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.75 cts.

The Book of 1,000 Comical Stories; or, Endless Repast of

Fun. A rich banquet for every day in the year, with several courses and a dessert. BILL OF FARE: Comprising Tales of Humor, Laughable An. ecdotes, Irresistible Drolleries, Jovial Jokes, Comical Conceits, Puns and Pickings, Quibbles and Queries, Bon Mots and Broadgrins, Oddities, Epigrams, etc. Appropriately Illustrated with 300_Comic Engravings. By the author of “Mrs. Partington's Carpet-bag of Fun." Large 12mo., cloth. Price....

$1 50 Mrs. Partington's Carpet-bag of Fun. A collection of

over one thousand of the most Comical Stories, Amusing Adventures, Sidesplitting Jokes, Cheek-extending Poetry, Funny, Conundrums, QUEER SAYINGS OF MRS. PARTINGTON, Heart-rending Puns, Witty Repartees, etc. The whole illustrated by about 150 comic wood-cuts. 12mo., 300 pages, cloth, gilt. Price....

.$1 25 Ornamented paper covers......

.75 cts. How to Behave; or, The Spirit of Etiquetle. A Complete

Guide to Polite Society, for Ladies and Gentlemen; containing rules for good behavior at the dinner table, in the parlor, and in the street; with important hints on introduction, conversation, etc. Price........

.12 cts. Dr. Valentine's Comic Metamorphoses. Being the second series of Dr. Valentine's Lectures, with Characters, as given by the late Yankee Hill. Embellished with numerous portraits. Ornamental paper cover. Price....... Cloth, gilt....

$1 25 Broad Grins of the Laughing Philosopher. Being a Col

lection of Funny Jokes, Droll Incidents, and Ludicrous pictures. By PICKLE THE YOUNGER. This book is really a good one. It is full of the drollest incidents imaginable, interspersed with good jokes, quaint sayings, and funny pictures. Price..

.. 13 cts. The Knapsack Full of Fun; or, One Thousand Rations of

Laughter. Illustrated with over 500 comical Engravings, and containing over one thousand Jokes and Funny Stories. By DOESTICKS and other witty writers. Large quarto. Price....

..30 cts. The Plate of Chowder; A Dish for Funny Fellows. Appro

priately illustrated with 100_Comic Engravings. By the author of "Mrs. Partington's Carpet-bag of Fun." 12mo., paper cover. Price....

....25 cts. How to Talk and Debate; or, Fluency of Speech Attained

without the Sacrifice of Elegance and Sense. Price

..12 cts. How to Dress with Taste. Containing Hints on the har.

mony of colors, the theory of contrast, the complexion, shape or height. Price

...12 ctsi How to Cut and Contrive Children's Clothes at a Small

Cost. With numerous and explanatory engravings. Price..... ..12 cts The Young Housekeeper's Book; or, How to Have a Gooi Living upon a Small Income. Price....

.12 cts. The Chairman and Speaker's Guide ; or, Rules for the Ora derly Conduct of Public Meelings, Price.......

..12 cte


The Modern Pocket Hoyle, Containing all the Games of

Skill and Chance, as played in this country at the present time; being “An authority on all disputed points." By “ Trumps." This valuable manual is all original, or thoroughly revised from the best and latest authorities, and includes the laws and complete directions for playing one hundred and eleven different Games-comprising Card Games, Chess, Checkers, Dominoes, Backgammon, Dice, Billiards, and all the Field Games. 16mo., 388 pages, paper covers.

50 cts. Boards...

.75 cts Cloth, gilt sides...

$1 25 Rarey and Knowlson's Complete Horse-Tamer and Farrier.

A new and improved edition, containing Mr. Rarey's whole Secret of Subduing and Breaking Vicious Horses, together with his Improved Plan ot Managing Young Colts, and breaking them to the Saddle, the Harness and the Sulkey. Also, THE COMPLETE FARRIER; or, Horse Doctor; a Guide for the Treatment of Horses in all Diseases to which that noble animal is liable, being the result of fifty years' extensive practice of the author, John C. KNOWLSON. Illustrated with descriptive Engravings. Bound in bourds, cloth back. Price....

..50 cts. "Trumps'” American Hoyle; or, Gentleman's Tand-Look of

Games.Containing clear and complete descriptions of all the Games played in the United States, with the American Rules for playing them. The whole contains 525 pages, is printed on fine white paper, bound in cloth, with beveled edges, and is profusely illustrated with engravings explaining the ditferent Games. Price...

2300 Half calf, marble edges

403 Spayth's Draughts or Checkers for Beginners. Being a comprehensive Guide for those who desire to learn the Game. This treatise was written by HENRY SPAYTH, the celebrated player, and is by far the most complete and instructive elementary work on Draughts ever published. Small octavo, cloth. Price.........

..75 cts. The Game of Draughts or Checkers, Simplified and Explained. With Practical Diagrams and Illustrations, together with a Checker-board, numbered and printed in red. Containing the eighteen standard games, with over 200 of the best variations. By D. SCATTERGOOD. Bound in cloth, with flexible cover. Price..

..50 cts. Marache's Manual of Chess. Containing Preliminary

Games for Beginners, fifty Openings of Games, giving ei! the latest discov-
eries of modern masters, with best Games and Copious Notes, Endings of
Games, Problems, Diagrams, etc. By N. MARACHE.
Cloth, gilt side. Price...

..75 cts. Bound in boards, cloth back...

..50 cts. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor; or, Guile to the

Three Symbolic Degrees of the Ancient Yorle Rile. And to the Degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch. Containing all the

Lectures, etc. By MALCOLM C. DUNCAN. Bound in cloth. Price...

.$2 50 Leather tucks (pocket-book style) with colored edges......

3 00 Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry. A Complete Guide

to the various Ceremonies and Routine in Freemasons' Lodges, Chapters, Encampments, Hierarchies, etc. Paper covers. Price.....

75 cta. Cloth, gilt..

$1 26

[blocks in formation]





Business Letters ;

Letters of Courtesy, Friendship
Applications for Employment, and Affection;

with Letters of Recommen- Letters of Condolence and Sym-
dation, and Answers to Ad- pathy;

A Choice Collection of Love Let-
Letters between Parents and Chil- ters, for Every Situation in a

Letters of Friendly Counsel and Notes of Ceremony, Familiar In-

vitations, etc., together with
Letters soliciting Advice, Assist- Notes of Acceptance and

ance, and Friendly Favors; Regret.





Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, by

DICK & FITZGERALD, to the Clerk's Omce of the District Court of the United States, for the

Southern District of New York.

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