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Information-Rates-Reservations at ITALIAN STATE RAILWAYS TRAVEL AGENCY 281 Fifth Avenue, at 30th Street


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(Single and Double Blade)

Canoe Outfits, etc. SMITH & PARKER, Inc. 185 Devonshire Street

(Formerly Shea Oar Co.) BOSTON, MASS.

BANNEMANT Army Auction Bargains

Tents... $4.25 up Auto Pistol . . . . $26 Saddles. 6.50 Army Haversack .15 up Knapsacks .75 White Uniform $2.50 Slickers 1.85 Army Gun Slings, 30 " Spring Rem. cal. 30 single shot rifle for model 1906 cart., $7.77. Ball cart., $3.50 per 100. 15 acres army goods. Large illustrated cyclopedia reference catalog-400 pages--- Issue

1920, mailed 60e. New Circular 10c. Francis Bannerman Sons, 501 Broadway, New York



ORDER BY MAIL Please state what you are interested in THOMPSON BROS. BOAT MFG. CO. 1521 Ellie Ave.


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The Mysterious Power of

Pelmanism Disclosed

A New and Easy Process that Practically

Forces Men and Women to Succeed


your thinking power—your money-making power-and prove to you that your desires and ambitions can easily and quickly be made realities.

THAT is this mysterious power of Pel-
manism? What is this great world-

wide movement that is performing so many thousands of apparent miracles everywhere-that is enabling such great numbers of men and women to attain undreamed of heights of financial, social, and intellect l success?

Fir t of all, Pelmanism is different from anything you have ever heard of. It is not an experiment. It is not a fad. It is not an untried theory-for it has stood the test of twenty-seven years. It is not a business. It is not a profession. It is not a "mind healer." There is nothing to which Pelmanism can be compared.

But it will prove to you, as it has proved to over 500,000 others, that you can achieve Success in a big way-that right now you

have just as good a brain
as most of the men who are
earning from two to ten
times more than you—then
reveal a method of using it
that will practically force
you to succeed in spite of

What World Famous Men Say

About Pelmanism
Judge Ben B. Lindsay: "Pelmanism is a big,
vital, significant contribution to the mental
life of America. I have the deep conviction
that it is going to strike at the very roots of
individual failure, for I see in it a new power,
a new driving force."
Sir Rider Haggard, whose books have been
translated into every language: "I recommend
Pelmanism to those who, in the fullest sense,
really wish to learn and to become what men
and women ought to be."
George Creel: "Talk of quick and large salary
raises suggests quackery, bu with my own
eyes I saw bundles of letters telling how Pel-
manism had increased earning capacities. I
say deliberately and with the deepest convic-
tion that Pelmanism will do what it promises
to do."

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Secrets of Achievement There is no "magic" about Pelmanism. There is no mystery about Pelmanism itself. Further, it does not promise anything but what it already has accomplished in thousands of cases.

It is not “high brow;" it is meant for everyone. It is easily understood; its principles are easily applied. You will find it of deep and fascinating interest. You will be gripped by its clear logic. You will begin to feel its mysterious effect almost immediately. Many have said that even after the first hour they were conscious of a startling change in their whole attitude toward life.

To thousands Pelmanism has been the means of greater success in life. To thousands it has been a stepping stone to financial independence. To thousands it has led the way to unexpected achievement.

Without the principles of success embodied in Pelmanism no one ever has succeeded-no one ever will succeed. This, of course, does not mean that

one can gain great success in life unless he is a Pelmanist, No, but it does mean that with Pelmanism your success will be surer; your success will come sooner; your success will be far SIR RIDER HAGGARD greater!

Your Unsuspected




Your brain has wonderful potentialities. Hidden in you are powers you never dreamt you possessed, which if put to work will bring results that will astonish you. This is not idle supposition. It is cold, hard, indisputable fact, born out again and again in thousands of others.

Pelmanism will unfold these hidden powers to you and show you how to use them. It will make you acquire just those qualities that are necessary for success in every conceivable business or intellectual pursuit. You will be filled with a new dynamic force. Failure will become impossible-Success, inevitable.

them down in black and white, in clear,
easy form that everyone can apply to his
or her own needs.

This was not the work of a year-or of
ten years. It was the work of a lifetime.
It entailed endless research-countless ex-
periments—tireless effort. Whether this
effort was justified can best be judged by
what Pelmanism has actually accomplished
in hundreds of thousands of cases. In-
stances of quick promotion through Pel-
manism are countless. Cases of doubled
salary in less than six months and trebled
salary in less than a year are by no means
unusual. In exceptional cases there have
been salary increases of 700, 800, and even
1,000 per cent.

But Pelmanism not only holds forth the promise of increasing your earning capacity. Its aim is broader than that. It points the way to cultural success as well as material.

