Settlements in East London, Sun H, Dec.

Some Characteristics of Shakespeare, C R, De.
A Guess at the Origin of Hamlet, by Hon. and Rev. Arthur Lyttelton, Nat

R, Dec.
A Study of Romeo, by J. J. Chapman, A M, Nov.
Shelley, P. B., at Tremadoc, Mac, Dec.
Shipping (see also Breakwaters, Pirates):

A Steiner ou Wheels, by J. W. Smith, Str, Nov.

Fast Atlantic Steamship Service, Sir ('. Turper on, Can M, Oct. Shuttleworth, Professor, H, Dec. Siam, J. S. Black on, GJ, Nov. Single Tax, see under Land. Sitting Down, by Frederick Boyle, New R, Dec. Smith, Alexander, D. Brown Anderson on, Scots, De. Smith, W. H., F. B. Powell on, Free R, Dec. Social Evolution and Historical Science, by “A Historical Scientist,” W R,

Socialism and Sociology (see also Labour, etc., and Contents of American

Journal of Sociology):
Relation of Sociology to Psychology, by S. N. Patten, A APS, Nov.
Socialism and Militarism, by R. Seymour Long, W R, Dec.

Methods of German Socialist Propaganda, Prog R, Dec.
Society and Its Sorceries, by Mrs. Howarth, Lud, Dec.
Somerset, Lady Henry, Interview, by Miss Jane T. Stoidart, Sun M, Dec.
Soudai), see Egypt and the Soudan.

A Night and a Day in Spain, by Miriam C. Harris, A M, Nov.
La Granja, C J, Dec.

The Garden of Spain, by Charles W. Wood, Arg, Dec.
Spelling Reform, B. E. Smith on, F, Nov.
Spooks, Edwin Oliver on, Ata, Dec.
Sport (see also Articles on Dogs, Duck-Shooting, Fox-Huuting; and Contents

of Badminton Magazine and Outing): First Days with the Gun, by Horace Hutchinson, Long, Dec. Sterne, Laurence, Herbert Paul on, NC, Dec. Stevenson, R. L, on kubert Burns, by John M. Robertson, Free R, Dec. Suicide a Sign of Civilisation? by J. Brand, P M, Dec. Surgery, see under Melicine. Switzerland: The National Exhibition at Geneva, Mrs. Henry Reeve ou,

Long, Dec.

Unemployed, see under Labour.
Unitei States (see also Articles under Ameri au l'eople, Women, Education,

Universities; Housiug of the Working Classes, Municipal Government;
Medicine, Norsing; Emigration, Race Problems; Land, Fox-Huuting;
Architecture, Railways; Alaska, Boston, California, Florida, New York,

Pennsylvauia, Santa Catalina, Texas, Utab, Venezuela):
Presidential Campaign, 1896 :

The Issue of 1896, by Prof. F. Parsons. A, Nov.
As Maine goes, so goes the Union," by Thomas B. Reel, F, Xov,
The “Solid South" dissolving, by E. P. Clark, F, Nov.
A Summivg-Up of the Vital Issues of 1896, by Dr. Lyman Abbott,

RRA, Nov.
Methods and Tactics of the American Campaign, RRA, Nov.
Lessons from the American Election, by Francis H. Hardy, F R, Dec.
Government by Party in the United States, by Col. G. E. Waring, Jr.,

NAR, Nov.
The Effect of Republican Victory in the United States, by T. C. Platt,

NAR, Nov.
The Presidential Campaign, by-

Browne, F. F., Nat R, Dec.

Chandler, W. E., Nat R, Dec. The l’residential Campaign as I saw It, by G. W. Steevens, Black, Dec. Presidential Campaign Buttons, by G. Dollar, Str, Nov. Some Notes on Political Oratory, hy H. T. Peck, Bkman A, Nov. 'The Speaker of the House of Representatives, by Henry H. Smith, Chaut,

Finance :

Free Coinage Indispensable, by Justice Walter Clark, A, Nov.
Would Free Coinage benefit Wage-Earners? by, -

Mayo-Smith, Prof. R., RRA, Nov.

Spabr, Dr. C. B., RRA, Nov.
Bond Sales and the Gold Standard, by Prof. F. W. Taussig, F, Xov.
Conditions for a Sound Financial System, by E. W. Codingtun, F, Xov.
The Financial and Monetary Standard in the United States, by C.

Rozenraad, Tom, Nov.
Protection of Bank Depositors in the United States, by J. H. Eckels

NAR, Nov.
The Impending Monetary Crisis, by Wm. H. Standish, A, Nov.

