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JUNE 1, 1921 AN AMBASSADOR, A MINISTER, Dalhousie Colleges and Cornell Uni- before they were generally recognized AND A COLONIAL GOVERNOR versity, he became President of Cornell as active Presidential possibilities.

RESIDENT HARDING has sent to in 1892, serving until 1920. Meanwhile

the Senate the names of Richard he was President of the first United
Washburn Child, of Massachusetts,
States Philippine Commission and in

to be Ambassador to Italy, Jacob Gould
1912-13 was United States Minister to

MAKES A SPEECH Schurman, to be Minister to China, and Greece. He was also First Vice-Presi

NOME of those who doubted George E. Mont Reilyof Missouri, to be

dent of the New York State Constitu- Harvey's judgment and power of Governor of Porto Rico. tional Convention.

self-restraint have hoped that his reA Minister is not so great a diplo

In contrast to Dr. Schurman, Mr. sponsibilities as American Ambassador matic personage as is an Ambassador. Child, nominated as Ambassador to to the Court of St. James's would result But position of Minister to China, Italy, is only forty years old. He is a in an access of discretion; others, with just , is really more important, we Harvard graduate, and three years after

the same doubt but with added feeling think, in its influence upon world his- graduating received an LL.B. degree. of personal or political animosity, have tory than is the Ambassadorship to He has been editor of "Collier's." In secretly hoped that their opposition to Italy. Appropriately, therefore, Presi- politics he has been an active Progress- his appointment would be justified by dent Harding has chosen for the Chinese

ive. He has enjoyed President Har- his indiscretion. His first speech, on mission one who is widely respected by ding's friendship. Mr. Child is widely the occasion of the welcoming dinner reason of scholarship, administrative known as a writer, among his books given to him by the Society of the Pilability, and force of character. Dr. being “Jim Hands,” “The Man in the grims (established to promote mutual Schurman is known as a writer of Shadow," "The Blue Wall," "Potential understanding between America and books—“Kantian Ethics," "The Ethical Russia," and "Bodbank."

Great Britain), did not wholly fulfill the Import of Darwinism," "Belief in God," Mr. Reily is fifty-five years old. Like hopes of either class of doubters. It "Agnosticism and Religion," "A Gen- Mr. Child, he has been an active Pro- was a speech in which the voice of Har. eration of Cornell," "A Retrospect and gressive in politics. He is a Kansas vey the editor was more audible than Outlook," "The Balkan Wars," and City business man. In 1902 he was

the voice of America, whose spokesman "Why America is in the War." Dr. Assistant Postmaster of that place. The he was; but what the editorial voice Schurman is sixty-seven years old and

previous year he organized the first said was, if the substance and not the was born in Prince Edward Island. “Roosevelt for President” club in the phraseology is considered, in some reHe studied in the Universities of Lon. United States. Mr. Roosevelt was then spects interpretative of America's presdon, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Göttingen, Vice-President. In 1919 Mr. Reily ent mood. and Heidelberg. He holds the title of announced that Senator Harding was There were three points which Mr. LL.D. from no less than eight American his choice for the Presidency. He Harvey particularly dwelt upon. universities. After serving terms as thus claims the distinction of having One was that we did not send our Professor of Philosophy at Acadia and "guessed" two Republican Presidents soldiers across the ocean to save Great


Paul Thompson

JACOB GOULD SCHURMAN Named by the President as Minister to China

(C) Underwood

Named by the President as Governor of

Porto Rico

(C) Paul Thompson

Named by the President as Ambassador to Italy



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Britain, France, and Italy, but "solely to Great Britain and were hardly suitable graphically in an article to appear in it. save the United States of America, and to the mouth of an Ambassador.

Of several snap-shots taken, the one that most reluctantly and laggardly at that." In pronouncing Anglo-American co- appears here, and in color on this week's Continuing, he said:

operation as a policy of interest alike to cover, seems to us best to typify this We were not too proud to fight,

America and Great Britain, Mr. Harvey group among Uncle Sam's efficient and whatever that may mean. We were spoke the real and enduring conviction faithful postal employees. afraid not to fight. That is the real

of the American people. It is true this It may be added that a phrase in the truth of the matter. So we

is a policy which certain elements in title of this comment is from the along toward the end and helped you and your allies shorten the war.

