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Armenian Question (see also Turkey):

Armenia's Impending Doom, M. M. Mangasarian on, F, June.

Thc Armenian Question, by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts, Tom, July. Armies (see also Contents of the Journal of the Royal United Service Insti

tution and United Service Magazines): Our Army; Past and Present, by D. H. rarry, CFM, July.

The Indian Imperial Service Troops, Black, July. Arnold, Matthew,

Letters of Matthew Arnold, M. Reed on, New W, June.

Matthew Arnold's “Thyrsis," Charles Fisher on, T B, July.
Art and Life, by Vernon Lee, CR, July.
Astrologv revived, Mrs. Haweis on, H, July.
Astronomy: Comets of Short Period, W. E. Plummer on, K, July.
Australasia : l'he Federation Movement, Sir E Braddon on, N C, July.
Australia: Convicts and Bushrangers, by T. W. Knox, Cos, June.
Bab and Babism, J. D. Rees ou, N C, July.
Balfour, A. J.,

A. J. Balfour's Home, F. Dolman on, CFM, July.

Mr. Balfour's "Foundations of Belief," T R. Slicer on, New W, June. Ballooning: Aerial Navigation, A. Silva White on, Scot G M, June. Bible (se also Contents of Altruistic Review, Clergyman's Maguzine, Erpo

sitor, Expository Times, Homiletic Review, King's Own, and Primitire

Methodist Quarterly Review):
Professor Mayor ou the Bible in Spain, by M. Todhunter, W R, July.
Bible in Schools:
'1 he Manitoba School Question :

Colclough, J. G., on, M, June.

Down, T. C., on, N C, July.
Bibliography of Monmouthshire, Col. W. Haines on, Libr, June.
Biology with a Snuffle, Free R, July.
Birds :

Soine Birds' Songs, by Rev. R. C. Nightingale, GW, July.
The First Nest of a Rookery, by Phil Robinson, CR, July.
The Hornbill Family, by James Buckland, EI, July.

Lord Lilford's “ Birds of Northamptonshire," Black, July.
Blackwool, Sir Arthur, Rev. J. P. Hobson on, Sun H, July.
Boers, see under Africa.
Browniog's (R.) “ Sordello," Dr. C. C. Everett on, PL, July.
Brownson, Orestes, G. P. Lathrop on, A M, June.
Bu ha'an, Robert, Early Work of, Wm. Canton op, Bkman, July.
Buried Treasure, Romance of, Str, June.
Burke, Edmand, Prof. Goldwin Smith on, C, July.
Burns, Robert, W. J. Dawson on, Y M. July.
Burton, Robert, and the “ Anatomy of Melancholy," E. W. Adams on, G M,

July. Butterflies, Moths, etc., at the Zoo, by Fred Miller, GOP, July. Caithness, see under Scotland. Cana la (see also under Bible in Schools and Contents of Canadian Magazine):

Cauada and the Empire, by Dr. G. M. Grant, Nat R, July.

The English Settlement of Canada, Mac, July. Capern, Edward, P. H. W. Almy on, Sun M, July. Carriages: Horseless Carı iages, by C. Moffett, Mcci, July. Casas, Rartholomew de las, C. C. Starbuck on, New W, June. Catholic Church (see also Contents of Austral Light, Catholic World and

Honth). The Church of England and Re-union with Rome, Archdeacon Sinclair on,

Nat R. July. Reformation and Re union, George W. E. Russell on. N C, July. Will the Pope regain bis Temporal Powe: ? by Rev. J. A. Knowles, Ir ER,

The A. P. A., by W. J. H. Traynor, N A R, June.
Celsus, Dr. S. J. Barrows on, A, June.
Centr 1 Asia, Meteorology of, Scot G M, June.
Charity Organization Societies, Josephine S. Lowell on, F, June.
Charles, Mrs. Elizabetb Rundle, D. Alcock on, Sun H, July.
Cheshire: The Submerged Forests of the Wirral, by H. 0. Forbes, K, July.

Man-Making, by W. E. Gladstone, New R, July
Religious Education of Childreu, W R. July.
What Our Children should be till, by Mrs. Walter Grove, Free R, July.

A Schoolmaster's Boyhool, Black, July.
Chile and Patagonia, Orthograpby and Geology of, Scot G M. June.
China: From the Emperor of China to King George III., N C, July.
Church and Christianity: Transcendentalism and Materialism, by Emma M.

Caillard, CR, July.
Church of Eugland:
The Church of England and Reunion with Rome, Archdeacon Sinclair on,

Nat R, July.
Reformation and Reunion, George W. E. Russell or, N C, July.

