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and books of reference for use of instructors, for repairs of books and apparatus and for office furniture, and for printing examination papers, and other necessary papers, and for contingencies, five hundred and ninety-eight dollars;

For department of law and history: For stationery, text-books, and books of reference for the use of instructors, maps, map fixtures, furniture, and for repairs to the same, for rebinding books and periodicals, and for contingencies, five hundred dollars;

For department of practical military engineering: For purchase and repair of instruments; transportation; purchase of tools, implements, and materials, and for extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers, as follows, namely: For instruments for use in instructing cadets in making reconnoissances; photographic apparatus and material for field photography; drawing instruments and material for platting reconnoissances; surveying instruments; instruments and material for signaling and field telegraphy; transportation of field parties; tools and material for the preservation, augmentation, and repair of wooden pontoon, and one canvas pontoon train; sapping and mining tools and material; rope; cordage; material for rafts and for spar and trestle bridges; intrenching tools; tools and material for the repair of Fort Clinton and the batteries of the academy, and for extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers, at fifty cents per day each, when performing special skilled mechanical labor in the department of practical military engineering; for models, books of reference, and stationery, and for extra pay of one engineer soldier as assistant in photographic laboratory, and in charge of photographic laboratory, photographic apparatus, materials, and supplies, at tifty cents per day, two thousand dollars;

For department of ordnance and gunnery: Purchase and repair of instruments, models, and apparatus, and purchase of necessary material; for the purchase of samples of arms and accouterments other than those supplied to the military service; for books of reference, text-books, stationery, and lithographic printing materials, and for contingencies, four hundred and fifty dollars;

Manufacture or purchase of models of breech mechanisms of cannon, rapid-fire guns, small arms, and the various machines and tools used in their manufacture, for cadet instruction, one thousand two hundred dollars;

For purchase of machines, tools, and material for practical instructions of cadets in wood and metal working, five hundred dollars;

For a course of lectures for the more complete instruction of cadets, one thousand two hundred dollars;

In all, for current and ordinary expenses, one hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred and three dollars and seventy-five cents...

$117, 103. 75


For commercial periodicals, stationery, office furniture and supplies, and for binding orders, circulars, and so forth, for the office of the treasurer, United States Military Academy, two hundred and ten


For purchase of one counting machine for use in the office of the treasurer, United States Military Academy, and cabinet for same, to be immediately available, and to be purchased without advertising, four hundred dollars;

For gas-coal, oil, candles, lanterns, matches, chimneys, and wicking for lighting the academy building, chapel, library, cadet barracks, mess hall, shops, hospital, offices, stables, and riding hall, sidewalks, camp, and wbarfs, ten thousand dollars;

For water pipe, plumbing, and repairs, five thousand dollars;

For material and labor for cleaning and policing public buildings (not quarters), three thousand five hundred dollars;

For supplies for recitation rooms not otherwise provided for and for renewing and repairing furniture in same, six hundred dollars;

Increase and expense of library, namely:

For purchase, preservation, care, storage, binding and repair of books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, pictures, and manuscripts; purchase of furniture, cases, stationery, and fittings; for expenses of making copies of military manuscripts in other libraries, and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for; purchases to be made in open market on the written order of the superintendent, ten thousand dollars;

For fireproof metal stacks in library building, with necessary galleries and steps, five thousand five hundred dollars;

For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the academic board: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and other incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, one thousand dollars: Provided, That all technical and scientific supplies for the departments of instruction of the Military Academy shall be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may deem best;

Purchase of instruments for band and repairs to same; for purchase of reeds, pads, strings, and other materials necessary for brass, wood wind, and string instruments; for purchase of music stands and other equipments; for purchase of music for military band and orchestra and for extra parts; all to be purchased in open market on order of superintendent, two thousand three hundred dollars;

Repairs and improvements to the laundry machinery and apparatus in the cadet laundry, and the purchase of new material, tools, and so forth, to be expended without advertising, one thousand eight hundred dollars;

For the purchase of one bread-molding machine, to be immediately available and to be expended without advertising, seven hundred dol


Repair of cooking utensils, chairs, tables, and other furniture in the cadet mess, and the replacement of same, to be expended without advertising, one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars;

Gymnasium and athletic supplies: For repairs, new machines, athletic supplies, and fixtures for gymnasium, two thousand dollars;

For furniture, curtains, and rugs for cadet reception room, one hundred and fifty dollars;

For the policing of barracks, bath houses, supplying light and plain furniture to cadet barracks, nine thousand six hundred and ten dollars;

In all, for miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, fifty-three thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars.

