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Reserve with which he revealed his dignity-Circumstances
attending his Birth-Voice at his Baptism-Manner in
which he spoke of the connexion between the Father and

SECT. 1. Jesus called God-Circumstances which intimate that
the name is applied to Jesus in the highest sense.
2. Essential attributes of Deity ascribed to Jesus.
3. Worship represented as due to Jesus-Supreme and
inferior worship of the Arians-Socinian explana-
tion of passages in which worship is given to Jesus.

Passages which present the divine and human nature of Christ
together opinions as to the manner of their union-Gnos-


-Monothelites--Miraculous conception-Hypostatical

union the key to a great part of the phraseology of Scrip-

ture-That which qualifies Jesus Christ to be the Saviour

of the world.


Form of Baptism-Instruction connected with the administra-
tion of Baptism-Catechumens-First Christians worship-
ped the Holy Ghost-Gnostics-Macedonius-Socinus-
Personality of the Holy Ghost-His divinity.

2. Three systems of the Trinity-Sabellian-Arian, and


3. Principles by which the Catholic System repels the

charge of Tritheism.

4. Dr. Clarke's system-Amount of our knowledge re-
specting the Trinity-Inferences.





THE professed design of students in divinity is to prepare for a most honourable and important office, for being workers together with God in that great and benevolent scheme, by which he is restoring the virtue and happiness of his intelligent offspring, and for holding, with credit to themselves and with advantage to the public, that station in society, by the establishment of which the wisdom of the state lends its aid to render the labours of the servants of Christ respectable and useful. Learning, prudence, and eloquence never can be so worthily employed as when they are devoted to the improvement of mankind: and a good man will find no exertion of his talents so pleasing as that by which he endeavours to make other men such as they ought to be. We expect the breast of every student of divinity to be possessed with these views. If any person is devoid of them, if he despises the office of a minister of the gospel, if the character of his mind is such as to derive no satisfaction from the employments of that office, or from the object towards which they are directed, he ought to


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