The National Church, Free R, July.
Churches : St. Peter's, Rome, F. Marion Crawford on, CM, July.
Circuses: Lord George Sanger's Circus, W. B. Robertson on, C FM, July.
Classics, see Contents of classical heview.
Coincidences, by Prof. F. Max Müller, F R, July.
Colonies (see also Contents of Journal of the Royal Colonial Institute):

England's Colonial Empire, by H. Taylor, N AR, June.
The Empire of To-morrow, by

Bhownaggree, M. M., Tom, July.
Strange, Maj.-'ien. T. Bland, Tom, July.

Vincent, Sir C. E. Howard, Tom, June.
The Fallacy of Territorial Extension, by Prof. W. G. Sumner, F, June.
Commercial Union of the Empire, Sir Frederick Young on, NC, July.
Commercial Fe leration, by J. G. Colmer, Nat R, July.
Lord Howe's Commission to Pacify the Colonies, P. L. Ford on, A M, June.

The Colonies and the Navy, by A. H. Loring, Can M, June. Corey Island, Brooklyn, Julian Ralph on, Serib, July.

Cornhill Magazine, Mrs. Richmond Ritchie on, C, July.
Cricket :

Cricket and Cricketers, Str, June.

How's That? Mac, July.
Crime (see also Suicide, Prisons):

Crime and Punishment, by H. B. Simpson, CR, July.
How to arrest the Increase of Homicides in America, by I. C. Parker,

NAR, June.
Crimivals' Confessions, by Sir Herbert Stephen, New R, July.

Koights of the Road in Berkshire, by Rev. P. H. Ditchfield, G M, Julr.
Crocodiles, J. Lawson 01, G M, July.
Cycling (see also Coutents of Outing):
On à Bicycle in the Streets of London, by Susan, Countess of Malmesbury,

Bad M, July. Cycling in the Desert, by D. G. Hogarth, Nat R, July. Danube River: Through the Iron Gates, by O. M. Norris, Sun M, July. Davies, Jane, Letters of, Rev. S. Baring-Gould on, G W, July. Davis, Charles, Lord Ribblesdale on, Bad M, July. Death : lu the Hour of Death, Mac, July. Democracy : Have the Promises of Democracy been fulfilled ? by Prof. F. W. Blackmar,

F, June. The Dem cratisation of England, T. Davidson on, F, June. Dickens, Charles,-Some Dickens Places and People, Charles Dickens, jun.,on,

PMM, July. Diphtheria : The Antitoxin Treatment of Diphtheria, Dr. Lennox Browne on,

CR, July. Dodd, F. H., Interview, Bkman, July. Dreams and Their Mysteries, by Elizabeth Bisland, NAR, June. Dunrobin Castle, see under Scotlaud. Education (see also Bible in Schools, Technical Education, and Contents of

Educational Reviews, Educational Times, Journal of Education, and

Hand unl Eye):
The Education Bill :

Diggle, J. R., on, CR, July
Guttery, Arthur T', on, P M Q, July.
Horton, Dr. R. F., on, FR, July.
Vaughan, Cardinal, on, New R, July.

Waddington, R., on, WR, July.
Child Study, M. V. O'Shea on, Chaut, June.
Life at the Cambridge Teachers' College, by Margaret M. Hammond, Sun

M, July.
Education of Women in Turkey, by Mary M. Patrick, F, June.

The Schools of Ancient Greece, Miss Alice Zimmern on, LH, July., Principal, T. Wynne-Jones on, Y M, July.
Egyptology: The Riddle of the Spbinx, by Harry Hall, G OP, July.
Electoral (see also Parliamentary, Politics, etc.):

English Elections, Henry C. Lodge on, Harp, July.
Electricity, see Contents of Engineering Magazine.
Emigration, Immigration :

Restriction of United States Immigration, F. A. Walker on, A M, June. Italian Immigration in the United States, Dr. J. H. Senner on, NAR,

Engineering, see Contents of Cassier's Magazine, Engineering Magazine.
English History: The White Rose on the Border, by Alison Buckler, GM,

Ethics: Moral Slovenlipess, by Canon Page-Roberts, G W, July.
Evolution, Limits of, by G. H. Howison, New W, Juve.
Explosives: Gunpowder, Lieut. J. M. Ellicott on, St N, July.
Fano, Charles Edwardes on, C J, July.
Farragut, Admiral C. H. Bodder on, St N, July.
Fiction :

The Ethics of Modern Novels, by Lady Blennerhassett, Cosmop, July.

The Modern Malignant, by J. Peyton, H. July.
Finance (see also Local Government, United States, and Contents of Bankers"

Magazine, Bourd of Trade Journal, Investors' Review):
Bimetallism, A. J. Utley ou, A, June.
The Outlook for Silver, by Dr. O. Arendt, N AR, June.
Money and Investments, CR, July.