The First American Silver Mive, G. J. Varney on, Lipp, Dec.
Recent Econonic and Social Legislation in the Cuited States, by F. J.

Stimson, Y R, Nov.
W bat America is doing for the Farmer, by W. S. Harwood, N A R. Xov.
Four Epocbs in the History of the Republic, by B. 0. Flower, A, Nov.
The Olney Doctrine and America's New Foreign Policy, by Sidney Low,

NC, Dec.
A New World Aristocracy, by E. Porritt, L H, Dec.
Universities (see also Article under Irelaud):

Modern Oxford, Prog R, Dec.
American Universities and Colleges, by H. C. Howe, Fr L, Dec.

Ivfluence of the College in Americau Life, hy C. F. Thwiug. N AR, Yor.
Upward, Allen, Bkman, Nov.
Uiah as an Industrial Object Lesson,, by W. E. Smythe, A M, Nor.

Vaccination :

Vaccination, by Dr. S. W. Abbott, NEM, Nov.

The Superfluous Vaccination Commission, by Malcolm Morris, NC, Dec. Vatican Archives, by C. H. Haskins, A H, Oct. Venezuela :

The Working of Arbitration, by H. W. Wilson, F R, Dec.

Relles of Caracas, by W. N. King, Cos, Nor. Volunteers: The Dearth of Volunteer Officers, by Col. W. J. Alt, JRUSI,


Temperance and the Liquor Traffic: Total Abstinence, by Rev. Harry Jones,

N C, Dec,
Teneriffe, see under Canary Islands.
Texas: How the Law got iuto the Chapparal, by F. Remington, Harp,

Thackeray, W. M., W. J. Dawson on, Y M, De:.
Theatres and the Drama (see also Contents of Theatre) :

Breaking the Looking-Glass, by C. Charriugton, Prog R, Dec.
The Stage and the Beauty Problem, by J. S. Metcalfe, Cos, Nov.
"Nobody and Nothing; " A Sixteeuth Century Drama, G. L. Apperson on,

GM, Dec.
Theosophy, see Contents of Lucifer.
Toys and Games in the l'ast. L H, Dec.
Trade Unions, see under Labour.
Trappists, see under Monasteries.
Trevor, John, Ernest Williams on, G T, De.
Tunis : Sfax aud Mahdia ; the Italians in Tunis, by T. A. Ari her, New R,

Turkey (see also Armenia):

Young Turkey, by Karl Blind, FR, Dec.
The Easteru Question, Black, Dec.
Shall the Turkish Frontier of Christendom be maintained ? by Julia .

Howe, F, Nov.
Turkish Guilis, by Constance Sutcliffe, FR, Dec.
Constantinople, F. Whyte on, P MM, De.
Impressions of Constantinople, by Melton Prior, E I, Dec.

Life at Yildiz, by Diran kélékian, CR, Dec.
Turkey, Sultan of, G. B. Burgin on, C FM, Dec.
Turner, Dean, M P, Dec.

Wales: The Land of Taffy, by 1. C. Macdonald, Lipp, Dec.
Ward, Miss Genevieve. Ata, Dec.
Wasbington, George, C. II. Hart on, McCI, Dec.
Westminster Abbey, see under Churcbes.
Winter's Walk, Mac, Dec.
Wolseley, Viscount, by “One Who knows Him," WH, Dec.
Women (see also Marriage):
Some Later Aspects of Woman Suffrage, by Bishop W. C. Doane, NAR.

Unequal Justice to Women, by Charlotte C. Stopes, H, Dec.
The female Factor, by P. C. Spence, Free R, Dec.
The Evolution of Woman, by Gleeson White, C FM, Dec.
Woman from the Standpoint of a Naturalist, by Prof. W. K. Brooks, F,

Nov. Nature's Nups, by Hon. Coralie Glyn, H, Dec. Registerei Friendly Societies for Women, by Miss E. S. Haldane, Nat R,

Poor Gentlewomen, by T. Sparrow, Q, Dec.
The women of Lyric Love, by “ Maxwell Gray," New R, Dec.
Fren b and English Minxes, by Mrs. Andrew Lang. Long, Dec.
A Group of American Girls Early in the Century, by Helen E. Smith, CM,

The Canadian Girl, R. Gourlay on, Can M, Oct.
Belles of Caracas, by W. N. King, Cos, Nov.
Cycling for Women, see Cycling.
Worth, Jean, luterview, by Marie A. Bellos, LR, De.

Yildiz, see under Turkey.
Yukon Country, see under Alaska.

Zanzibar, see under Africa.

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