It will enable you to gain a greater power of self-expression, in thought, word, and action. It will develop your originality and imagination to a surprising degree. It will teach you how to organize your thoughts and ideas; how to acquire a keen, infallible memory; how to acquire a masterful personality.

It places before you, in clear and simple form the latest discoveries of Business Psychology. It reveals the secrets of what Psycho-Analysts call "The Subconscious," and shows 'you how the mysterious life that is lived below the mind's conscious level is one that affects your moneymaking, your general ideas, your attitude toward the world, and your happiness.

But best of all Pelmanisrn will develop

How to Become a Pelmanist

The coupon below will bring you, without cost or obligation on your part, a copy of a new 48-page booklet which describes Pelmanism down to the last detail. This booklet is fascinating in itself with its wealth of original thought and incisive observation. It has benefits of its own that will make the reader keep it.

Your copy is ready for you. Simply fill out and mail the coupon. Don't put it offPelmanism is too big a thing to let slip through your hands without at least finding out what it is. Fill out the coupon NOW-mail it to-day!

Certain Definite Principles

Necessary for Success Just as there are certain personal qualities necessary to success, so are there certain definite and specific principles which are also absolutely essential to achievement. Without these principles it is impossible to rise above the levels of mediocrity-it is useless even to try.

Once you know them, however, vast opportunities will open before you. You will have chances for success beyond your fondest hopez. Obstacles will crumple before you. The pathway to financial independence will be laid wide open. Money will flow in on you. Apply these principles and you cannot help succeeding! What Pelmanism Does

For You It has been the work of the founders of the Pelman Institute to make a thorough and complete analysis of the qualities and principles necessary to Success,-then put


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Suite 36

2575 Broadway

New York City


Suite 36, 2575 Broadway,'New York City

Please send me, without obligation on my part, your 48-page free booklet describing Pelmanism.

A splendidly bound and vitally interesting book
on Scientific Mind Training will be sent without
cost or obligation to those sending in the
attached coupon. To thousands of people this
book has been the starting point of a bigger
and better career. It can mean the same to
you. Write for it now!




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The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools Advises parents about schools. Wm. O. Pratt, Mgr.

Catalogue os


The Outlook

National College of Chiropractic


Copyright, 1921, by The Outlook Company

TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 128 June 1, 1921 No. 5


THE PENOBSCOT TUTORING SCHOOL Summer Term : July 11-Sept. 10 DEER ISLE, ME. A legitimate school of highly specialized instrnetion, located in ideal surroundings. A faculty of experts and a complete equipment. For information address The Directors-S. B. Knowlton, Lester D. Tyler,

Haverford, Pa N. Y. Representative: W. B. Wildman, The Trinity School

"The Next War"

is certain to both interest and

profit you.
Dr. FRANK CRANE declarés:

“ Unreservedly I place it as the best book in the world right now for every man and woman in America to read including the President and the Senate. If I had a million dollars I would see that every teacher, preacher and legislator in the United States owned this volume. I would have it taught in every public school. For, like you, I have read much of war and am callous. But this book staggers my imagination, it sweeps away the last cowardly subterfuge of my intellect, it grips my heart in its amazing revelation. If you buy no other book, and read no other this year, buy and

read "The Next War' by Irwin The greatest book of these times."


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Camp Mitigwa




An Ambassador, a Minister, and a
Colonial Governor..

197 Ambassador Harvey Makes a Speech 197 On His “ Appointed Rounds"

198 Francis Vinton Greene...

198 Slick and Slack......

199 Lighthouses and Bells...

200 The New President of Cuba..

200 Poland, Lloyd George, and Briand... 201 Worth Trying...

202 Chief Justice White.

202 System, at Last.....

203 What Sort of Investigation ?.

204 I Accept" (Poem)....

205 By Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer A Passionate American..

205 Franklin Knight Lane...

207 The Situation in Egypt...

208 Special Correspondence by "Scriptor" The Centenary of Napoleon's Death. 210 Boat Racing and Baseball....

211 Humanizing the Post Office..

212 By Will H. Hays The Letter-Carrier (Poem)......

214 By Harry Lee If England Were What England Seems 215

By Harold E. Scarborough
Japan in a World of Arms :
I-Turning from Mars to Mammon 218

By Henry W. Kinney
II – The Government, Public Opinion,
and the Press. ....

220 From Information Furnished by I.Kawa

kami and Sidney L. Gulick
“The Everlastingly Favored Nation :"

An Interview with the French Prime
Minister .....

By Stéphane Lauzanne
The Book Table :
The Inalienable Rights of Children. 222

By John Finley
The New Books .

223 This Week's Outlook : A Weekly Out. line Study of Current History . 224

By J. Madison Gatbany Contributors' Gallery ....

224 Contest Number Three : “Mine Own People".

226 By the Way.......


Dodge Pond, Rangeley,

Maine Canoe and mountain trips.

