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309, 750.00

411, 500.00


twenty-five feet deep from San Francisco Bay to Fallon street, eightyone thousand dollars ---..

Harbor of refuge at Point Judith, Rhode Island: For continuing improvement in completion of contract authorization, one hundred thousand dollars, to be applied in extending the easterly or shore arm of tbe breakwater and continuing it to the shore, with a view of providing a shelter for a landing place for the passengers, crews, and cargoes of vessels in distress, and other vessels, and for the lifeboats of the Point Judith life-saving service.---

Improving Providence River and Harbor, Rhode Island: For continuing improvement, including Green Jacket Shoal, three hundred and five thousand dollars ---

--- - ------- ---Improving Patapsco River, Maryland: For continuing improvement of channel to Baltimore, including sboals in Chesapeake Bay off York Spit, five hundred thousand dollars......

Harbor of refuge at Sandy Bay, Cape Ann, Massachusetts: For continuing improvement in completion of contract authorization, one hundred thousand dollars --------------------..

Improving harbor at Savannah, Georgia: For continuing improvement, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars -------

Improving Saint Johns River, Florida: For completing improvement from Jacksonville to the ocean, three hundred and nine thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars ..

Improving Sabine and Neches rivers, Texas: For continuing improvement by connecting Sabine and Neches rivers with Taylors Bayou, or a point in Sabine Lake near the mouth of said bayou, by a channel at or near the west shore of Sabine Lake, four hundred and eleven thousand five hundred dollars -------------------------

Improving harbor at Sandusky, Ohio: For continuing improvement, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars ---

Improving Saint Marys River, Michigan: For continuing improvement at the falls, one hundred thousand dollars ........... ....

Improving Trinity River, Texas: For continuing improvement, eighty-six thousand dollars......

Improving Tennessee River below Chattanooga, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky: For continuing improvement at Colbert and Bee Tree shoals by the construction of a lateral canal, one hundred thousand dollars ---------------------------------......................

For continuing improvement, in completion of contract authorization, by the partial construction of lock gates at the lock projected at or near Scotts Point (Hales Bar), together with the cost of superintendence and the preparation of plans to be made by the United States, forty thousand dollars..

Improving harbor at Takoma, Washington: For continuing improvement of the Puyallup waterway in accordance with the terms and conditions named in the river and harbor Act of nineteen hundred and five, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars ...

Improving harbor at Wilmington, California: For continuing improvement, one hundred thousand dollars .....

Improving Woods Hole Channel, Massachusetts: For continuing improvement in completion of contract authorization, one hundred thousand dollars ....

UNDER THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER COMMISSION. For continuing improvement, in completion of contract authorization, of Mississippi River from Head of Passes to the mouth of the Ohio River, including salaries and clerical, office, traveling, and miscellaneous expenses of the Mississippi River Commission, two million dollars ..-----

-... [Total amount under Engineer Department for construction of Works on Harbors and Rivers, $17,254,050.04.]

100,000.00 86,000.00





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49, 538. 25

FOR NATIONAL CEMETERIES: For maintaining and improving national cemeteries, including fuel for superintendents of national cemeteries, pay of laborers and other employees, purchase of tools and materials, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars........

For care, maintenance, and necessary repairs to the post cemetery at Old Fort Mackinac, Michigan, one thousand dollars.. -------

For inclosing and putting in proper condition the post cemetery at old Camp Floyd, subsequently Fort Crittenden, Utah, two thousand dollars; and the cession from Utah of the land upon which said cemetery is located is hereby accepted ...................

FOR SUPERINTENDENTS OF NATIONAL CEMETERIES: For pay of seventy-five superintendents of national cemeteries, sixty-two thousand and sixty dollars ........................ -----------------....

HEADSTONES FOR GRAVES OF SOLDIERS: For continuing the work of furnishing headstones for unmarked graves of Union soldiers, sailors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and village cemeteries, naval cemeteries at navy-yards and stations of the United States, and other burial places, under the Acts of March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and February third, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, forty-nine thousand five hundred and thirty-eight dollars and twenty-five cents.--..

REPAIRING ROADWAYS TO NATIONAL CEMETERIES: For repairs to roadways to national cemeteries which have been constructed by special authority of Congress: Provided, That no railroad shall be permitted upon the right of way which may have been acquired by the United States to a national cemetery, or to encroach upon any roads or walks constructed thereon and maintained by the United States, twelve thousand dollars: Provided further, That no part of this sum shall be used for repairing any roadway within the corporate limits of any city, town, or village....--------------------------------------------

BURIAL OF INDIGENT SOLDIERS: For expenses of burying in the Arlington National Cemetery, or in the cemeteries of the District of Columbia, indigent ex-Union soldiers, sailors, and marines of the late civil war and soldiers and sailors of the war with Spain who die in the District of Columbia, or in the immediate vicinity thereof, or in the Government Hospital for the Insane, and of such soldiers, sailors, and marines who die in the District of Columbia and are buried in the immediate vicinity thereof, to be disbursed by the Secretary of War, at a cost not exceeding forty-five dollars for such burial expenses in each case, exclusive of cost of grave, three thousand dollars ------

ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD: For repair and preservation of monuments, tablets, observation tower, roads, and fences, and so forth, made and constructed by the United States upon public land within the limits of the Antietam battlefield, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, three thousand dollars ...-..-------

For pay of superintendent of Antietam battlefield, said superintendent to perform his duties under the direction of the Quartermaster's Department and to be selected and appointed by the Secretary of War, at his discretion, the person selected and appointed to this position to be an honorably discharged Union soldier, one thousand five hundred dollars.................................... -.-.-.-.-.----------

For grading, improving, and inclosing with rubble stone wall, topped with wrought-iron fence, the lot on Antietam battlefield in which the monument in memory of the late President William McKinley was erected by the State of Ohio; and for grading and improving the approach road thereto from the Burnside Bridge, three thousand dollars ..





3,000.00 $22,000.00


BRINGING HOME THE REMAINS OF OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS WHO DIE ABROAD: To enable the Secretary of War, in his discretion, to cause to be transported to their homes the remains of officers and soldiers who die at military camps or who are killed in action, or who die in the field or hospital in Alaska, and at places outside of the limits of the United States, or who die while on voyage at sea, twenty-two thousand dollars ... -----------------------------------...--.

BRINGING HOME THE REMAINS OF CIVIL EMPLOYEES OF THE ARMY WHO DIE ABROAD AND SOLDIERS WHO DIE ON TRANSPORTS: To enable the Secretary of War, in bis discretion, to cause to be transported to their homes the remains of civilian employees of the Army who have died or may hereafter die while in the employ of the War Department in Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, China, Alaska, and the Philippines, including the remains of any honorably discharged soldiers who are entitled under the terms of their discharge to return transportation on Government transport, and who die while on said transport, two thousand five hundred dollars ... ... -----------------------------

CONFEDERATE MOUND, OAKWOOD CEMETERY, CHICAGO: For care, protection, and maintenance of the plot of ground known as “Confederate Mound" in Oakwood Cemetery, Chicago, two hundred and fifty dollars ............

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, VIRGINIA: For continuing grading, draining, making roads, planting trees, and otherwise preparing the grounds in the addition to the Arlington, Virginia, National Cemetery, ten thousand dollars.......

--- -----...-. For construction of a new stable at the Arlington, Virginia, National Cemetery, to replace one destroyed by fire; for the installation of a water main and proper fire system, and for placing a heating system in the mansion at that national cemetery, twelve thousand dollars.-.

GETTYSBURG NATIONAL CEMETERY, PENNSYLVANIA: For the construction of a lodge for the use of the superintendent, six thousand dollars .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- .-.-. ........... ----------........

NATIONAL CEMETERY, KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE: For construction of a lodge for the use of the superintendent and for new gateway, six thousand dollars ................

MARKING CIVILIAN GRAVES IN POST CEMETERIES: For completing the marking of the civilian graves in post cemeteries, two thousand






dollars -----



CEMETERY, SAN JUAN, Porto Rico: For the purchase of two acres of land near San Juan, Porto Rico, for use as a post cemetery, three hundred dollars.---..--...

MONUMENT, YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA: For the construction of an iron fence to inclose the grounds surrounding the monument erected by the Government at Yorktown, Virginia, to commemorate the surrender of Lord Cornwallis and his forces October nineteenth, seventeen hundred and eighty-one, and for placing the grounds in proper condition, five thousand dollars --

CEMETERY, MADISON BARRACKS, NEW YORK: For the purchase of thirteen and ninety-eight one-hundredths acres of land for cemetery purposes for the post of Madison Barracks, New York, six hundred and ninety-nine dollars

[Total amount for National Cemeteries, $323,847.25.]




MILITARY POSTS: For the construction and enlargement of buildings at such military posts as, in the judgment of the Secretary of War, may be necessary; for the erection of barracks and quarters for the artillery in connection with adopted project for seacoast defenses, and for the purchase of suitable building sites for said barracks and


land ORT Mise of anney appenly it and pla






quarters, eight hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, of which sum one thousand dollars may be used under direction of the Secretary of War for examination, survey, and plans for an adequate water supply for Fort William Henry Harrison in the State of Montana; but no part of the money appropriated for military posts shall be used for the purchase of any land except as herein specially provided .......

FORT MCINTOSH, Texas: For the purchase of about forty acres of land near Laredo, Texas, now rented and used by the United States as a target range, three thousand dollars ---

FORT WRIGHT, WASHINGTON: For the purcbase of about fifty-four acres of land lying in the bend of the Spokane River and to the east of the Fort Wright Military Reservation near the city of Spokane, Washington, eight thousand dollars...---..

FORT SCREVEN, GEORGIA: For the construction of about four thousand feet of sea wall along the front of the reservation at Fort Screven, Georgia, fifty thousand dollars. .

FORT MONROE, VIRGINIA, ADDITIONAL LAND: For cost of land heretofore selected to be purchased adjacent to the military reservation at Fort Monroe, Virginia, at the Attorney-General's estimate of the value of the land, twenty-seven thousand six hundred and fifty dollars ....