Remarks on Banks, by R. Ewen, WR, July,
Findlater, Miss Jane, Bkman, July.
Fire: A School for Firemen in New York City, by C. T. Hill, St N, July.
Fisbing, Fishes:

Curiosities of Angling, by F. Steelcroft, Str, June. The Story of the Salmon, by Dr. Andrew Wilsou, CJ, July. The Lobster at Home, by Grant Alleu, Long, July. Flammarion, Camille, M. Griffith on, PM, July Food: The People's Food in the Unite 1 States, RRA, June. Foreign Policy: Foreign Affairs, by C. I. O'Connell O'Riordan, WR, July, France (see also Franco-German War):

The Movement of Ideas, by Edouaril Rol, Cosmop, July.

The Franco-Russian Alliance, P. de Coubertin on, RRA, Juve. Franco-German War, and Rome and Italy, Mme. Jessie White Mario on,

Cosmop, July. Free Church Congress, J. Ritson on, P M Q, July. French Literature: Ménagiana; an Old French Jest Book, Sir Mountstuart

Grant-Duff on, C, July. Fry, Oliver A., Interview, by J. D. Symon, WM, June. Fuel: Peat Fuel in Germany, L. Stern on, Cas M, June. Geography: The History of Globes, Scot G M, Juve. Geology (see also under Chile, Patagonia, and Contents of Geological Maga

zinc): The Foldings of the Rocks, Prof. J. Logan Lobley on, K, July. Germany (see also under Universities, Women):

Homburg and Its Waters, by Dr. Yorke-Davies, G M, July.

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Gibosts: Black Ghosts, by Miss Kingsley, C, July.
Gibbon, Edward, New Letters of, R. E. Prothero on, N C, July.
Gipsyiog by Water, TB, July.
Glaistone's (W. E.) Letter on Anglican Orders, Walter Lloyd on, W R, July.
Glass Culture, Prof. Long on, CH, June.
Greece, Ancient (see also under Education) :
Greek Vases, H. B. Walters on, K, July.

Greek Coins, T. Sulman on, G W, July.
Guiana, British, W. N. Kiog on, C M, July.
Gunpowder, Lieut. J. M. Ellicott on, St. N, July.
Happiness, by Archibald Lampman, Harp, July.
Harivart, Sir W. V., Home of, F. Dolman on, C FM, July.
Harrison, Clifford, Interview, by A. Cromwell, W M, June.
Health Resorts: The Science of Change of Air, by Dr. Louis Robinson, Nat R,

Höger, Mous., Mrs. Frederika Macdonald on, Bkman, June.
Heidelberg University, see under Universities.
Holmes, Dr. Oliver Wendell,

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, on, McCI, July.
Stephen, Leslie, ou, Nat R, July.
['n-igoed Article on, A M, June
Homburg, see under Germany.
Homes and Shelters : Homes of London Outcasts, Lud, July.
Hornbills, see under Birds.
Horseleze Carriages, see Carriages.
Horses of Arabia, by W. S. Blunt, New R, July.
Humour: The Analytical Humourist, by H. D. Traill, F R, July.
fluxley, Prof. T. H., Robert Hind on, PM Q, July.
Immortality: The Future Life and the Condition of Man Therein, by W. E.

Glaistone, N AR, Juae. India, see under Armies, Sport, and Contents of Indian Church Quarterly

Review, In tinn Magazine ant Review, Midras Review.
Iordianapolis and Cleveland, by L. H. Jones, A M, Juve.

The Future of Home Rule, CR, July.
Home Rule or Federation, by T. A. Spalding, Tom, July.
England and the Irish Question, J. J. O'Shea on, CW, June.
The Vodille of Irish Land Tenure, by W. E. Bear, F R, July.
Ireland's Plice in the Financial System of the United Kingdom, by Prof.

C. F. Pastable, Econ J, June
Old Soldiers at the Royal Hospital, Kilmaiuham, by Katharine Tynap

Hinkson, GW, July.
Hybrassil, D. C. Parkinson on, CH, June.
Recent Protestant Historians of Ireland, Dr. J. Canon Murphy on, Ir ER,

Italy :
Italy, Rome, and the Franco-Prussian War, Mme. Jessie White Mario on,

Cosmop July.
St. Peter's, Rome, F. Marion Crawford on, CM, July.
Roman Buildings, R. Lanciani on, N A R, June.

