The History of Tomorrow

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Trafford Publishing, 2003 - 348 pages

The History of Tomorrow is a 'bibliography', representing eighteen years of personal study under the guidance of God through the Holy Spirit. The first section of twelve chapters contains God's timetable for the world and an explanation of the prophecies as revealed in the Holy Bible.

In belief of God's words, but realization these events would occur at the end of times, the prophet Habakkuk requested that God again reveal his prophecies in the midst of years (3:2 - 19). The renowned physician Nostradamus completed this task in 1555, but was forced to mix up his hundred 'quatrains' (verses) within the ten 'centuries' (chapters) so as to avoid having his work destroyed by the inquisitors. Thereafter, books have been in constant print on the prophecies of Nostradamus, but no attempt has been made by former authors to sort each of his quatrains into the centuries Nostradamus intended.

Therefore, the second section, also containing twelve chapters, contains the prophecies of Nostradamus, which have been painstakingly rearranged according to the time element as well as the countries involved. In doing so, a complete study of both ancient history, and that of the twentieth century was undertaken so as to discern the seven antichrists which have been described in biblical prophecy, and fully explained in the prophesy of Nostradamus. As such, the book The History of Tomorrow not only explaons where and when events will occur - but why!

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