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appendices to the hearings under the direction of said committee, two thousand five hundred dollars ........

To pay for extra services rendered to the Committee on Interstate Commerce of the Senate during the consideration of the hearings on the regulation of railway rates from the adjournment of the Senate, March fourth, nineteen hundred and five, during and subsequent to the special meetings of the committee, as authorized by Senate resolution Numbered Two hundred and eighty-eight, as follows:

To Colin H. Livingstone, one thousand five hundred dollars; E. H. McDermot, seven hundred and fifty dollars; John W. Fenton, junior, five hundred dollars; William H. Gaskin, two hundred and fifty dol lars; W. A. Smith, three hundred dollars; Peter Reily, two hundred dollárs; John R. Williams, two hundred dollars; Beverly Hudnell, two hundred dollars ...


... .
To pay E. C. Goodwin for expenses incurred and for services in
preparing an analytical index to the testimony taken before said com-
mittee, one thousand five hundred dollars......---...

To pay Charles G. Phelps for extra services as clerk of the select committee appointed to consider the message of the House of Representatives relating to the impeachment of Charles Swayne, four hundred and fifty dollars .......

[Total amount under Senate, $75,850.]









To pay Miss Sue Pinckney, sister of J. M. Pinckney, late a Representative in Congress from the State of Texas, five thousand dollars..

To pay Miss Bertha J. Marsh, daughter of B. F. Marsh, late a Representative in Congress from the State of Illinois, five thousand dollars.-----

............. That the appropriation made for expenses of special and select committees of the House of Representatives for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and six, is hereby made available also for miscellaneous items including salaries and labor.

For furniture, and materials for repairs of the same, one thousand five hundred dollars ...............--------------..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

Wrapping paper, pasteboard, paste, twine, newspaper wrappers, and other necessary materials for folding, for the use of members of the House, and for use in the Clerk's office and the House folding room (not including envelopes, writing paper, and other paper and materials to be printed and furnished by the Public Printer, upon requisitions from the Clerk of the House, under the provisions of the Act approved January twelfth, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, for the public printing and binding), three thousand dollars..

To enable the Doorkeeper to have speeches folded at rate not exceeding one dollar per thousand, to remain available during the Fifty-ninth Congress, five thousand dollars .......

To pay Fred. G. Isell, fifty dollars, and John T. Hunt, one hundred dollars, respectively, for services rendered in place of and during illness of the late locksmith of the House; in all, one hundred and fifty dollars.

For allowance to Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives for stenographic and typewriter services, two hundred and fifty dollars...

[Total amount under House of Representatives, $19,900.]






The sum of four thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight dollars and eighty-seven cents is hereby authorized to be transferred from the appropriation for “Public printing and binding" for the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five, to the appropriation

for “Leaves of absence, Government Printing Office,” for the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five, and is hereby reappropriated to enable the Public Printer to comply with the provisions of the law granting thirty days' annual leave to the employees of the Government Printing Office during the fiscal year ended June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and five.


For the payment of the judgments rendered by the Court of Claims, reported to Congress at its present session in House Document Numbered Three hundred and seven, and Senate Documents Numbered One hundred and sixty-six, and One bundred and eighty-five, namely:

Under the Treasury Department, twenty-one thousand eight 'hundred and thirty-six dollars and thirty-six cents;

Under the War Department, eighty-two thousand four hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty-eight cents;

Under the Navy Department, six hundred and eighty-eight thousand four hundred and fifty dollars and two cents;

Under the Department of the Interior, one thousand three hundred and forty dollars and sixty-five cents;

Under the Post-Office Department, one hundred thousand six hundred and twenty-nine dollars and thirty-three cents;

Under the Department of Commerce and Labor, six hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty cents;

In all, eight hundred and ninety-five thousand four hundred and twenty-five dollars and twenty-four cents: Provided, That none of the judgments herein provided for shall be paid until the right of appeal shall have expired....



$895, 425. 24

[ocr errors]

For payment of judgments rendered by the Court of Claims in Indian depredation cases, certified to Congress at its present session in House Document Numbered Fifty-three, and Senate Document Numbered One hundred and ninety-two, forty-one thousand two hundred and ten dollars; said judgments to be paid after the deductions required to be made under the provisions of section six of the Act approved March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, entitled “An Act to provide for the adjustment and payment of claims arising from Indian depredations,” shall have been ascertained and duly certified by the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of the Treasury, which certification shall be made as soon as practicable after the passage of this Act, and such deductions shall be made according to the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, having due regard to the educational and other necessary requirements of the tribe or tribes affected; and the amounts paid shall be reimbursed to the United States at such times and in such proportions as the Secretary of the Interior may decide to be for the interests of the Indian Service: Provided, That no one of said judgments provided in this paragraph shall be paid until the AttorneyGeneral shall have certified to the Secretary of the Treasury that there exists no grounds sufficient, in his opinion, to support a motion for a new trial or an appeal of said cause ...