Literary Landmarks of Venice, by Laurence Hutton, Harp, July.
Jackson, Sheldoa, John Eaton on, RRA, June.
James, Henry, Miss Annie Macdonell on, Bkman, June.
Japan (see also Conteuts of Bord of Trade Journal):

soorise in Japan, by Katharine Tristram, Sun H, July. Joumalism:

The Drily Newspaper, J. T. Clark on, Can M, June.
The Humours of Newspaper Editing, by John Pendleton, G M, July.

Leading Lady Journalists, by M. F. Billington, P M, July.
Judge, Mark H., Testimonial to, Canon S. A. Barnett on, W R, July.
Keats, John, Manuscript of, T. W. Higginson on, F, June.
Kernpis, Thomas à, and his “ Imitation of Christ," A. Lewis Humphries on,

PMQ, July.
Kilmainhamn, see under Ireland.
Kipling, Rudyard, E. Kay Robinson on, McCl, July.
Labur (see also under Women):

Tra les Unionism, by J. Tyrrell Baylee, Free R, July,
Labour Legislation in the United States, by H. G. Wadliu, Chaut. Juve.

The Alkali Workers, R. H. Sherard on, PM, July, Lake District, Waterways of, by J. E. Marr, G J, Juve. 12* (see also Coutents of Scottish Law Review):

Her Majesty's Judges, Str, June.
Lee, General Robert E., Col. J. J. Garnett on, Fr L, July.
Le fiallienne, Ricbard, Interview, by Arthur H. Lawrence, G T, July.
le pardi, Giacomo, Sir George Douglas ou, Bkman, Juve.

Bolger, D. C., on, CR, July.

Holambe, Chester, on, E I, July. Libraries, see Contents of Library. Lick Observat ry, see under Observatories. Life-saring: Heroes of the Albert Medal, by L. S. Lewis, Str, June. Lilford's (Lord) “Birds of Northamptonsbíre," Black, July. Lincoln, Abraham, Ida M. Tarbell on, McCl, July. Lbsters, see under Fishing, Local Gorernment: The Injustice of Rural Rating. J. St. Loe Struchey on,

Nat R, July. London: Tableted Houses, by Mary Howarth, Lud. July. Lagfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps on, McCl, July. Haclaren, Ian, George Lowins on, PM Q, July. Meleanan's (J. F.) “Studies in Ancient History," Andrew Lang on,

Bkman, July. Marquoid, Mrs. Katharine S., Interview, by Mrs. S. A. Tooley, Y W, July.

Madrid, see under Spain.
Man, Isle of,

Dibdin, E. Rimbault on, Fr L, July.

Sodor and Man, Bishop of, on, Q, July.
Manchester, R. Machray on, PM, July.
Maudeville, Sir Jobu, H.G. Keene on, W R, July.
Manitobi School Question, see under Bible in Schools.
Mann, Horace,

Lloyd Jones, Dr. J., on, Al R, June.

Parker, F. W., on, Ed RA, June.
Manners in Great Britain, by Earl of Meath, NC, July.
Manning, Cardinal, and Purcell's “Life," Prof. St. George Mirarton,

New W, June.
Marken Island, C. S. Pelbam-Clinton ou, E I, July.
Marriage :

The Matriarchal Family System, Prof. Edward B. Tylor on, N C, July.
Free Love Criticisms, Free R, July.

Should Widows Re-marry? by Anuie S. Swan and others, WH, July.
Mason, A. E. W., Bkman, Juve.
Medicine : Serum Therapeutics, Dr. A. Blayney on, N I R, June.
Mekong, see under Siam.
Mendicancy: Sunday in a Tramp's Hotel, by T. W. Wilkinson, Q, July.
Mental Cure in its Relation to Modern Thought, by H. W'. Dresser, A, June.
Mexico (see also under American History):

Mexico, by Justice Walter Clark, A, June.
Middle Ages : Chivalry and Courts of Love, by W. Amor Feun, Ata, July.
Millsand, Joseph, Th. Bentzon op, Scrib, July.
Milton's (John) "Lycidas," Charles Fisher on. T B, July.
Mines : Monopoly and the Mines of Miunesota, by C. J. Buell, A, June.
Missions, see Contents of Crurch Missionary Intelligencer.
Monadism, E. 1). Fawcett on, Free R, July.
Monasteries and Monastic Life:

Woman under Monasticism, by A. S. Peake, PM Q, July.

A Sojourn in a Convent, TB, July.
Montaigne and Shakespeare, by John M. Robertson, Free R, July.
Morley, John, Biographical, W H, July.
Morris, Sir Lewis, Biographical, G T, July.
Moths, Butterflies, etc., at the Zoo, by Fred Miller, GOP, July.

A Thousand Miles through the Alps, by Sir W. M. Conway, Scrib, July.