Water sports and athletics. A healthy, happy summer, outdoors, for the boy. A place for Dad's fishing or hunting trip. For booklet write G. W. FAIRCHILD, Jr.

48 Grove St., Pawtucket, R. I. CAMP QUITO casco. MAINE

CASCO, Limited to 20 boys. Real wood-craft instruction. Excel

Ownership-supervision. Experienced trained college councilors. All sports. Perfect sand beach. Best camp for $200. Near Portland.

Write Director MERRITT GAY, Laconia, N. H.



By PAUL SCOTT MOWRER The Public Ledger, Phila., quotes Mr. Mowrer's definition of the Balkanization of central and southeastern Europe as “The creation, in a region of hopelessly mixed races, of a medley of small states, with more or less backward populations, economic ally and financially weak, proud, covetous, and intriguing, a continual prey to the machinations of the great powers, and to the violent promptings of their own passions," and says: “The book is important if not indispensable to every student of international politics." The New York Herald says: " Mr. Mowrer has handled the most complicated and diverse political questions which have ever troubled the world with clarifying, lucidity, and has packed into his treatment a mine of understanding and wisdom which might indeed constitute a formula for their possible adjustment. . . . We can only hint at the riches of this invaluable volume." The Pittsburgh Dispatch says: “For those who realize that the passing year is to witness some momentous decisions touching the American arrangement of its foreign relations, the unusually clear expositions of the volume will be particularly welcome . . . an exceptionally valuable book. MAURICE FRANCIS Egan, in the New York Times calls it: “The best book yet printed on the most important European conditions."




By LINCOLN C. ANDREWS Because of the great success which attended the use of his little book on officers' training camps during the war, Brig. Gen. Andrews was invited to write the textbook for a new West Point course in the psychology of command, which is published under the title “ Military Manpower.” Its study by officers of the New York Guard was recommended by Maj. Gen. O'Ryan in general orders. Manpower” is an adaptation of the same principles to the needs of executives in industrial and commercial life.


BY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 A YEAR. Single copies

15 cents each. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $6.56.

Address all communications to THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City


LAKE CHAMPLAIN Illustrated booklet “D” on request. Address MARGARET DUDLEY, 39 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS. NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 3x years' course As general training to refined, educated women. Require ments one year high echool or its equvalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses Yonkere, New York.

They can be bought in any bookstore or, if not, from E. P. DUTTON & COMPANY

681 Fifth Ave., New York

The OUTLOOK. June 1, 1921. Volume 128, Number 5. Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Subscription price 85.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

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Get the Full Joy of Gardening


by having the right things to work with. Cheap, shabby hose is a constant temptation to let the garden go thirsty. Good hose, properly cared for, is a joy to use and will last for years.

Ask your dealer to show you our three standard brands of 58ths inch garden hose sold at good hardware stores everywhere. 58ths inch is the right size for garden hose. Practically all house fittings are 12 inch in diameter and ths hose will deliver the water as fast as it can come through the pipes.

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Do you borrow Garden Hose

or lend it?

Bull Dog

Highest quality garden hose made. 7 'plies of strong cotton cloth held together with live rubber. Lengths bought 14 years ago still in use.

Whichever you do, you will enjoy Mr. Butler's inimitable gar-
den hose story, “Millingham's Cat-Fooler,” which we have
obtained permission to reprint for the entertainment of our
friends. 32 pages bound in boards and illustrated with amusing
pictures. Sent FREE to promote your garden hose education. This
book contains no advertising, direct or inferential. With it we
enclose a pamphlet:
The Truth About Garden Hose'
which tells you how to know good hose when you see it, how
to get the kind of hose best suited to your needs, and how
to care for it to make it wear as long as possible. A book of
valuable information for every gardener, florist, garage owner,
or other user of hose. Incidentally, it tells you about our three
standard brands of garden hose.

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GOOD LUCK and explains why these particular brands have become within 5 years the most widely talked of hose on the market, and why one of them will exactly fit your garden hose needs. Send for these books today.



155 Portland Street, Cambridge, Mass. Largest makers of Garden Hose in the world and manufacturers of the famous GOOD LUCK fruit jar rubbers

Moulded garden hose with a corrugated cover. As near kink proof an garden bose can be made.

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One peal of a great bell is as much like another as is one print of the Mimeograph like its original. The finest of workmanship is the Mimeograph’s habitual product. But one can no more get neat work from a slovenly and badly aligned typewriter than one can get excellent duplicates from a dirty and mis-managed Mimeograph. No finer reproductions of letters, forms, blanks, charts, diagrams, etc., can be made than the Mimeograph will deliver under ordinary care. But trained skill is not an essential. Five thousand exact duplicates the Mimeograph delivers an hour-and at almost negligible cost. Every day it is saving huge sums for industrial and educational institutions throughout the world. Let us show you how it will save for you. Get booklet “O-6” from A. B. Dick Company, Chicago - and New York.

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