41, 210.00

To pay the awards made by the Spanish Treaty Claims Commission under the provisions of the Act of March second, nineteen hundred and one, certified to Congress in House Document Numbered Two hundred and seventy-six, and Senate Documents Numbered One hundred and

$63, 740.00

fifty-five, One hundred and seventy-seven, and One hundred and eightysix of the present session, sixty-three thousand seven hundred and forty dollars........... .. ..................................

Sec. 2. That for the payment of the following claims, certified to be due by the several accounting officers of the Treasury Department under appropriations the balances of which have been exhausted or carried to the surplus fund under the provisions of section five of the Act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and under appropriations heretofore treated as permanent, being for the service of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and three and prior years, unless otherwise stated, and which have been certified to Congress under section two of the Act of July seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-four, as fully set forth in House Document Numbered Three hundred and twenty-seven, reported to Congress at its present session, there is appropriated as follows:



19. 57


[ocr errors]


23. 28

11. 55

29. 13 50.00

For pay of assistant custodians and janitors, nineteen dollars and fifty-seven cents ....

For furniture and repairs of same for public buildings, ninety-three

For fuel, lights, and water for public buildings, twenty-three dollars and twenty-eight cents....

For vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings, eleven dollars and fifty-five cents ......

For repairs and preservation of public buildings, twenty-nine dollars and thirteen cents ........

.-.-.-- .--. For collecting the revenue from customs, fifty dollars....

For repayment to importers, excess of deposits, one hundred and twenty-one dollars and fifty-three cents ---- ........

For quarantine service, one dollar .........

For expenses of Revenue-Cutter Service, one thousand six hundred and forty-nine dollars and fifty-four cents

For Life-Saving Service, nine hundred and thirty-seven dollars and eighty-four cents....

For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, one dollar and sixty-three cents ....

For refunding taxes on distilled spirits destroyed by casualty, fortyone dollars and sixty-nine cents.......

For payment of judgments against internal-revenue officers, four hundred and twenty-five thousand four hundred and twenty-eight dollars and forty-nine cents ....

121. 53


1, 649. 54

937. 84

1. 63

41. 69

425, 428. 49



4. 14

20, 631. 18

401. 22

For Signal Service of the Army, four dollars and fourteen cents.

For pay and so forth of the Army, twenty thousand six hundred and thirty-one dollars and eighteen cents . -

For subsistence of the Army, four hundred and one dollars and twenty-two cents...

For regular supplies, Quartermaster's Department, two hundred and thirty-nine dollars and forty-three cents .....

For incidental expenses, Quartermaster's Department, one hundred and forty-five dollars and nine cents......

For transportation of the Army and its supplies, seventeen thousand one hundred and twenty-seven dollars and twenty-one cents ...

239. 43

145. 09

17, 127.21

[blocks in formation]

For clothing, and camp and garrison equipage, one thousand four hundred and nineteen dollars and forty-eight cents

For barracks and quarters, two thousand seven hundred and fiftyfour dollars and forty-five cents ----..

-- ---- ---------For headstones for graves of soldiers, four dollars and five cents..

For Medical and Hospital Department, eighteen dollars and seventy cents ......

--------------For ordnance service, twenty-three dollars and eighty-three cents.

For ordnance stores, equipments, two hundred and seventy-three dollars and seventy-four cents... . ..

For collecting, drilling, and organizing volunteers, one hundred and forty-seven dollars and six cents....

For horses and other property lost in the military service, one hundred and fifty dollars...

. ...... For pay, transportation, services, and supplies of Oregon and Washington volunteers in eighteen hundred and fifty-five and eighteen hundred and fifty-six, two hundred and forty-six dollars and two cents.


273. 74



246. 02



39, 787. 59

81. 56

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dollars ------------...........--.----------------------.-.-.-.-



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For pay of the Navy, thirty-nine thousand seven hundred and eightyseven dollars and fifty-nine cents ......