$53, 920.00


For cases, materials, fittings, fixtures, and other appliances and repairs for ordnance museum in academy building, three hundred dollars;

For repairs to ordnance laboratory and other buildings pertaining to the department of ordnance and gunnery, and materials for roads and walks, and for repairs to machinery and tools, one hundred and fifty dollars;

For general repairs to the cadet laundry building, and for emergency incidental expenses about building, to be expended without advertising, four hundred dollars;

For general incidental repairs and improvements to the cadet store

building, including storerooms, office, tailor shops, and shoe repairing shops, three hundred dollars;

For materials and labor for repairs, alterations, and additions needed at the soldiers' hospital, as follows:

Purchase of suitable incandescent lights, droplights, tubing, mantles, and so forth; for paraffin and turpentine for waxing foors; for brushes, paints, glass, putty, and for general repairs; for materials for rebronzing radiators; and for purchase of towers, fruit trees, shrubs, plants, and so forth, for hospital grounds, one hundred and sixty-five dollars;

For material and labor for repairing exterior woodwork, porches, and roofs, passageways, gutters, and leaders of soldiers' hospital, three hundred and seventy-five dollars.

For waterworks: Renewal of material in filter beds; improving ventilation of filter house and water house; hose for use in cleaning filter beds and water house, and for use in fire service at same; tools, implements, and materials for use of the two keepers and for repairs of siphon house, filter house and of four and one-half miles of supply pipe; for shed for tools and storage of fuel for keeper of Round Pond, and for tool house at filter; for gauges at and for stairs for access to same, and all other necessary work of maintenance and repairs, one thousand two hundred dollars.

For repairs and necessary alterations and additions to the cadet hospital, as follows: For erection of two fire escapes, one thousand four hundred dollars;

For one standpipe to connect with water supply in basement and extending to third floor in administration building, with necessary couplings, canvas-covered hose, brass nozzles, and hose racks, eight hundred dollars;

For installing one dumb-waiter, two hundred and fifty dollars;

For seventy storm sash, with ventilating panes, for the four wards in the north and south extensions, seven hundred dollars;

For materials for rebronzing radiators and piping; material for waxing and polishing floors; suitable incandescent lights, droplights, mantles, tubes; for carpets, furniture, and appliances; for repairs of damaged articles, and for miscellaneous expenses, one hundred and twenty dollars;

For purchase of flowers and shrubs for hospital grounds, one hundred dollars;

For repairs, alterations, and additions to the quarters of first sergeant at the cadet hospital, two hundred and eighty-three dollars.

Repairs to cadet barracks:

For repairing and renewing plastering, painting, and calcimining, repairs to woodwork, reflooring, rearranging rooms, increasing sinks, baths, and other incidental repairs to the building, five thousand dollars;

For maintaining and improving the grounds of the post cemetery, one thousand five hundred dollars;

For continuing the construction of breast-high wall in dangerous places, five hundred dollars;

For broken stone and gravel for roads, and for repairing sidewalks, roads, paths, and bridges on the reservation, five thousand dollars;

For painting and repairing interior walls and woodwork of cadet mess building, five hundred dollars;

For tile or terazzo floor and tile wainscoting in the north serving room, the north scullery and adjoining hall, and butcher shop of the cadet mess, four thousand dollars;

For painting exterior walls, woodwork, and roofs of quarters numbered forty-three, forty-five, forty-seven, forty-nine, and fifty-one; and exterior walls and woodwork of frame quarters numbered fifty


three, sixty-one, and sixty-three; and exterior walls, woodwork, and roofs of additions to quarters numbered thirty-three, thirty-five, thirtyseven, thirty-nine, and forty-one, two thousand dollars;

