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LONDON, August 1, 1896. fame, however, is now secure enough. As a disturber of old " So hell has been let loose at Chicago !”

parties, a pathfinder where political issues were mixed and

mazy, an agitator with a genius for exposition so great as to The Event of said to me the other day a keen poli

sway public opinion from the Alleghanies to the Pacific and Chicago.

from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Harvey has tical student and recluse who drew, made it certain and inevitable that his name must be for ever like most Englishmen, his impression of what goes

connected with one of the most remarkable chapters in the

political history of his country. Never since 1860,--perhap3 on in the United States from the telegrams it might be true to say that not even then, or at any previous of Mr. Smalley in

time in our political life,

-has there been a great the Times. The ex

party gathering compression, although

parable, for intensity of

feeling, for concentrastrong, condenses

tion of purpose, for into a line the virus

superiority to mere

personal aims or to mere and venom of Mr.

traditional party prejuSmalley's communi

dices, and for genuine cations. Mr. Smalley

fervour in behalf of

specific proposals touchis a man to whom all

ing public policy, with enthusiasm is abhor

the receut Democratic

Convention at Chicago. rent. He did good

As a precipitant and a service in the Vene

crystallising reagent

nothing else was half zuelan crisis. He is

so effective as the entry doing bad service

of Mr. Harvey with his

little yellow - covered to-day Possessed

book. of a rostrum from

The real centre of which he might in

education and influence

was Mr. Harvey with terpret the New

his little book; and if World to the Old,

there was any conscious

forethought or method he is abusing it by

in the evolution of the caricaturing, revil

great wave of free-silver

enthusiasm which has ing and generally

swept across the South playing the mischief

and West, it consisted

chiefly in the multiplito the uttermost of

cation of the presses his power by repre

which were printing

Mr. Harvey's books, and senting one-half of

in the systematic disthe American nation

semination of copies by

the million instead of --which may prove

the hundred thousand. to be the larger half

So far as the ques---as if it were a

tion of silver, pure and

simple, is concerned, mob of criminal From the Arena.]

apart from vague unrest lunatics. I am glad UNCLE SAM'S CROWN OF THORNS.

and general discontent,

and apart from a wideto be able to publish

spread belief that some a valuable corrective to the wild and whirling

sort of monetary and financial reforms are needed,—there has

never been a time since the battle of the standards began invective of the Times correspondent in the several decades ago when the cause of silver seemed so hopesedate and well-informed description of the situation

less and so little justified by facts and circumstances as it

seemed only the day before yesterday, so to speak. The outwhich I have from the pen of Dr. Shaw, of the look for silver had never been so discouraging. The Sherman American Review of Reviews. Dr. Shaw thus Act had been repealed. The two great parties were both comdescribes the Event of Chicago, and explains its

mitted by their platforms of 1892 to the maintenance of every

dollar issued by the government at full par with gold. The genesis and its significance :

free-silver sentiment seemed to be confined to the Western

mining camps and to the Populists of the sub-arid belt. Mr. About two years ago there appeared in Chicago a little book Cleveland's administration was congratulating itself that it had entitled “Coin's Financial School.” Its author was a certain for ever vanquished the free-silver forces, had established the Mr. Harvey, at that time unknown to fame. Mr. Harvey's gold standard beyond the possibility of dangerous assault, and

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