A Woman's Ascent of the Matterhorn, by Aunie S. Peck, McCl, July. "Mundus Alter et Idem,” E. A. Petherick on, G M, July. Museams : Reform for the South Kensington Museum, by M. H. Spielmann, CR,

July. The Romance of the Museums, by W. G. FitzGerald, Str, June. Music Halls, F. Wedmore on, N C, July. Napoleon I., W. M. Sloane on, C M, July. Natural History (see also Birds, Fishes, Crocoliles, Zebras, Plants, and Con

tents of Natural Science, Science Gossip): Stories of Animals, by Lindon Meadows, Arg, July.

Animal Helpers and Servers, by C. J. Cornish, C, July. Navies (see also Conteuts of Journal of the Royal United Service Institu

tion, Uniteil Service Magazines): The Colonies and the Navy, by A. H. Loring, Can M, June. New England (see also Contents of the New Ergland Magazine):

Environment and Man in New England, by N. S. Shaler, N ÁR, June. Ney, Maréchal, Mme. Campau ou, C M, July. Nicaragua Canal: The Absence of Facts about the Nicaragua Canal, by C. B.

Going, Eng M, June. Nonconformists:

Free Church Congress, Joseph Ritson on, P MQ, July.

The Triumph of Nonconformity, by W. Sperlding. P M Q, July.
Nordau, Max, Wm. Clarke on, Y M, July.
Norway :

The Game and Game Laws of Norway, Black, July.

Norwegian Literature, B. Björnson op, F, June. Nuñez, Alvar, R. B. Cunninghame Graham on, NC, July. Nursiug: The Experiences of a Hospital Nurse, Kate M. Warren on, Sun M,


Observatories: A Visit to the Lick Observatory, by Mrs. A. A. Stowe, Fr L,

O eau Grove Camp Meeting, H. E. Tidmarsh on, Q, July.
Ohio, C. F Thwing on, Harp, July.
Orodhyatekha, Dr., Mary T. Bayard on, Can M, Juve.
Ovid and the Natural World, by Countess Martinengo Cesaresco, CR, July.
L'ages from a Private Diary, C, July.
Parliamentary (see also Demoaracy, Elucation, Electoral, Local Government,

Politics, Ireland, etc.):
The Political Situation, P M Q, July.
The Closure and common-Sense, Black, July.
Her Majesty's Ministers, by M. McDonagh, C J, July.

The House of Commons as a Club, by Harry Furnis, PM, July.
Patagonia and Chile, Orthography and Geology of, Scot G M, June.
Pauperism and the Poor Law: A Month in an Euglish Poorhouse, by M. B.

Thrasher, NEM, June.
Pennsylvania and Her Public Men, by Sydner G. Fisher, Lipp, July.
Periodicals: With the Magazine Trade, Lipp, July.
Persia :

Russia, Persia, and England, by Sir Lepel Griffin, NC, July.
A Talk with a l'ersian Statesman, hy Rev. H. R. Haweis, ČR, July.
The Ancient Trading Centres of the Persian Gulf, by Capt. 8. W. Stiffe,

GJ, June.
Peru: The Cordilleras, G. Griffith on, PM, July,

Philosophy, see Contents of Metaphysical Magazine.
Photograpby, see Contents of Photogram, Wilson's Fhotographic Magazine.
Phrenology, see Contents of l'hrenologicai Magazine.
Physical Geography: Waves, V. Cornish on, K, July.
Picardy, A. Fleming on, Ata, July.
Place Names, Poetry of, Brander Matthews op, Scrib, July,
Plants (see also Contents of Science Gossip):

Curious Facts in Distribution, by W. Botting Hemsley, K, July.

Luminous Plants, A. E. Knight op, P M M, July. Poetry :

Nature and the Poets, by Maxwell Gray, New R, July.

Man-Making; and Verse-Making, by W. E. Gladstoue, New R, July. Political Economy, see Conteuts of Economic Journal, Journal wf Political

Politics (see also Democracy, Ele toral, Parliamentary, etc.): .

Political Edu, ation, by Max Haushofer, Cosmop, July.

The Direct Legislation Movement and Its Leaders, by E. Pomeroy, A, June. Pope's (Alexander) Reflective l'oetry, Prof. T. W. Hunt on, Hom R. June. Population Question : Over-Population and Illegitimacy, by A. Hamilton

Williams, Free R, July.
Positivism, see Contents of Positivist Review.
Prisous (see also Crime):

The "Forçat" as Prison-Breaker, by Tighe Hopkins, L H, July.
Psychical Research : Supernormal Foresight, by B. F. Underwoo1, H, July.
Queen Victoria's Great-Grandchildren, by Marie A. Belloc, W M, June.