America have tried to discredit, but it inscription on the facade of the new That is all we did, and that is all we is one which will not be overthrown, Post Office Building on Seventh Avenue, claim to have done.

because it is not only right but expe- Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth Streets, Another point was that the impression dient. Neither nation can afford to New York City. It reads in full: "that in some way or other, by hook or nurse mutual antagonism. On this

NEITHER SNOW NOR RAIN NOR HEAT by crook, unwittingly, surely unwill- point Mr. Harvey spoke wisely and as a NOR GLOOM OF NIGHT STAYS THESE ingly, America may yet be beguiled into representative of the controlling opinion

FROM THE SWIFT COMPLEthe League of Nations" is "utterly in this country,

TION OF THEIR APPOINTED ROUNDS absurd." Declaring that in the election

At either end of this inscription apthe vote with the majority of seven ON HIS“ APPOINTED ROUNDS”

pears, we are glad to say, a tribute to millions rendered the decision of the

our associate and ally, France, for her

HE picture of a letter-carrier on the American people against America's par

work as a pioneer of postal

front cover page of this week's ticipation in the League, he announced:

ment. At the northern end a Outlook, our readers will no doubt be

words: It follows, then, that the present Government could not, without be

CARDINAL DE RICHELIEU trayal of its creators and masters,

PUBLIC POSTAL SERVICE and will not, I can assure you, have

PIERRE D'ALMERAS MDCXXI anything whatsoever to do with the

GENERAL DES POSTES League or any commission or com

At the southern end: mittee appointed by it, or responsible to it, directly or indirectly, openly or



FRANZ VON TAXIS MCCCCC The third point which Mr. Harvey

IMPERIAL POSTMASTER made was the necessity, and, in fact, the inevitableness, of Anglo-American comity. He made this point in the follow


ENERAL FRANCIS VINTON GREESE, Now the question arises, have not

who died recently in New York our countries reached a point with

City, had distinguished military respect to the remotest possibility of

career, was an engineer of ability, and a conflict that justifies our forgetting

wrote well on military matters and on it as completely as the battles of Bosworth Field and Appomattox have

international problems. Yet we are infaded from our recollection? Such,

clined to think that his finest public I am happy to report faithfully in the

service was done as Police Commisteeth of all the mischief-makers and

sioner of New York City during the scandal-mongers of both nations, has become the settled conviction of our

administration of Mayor Low. His people, and I hope, and doubt not, of

drastic reforms, his encouragement of yours.

police efficiency, and his thorough weedIn stating the reason for our part in

ing out of grafters in the police force the war Mr. Harvey does not speak for

made his service to the city, and indi. the Nation. He undoubtedly expresses

rectly to the country, memorable. The a natural reaction from an emotionalism Photograph by H. H. Moore, of the Outiook staff only other Commissioners, within rethat has too often passed for reason and


cent times at least, who were equally understanding; but in his reaction from This photograph also appears on the front cover noteworthy were Theodore Roosevelt, that he has failed to understand the

page of this issue, in color

General Bingham, and Arthur Woods. heart of the matter. America went in

One writer on General Greene's methods to save herself, it is true; but she went interested to learn, was taken by a mem- says that he was no sooner appointed in to save, not her soil, but her soul. ber of our staff at the Thirty-fourth than "heads began to fall like apples in The principles of freedom and justice Street branch of the New York City a wind-blown orchard." There was need which she undertook to help defend Post Office. The superintendent of the of this excision of bad material from were her life-blood, it is true, but they branch, on being told that a representa- the Department, and the results were were also the life-blood of the other free tive member of his force of carriers was remarkable. Would that it could be peoples whom Germany menaced. sought as the subject of a photograph to added that the reforms instituted under