For repairing and painting walls, ceiling, and woodwork of the officers' mess building and quarters, two thousand two hundred dollars;

For material and labor for repairing and reshingling roofs of eight sets of quarters for enlisted men, one thousand two hundred dollars;

For repairing set of quarters at cavalry garden, one thousand five hundred dollars;

For continuing work in connection with the restoration of Fort Putnam, on the United States Military Academy Reservation at West Point, New York, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, five thousand dollars;

For continuing the work of increasing the efficiency of the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York; and to provide for the enlargement of buildings, and for other necessary work of improvement in connection therewith, authorized in Acts of Congress approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two (Public One hundred and eighty-one), April twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and four (Public One hundred and ninety-two), and March third, nineteen hundred and five (Public One hundred and thirty-seven), in accordance with the general plan approved by the Secretary of War, January twentyseventh, nineteen hundred and four, to remain available until expended, one million dollars;

Total buildings and grounds, one million thirty-four thousand nine hundred and forty-three dollars ----

--For completing the necessary improvements at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in accordance with the general plan approved by the Secretary of War, the limit of the total expenditure for this work fixed in the Act of Congress approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, is extended one million seven hundred thousand dollars, and the Secretary of War is authorized to proceed with the work under the conditions already prescribed for it by law: Provided, That all limitations and restrictions in the Act approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, shall apply to this increased authorization.

Approved, June 28, 1906.

$1, 034, 943. 00

1,664, 707.67

Total, Military Academy Act .... [In addition to the appropriations for the Military Academy made in the foregoing Act, contracts are authorized thereby to be entered into, subject to future appropriations by Congress, aggregating $1,700,000. For details, see p. 166.]


[PUBLIC—No. 336.]

By the Act Making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending

June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seven, and for other purposes, approved
June 29, 1906.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the naval service of the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and seven, and for other purposes.


Pay and allowances prescribed by law of officers on sea duty; officers on shore and other duty; officers on waiting orders; officers on the retired list; clerks to commandants of yards and stations; clerks to paymasters at yards and stations, general storekeepers, receiving ships, and other vessels; commutation of quarters for officers on shore not occupying public quarters, including boatswains, gunners, carpenters, sailmakers, warrant machinists, pharmacists, and mates, and also naval constructors and assistant naval constructors; pay of enlisted men on the retired list; extra pay to men reenlisting under honorable discharge; interest on deposits by men; pay of petty officers, seamen, landsmen, and apprentice seamen, including men in the engineers' force, and men detailed for duty with Naval Militia, and for the Fish Commission, thirty-four thousand five hundred men; and the number of enlisted men shall be exclusive of those undergoing imprisonment with sentence of dishonorable discharge from the service at expiration of such confinement; and as many warrant machinists as the President may from time to time deem necessary to appoint, not to exceed twenty in any one year; and two thousand five hundred apprentice seamen under training at training stations and on board training ships, at the pay prescribed by law, twenty million two hundred and sixty-nine thousand six hundred and thirty-seven dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy may, in his discretion, require the whole or a part oï the bounty allowed upon enlistment to be refunded in cases where men are discharged during the first year of enlistment, by request, for inaptitude, as undesirable, or for disability not incurred in line of duty. --- $20, 269, 637.00


For commissions and interest; transportation of funds; exchange; mileage to officers while traveling under orders in the United States, and for actual personal expenses of officers while traveling abroad under orders, and for traveling expenses of civilian employees, and for actual and necessary traveling expenses of midshipmen while proceeding from their homes to the Naval Academy for examination and appointment as midshipmen; for rent and furniture of buildings and offices not in navy-yards; expenses of courts-martial, prisoners and prisons, and courts of inquiry, boards of inspection, examining boards, with clerks' and witnesses' fees, and traveling expenses and costs; stationery and recording; expenses of purchasing paymasters' offices of the various cities, including clerks, furniture, fuel, stationery, and incidental expenses; newspapers and advertising; foreign postage; telegraphing, foreign and domestic; telephones,

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