Sphinx, see under Egyptology.
Sport (see also Contents of badminton Magazine):

Sport in the Rewah Hills, Indis, CH, June.
Suburban Homes, by R. C. Sourgis, Cos. June.
Suicide; Is It Justifiable under any Circumstances? by Rev. Stewart D.

Headlam aud Others, H, July.
Sunday Question : The Present Situation of Sunday Openiog, Symposium,

W R, July.
Swords, F. Lamburn on, P M, July.
“Taliesin,” R. Hovey on, P L, July.
Taxidermy, J. Carter Beard on, Scrib, July.
Taylor, Charles H., E. J. Edwards on, McCi, July.
Taylor, Bishop Jeremy, Handwriting of, Sun H, July.
Techvical Education (see also Education):

Girls' Te huical Schools on the Contivent, by Marion Vulball, C R, July,
Telegraph Monopoly, Prof. Frank Parsons on, A, June.
Tennyson, Lord,

Alger, G. W., on, P L, July.
Wari, Wilfrid, on, New R, July.

Tennyson's Idyll of “Guinevere," P. Cameron on, CW, Jane.
Theatres :

The Influence of the Drama, by Stanley Jones, Tom. June.
Some Old Dublin Play-Bills, L. H. Brindley on, N IR, Juve.
Theosophy (see also Contents of lucifer):
Progress of Theosophy in the United States, by E. T. Hargrove, N A R,

Thompson, Prof. Silvanus, Interview, by Rev. I. Harris, G T, July.
Thorold, Bishop. Rev. E. A. Parry ou, G W, July.
Time; How the First Priests Measure 1 It, W R, July.
Tourguélleff, Ivau, Unedited Letters of, Cosmop, July.
Trades Unionism, see under Labour.
Tree, Mrs. Beerbohm, luterview, by P. C. Standing, Lud, July.
Trikoupes, Charilaos, J. D. Bourcbier on, FR, July.
Trissino, Leonardo, Mac, July.
Turkey (see also uuder Armenian Education):

Letters on Turkey, by Mrs. Max Müller, Long, July.

Race Problems: Civi ising the American Indian, by Ruth Shaffner, Chaut,

Racine, Thoughts on, Mac, July.
Railways :

Railway Facts in Fancy Frames, by J. Holt Schooling, Str, June.
The Light Railway, “Quida on, FR, July.
Compressed Air for Street Railroa is, by W. P. Pressinger, Cas M, June.
The Fruits of Fraudulent Railroad Management in the United States, by

J. Selwin Tait, Eng M, June.
How the Engine-Driver lives, by W. Wemley, E I, July.
Raile, Rev. James, Biographical, Ant, July.
Religion (see also Contents of New Worll):

The Preliminaries of faith, by J. McCabe, W R, July.
Renan, Henriette, Biographical, T B, July.
Rboles, Cecil J., see under Africa.
Romanes, Prof. G. J., Rev. T. A. Finlay on, NIR, Jnue.
Rome, see under Italy.
Rooks, see under Birus.
Rossetti, D. G., Letters of, Dr. George Birkbeck Hill on, A M June.
Rossi, Ernest, Paul Schlenther on, Cosmop, July.
Royal Family (see also Queen Victoria):

T'be Intermarriages of England aud Denmark, by J. D. Symon, E I, July.
Royal Society, Presidents of, Herbert Rix on, LH, July.
Royalty, Study of, by “Quila," F, June.
Rural Life (see also Agriculture):

The Agricultural Labourer, Mac, July.
The Down Country Cotter, by G. C. l'eachey, H, July.

My Rural Experiences, by ł. H. Buyesen, Lipp, July.
Russia :

The Apotheosis of Russia, Black, July.
Russia, Persia and England, by Sir Lepel Griffin, NC, July.

The Frauco-Russian Alliance, P. de Coubertin on, RRA, June.
Russian Literature: Lecadence of Moderu Russian Literature, Lipp, July.
Rye and Wiuchelsea, Muriel B. Bright on, Lud, July.
St. Louis: This Year's Conventiou City, by Dr. Albert Shaw, RR A, June.
Salford, R. Machray on, PM, Joly.
Salisbury, Lord, Development of, T. H. S. Escott on, FR, July.
Salmon, see under Fish.
Sanitation, see Contents of Public Health, Sanitary Journal.
Schleiermacher, Friedrich, John Watsou ou, P MQ, July.