In declaring emphatically against accompany an article by Postmaster. Mayor Low by General Greene and unAmerica's ever joining the League Mr. General Hays, at once said, “Why, yes, der Mayor Mitchel by Arthur Woods had Harvey speaks in familiar accents. there's Harry_he's just going out to continued in the recent history of the What he says may be true, but it may make deliveries." A good upstanding metropolitan police force! not be. His words undoubtedly state carrier, neatly dressed and alert, re. General Greene was a West Point what is at present the feeling in sponded cordially to an invitation to graduate and served with credit in the America, and they perhaps state the pose, and volun ered the information Regular Army for sixteen years, acting ultimate policy of the Government; but that from time to time he personally as military observer in the Turco. they were needlessly offensive to a good delivered mail to The Outlook and Russian War with the Russian army many people in both this country and would be pleased to assist photo and later having charge of important




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who were farmers may be enabled to return to the country and continue their normal vocations as far as possible. Over three thousand blind and partially blind have been aided by the Committee-Frenchmen, Belgians, Russians, Scotchmen, Canadians, Arabians, Swedes.

At the present time the Committee is trying to raise two million dollars to put the educational work on a permanent basis in France and in Italy.

Throughout northern France in the devastated region the churches were ruined and the bells melted down by the Germans or wantonly destroyed. Not a bell was left in the devastated regions to send forth its call to worship or to bring to the ears of the laborer the evening reminder of the Angelus. • The parish chimes play a larger part in French life than most Americans realize, and the loss of the beloved church bells has been a heavy blow to


The American Committee for Devas

tated France has with poetic insight engineering work in the District of making a partial living. Needless to proposed that Americans desirous of Columbia. He resigned in order to add, perhaps, Miss Winifred Holt is at giving a war memorial for their own enter commercial work in civil life, but the head of this work—work which was honored dead should purchase a bell for in a few years was chosen Colonel of founded in March, 1915. Those who some French village. The cost of a bell the Seventy-first Regiment of the New know what has been done at the Light in France is approximately one hundred York State Militia, and went with it to house of the New York Association for dollars, and it is hoped that at least one Tampa in the Spanish War. Trans- the Blind will find it easy to visualize hundred people or one hundred groups ferred to the Philippines, he took an the work that is being done in France. of people will come forward with contriimportant part in the operations around for many years the Lighthouse for the butions of this amount. The Committee Manila, and his report on that period of Blind has taught such trades as for Men Blinded in Battle, 111 East 59th his life was characteristic of him in its typewriting, stenography, commercial Street, New York City, and the Angelus picturesqueness and vigor.

courses, languages, music, handicrafts, Fund Committee, of which Dr. AlexGeneral Greene's writing on public and modeling, and in such necessary ander Humphreys, 16 East 39th Street, questions was always to the point and phases of life as the power to enjoy New York City, is Treasurer will based on thorough study and complete sports and the power to read Braille. acknowledge, with appreciation, checks information. Two or three of his arti- All this work is being duplicated in sent to them by readers of The Outlook. cles have appeared in The Outlook. The France. Le Phare de France, or The most recent (issue of March 2, 1921) Lighthouse of France, is equipped with dealt with the important question of an electric printing plant, handcraft shop THE NEW PRESIDENT OF CUBA “Reparations and Interallied Debts.” for weaving and machine knitting, gym DR. ALFREDO ZAYAS took the oath of

The career of this soldier, scientist, nasium with athletic appliances, a D office as President of Cuba on May administrator, and writer is noteworthy skating rink, and a complete equipment 20 and General Francisco Carillo became for the versatility of his abilities and for the teaching of fencing. The French Vice-President. That the fierce opposiachievement.

blind, too, are being trained in agricul- tion of the followers of General Gomez,

tural pursuits, such as chicken raising the candidate of the Liberal party, to LIGHTHOUSES AND BELLS

and the planting of crops, so that those the Presidency of Dr. Zayas has subTr is only seldom that the wreckage of 1 the war is brought home to America. Our tax bills have mounted high. We have our wounded and our blind, but no blasted fields or shattered cities. It is right that we should be reminded as often as need be that in France, England, and Italy there are many broken lives, and that in Italy and France there is also still remaining material testimony of the pitiless war waged by the

ling and practicing the minor Central Powers. If we remember this,

romathet Abafam Linierka there will be a particular interest in the

lie to pome, with work which is being carried on by the FROM PRESIDENT

ZAYAS TO THE Committee for Men Blinded in Battle,

OUTLOOK which is endeavoring to provide blinded


Y soldiers of France with a means of




for Ink

I'll never be kind of refun


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