FORT OGLETHORPE, GEORGIA: For the purchase of a tract of land near the new army post in Chickamauga Park, Georgia, known as the Catoosa Springs tract, about one thousand two hundred and five acres, for a target range, twenty thousand dollars .......

LAND FOR TARGET RANGE: For the purchase of five thousand four hundred acres of land, more or less, near Camp Douglas, in Juneau County, Wisconsin, as a site for a target range for infantry and light artillery, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That no portion of this sum shall be available until the State of Wisconsin shall have made a valid grant to the United States of the right to use the State encampment grounds near Camp Douglas exclusive of buildings thereon for infantry and artillery practice without cost to the United States so long as said grounds are used and owned by the State for encampment purposes.-------................................

FORT CROCKETT, TEXAS: For the construction of an embankment and fill behind the sea wall built by the United States Government on land adjacent to the Fort Crockett Military Reservation from Thirtyninth street to the west line of Forty-fifth street in the city of Galveston, Texas, as designated, specified, and described in the report of the Board of Engineers constituted in accordance with section one of the river and harbor act approved June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and two, one hundred and fifty-eight thousand nine hundred and fiftythree dollars and seventy-five cents: Provided, That appropriations heretofore made by the Act of April twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and four, for Fort Crockett Reservation, Galveston, Texas, for construction of a sea-wall embankment and fill in front of said property and the appropriation herein authorized shall be available for embankment and fill and other improvements on both the Fort Crockett Reservation and the land lying between Thirty-ninth and Forty-fifth streets, in the city of Galveston, Texas, that has been conveyed to the United States........... ...... ........ .......................

FORT MOULTRIE, SOUTH CAROLINA: For the purchase of the wharf and property of the Charleston Consolidated Railway and Electric Company at the lower portion of Sullivans Island, South Carolina, and repair of same, and for the building of a spur track four hundred yards in length, with the view to giving the Quartermaster's Department better access to Fort Moultrie, twenty-six thousand dollars ....

INTERNATIONAL WATERWAYS COMMISSION: For continuing the work of investigation and report by the International Waterways Commission, authorized by section four of the river and harbor Act approved


158, 953. 75




3, 948. 50

1, 872. 50

June thirteenth, nineteen hundred and two, twenty thousand dollars.
And retired officers of the Corps of Engineers of the United States
Army shall be eligible for service on said commission -----

FORT SNELLING, MINNESOTA: For cavalry and artillery drill hall, fifty thousand dollars.---..

Fort MONROE, VIRGINIA: Wharf, roads, and sewer: For repair and maintenance of wharf, including all necessary labor and material therefor, fuel for waiting rooms, and water for flushing closets, painting, repairs to doors, brooms, shovels, and so forth, six thousand five hundred and seventy-seven dollars; wharfinger, nine hundred dollars; laborer, four hundred and twenty dollars; in all, seven thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven dollars; for one-half of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, three thousand nine hundred and fortyeight dollars and fifty cents --------...-...----------------...--.

Repairs and operation of roads, pavements, streets, lights, and general police: For rakes, shovels, and brooms; repairs to roadways, macadamizing, paving, drainpipe; electric lights for streets; two thousand three hundred and five dollars; driver for police cart, four hundred and eighty dollars; two laborers policing roads, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, three thousand seven hundred and fortyfive dollars; for one-half of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two dollars and fifty cents -------------------------------------------------------

Maintenance of sewer system: For coal and wood, waste, oil, and pump repairs, sewer pipe, cement, brick, and supplies, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; two engineers, at nine hundred dollars each; two firemen, at six hundred dollars each; two laborers, at five hundred dollars each; in all, five thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; for one-half of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, two thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars.-----------....

MILITARY PRISON, FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS: For one clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; five foremen of mechanics, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one engineer, one thousand two hundred dollars; one teamster, seven hundred and twenty dollars; four teamsters, at three hundred and sixty dollars each; two night watchmen, at three hundred and sixty dollars each; one fireman, seven hundred and twenty dollars; extra-duty pay for prison guard, two thousand two hundred and eighty dollars; in all, seventeen thousand four hundred and eighty dollars .. -------

IMPROVEMENT OF THE YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: For maintenance and repair of improvements, fifty-five thousand dollars, to be expended by and under the direction of the Secretary of War; and to be immediately available... -----------------------.......

Mount RANIER NATIONAL PARK: For continuing the construction of the wagon road into said park from the west side, under the direction of the Secretary of War, fifty thousand dollars ....

CHICKAMAUGA AND CHATTANOOGA NATIONAL PARK: For continuing the establishment of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park; for the compensation and expenses of two civilian commissioners, maps, surveys, clerical and other assistance, messenger, office expenses, and all other necessary expenses; foundations for State monuments; mowing; historical tablets, iron and bronze; iron gun carriages; for roads and their maintenance, completing the inclosing of Point Park; the purchase of small tracts of lands, the purchase of which has heretofore been authorized by law; in all, thirty thousand dollars --------------------------------------------.......

For a reinforced concrete bridge over Pea Vine Creek, Georgia, on the road from Reed's bridge to Ringgold, four thousand five hundred dollars


17, 480.00

55, 000.00





4, 500.00

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