How Summer came to Caithness, by Sir Herbert Maxwell, Black, July. Duprobin Castle, Sutherlandsbire, C H, June. Shakespeare:

Shakespeare and Montaigne, John M. Robertson on, Free R, July. Shakespeare Commemorative Festival, Charlotte C. Stopes on, P L, July. Sbelley, P. B.,

Dr. I. H. Platt on, PL, July.

Sbelley's “Adonais," Charles Fisher on, TB, July.
Shipping (see also Contents of Nautical Magazine):

Derelicts, J. Pedder on, M P, July.
The Trinity Hous? and Its Buoys, by F. M. Holmes, G T, July.
Sunday at Sea, by R. MacIntyre, Sun M, July.

A Modern Sinbad, Mac, July.
Shops (Early Closing) Bill, A. Cameron Corbett on, Tom, July.
Siam : the Mekong, Col. R. G. Woolthorpe on, G J, Juve.
Sichel's (Miss) “Story of Two Salons," TB, July.
Simon, Jules, A. D. Vandam on, FR, July.
Socialism : Socialist Leaders of To-Day, by Miss Alise Stronach, W M, June.
Socrates and His Predecessors, A. F. Hort on, M P, July.
Spain (see a'so under Bible):
Madrid, H. C. Chatfield-Taylor on, Cos. June.
Montserrat, C. W. Wood on, Arg, July.

Spain's Premier Matadors, S. L. Bensusan on, Lud, July. Spencer, Earl, Biographical, C H, Juve.

United States (see also American History, American People, Race Problems,

Women, Politics, Labour, Emigration, Crime, Finance, Railways, Telegraph, Mines, Fool, Architecture, American Proie tive Association, and Theosophy; and Alaska, Coney Island, Indianapolis, 0.eau Gruic, Obis, Peunsylvania, St. Louis, Virginia, Washington City, Nicaragua Catal, etc.): Election of Senators by Popular Vote, by John H. Mit bell, F, June. A National Platform for the American Independents of 1896, by W. P.

St. John, A, June.
The United States Ship of State Adrift, by Andrew Carnegic. N A F., Juue.
The American Silver Rebellion, T. E. Powell ou, Nat R, July.
Public Sentiment in America on the Silver Question, by Fran is H. Hardy,

FR, July.
Transportation on the Great Lakes of the United Stat's, by G. Tupell,

JP Econ, June.
The Sub-Arid Belt of the United States West, E. V. Smalley o.), F, June.
Universities :

The Poor Scholar in the University, Mac, July.

Heidelberg University, Prof. Sulzbaché on, Fr L, July. Venezuela :

King, W. N., 03, C M, July. Thurston, Rev. H., on, M, June. The Lawlessuess of Arbitration, by Dr. Emil Reich, New R, July. Venice, see under Italy. Verlaine, Paul, A. Manston on, T B, July. Virginia : Colonial Homes of Virginia, by Virginia C. Mayo, Fr L. July. Vogelweide, Walter von der, W. A. Phillips on, N C, July. War, Gen. N. A. Miles on, Cos, June. Wasbiugton, General, Woodrow Wilson on, Harp, July. Washington City, see also Architecture. Whitman, Walt, Dr. I. H. Platt on, PL, July. Whittier, John G.,

Flower, B. 0., on A, June.

Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart, on, McC1, July.
Winchelsea and Rye, Muriel B. Bright on, Lud, July.
Winchester, Mrs. Isabella Fyvie Mayo ov, Sun H, July.
Witchcraft: State Trials for Witchcraft, F. Watt on, Lud, July.
Wolseley, Lord, Major-Gen. T. Bland Strange on, Tom, June.
Women (see also under Education, Marriage);

The Working Woman, by Bella Sidney Woolf, Tom, Juve.
Women and the Imaginative Faculty, by Walter Shaw Sparrow, Free R.

Lady Travellers, Black, July.
Convent Life, see under Monasteries.
Ladies of Dublin, by Mrs. Sarah A. Tooley, WH, July.
The Woman Movement in Germany, Hon. Mrs. Bertram Russell on, NC,

July. Woman Suffrage in the United States, by Mrs. V. W. Martin, H, July.

The Burmese Young Woman, Y W, July, Wordsworth, William, Literary Democracy of, J. W. Bray on, P L, July. Zebras, H. A. Bryden on, P M M, July, Zola's (Emile) "Rome," Geoffrey Mortimer on, Free R, July.


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Already Published No. 1.-" She." By Rider Haggard. No. 2.-“ Monte Christo." By Dumas.

Part 1.

No. 3.-" The True History of Joshua

Davidson." By Mrs. Lynn

Linton. No. 4.-" The Vengeance of Monte

Christo." No. 5.--"The Scarlet Letter." Haw

thorne, No. 6.-"Little Em'ly:" (From "David

Copperfield.”) No. 7.-"Ben Hur." By Gen. Lew

Wallace. No. 8.-" It is Never Too Late to Mend."

