Proposed Amendments to the Organic Act of the Territory of Hawaii: Hearings ... on H.R. 7257 Rehabilitation and Colonization of Hawaiians and Other Proposed Amendments to the Organic Act of the Territory of Hawaii

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Page 151 - SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the executive power and authority in and said Territory of Utah shall be vested in a governor, who shall hold his office for four years, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the President of the United States. The governor shall reside within said Territory, shall be commander-in-chief of the militia thereof...
Page 7 - Commission issued under subsection (b) of this section, issue an order requiring compliance therewith ; and any failure to obey the order of the court may be punished by the court as a contempt thereof.
Page 12 - Said court shall have, in addition to the ordinary jurisdiction of District Courts of the United States, jurisdiction of all cases cognizable in a Circuit Court of the United States, and shall proceed therein in the same manner as a Circuit Court...
Page 3 - Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That the Congress of the United States welcomes the Inter-American Bar Association...
Page 47 - Governors, who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate and whose salaries are fixed by Congress.
Page 8 - ... All of the expenses of the Commission, including all necessary expenses for transportation incurred by the Commissioners, or by their employees under their orders, in making any investigation, or upon official business in any other places than in the city of Washington, shall be allowed and paid on the presentation of itemized vouchers therefor approved by the chairman of the Commission.
Page 13 - native Hawaiian" means any descendant of not less than one-half part of the blood of the races inhabiting the Hawaiian Islands previous to 1778.
Page 10 - The land, or any part thereof so leased, may at any time during the term of the lease be withdrawn from the operation thereof for homestead or public purposes, in which case the rent reserved shall be reduced in proportion to the value of the part so withdrawn.
Page 4 - Trustee shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three years...
Page 10 - or ' that I have declared my intention to become a citizen of the United States, as required by law,' for the words 'that I am a citizen by birth (or naturalization) of the Republic of Hawaii...

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