---------For pay, miscellaneous, 'eighty-one dollars and fifty-six cents ..---.

For pay, Marine Corps, seven thousand six hundred and six dollars and ten cents. -. .................

For provisions, Marine Corps, seven dollars and fifty cents.-------
For transportation, Bureau of Navigation, three dollars....

For transportation, recruiting and contingent, Bureau of Navigation, four hundred and eighty-five dollars and ninety-seven cents ......

For outfits on first enlistment, Bureau of Navigation, forty-five

For outfits for naval apprentices, Bureau of Navigation, forty-five dollars --------

For maintenance of colliers, Bureau of Navigation, three thousand and forty dollars and ninety-three cents ....

For contingent, Bureau of Ordnance, four hundred and nine dollars and forty cents ----------

For provisions, Navy, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, one hundred and ninety-tive dollars and fifty cents. ---

--------For contingent, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, three dollars and eighty-one cents ..-------------...-----

For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, thirty-eight dollars and ninety-two cents .......

For steam machinery, Bureau of Steam Engineering, twenty-eight dollars ........---------------------

For indemnity for lost property, naval service, Act of March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty-eight cents ..

For indemnity for lost clothing, one hundred and eight dollars and thirty-three cents ...

For destruction of clothing and bedding for sanitary reasons, fifty dollars and sixty-five cents ..

For bounty for destruction of enemy's vessels, forty-nine dollars and fifty-six cents .-

For enlistment bounties to seamen, fire hundred and fifty-two dollars and two cents...----------------------------.....

195. 50

3. 81

38. 92


725. 58

108. 33


49. 56

552. 02





[ocr errors]



11. 61


23, 265. 38


547. 32

279. 79

For expenses, special inspectors, Department of the Interior, fiscal year nineteen hundred and four, six dollars and forty-five cents ----

For contingent expenses, Department of the Interior, fiscal year nineteen hundred and four, seven dollars and four cents.....

For contingent expenses, office of surveyor-general of Alaska, one dollar and seventy-five cents...-.........

For contingent expenses of land offices, eleven dollars and sixty-one cents ..........-

For surveying the public lands, twenty-three thousand two hundred and sixty-five dollars and thirty-eight cents..-

For surveying private land claims, one hundred and ninety dollars and seven cents ..........................................

For surveying Fort Buford abandoned military reservation, five · hundred and forty seven dollars and thirty-two cents ..--

For Geological Survey, two hundred and seventy-nine dollars and seventy-nine cents...........

For geological maps of the United States, fiscal year nineteen hundred and four, sixteen dollars and fifty cents...

For surveying forest reseryes, twelve dollars and twenty-three cents.

For transportation of Indian supplies, two hundred and ninety-two dollars and forty-six cents ..--...

For support of Sioux of different tribes, subsistence and civilization, forty dollars and seventy-five cents...-

For support of confederated bands of Utes, employees, six hundred and fifty-nine dollars and two cents..----

For support of Indians in Arizona and New Mexico, one hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-three cents...-...

For army pensions, five hundred and sixty-nine dollars and ninetythree cents ....------- --------------

For navy pensions, thirty dollars..-.-.. ----------
For fees of examining surgeons, pensions, two dollars....

For contingent expenses, pension agencies, two dollars and twentytwo cents. .--...

16. 50 12. 23

292. 46


659. 02 166. 63



569. 93 30.00 2.00

2. 22




38. 00

41. 76

5. 22



For public printing and binding, thirty-eight dollars ...

ars-;----For improving Botanic Garden, forty-one dollars and seventy-six cents .....

-..---------------------- ---------For improving buildings, Botanic Garden, five dollars and twentytwo cents ........ ..........................-----...--..-..-..

For payment for contesting seats in Congress in contest entitled “Koonce against Grady," Act March third, nineteen hundred and five, one thousand dollars..--..---------

AL---- --..-... For salaries of ministers, sixty-five dollars and ninety-three cents..

For contingent expenses, foreign missions, one hundred and fiftyfive dollars and sixty cents...

For rent of buildings for legation in China, three dollars and sixtyseven cents ..............

For salaries, consular officers while receiving instructions and in transit, twenty dollars and thirty-eight cents..........

For pay of consular officers for services to American vessels and seamen, ten dollars........

For Interstate Commerce Commission, nine dollars and sixty cents.

For expenses, Bureau of Animal Industry, eight dollars and twelve cents.

-----... -.

155, 60

3. 67

20.38 10.00 9.60 8.12

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