Chas. Reade. No. 9.-"Mary Barton.” Mrs. Gaskell. No. 10 Lay Down Your • Arms."

Baroness Von Suttner. No. 11.-" Coningsby.” Benjamin Dis

raeli. No, 12.-" The Tower of London.” Har

rison Ainsworth, No. 13.--"The Last Days of Pompeil."

Bulwer Lytton. No. 14.--"Jane Eyrc." Charlotte

Brontë. No. 15.-" The Chronicles of the Schön

berg-Cotta Family." No. 16.-" Pride and Prejudice.” Jane

Austen. No. 17.--"Hypatia." Charles Kingsley. No. 18. " Charles O'Malley, the Irish

Dragoon." By Charles Lever. No. 19.--"Uncle Tom's Cabin." No. 20.--"Aldersyde." By Annie S. Swan. No. 21.-" The Queen's Diamonds."

From "The Three Musketeers." No. 22.-"Noomi, the Brigand's

Daughter." By S. Baring Gould. No. 23. Fifth Form at St. Dominic's.” No. 24. -"Five Weeks in a Balloon.”

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No. 1 Now Ready.



History of England



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Monthly, One Penny:

(The Series of 48 Numbers is

No. 1.-Macaulay's “Lays of Ancient

Rome," and other Poems.
No. 2. -Scott's "Marmion."
No. 3.-Byron's "Childe Harold," Cantos

I. and II., &c.
No. 4.-Lowell's Poems. Selections.
No. 5.-Burns's Poems. Selections.
No. 6. - - Shakespeare's “ Romeo and

No. 7.-Longfellow's “Evangeline," &c.
No. 8.-Selections from Mrs. Elizabeth

Barrett Browning's Poems.
No. 9.--Selections from Thomas Camp-

No. 10.-Milton's " Paradise Lost,"
No. 11.-Stories from “ The Earthly

Paradise." By Wm. Morris.
No. 12.-Byron's " Childe Harold.” Pt. 2.
No. 13.-Whittier, the Quaker Poet.
No. 14.-Tales from Chaucer in Prose

and Verse.
No. 15.-Milton's Paradise Lost." Pt. 2.
No. 16.-Moore's Irish Melodies,
No, 17.-Selections from Wm. Cullen

Bryant's Poems.
No. 18.-The Story of St. George and

the Dragon. From Spenser's “Faerie

No. 19.-Poems by Keats.
No. 20.-Scott's “ Lady of the Lake,"
No. 21.-Whittier's Poems. Part 2.
No. 22.-Shakespeare's "Julius Cæsar."
No. 23.-Pope's “Essay on Man," &c.
No. 24.-Tom Hood. Poems Grave and

No. 25.--Coleridge's “ Ancient Mariner,"

and other Poems.
No, 26.-Matthew Arnold. His Poetry

and Message.
No. 27.-Walt Whitman. "Song of

Mysell," and other Poems,
No. 28.-Poems of Shelley.
No. 29.-Clough's “ Love-Story of a

Young Man."
No. 30.-Some Ingoldsby Legends.
No. 31.-Scott's " Lay of the Last

No. 32.—Poems of Wordsworth. Part 1.
No. 33.- Poems of Cowper.
No. 34.--Poems of Dryden.
No. 35.-Poems of Southey.
No. 36.-Legends and Ballads.
No. 37.-Wordsworth's Poems. Part 2.
No. 38.--Poems of Mrs. Hemans and

Eliza Cook.
No. 39.-Milton's " Paradise Regained.”
No. 40,-Poems of Gray, and Goldsmith.
No. 41.-Irish Ballads.
No. 42. Shakespeare's “As You Like It."
No. 43.- Poems by Edgar Allan Poe,

Oliver Wendell Holmes and Emerson.
No. 44.-Thomson's “Seasons.”
No. 45,--Keble's “Christian Year."
No. 46.--Longfellow's Poems. Part 2.
No. 47.-Matthew Arnold's Poems, Pt. 2.
No. 48.--Spenser's * Faerie Queene."

Part 2.

By Jules Verne.
No. 25. Midshipman Easy." By Cap-

tain Marryat.
No. 26.-. Robert Falconer.” By Geo.

No. 27.--"Fantine.” (From " Les Miser-

ables.') By Victor Hugo.
No. 23.-"

Handy Andy.” By Samuel

No. 29.-" Ivanhoe." Sir W. Scott.
No, 30.- "Little Womon." By Louisa


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London: “Review of Reviews" Office,

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