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Manner in which the claim of containing a divine revelation is
advanced in the New Testament-Contents of the Books-
System of religion and morality-Condition of the sacred
writers-Character of Jesus Christ and of the Apostles.

SECT. 1. Argument from the miracles of Jesus-Uniformity of

the course of nature-Power of the Almighty to

interpose.-Communication of this power a striking

mark of a divine commission.-Harmony between

the internal and external evidence of Christianity-

Miracles of the Gospel illustrate its peculiar doc-


2. Mr. Hume's argument against miracles-Circumstan-
ces which render the testimony of the Apostles cre-
dible-Confirmation of their testimony-Faith of
the first Christians-Manner in which the miracles
of Jesus are narrated-No opposite testimony.

3. How far the argument from miracles is affected by the
prodigies and miracles mentioned in history-Dura-
tion of miraculous gifts in the Christian church.

John xi. Exhibition of character-The historian-The other
Apostles-The family of Lazarus-Our Lord-Resurrec-
tion of Lazarus-Effects produced by the miracle.

SECT. 1. Antiquity and integrity of the books of the Old Tes-

Magnificence and extent of the system of prophecy-Jesus the
object of the old prophecies, and the author of new ones—
Advantages of attending to the prophecies of our Lord and
his Apostles-Clearness and importance of his predictions


Resurrection of Christ an essential fact in the history of his re-
ligion-Evidence upon which it rests-Evidence of it in
these later ages-Universal belief of the fact-Clear testi-
mony of the Apostles-Their extraordinary powers.

Inspiration not impossible-Three degrees of it-Necessary
to the Apostles for the purposes of their mission-Promised
by our Lord-Claimed by themselves-Admitted by their
disciples-Not contradicted by any thing in their writings.

SECT. 1. The Gospel a republication of Natural Religion-
Mistakes occasioned by the use of this term.

2. The Gospel a method of saving sinners-Duties con..
sequent upon the revelation of this method.

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